I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Extra 4

Extra 4: Daily life

The early morning sunshine shone through the French windows, dazzling awake the two people sleeping on the sofa who were intertwined around each other, forming a lump.

Chu Qin creased his brows, burrowing into the warm embrace by his side. Zhong Yibin unconsciously tightened his grip on Chu Qin while his eyes were still closed. The two people had been intimate on the sofa the previous night and couldn’t stop after creating a din. In the end, they were too exhausted and directly fell asleep on the sofa.

Fortunately, the sofa they had chosen at that time was of the wide, square-shaped variety and the hard sponge on its four corners had been padded thickly. Sleeping on it was as comfortable as sleeping on the bed, their backs wouldn’t be sore even after sleeping for an entire night in such squashed conditions.

The black and white husky slept on the carpet at the leg of the sofa. Because it was sleeping too contentedly, its belly was flopped up with its four legs facing the sky, and a large pink tongue lolled out of its half-gaping mouth. This appearance was extremely stupid.

The floor in the middle of the living room had been lined with natural wooden boards. In this dull early morning, the boards let out slight creaking sounds. Following these sounds was a healthy-looking silver tabby cat, which slowly and gracefully strode over to the three idlers. This great figure was the latest member of this small family – 2580000.

As the master of the house, 2580000 first padded over to the carpet to sniff at the husky’s nose. It confirmed that the stupid dog was still alive and hadn’t slept to its death. Then, it cocked its head and gazed at the dog. Unable to bear this eyesore, it turned around and shook its buttocks at the dog’s head, expressing its disdain for its unsightly sleeping posture.

After that, 2580000 lightly jumped onto the sofa. It sniffed the faces of the two hugging humans and confirmed that the two guys who had mated deep into the night had not passed away from excessive ejaculation.

To ensure that the two little animals at home drank clean water, Chu Qin had purchased a high-grade water dispenser that provided the freshest water all day in the form of a waterfall that flowed out from a ‘mushroom’ carved out of natural stone materials. The gurgling sounds of dispensed water could still be heard from the water dispenser yet the two food bowls at the side were empty. The one with a cat claw imprinted on it still contained two or three cat grains but there was nothing in the bowl with a dog’s head imprinted on it. How was this possible?

2580000 swiftly leapt onto the sofa. With a swinging tail, it raised its claws and gave Zhong Yibin’s head two slaps. Servant, get up and prepare breakfast for this zhen!

“Oh… 2580000, what are you doing?” Zhong Yibin’s eyes opened with much difficulty, meeting a pair of bright and expressive cat eyes.

“Meow!” The cat made a sound of agreement and started to scratch its claws against the sofa with ‘kacha’ sounds.

“Not allowed to scratch!” Chu Qin raised a hand and chased the cat back down with closed eyes.

The cat jumped off the sofa, gritting its teeth in anger. Glancing at the exposed half of Chu Qin’s buttocks, it stepped onto Two’s stomach and took a bite out of those plump buttocks.

“Ah…” Chu Qin shrank back in shock and climbed up to give the cat a beating. The cat wasn’t fearful at all. It leapt nimbly onto the backrest of the sofa and then jumped down onto Zhong Yibin’s chest with a boom.

“Cough cough…” Zhong Yibin broke out into a fit of coughs from being pounded on. He had no choice but to get up and bear the burden of feeding the cat and dog.

2580000 squatted beside its food bowl and raised its tiny head to look up. Seeing Zhong Yibin supplying its cat food reverently, it waved its tail in satisfaction before first walking over to the large-sized dog food bowl and sampling a mouth of dog food.

Two had heard the crisp sounds of food grains dropping into the bowl and was already racing over at its quickest speed. Seeing that the cat had seized its personal bowl, it spun around its surroundings anxiously. However, it didn’t dare to disrupt the great cat’s mealtime.

Zhong Yibin glanced at the already grown up Two being bullied into circles by a cat the size of two palms and felt very indignant. “Two, don’t you have any future prospects! Isn’t growing this big useless like this!”

“Aoboohoo—” Two was scared of the cat but wasn’t at all scared of Zhong Yibin. Noticing that he had mocked it, it instantly argued back.

The cat ate two mouthfuls of dog food and felt that it didn’t taste good, so it shifted back to its own bowl to eat cat food. Two excitedly rushed over to eat its own food, as if it was a commoner who had been granted amnesty by the monarch.

Chu Qin lay slumped over the sofa powerlessly, using a pillow to cushion his head.

