I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Finale

Zhong Yibin’s brow quirked slightly. His gaze followed the designer’s line of sight and moved downwards. His eyes widened slowly. He had forgotten that he was wearing this sort of underpants today! He seemed to have lost some face…

Both parties remained silent for a moment. Zhong Yibin raised his head and said with a serene expression on his face, “Come in then.” His tone was completely calm and his expression was no different from usual, as if this wasn’t anything alarming. Whoever made a fuss over nothing was someone lacking in experience.

The designer regained his senses. He coughed dryly and rubbed his slightly sore eyes. Then, he led the two assistants who were stifling their laughter into the house. “Mister Chu’s custom-made outfit has already been completed. You two can try it on.”

“Give me a moment,” Zhong Yibin deposited the people in the living room before turning for the bedroom. He closed the door and buried his head under the blankets motionlessly.

Chu Qin was still massaging his waist while leaning against the bedhead. Seeing Zhong chick hiding his head like an ostrich and sticking out his buttocks as if he had no face to see anyone anymore, Chu Qin couldn’t resist reaching out a hand and patting that sturdy place. “What happened?”

“They saw my little chicken underpants,” Zhong Yibin spoke in a low, muffled voice from under the blankets.

“Pfft…” Chu Qin burst out laughing. He grabbed hold of the elastic band of Zhong Yibin’s underpants and released it with a ‘pop’ sound. “What are you scared of? Your little chicken underpants are so fashionable; they must have been awed by the work of the Gods.”

Zhong Yibin dug around under the blankets, directly burrowing into Chu Qin’s thigh. Separated by the underpants, he bit Chu Qin lightly.

“Wu…” Chu Qin let out a startled shriek. He hurriedly lifted up the blankets and caught hold of that head that nibbled on things randomly. “Stop fooling around, come wash your face and brush your teeth.”

After the two washed up, they donned nightgowns and went out to try on the new clothes.

The outfit comprised of a top, coat, pants, shoes, and accessories. So, both of them removed their nightgowns to try on the clothes, revealing their bodies clad only in underpants.

As before, Zhong Yibin still had on that pair of golden sacred sword chick underpants. After all, switching it out at this juncture would make it seem deliberate. The assistant assisting Zhong Yibin with his clothes was making a herculean effort to keep from laughing, causing a deep flush to appear on the assistant’s face.

Fortunately, the pants were put on very quickly, concealing that three-dimensional figure that couldn’t be looked at with a straight face.

The pattern of these two sets of clothing were entirely identical. However, one was black while the other was white. Chu Qin’s coat was white in color, set with golden cuffs as an ornament. A golden bowtie set it off. The overall look was like that of those princes in children’s fairy tales. Zhong Yibin’s was black in color, set with sapphire cuffs and matched with a black bowtie. His appearance was that of the king of a neighboring country pretending to be a housekeeper by the prince’s side yet was unable to conceal the air of nobility that exuded from his body.

Although these men’s clothes were simple in design, it could enable one to perceive the hidden story within them at a single glance. This was the area in which this clothing designer excelled in.

“How is it?” Chu Qin turned to let Zhong Yibin take a look.

Zhong Yibin stared at him for a while and forced out two words. “… Looks good.”

Chu Qin wasn’t counting on him to say anything much either, so he smiled and pointed out the areas which didn’t fit well to the designer. The designer had brought over a needle, thread and scissor, precisely so that making changes would be convenient. Instantly, the designer used Chu Qin as a clothing rack and directly made the adjustments.

Zhong Yibin glanced at the clothes on Chu Qin and then glanced at his own clothes thoughtfully. After the designer cut the thread, he walked forward and hugged Chu Qin from the back. “Baby, you’re dressed so high-profile today. What are you thinking of doing?”

“It’s a must to be well-dressed when winning a prize,” Chu Qin smiled mysteriously.

Zhong Yibin didn’t probe any further. He drifted over and gave Chu Qin a peck on the face.

Very soon, it was time to walk the red carpet. Naturally, Chu Qin was arranged right at the front.

“Do you need a female companion?” Before he made his appearance, the production unit had contacted Chu Qin to verify this. This was not a red carpet for a film festival where handsome boys and pretty girls gathered in crowds, hence there wasn’t particular attention paid to the issue of male-female pairs. Guests could walk the red carpet alone and could also walk with three or five people from the program crew.

“No need, I’ll be walking with Zhong Yibin,” Chu Qin replied.

“All right,” The other party didn’t comment. In any case, it was acceptable for him to be walking with his boss.

Like this, the red carpet began. After several famous television producers and guests who had been specially invited walked the red carpet, Chu Qin strode forward with Zhong Yibin’s hand in his grasp.

“Ah—Chu Qin!”

“Oh my god, he’s walking the red carpet with Zhong Yibin!”

The appearance of the two people wiped out countless rolls of film. The media’s camera shutters continuously emitted ‘ka ka’ sounds. If the two people walked separately like before and sat apart, everyone wouldn’t take much notice. But when they walked together, their similar patterned clothing stood out too much.

One white, one black, just like the intertwining of day and night, of light and darkness. The identical designs were just like a declaration of their ownership over each other. It would be difficult for this sort of shocking appearance not to incur others’ attention even if they didn’t want to. There were internet media outlets which released news on the spot – they posted the photo on the internet with their fastest speed.

