Holy Institution: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Treatment towards new students (7)

“Hard labor?” Hydin looked at him with plenty of interest. “If that is your wish, I don’t mind granting it.”

Rui Meng stood up with a whoosh, a flush visible on his wheat-colored skin. “Tutor.”

Hydin raised a brow. “Did I ever mention accepting you?”

Within a short span of time, Rui Meng’s flushed face turned pale.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth raised unhurriedly. “It is not a blessing to be my student.”

Everyone present had similar sentiments.

“It might be a bit more unfortunate than what you’re imagining now,” Hydin smiled ominously.

Rui Meng already couldn’t tell whether he wanted to be chosen or not.

“So, if you want to give up,” Hydin slowed down his speech, his gaze sweeping across every person’s face. “It’s not too late yet.”

Aridi’s lips moved.

He did want to leave. At this place, he could only trust and rely on Kanding Empire’s Xi Luo. But Xi Luo hadn’t contacted him upon leaving, which put him in an extremely passive position.

He glanced at Hydin’s expression and eventually swallowed these words.

Anyway, he was only practising wood elemental magic. Neither was his family hoping for him to become an impressive magic. Therefore, who his tutor was and what his results were like were not particularly important.

He consoled himself in this manner.

“Is there really no one?” Hydin repeated his question.

Di Lin suddenly felt that Hydin was looking forward to someone stepping out, his attitude like that of playing a game.

“Since that is the case,” Hydin smiled. “I’ll announce the list of names then.”

Everyone watched him with wide eyes.

No matter what kind of teacher he was, no one liked being brushed off.

“Suo Suo,” Hydin looked straight at him.

Suo Suo’s fair face very quickly reddened under his gaze. His eyes looked at Hydin emotionally.

Hydin cruelly spat out one word. “Leave.”

Suo Suo’s face reddened even further, tears seemingly about to leak from his large and round eyes at any moment.

Di Lin clenched a fist. Hydin just happened to look over, a subtle spark seemingly hidden within his eyes.

Di Lin had seen this spark many times. Ever since he reached adulthood, countless nobles had challenged him. At those times, their eyes would contain this spark.

He forcibly suppressed the anger in his chest.

He didn’t want to create a fuss immediately after entering the Holy Institution and had even less desire to fulfill Hydin’s anticipation.

“If you don’t mind, would you explain the reason for this?” Di Lin asked politely.

“What can I do with a student who is unable to access the elements?” Hydin replied with a question that completely lacked any semblance of courtesy.

Di Lin paused.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about Suo Suo’s problem previously. But this place was Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution, the place where the strongest mages in the entire continent converged. In his mind, no matter the kind of problem Suo Suo met with, there would definitely be a solution at this place. Now, it seemed like this was merely his own wishful thinking.

Suo Suo’s eyes were wet, but he worked hard to prevent tears from falling. He asked extremely softly, “Then what should I do?”

Everyone’s gazes simultaneously converged on Hydin’s face.

Hydin crossed his arms. “How would I know?”

Di Lin pondered. “I remember you mentioning that the caster of the spell is an old man who likes drawing but is terrible at it…”

“Unrefined old man,” Hydin corrected him.

Di Lin asked, “Is it possible to let us know his identity?”

Hydin looked at him with a smile yet not a smile. “Reason?”

Rui Meng couldn’t bear to continue looking on and muttered, “Aren’t you a magic tutor?”

“I will only take responsibility for my students. He isn’t my student, so why should I take responsibility for him?” Hydin stared at Di Lin, a spark once again appearing in his eyes.

Di Lin’s lips thinned.

“If you all must know it no matter what,” Hydin suddenly relented. “It’s not impossible.”

Di Lin watched him motionlessly and waited for his conditions.

Aridi rejoiced in their misfortune. He was glad that Xi Luo hadn’t brought him along when he left, if not he wouldn’t be able to see the spectacle of those from Shamanril and Julan falling out of luck.

“There will be a competition in the Holy Institution thirty days after entering the school. If all of you can sweep the first six places, I will tell you,” Hydin paused. “In addition, he can remain with me as a visiting student during the thirty days.”

Rui Meng asked curiously, “What competition?”

Di Lin’s brows creased. He had heard of the competition contents before. If he had to use two words to describe it, it would be ‘exceedingly perverted’.

Hydin answered, “Memorize books.”

Rui Meng blinked. “Memorize books?” His blood which had boiled from the flames of competition abated all at once.

Hydin smiled slightly. “It’s just a rule of the Institution, the amount isn’t much.”

Rui Meng asked cautiously, “How much is not much?”

