I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Extra 2

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Extra 2: Mu Qiao

There are trees in the mountains and there are branches on the trees, I adore you, oh! You do not know[1].

After Zou Bo’s issue was settled, the atmosphere of the entertainment industry suddenly cleared up quite a bit. People also gradually realized the true reason why Qiao Su had switched companies at that time. Without this shadow hanging over him, Qiao Su also became a lot more cheerful and started to willingly hang out with his friends in the industry.

Qiao Su’s current closest friend was Chu Qin. At that time, it was Chu Qin who extended a helping hand and pointed out a clear path for him. He was very grateful to Chu Qin and genuinely wanted to be friends with him.

Chu Qin had plenty of friends in the industry. As a person whose network of friends was wide, he would frequently meet up with friends. But, as a ‘married man’, it was already a habit for him to report his location at all times.

“I’m with Qiao Su, Shaoyang, and Zhu Chang,” Chu Qin smiled as he poured half a cup of red wine for Qiao Su. His other hand held onto the handphone as he spoke into it. “Likely till 9 o’clock.”

On the other side, Zhong Yibin was also eating with a client. “Okay. I’ll call you after I finish things here. Don’t run around, wait for me to fetch you.”

After he hung up, the client smiled at Zhong Yibin. “Reporting your whereabouts to your wife?”

“No, he’s the one reporting to me,” Zhong Yibin raised his chin in an aloof manner, the picture of arrogance. “I set a rule for him – every time he steps out the door, he has to give me a call.”

“Oh, Director Zhong really knows how to discipline his wife,” The client clinked cups with Zhong Yibin in admiration.

Zhong Yibin raised a brow in delight. At this moment, his handphone rang again. He picked it up and instantly replied in response to whatever the person on the other end said. “Got it. I won’t drink. There’s the driver even if I do…” His tone couldn’t be more obedient.

Client, “…”

Chu Qin hung up and became the subject of reverent gazes from the people around the table. He was confused. “What are you all looking at?”

“Qin-ge, you’re really a winner at life,” Zhu Chang was extremely envious. “Ordering your boss about at your whim and fancy.”

Mo Shaoyang followed along and nodded in fervent agreement. Qiao Su pursed his lips in laughter.

“Damned fatty, mocking me again are you?” Chu Qin walked over and poured a huge glass of wine for Zhu Chang. “Finish this, if not I’ll tell those words of yours to Zhong Yibin.”

Zhu Chang instantly made a pained face, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

The reason why these few people had gathered for a meal today was because Mo Shaoyang and Qiao Su had come over to record for <Friendly Confusion>. Recently, the two had cooperated on an immortal hero film. Mo Shaoyang played the role of an ordinary youngster with a grassroots background who, bit by bit, became the immortal world’s number after entering an immortal sect. While Qiao Su acted as an incomparable handsome immortal master, who was also Mo Shaoyang’s master. He was this film’s second male lead.

It was their first time working together, but the process was very smooth. The filming of the program’s episode had also been stuffed full of bromance.

“I think, after this drama is broadcasted, a new national CP will be born,” Chu Qin beamed. This immortal hero drama was an adaptation of a novel. This novel originally had undertones of rot. Although the female characters in the drama were also brilliant, their interactions with the male lead were shallow. The only female lead had even passed away halfway and only revived right at the end. On the contrary, it was this master who was always by the male lead’s side from start to end.

“Ah. If Mu Qiao is torn down, Chen-ge will beat me up,” Mo Shaoyang stuck out his tongue, his expression full of fear.

Qiao Su gave him a push. “Stop spouting nonsense.” Yet, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking. If the fans started to meng over his and Mo Shaoyang’s pairing after the drama was released, what reaction would Mu Chen have?

Even after <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>, Mu Chen continued to keep in touch with him. However, the two of them seemed to have been affected by the soul-shaking emotion between Emperor Jingyuan and the male empress from the drama and couldn’t rid themselves of it for a very long time.

