Holy Institution: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Treatment towards new students (9)

When Di Lin and Suo Suo walked over, Aridi had just stood up with a roar and was pouncing towards Ning Ya.

Rui Meng stood between the two people, taking joy in the trouble that was brewing. His eyes were fixed tightly on Aridi’s feet, in preparation to extend a foot at any moment and cause him to take a tumble. Based on their countries’ geographical positions, Senriga was closer to Langzan. The relationship between the two countries was not bad. Personality-wise, he was more willing to get close to Ning Ya, and not Aridi, who fluttered behind Xi Luo’s buttocks.


An indifferent voice rooted Aridi’s feet to the ground like a spell.

Di Lin and Suo Suo halted their footsteps while Xi Luo lifted up the flap to his tent and walked out.

Some people possessed an inherent sense of existence that allowed no one to overlook them, regardless of what they wore. For instance, Xi Luo. Although the pajamas on his body seemed like a loose sack, it failed to reduce his majestic presence – or at least this was the case in Aridi’s eyes.

The rims of Aridi’s eyes turned red in a short while and his tears dripped onto the ground, as if he was a bullied child who had suddenly caught sight of his family’s daren[1].

Xi Luo was puzzled. In his eyes, Aridi was a mere ally of noble origins that he hadn’t known for more than three days. He failed to understand where exactly this reliance and trust towards him came from.

“What happened?” He walked to Aridi’s side, yet his eyes were on Ning Ya.

Aridi’s eyes turned even redder, though it was caused by wrath this time. His finger pointed at Ning Ya. “He hit me!”

Pfft. Pftt pfft. Pfft haha…

Bursts of laughter erupted continuously around them.

Ning Ya’s neck straightened. His originally seemingly bloodless face grew even paler while his ash-colored hair made him appear that much weaker, to the extent that he looked like he would faint dead away any moment.

Aridi seemed to have realized that his actions just now were both childish and comical. He hurriedly put down his hand, though his eyes continued to glare fixedly at Ning Ya. His attitude was completely like that of wanting to rush over at any time.

Xi Luo appeared particularly calm amidst the sounds of laughter. “What’s your reason?”

Ning Ya’s lips moved without offering any explanation.

Aridi thought he felt guilty, so his expression became even more aggrieved. “He’s a madman,” He described the situation at that time in a low voice. He had been chatting with Jeffery perfectly well when Ning Ya suddenly rushed over from the side and ferociously landed a punch on him.

Jeffery sensed Xi Luo’s gaze drifting over and hesitated for a while before nodding.

Di Lin saw that Ning Ya’s face did not show the slightest bit of shame. His heart thumped and he was just about to speak when he heard Xi Luo ask, “What were you chatting about?”

Aridi stared blankly for a moment, his eyes glancing in Jeffery’s direction.

Jeffery lowered his head and gazed at the tips of his shoes, trying his best not to get involved.

Aridi snorted coldly in disdain. He turned and replied to Xi Luo, “Nothing much, we just chatted about the other two schools.”

He didn’t reference which two schools in particular but everyone was aware that the schools in the entire Continent which could be discussed in the same breath as the Holy Institution could only be Saint Sauvy and Saint Dean.

Rui Meng suddenly said, “You’ve studied at Saint Sauvy before?” He directed this question at Ning Ya.

All eyes once again gathered on Ning Ya’s face.

There wasn’t much change in Ning Ya’s expression. “En[2].”

Aridi reacted, “You know Diana·Berg?” He had thought about the specifics of their conversation at that time and the only one they had offended was this female knight.

Ning Ya slowly raised his head, his pitch-black eyes coldly staring at him.

Aridi couldn’t resist shivering. “So what if you know her? I didn’t say anything wrong! The entire Continent knows that she eloped with a married man to Langzan, and in the end was poisoned to death by the wife of her lover.” Saying that the entire Continent knew of it was a little excessive but since Diana was not only Tangilly nobility but was also one of the three Golden Rose knights in the entire Continent, her fame was widespread and other nobility from different countries paid very close attention to news related to her. As Aridi had no classmates of noble origin from Tangilly, he had talked about her without restraint, unexpectedly touching on Ning Ya’s reverse scale[3].

Ning Ya enunciated his words, “She did not elope, nor was she poisoned to death!”

Aridi had never thought that someone as unremarkable as him would be this incisive when angered. But things had already reached this step; he could not cower. Thus, he held his neck up straight and said, “That is what’s said around the whole Continent!”

Ning Ya’s eyes turned a faint red and became increasingly bright.

“That’s enough,” Xi Luo interrupted them abruptly. Although he didn’t feel that he had anything to do with this manner, Aridi’s attitude gave him no choice but to interfere. “Do you all want to break the friendship between classmates based on some slanderous hearsay?”

If their feelings could be translated into speech, then there would certainly be a series of contemptuous sounds now. Including Xi Luo himself.

This statement was truly too corny.

However, no one would voice their feelings, especially since the other party was Xi Luo. So, every person’s expression was very severe and sincere.

Di Lin released Suo Suo’s hand and walked over to Ning Ya’s side. He spoke at a volume that only the few of them could hear. “We still have to be classmates for three years.”

Ning Ya inclined his head. His pupils were like black-colored zircons as they watched him unblinkingly.

Di Lin returned his gaze fixedly without concealing the worry in his eyes.

Ning Ya hung his head.

From his shaking shoulders, he seemed to have taken a deep breath.

Di Lin was hesitating on whether he should continue to persuade him when Ning Ya suddenly raised his head.