“Baby, get up and take a shower. We have to go to work,” Zhong Yibin walked over and patted those upturned, perfectly round buttocks. Two rows of red teeth marks could be seen on that fair hill, which had evidently been left behind by 2580000 just now. “That little bastard, actually daring to bite this spot.”

Chu Qin felt somewhat embarrassed at being looked at in such a manner. He dragged over a corner of the thin rug in an attempt to cover it but was caught hold of by Zhong Yibin by the wrist. At the same time, a fiery kiss landed on it.

“Good morning, cute little butt,” Zhong Yibin happily gave it another peck.

Chu Qin’s face immediately reddened till steam was about to spout out. He climbed up and pushed Zhong Yibin aside, walking to the bathroom barefoot.

After their bath, the two people made breakfast together. Zhong Yibin fried the eggs while Chu Qin tossed a salad. Then, they warmed up two cups of milk and grilled a plate of bread slices. An additional two glasses of lemonade were added to the meal.

Sunlight shone onto the long wooden dining table, turning the little white flower in the vase transparent. Zhong Yibin lowered his head as he smeared jam onto the bread, his long eyelashes creating a hint of a shadow on his face.

Chu Qin slowly drank a mouth of lemonade. Watching the man opposite him, he couldn’t help smiling slightly. “When you just lost your memories, we sat here like this as well. Even the breakfast we had was the same.” In that split second, the scene that had already gone by merged with the current scene.

Zhong Yibin raised his head to look at him. He smiled. “It’s different, I won’t burn the eggs now.”

“En, your culinary skills have already reached great heights now,” Chu Qin pursed his lips in laughter. “The house is also livelier now compared to the past.”

“… En,” Zhong Yibin stuffed an egg into his mouth. Sensing something staring at him, he turned his head and saw a tabby cat squatting at the corner of the table. A husky was clinging to the edge of the table. Four eyes stared at him unblinkingly,

“Scram, both of you have already eaten!”

Ever since they had those two, every morning would be this noisy.

After breakfast, Zhong Yibin put on his suit, faced the clothing mirror to put on an elegant necktie, and combed his hair into the standard business-like director hairstyle. He raised a brow at the person in the mirror. “Handsome eh?”

“Extremely handsome,” Chu Qin dragged the handsome director over and used a gigantic lint roller to dispose of the cat and dog fur on him.

The handsome director, “…”

Chu Qin was now a shareholder of Shengshi TV and Shengshi Entertainment, but didn’t hold too many positions in the station. He understood that his strong points were in producing entertainment programs and didn’t particularly want to manage the miscellaneous things. Seeing that Chu Qin had no intentions of monopolizing power, the people in the station all heaved a sigh of relief.

“Chu Qin, the venue for the concert this Sunday has already been prepared, do you want to take a look this afternoon?” The previous little assistant, Hou Chuan, had already risen to the position of Director Chu’s secretary and did his work very diligently.

“I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. There’s a business wine reception in the afternoon,” Chu Qin said decisively. Zhong Yibin had mentioned the wine reception when he sent him to work in the morning and had wanted him to attend the reception together.

“All right,” Hou Chuan immediately made the changes to the schedule. “Where is the wine reception going to be held at, should I make arrangements for the car?”

“No need, Zhong Yibin will fetch me,” Chu Qin smiled.

Hou Chuan clutched his chest. These two had already been married for two to three years yet they were still in their honeymoon period. As a personal secretary whose single heart was abused a thousand times a day, Hou Chuan felt that it was necessary for him to buy a bag of dog food.

“Oh, right. Two’s dog food is about to run out, buy a bag back today during your free time,” Chu Qin directed Hou Chuan after suddenly recalling it.

“… Okay,” Hou Chuan silently swallowed the fresh blood that had welled up his throat and nodded, agreeing.

A business wine reception meant that a company was announcing a new project, so its partners were invited to join in the excitement. The location was a ballroom in a five-star hall, where a buffet of light refreshments and fruits had been set up in the middle. Soothing music was played, allowing everyone to enjoy the afternoon tea as they liked.

Wu Qianqian had been thrown into her family’s company by her elder sister and had already been working for two years. She had come along today to bask in the liveliness and had dragged her dispirited elder brother out along the way.

“Er Bing-ge will be coming today, I’m not sure if he’ll bring Qin-ge,” Wu Qianqian looked towards the ballroom door in anticipation.