Song Xiao warned the both of them not to meet within short periods of time, so as to prevent their state of mind from being thrown into disarray by the drama’s circumstances. Both of them abided by his words and deliberately refrained from meeting up for several months. But occasionally, Qiao Su would fail to resist contacting Mu Chen and every time he did so, Mu Chen would pick the call up very quickly. Moreover, whenever they chatted, it would be for half an hour or several tens of minutes.

He had really suffered a huge shock the previous time when Zou Bo tricked him into going to a villa in the middle of the mountains. Though he appeared unperturbed in front of Chu Qin and the rest, he couldn’t help trembling after returning home.

His hand unconsciously reached for the phone. Curled up on the sofa, Qiao Su stared blankly at the handphone’s screen. Before he regained his senses, he had already dialed that familiar string of numbers.

“Hello? Qiao Su, why aren’t you asleep yet at this time?” Mu Chen’s low voice filled with magnetism sounded from the other side, giving birth to unfathomable feelings of attachment.

“Chen-ge…” Qiao Su called out hoarsely, his tears continuously dripping.

Mu Chen was stunned for a moment. The hand holding onto his phone suddenly tightened. “What happened? Where are you?”

“Nothing…” Qiao Su covered his mouth. He let himself calm down before inhaling deeply and replying calmly. “I’m at home.”

The two people chatted about trivial matters for a while. Qiao Su’s heart calmed a little and he glanced at the time. It was already past eleven o’clock at night and Mu Chen still had to film the next day.

“It’s late, you better sleep early,” Qiao Su found it a little hard to part but still wanted to end the call.

“Open the door,” Mu Chen didn’t reply with a ‘good night’ but instead with these two unfathomable words.

“En?” Qiao Su couldn’t understand. Then, the doorbell suddenly rang. His heartbeat sped up. His entire person lay stunned on the sofa for quite a bit before he stood up stiffly and mechanically opened the entrance door.

Mu Chen was dressed in a Chinese-style suit. Evidently, he had raced over directly from the filming location. It was drizzling outside. That orderly, white-colored top had been made wet by the rain, revealing several hints of flesh.

Qiao Su watched him dazedly and then, tears started falling. He had never been someone who liked crying. He had suffered a number of grievances during his years in the entertainment industry and even then, none of it had caused him to shed a single tear. But when faced with this kind of Mu Chen, he suddenly became frail. Without even thinking, he threw himself into his arms.

Mu Chen hugged him back. He walked two steps into the house and closed the door along the way.

The lights in the living room hadn’t been switched on. Only the streetlamps and car lights outside shone through the glass windows. The things around the house could be made out faintly, while their expressions could not be discerned clearly.

Feeling the moistness on his chest, Mu Chen felt his heart ache suddenly. He threw the suit jacket in his hands aside and carted Qiao Su to the sofa in a princess carry. He lightly patted Qiao Su’s back comfortingly. “What happened?”

Qiao Su regained his senses. Realizing that he was in Mu Chen’s arms, his face instantly reddened and he hurriedly extricated himself from his embrace, shrinking into a corner of the sofa.

Mu Chen’s arms suddenly felt empty. He gripped the empty palm of his hands with some regret and moved to sit beside Qiao Su. He maintained propriety, not touching Qiao Su. “I was worried about you, so I came over directly.”

“Thank you…” Qiao Su didn’t resist Mu Chen’s closeness. On the contrary, he somewhat regretted throwing him off just now. He should have continued to act foolish and hug him a little while longer. Qiao Su couldn’t help stretching out a hand and gripping Mu Chen’s sleeve.

This cute action tugged at the depths of Mu Chen’s heart. He touched his ticklish nose and stiffly remained motionless, quietly listening to Qiao Su’s description of the entire incident.

His rapidly beating heart gradually slowed down, replaced by overflowing fury. Mu Chen clenched his fist so hard a cracking sound was heard. “That damned person.”