It was likely that the kick Aridi had suffered had made too deep of an impression on him, so the instant Ning Ya raised his head, his legs involuntarily retreated half a step back.

Xi Luo shot a glance at him from the corner of his eyes, disdain so faint that it couldn’t be seen flashing across his eyes.

“Sorry,” Ning Ya said indifferently. “I was rash.”


Only rash?

I also want to be rash!

Aridi choked on this statement of Aridi, nearly leaping up. But Xi Luo gently pressed on his shoulders. “Aren’t you accepting his apology?” Although it was a question, it sounded more like an assertion.

Aridi twisted his head to look at him, seemingly wanting to observe the meaning hidden in his eyes.

But at this moment, Xi Luo’s eyes only contained Di Lin.

Aridi shifted his heels uncomfortably. He was clearly the victim, the protagonist, yet why did he constantly feel that he was being overlooked?

Di Lin slowly spoke. “A real member of nobility would not comment as they wished on rumors that have no basis.” Ever since his first conversation with Ning Ya, he had already taken the initiative to assign him to his faction. However, reality was indeed like that. Currently, it seemed like the Xi Luo faction only had an Aridi.

Aridi trembled from anger. “I was only speaking casually.”

“I can imagine just how casual you were at that time,” Di Lin confronted him directly.

Xi Luo said, “I imagine the matter itself is casual and lacking in basis.”

Aridi’s spirit was roused. Xi Luo had finally spoken for him.

Di Lin smiled unconcernedly. “It looks like I’ve been influenced by a bad role model, I solemnly apologize.” He looked brightly at Aridi. “For the irresponsible rumors that have zero basis.”

Aridi turned his head to the side. He had already endured a foot; they could shirk the idea of using this sort of method to make him apologize.

Xi Luo didn’t want to drag this unfathomable matter on either. “Your eloquence isn’t any worse than your sensitivity to the water element.”

Di Lin was a little startled. He didn’t understand why Xi Luo had linked this issue to the water element.

The corner of Xi Luo’s mouth raised. “I look forward to the day you catch up to me.”

Was he mocking him for being far off from him? Di Lin replied calmly, “That was never my goal.”

“Is that so?” Xi Luo raised his chin slightly.

After the several times that they had crossed swords, Di Lin already knew that this action of his signified that he was annoyed.

“Since that’s the case,” Xi Luo slowly took a step forward. “Let me wait and see just how far you can go.”

Aridi watched the two people who were in a confrontation, speechless.

If he hadn’t recalled wrongly, the one who had been trampled on was him. But why was it that the way the matter developed seemed to have no link to him?

Whatever the case, the fire that had nearly combusted was eventually extinguished through Xi Luo and Di Lin’s cooperation. The animosity between the two of them clearly traced back to the hostility between their two countries, and definitely could not be written off with a few words or kicks. Hence, this matter ended with Di Lin and Xi Luo mutually putting aside their challenge.

Suo Suo saw Di Lin returning to the tent and was about to follow him in when Ning Ya’s figure rushed in first, even faster than him.

The surface area of this type of temporary tent was not big, so Suo Suo could only squat outside and blink his eyes at them.

Ning Ya felt very apologetic and explained, “I came to thank Di Lin.

Di Lin waved his hands. “I didn’t do anything.”

Ning Ya contemplated for a while before saying in a low voice. “Diana was my tutor.”

Di Lin was stunned.

“She was a true knight. She was benevolent, fair, righteous, modest, brave, loyal, tolerant, and kept her promises. She possessed all the beautiful character traits. Things were not like what the rumors said,” Ning Ya mumbled in a low voice, his face full of repressed emotions and pain. “She is the person I most respect in my life, I will not tolerate anyone who slanders her! I will not tolerate it.”

Suo Suo asked, “Why didn’t you say the truth? If you did, those people wouldn’t misunderstand her.”

Ning Ya’s pained expression deepened and the fingers resting on his knee trembled lightly.

Di Lin sighed soundlessly. “It’s late. Go back and rest early.”

Ning Ya used a hand to prop himself up from the ground in an attempt to stand up. But a sudden throbbing of his heart caused his breathing to strain, and his entire person toppled forward.

Di Lin received a huge shock and grabbed onto his shoulders to support him. “Are you okay?”

Ning Ya shook his head.

Moonlight streaked across Ning Ya’s shoulders and shone onto his face, reflecting a shallow layer of ash.

Di Lin said worriedly, “Your complexion is quite bad.”

Ning Ya smiled bitterly. “I probably sat too long.”

Di Lin never knew that sitting for five minutes in his tent could cause one’s complexion to become that poor. But he didn’t expose Ning Ya, instead releasing his hand and allowing Ning Ya to exit the tent.

Suo Suo crawled into the tent on his four limbs. “Since he’s a student of Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution, why did he still enter Saint Padeus?”

“There has to be a reason.”

“What reason?” Suo Suo opened his eyes wide in curiosity.

“I’ll tell you the reason tomorrow morning,” Di Lin said. Anyway, he definitely wouldn’t remember what he had promised him the next morning.

“Okay, you’re not allowed to be shameless,” Suo Suo thought about it for a while and added, “I always have this feeling that you seem to have forgotten to tell me a lot of things.”

Di Lin replied without any change in his expression or breathing. “That’s just a your misconception.”

[1] A respectful way of referring to someone. The term connotes a certain measure of superiority.

[2] Another term for ‘yes’.

[3] A figurative expression for something that one should not touch, as it means enraging the other person. This expression originated from the idea that dragons have one scale growing in the opposite direction at their throat, which they dislike anyone touching. It is said that dragons will kill those who touch their reverse scales.

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