“He definitely will,” Wu Wan said, bored stiff. He had offended Zhong Yibin previously and then helped to record that video proving Zhong Yibin’s innocence, so their relationship did ease a little. But it was no longer possible to return to their past relationship. Zhong Yibin, who was increasingly showing more potential, didn’t have much to talk about with their group of second-generations either. Zhong Yibin now only liked playing with people like Yu Tang; he was entirely another Zhong Jiabin, someone whose path was different from theirs.

Wu Qianqian grew angry just from seeing her elder brother’s appearance. But she was also his younger sister and couldn’t be bothered to care about it any longer. Thus, she simply cast him aside and went to chat with the partners on her own. Suddenly, she noticed a familiar face within the group of people. “Zhou Zimeng?”

Zhou Zimeng had been sentenced to three years of jail due to her scheme to kidnap Chu Qin. Afterwards, her father used money to find a way for her to be released from jail after two years. However, it was said that her body wasn’t too good, so she had always been at home recuperating. Why did she suddenly appear here?

Wu Qianqian disliked Zhou Zimeng. She had originally wanted to ignore her but to her surprise, that person went up to her directly. “Qianqian, long time no see.”

“Long time no see,” Wu Qianqian smiled and replied. “I’m a little scared of those types of places and didn’t dare to visit you the past two years. Don’t blame me.”

Zhou Zimeng didn’t expect her to raise the matter of jail the moment they met and grew so furious that her complexion turned green. “Why… Why would I blame you?”

Poking people where it hurt on their first meeting – Zhou Zimeng had done plenty of this in the past. Wu Qianqian had wanted to maintain her face in the past and hadn’t responded to her but now that she thought of those things Zhou Zimeng had done, she couldn’t resist returning her past favors to her.

“Is Zhong Yibin still with Chu Qin?” Zhou Zimeng had found out about their marriage through the internet after getting out of jail. She didn’t believe that two men would last.

“See for yourself,” Wu Qianqian stretched out a hand, pointing at the entrance to the ballroom.

Chu Qin walked in hand-in-hand with Zhong Yibin; both were dressed in suits with similar designs. A group of people went up to greet them. After greetings were over, Zhong Yibin dragged Chu Qin off to pick up food. He carefully picked out some of the things Chu Qin liked while Chu Qin went to get two drinks. The two people stood together, looking like they couldn’t be more suited to each other.

“Two’s dog food ran out, remind me to buy it later,” Zhong Yibin drank a mouth of water and suddenly recalled this.

“I already got Hou Chuan to buy it, we’ll be able to bring it back after work,” Chu Qin smiled.

Nobody knew that this envied couple were actually discussing dog food.

Zhou Zimeng stood at a corner and watched the two engage in loving affection just like the past. She gripped her skirt so tightly that it creased. Her heart was corroded by a violent onslaught of jealousy and remorse, putting her in uncontrollable pain. She had long understood that the only person Zhong Yibin liked was Chu Qin. No other man or female had ever been in his eyes. Why had she been so obsessed with him at that time?

Zhong Yibin noticed Zhou Zimeng at the corner. He glanced at her indifferently before moving his line of sight, as if she was just an insignificant passerby. The past had already gone by. He was now too blissful and didn’t want anyone to disturb him.

After the wine reception, Zhong Yibin drove Chu Qin to Shengshi TV first to pick up the dog food before heading to the city center for a delicious dinner. Lastly, they swayed their way home.

There were two furry masters at home still waiting to be served. After serving them, they still needed to go to bed early. Tomorrow would be another busy day.

T/N: Thank you en_en for the kofi! ❤

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  1. Oh, I love the interaction between the husky and cat! Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin will never have alone time at home again.

    The interaction between the Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin’s pets remind me of videos on YouTube with a cat and Samoyed raised together! Here’s a video link if anyone wants to see https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m67G_3fyUWA

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  2. I was wondering what happened to Zhou Zimeng, turns out author didn’t forgot about the side characters and antagonist as the book approach the finale. Hehe. Such a mindful author. And Wu QianQian actually ended up being part of their family’s company, her brother is still unreliable as always lol.

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  3. Thank you for taking us on this journey~ (´ε` )♡ I’m going to miss Qinqin and Er Bing shovelling dog food into our mouths~ I love the domestic fluff with Two and 2580000 (人´∀`*)Those two idiots are a perfect addition to the family

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  5. Thank you this is a very nice story rate this 10/10 pure love ML and MC thank you for traslating a wonderful story i wish you luck always for being to kind ^_^


  6. Thank you this is a very nice story rate this 10/10 pure love ML and MC thank you for traslating a wonderful story i wish you luck always for being to kind ^_^

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