He knew Qiao Su’s company wasn’t any good thing. He hadn’t expected for those people to have the guts to do such a thing even when Qiao Su was on the verge of becoming famous. Mu Chen’s eyes turned red from rage. “Leave that company tomorrow. I’ll pay the penalty fee for you. You don’t have to worry about Zou Bo’s end. I have my own means to prevent him from daring to find you.”

“No, no need…” Qiao Su was shocked. He hadn’t expected Mu Chen to be willing to do so much for him. “My contract is about to expire. I’ve already discussed with Director Song to go to his place and won’t be going to the company tomorrow…”

Hearing Qiao Su’s words, Mu Chen relaxed a little. Song Xiao’s character was still trustworthy. Moreover, behind Song Xiao was Yu Tang, someone whom that guy Zou Bo didn’t dare provoke. Just that, Zou Bo actually dared to lay hands on Qiao Su. It appeared that he would need to teach him a lesson.

Without saying anything more, Mu Chen urged Qiao Su to take a bath. He would remain and accompany him through the night.

It was unknown what feelings his decision stemmed from, but Qiao Su didn’t reject this arrangement. He squeezed onto a bed with Mu Chen and harmoniously slept the night away. By the next day at dawn, Mu Chen had already left. He needed to rush to the cast for filming and had left Qiao Su breakfast purchased from downstairs.

From that day onwards, Mu Chen started to keep tabs on Zou Bo. With one investigation, he really managed to grasp quite a few of his black spots. All those things regarding drugs was enough to knock him down. Li Ting had worked with him on the same film very early on and continuously sought for some of his resources. However, Mu Chen didn’t like Li Ting’s desire for fast returns and thus didn’t help him much. Li Ting’s situation recently perked up and only then did Mu Chen realize that he had hooked up with a financial backer, who was Zou Bo.

Mu Chen smiled coldly. He bribed Li Ting’s assistant and monitored Li Ting’s movements at all times.

Just as he completed all his preparations, Zhong Yibin suddenly spread news of wanting to take care of Zou Bo. It was rare for an ally to appear, so Mu Chen contacted Zhong Yibin at the quickest time. The following matters was only to be expected. Zou Bo was put behind bars, and that power of his also collapsed.

These matters were recently told to Qiao Su by Chu Qin. In the past, Qiao Su had always assumed that it was Zhong Yibin who got rid of Zou Bo on his own. But in fact, Mu Chen had also contributed.

“What are you thinking of?” Chu Qin poked Qiao Su’s arm. “Your mind has been wandering off ever since just now. Can’t bear to part with the Mu Qiao CP?”

Qiao Su regained his wits, his face gradually turning red. “N, no…”

Today, Qiao Su’s boss had notified him to make preparations to film an embellished version of <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. It was a novel that was very popular recently, called <Xiao Tang Under the Moon>. The novel also told the story of Emperor Jingyuan and the male empress, just that the main descriptions were not of the historical events but instead the love between the two people. Their interactions were also more explicit. Qiao Su was very fond of Empress Duanhui as a character and the audience currently only recognized him. However, the person playing Emperor Jingyuan had yet to be determined.

Mu Chen was the Film Emperor. He definitely wouldn’t act in a web drama…

“What? Filming for <Xiao Tang Under the Moon> is going to start? What time is makeup and costume? I want to take a look,” Chu Qin said spiritedly. He was also a fan of <Xiao Tang Under the Moon> and had been anticipating the drama for a very long time.

“Tomorrow,” Qiao Su smiled.

The next day, Chu Qin really did run over to enjoy the excitement.

Although it was a web drama, the investor was Yu Tang, so it did not lack funds. Neither the clothing nor props were lacking and were even very refined. Qiao Su was clothed in a white, wide-sleeved robe, with a snow-colored cotton yarn as outerwear. His headdress was a silk crown inlaid with silver. His appearance was exactly like that of a celestial being of the Nine Heavens.

“Wow, this clothing looks so much more magical that those in <The Golden Age of the Great Jing,” Chu Qin exclaimed in astonishment.