Hydin waved a hand and a pile of books fell out of his space bag, very quickly forming a small mountain. “Just this much.”


Just this much?

How thick was his skin to term this mountain of books ‘just this much’?

A gust of wind swept past.

The atmosphere was very bleak.

Aridi plucked up his courage and asked, “Six people monopolizing the top six spots – does that mean that if someone pulls out, the rest will be considered to have lost?” He used the two words ‘the rest’ to exclude himself from the others.

Di Lin shot a cold glance at him.

Rui Meng’s gaze wasn’t very friendly either.

Apprehension grew in Aridi’s heart, but his eyes continued to look straight at Hydin.

Hydin raised a brow. “Of course. If you give up, this condition would become invalid.”

Di Lin’s facial features became taut.

Hydin continued, “You have the freedom to choose.”

Aridi’s shoulders loosened.

Hydin looked askance at him. “But I have the right to be unhappy.”

Aridi’s body stiffened.

“It’s still early. Let’s go for a walk,” Hydin said, before turning to the north and walking towards the forest.

The others looked at one another in dismay.

Going for a walk. This was truly not a bad activity.

But why was it that when these words came out from Hydin’s mouth, they felt uncertain over what the future held?

The weather today was indeed quite good.

The sky was blue, and the clouds were white. The green leaves were lush. Gust after gust of cool breeze met their faces.

Di Lin and the rest followed closely behind Hydin. When they first set out, their pace was still leisurely and unhurried but Hydin gradually increased his speed. Although the speed and distance of his steps remained unchanged, Di Lin was keenly aware of the fact that his feet were not on the ground. This was also to say that he was completely making use of the wind to push him along.

The originally cool wind gradually became warm.

Among the four great elements, fire and water elements existed in the air, unseen to the naked eye. Wind magic could be materialized through the circulation of these elements, just that fire elements would release gusts of heat.

Aridi and Suo Suo broke into a jog, followed by Jeffery, Ning Ya, Rui Meng, and then Di Lin.

The more they walked, the larger their footsteps became. The more they strode, the faster their speed.

In the end, the six people simply broke into a frantic run.

Despite this, Hydin’s silhouette still remained in the distance.

Suo Suo grabbed hold of Di Lin’s hand. “I can’t run anymore.”

Di Lin saw that they wouldn’t be able to catch up either way, so he simply slowed his footsteps and walked ahead unhurriedly.

“Hey, what’s that sound ahead?” Rui Meng suddenly exclaimed.

Di Lin and Ning Ya both heard it, their feet involuntarily moving towards the direction of the water.

If they hadn’t guessed wrong, the area ahead should be the place where the other new students took their classes every day.

Although Di Lin and Ning Ya had a rough idea of the contents of the classes, they had never personally witnessed it for themselves and was still curious. There was even less to be said about the others. Immediately after seeing their change in direction, they followed after them one by one.

The closer they got, the louder the sound of water became, till it was practically the roaring of a thousand creeks.

The image of a long and wide waterfall appeared within every individual’s mind. But when they really reached the place, they received a huge surprise.

What waterfall was there in front of them?

Only an enormous ball of water was there. Streams of water continuously looped around the core of the ball of water and splashes of water would occasionally spatter from the ball of water.

Suo Suo’s mouth gaped open in amazement. “How was this done?”

Di Lin pointed below the ball of water.

A mage was standing in the center, a magic wand in his hands. Beside him was layer after layer of students. Every single one of them had their eyes closed and it was unknown what they were thinking of.

Rui Meng stated, “I bet that at least half of them have already fallen asleep.”

Di Lin said, “The sound of the water is very loud.”

Rui Meng caught on tacitly, “Conveniently covering up the snores.”

The two people met each other’s gazes, a sudden, somewhat moving sense of brotherhood striking them.

Suo Suo was at a loss. “What are they doing? Cooling off in the shade?”

Due to the enormous ball of water, the surroundings were very cool and windy. Suo Suo was even considering whether he should take out some clothing from his space bag to wear.

Di Lin explained, “They’re being tested on whether they can sense the water elements.”

Under the stimulation of an abundance of water elements, the others could more or less feel the water elements.

Di Lin felt as if he were in the middle of the ball of water, surrounded by the water elements from head to toe.

Ning Ya said, “Students who are unable to sense the four great elements will be made to quit school.” The exam for entry into the school tested them on intellect, physical strength, and character, while sensitivity to the elements was only tested after entering the school. It could thus be termed the second test. Only after safely passing this hurdle could one be officially recognized as a student of the Holy Institution.

This subject was undoubtedly heavy.

The hand that Di Lin had linked with Suo Suo’s couldn’t help tightening.

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