“En. <Xiao Tang Under the Moon> was originally made-up. So, the appearance is also more beautiful,” The producer Song Xiao explained in a low voice.

“Who’s acting as the emperor?” Chu Qin asked curiously. “Chen-ge’s acting already made it a classic. It won’t be good to find someone else.”

Song Xiao smiled mysteriously and pointed at the makeup room ahead. The door to the makeup room opened and someone walked out with slow steps. This person was wearing a black robe with embroidered golden dragons on the edges of its wide sleeves, and a gold dragon imperial crown[2]. On that handsome face was a solemn and respectful expression. This person possessed a monarch’s awe-inspiring presence. Who else could it be if not Mu Chen?

“Chen… Chen-ge?” Qiao Su’s eyes widened. He didn’t understand how Mu Chen could appear at this place.

“Cough… I happened to have a free slot, so I accepted this character,” Mu Chen coughed dryly, feeling somewhat uncomfortable under Qiao Su’s focused gaze.

At the side, Mu Chen’s manager restrained himself till his face turned green. His manager roared violently in his heart, “Rejecting two films with super high remuneration, is this called having a free slot?”

Filming for <Xiao Tang Under the Moon> officially commenced. Publicity also started during the filming period. When everyone got to know that Mu Chen was acting as Emperor Jingyuan, they were so shocked that their chins were on the verge of dropping.

[Heavens, the Film Emperor actually went to act in a web drama. What kind of fantasy world is this!]

[As expected, it’s because of Qiao Su?]

[If this isn’t considered love, I’ll live broadcast eating poop!]

Qiao Su was too busy to care about discussions online, because every day’s filming would sap all his energy. The degree of ambiguity in <Xiao Tang Under the Moon> completely couldn’t be compared to <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. In <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>, he was playing an official who cherished the lands under the Heavens. Whereas in <Xiao Tang Under the Moon>, he was acting as an empress who cherished the emperor.

Similarly, Mu Chen’s character also transformed from an outstanding emperor to an overbearing, foolish man.

Mu Chen hugged Qiao Su from behind, lightly sniffing his neck. “Gentleman, zhen is going to have an empress.”

Qiao Su’s hand tensed abruptly. “Then this servant congratulates Your Majesty in advance.”

“Congratulates?” Mu Chen snorted. “You’re really willing for zhen to marry a woman?”

“Marrying a wife and having children is only natural human behaviour. This servant will also marry a wife in the future… Wu…” Qiao Su hadn’t finished speaking when his lips were captured by Mu Chen.

Qiao Su’s eyes suddenly widened. He displayed the character’s complicated inner feelings vividly, without restraint. But he lost his calmness very quickly. Because, Mu Chen pushed his tongue in!

The script didn’t say anything about the tongue! Qiao Su pushed him lightly to no avail.

Mu Chen pressed him against the soft couch, stating with red eyes. “Zhen does not allow you to marry a wife, not allowed!” Then, he tore apart Qiao Su’s clothes, kissing him frantically while caressing his body.

“Oh…” The slender hand slipped down to the area between his thighs. Mu Chen’s entire person also propped up. Qiao Su’s entire body went soft, his heart somewhat panicky. This acting was a little too intense right?

Despite the fact that it was a web drama, it still had a baseline. This drama would only film up to the actual act. However, Mu Chen threw himself very deeply into his acting. That hand of his had already snaked into Qiao Su’s clothes, swimming across his skin.

Qiao Su couldn’t help letting out a whimper.

“Cut!” The director yelled.

Song Xiao clapped. “Very good!”

Everyone applauded in admiration for the Film Emperor’s super high-level acting skills, even being able to immerse himself so deeply when with another man. However, Qiao Su stiffened and didn’t dare to move, because his body had reacted.

Mu Chen stopped his actions with some regret. He was preparing to stand up in a very gentlemanly manner when his hand suddenly slid down, falling onto Qiao Su’s body. The two burning yet hard objects greeted each other through their clothes and the two people became hard simultaneously.

At night, Qiao Su sat on the hotel’s bed in a daze. To tell the truth, after filming ended for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>, he couldn’t let go of Mu Chen. He was also aware that there wasn’t much hope for this sort of emotion to be fulfilled but he could never seem to care about that. This time, Mu Chen had accepted this drama. He couldn’t resist frequently fantasizing  that it was because of him that Mu Chen did so. Today’s scene caused a sudden hope to rise in his heart. Mu Chen had feelings for him, then…

One person teetered between hope and despair. Qiao Su didn’t even eat dinner.

“What happened to Qiao Su?” Song Xiao questioned after noticing that Qiao Su didn’t come over to eat.

“I’ll go take a look,” Mu Chen was also a little absent-minded. He knocked on Qiao Su’s door and upon entering, found a Qiao Su whose gaze evaded his. There was a sudden sinking feeling in his heart.

He liked Qiao Su but couldn’t control his liking. He had anticipated today’s scene for a very long time. When faced with a Qiao Su with a flushed expression and whom struggled under his body, his control slipped. He had been worrying the entire afternoon out of fear that Qiao Su felt disgusted. Now, it seemed like he had indeed frightened him.

“Today’s matter, sorry…” Mu Chen pursed his lips, suppressed the pain in his heart and said in a low voice.

“It’s… nothing much…Just a man’s normal reaction…” Qiao Su secretly gripped the bedsheet behind him tightly.

Mu Chen saw him like this, and his heart felt even more uncomfortable. He turned his head, not looking at him.

The two people fell silent; the room was so quiet that a pin dropping could be heard. Qiao Su lowered his head. As expected… it was him who had thought too much… His eyes couldn’t help turning sore.

Mu Chen clenched his fist tightly, as if he was resisting something. Suddenly, he went forward and pushed Qiao Su down. “That’s a man’s normal reaction, a reaction that comes from seeing the person he likes and being unable to hold back! I like you, that’s why I have a reaction towards you, do you understand that?”

Qiao Su’s eyes widened abruptly. His mouth fell open as he gazed at Mu Chen. “You…”

“I’m sorry…” Mu Chen buried his face in Qiao Su’s shoulders and inhaled deeply. He truly couldn’t bear it any longer. He originally thought that he could still restrain himself for a period of time but after seeing the alarm in Qiao Su’s eyes, he truly could not endure it any longer. He threw caution to the wind and blurted it out. If Qiao Su couldn’t accept it, then he would distance himself from him in the future and no longer bother him.

He didn’t receive an answer after a long while. Mu Chen released Qiao Su with a sense of loss, stood up and wiped his face. “Go downstairs and eat, everyone’s waiting for you.” Finishing his words, he moved to walk out.

Suddenly, a warm body pressed against his back. Mu Chen’s steps instantly halted.

“I… I like you too. I’ve liked you for a very long time. Today, I couldn’t help getting a reaction… I, I was still afraid that you would hate me. But… I, I’m very happy…” Qiao Su wasn’t a very eloquent person. The moment was a very emotional one, so his words were all over the place. Yet, it didn’t prevent the other person from understanding him.

Mu Chen turned and cupped Qiao Su’s face. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“I know. I like you,” Qiao Su said anxiously and moved forward to kiss his lips.

Mu Chen stared blankly for a moment. He instantly hooked the other party’s nape and deepened the kiss.

There are trees in the mountains and there are branches on the trees, Mu adores Qiao. He knows.

[1] A line taken from the Song of the Yue Boatman. This was the English translation I found online, so I used it for consistency’s sake. This line laments the pitiful situation of one having a fondness for the other, yet the other party not knowing it. Everyone knows that there are trees in the mountains and that there are branches on those trees, yet you do not know that I adore you.

[2] 通天冠: Refers to a specific type of crown the Emperor wore. No English equivalent for this specific type so it was translated as imperial crown. It looks like this:


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