[Ah ah ah. Heavens, do these two not intend to cover it up at all?]

[They suit each other so well…]

[As expected, only a prince could be suited to another prince. Princesses can only guard the evil dragon! Yingyingying!]

The red-carpet event ended. As the boss, Zhong Yibin needed to sit in the first row with the other television station bosses. Chu Qin sat in the second row – behind Zhong Yibin. Seated beside Chu Qin was the star host from Three Petals station.

“Did you two actually walk the red carpet together?” The star host from Three Petals station couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with Chu Qin.

“En,” Chu Qin turned to glance at him. “I heard your chances of winning the award this time are quite large. Congratulations in advance.”

The star host of Three Petals station felt his heart give a thump. He had a niggling feeling that Chu Qin’s words had a hidden meaning. He wanted to carefully pinpoint this implication, but Chu Qin had already turned back, ignoring him.

“Baby, water?” Zhong Yibin pointed at the tea in front of him. Only the first row had tables so only the bosses had access to tea and snacks.

“Just a little,” Chu Qin held on to the back of the chair and leaned over.

Zhong Yibin lifted up the cup, took out a straw from who knew where, and shifted it to Chu Qin’s mouth for him to drink. Since he needed to go on stage, Chu Qin had makeup on. Drinking in such a way wouldn’t affect the makeup.

The other hosts looked over enviously. They looked at Chu Qin’s boss and then glanced at their own boss. As expected, comparing goods meant something would be thrown away, comparing people meant that someone would die, while comparing bosses… meant that they wanted to jump ship every minute!

The star host of Three Petals station turned around in search of Chen Feng but didn’t even catch a glimpse of his shadow. That person had said that he would go and confirm the end result, how was it that he still hadn’t returned now?

The awards ceremony wouldn’t wait for an insignificant Chen Feng and commenced amidst cheerful music. Ah Yue and Xiang-ge came up to greet everyone. “In a blink of an eye, the time for the Golden Gong Awards has once again arrived. The last time was three years ago.”

“Correct. In order to guarantee quality, our Golden Gong Awards also gives chances to long-term television programs, which is why the awards are only given out once every three years,” Xiang-ge beamed.

“Xiang-ge, to tell the truth, I don’t want to be standing here at all,” Ah Yue wrinkled her nose. “I also want to be seated at the second role waiting to receive an award!”

The camera swept across the second row. Those people were all candidates for the ‘Best Host’ award and were split into two groups – the performing arts category and children category. The Three Petals host instantly straightened his body and waved towards the camera. As for the other hosts, some waved while others made a wry face. Chu Qin only smiled slightly without doing any actions that would attract the gaze. On the contrary, his behavior made him appear calm and imposing.

“You already received the ‘Best Variety Show Host’ award three years ago, okay?” Xiang-ge couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “Don’t tell me you want to snatch up the one for those in the children category?”

“I think it’s doable,” Ah Yue said seriously.

“Which of your programs are under the children category?” Xiang-ge crossed his arms and watched her.

“Only… Ah Yue’s Exotic Tales,” Ah Yue considered her options for a while before stating confidently.

“Hahahaha…” Those below broke out into laughter. The so-called Ah Yue’s Exotic Tales was the program Chu Qin and the rest had participated in the previous time. The program’s baseline was so low that it was impressive that she had the nerve to call it a children’s program.

Xiang-ge gritted his teeth. “Why is this program a children’s program?”

Ah Yue shrugged. “Because it’s tagged not suitable for children.”

“Hahahaha…” The sound of laughter grew even louder. Xiang-ge already didn’t want to carry on this conversation with her.

After they finished warming up the audience, they went straight into the main topic and started to give out the awards, starting from the ‘Best Program Plot’ award. Shengshi TV won two award segments, one of which was the ‘Best Reality Show’ award while the other was the ‘Best Television Drama Accompanying Music’ award.

Not only did <Bun, Quickly Run> receive positive evaluations in mainland China, the copyright had already been sold to various countries in Asia. Because of the heaven-defying level of attractiveness of the siblings participating in the program, as well as the constant moments of cuteness from both the big and small buns, the program was very well received. Even Korea had also made preparations to reverse-buy the copyright for broadcast in Korea.

As the director of Shengshi TV, he led the director’s team on stage to receive the award for the reality show segment.

“All right. This is the moment that is most exciting,” Ah Yue inhaled deeply. “The next award to be presented is the ‘Best Variety Show Host’.”

“Variety shows are usually continuous in nature. To assess a host’s performance, data must be continuously observed and analyzed. We can be considered more reliable since we evaluate once every three years,” Xiang-ge smiled as he introduced the evaluation system, as well as the guest conferrer. “Please give a round of applause to the guest conferrer – Xiang-ge!”

Everyone fell silent for a moment. Then, they started to enthusiastically applaud, laughing while doing so. The last guest conferrer was Xiang-ge himself. Ah Yue pushed him resentfully and went off stage on her own, leaving only Xiang-ge on stage to continue playing around.

The screen displayed the works of the few nominees. Every person had at least two programs and were all outstanding hosts.

“Here, please allow me to elaborate a little on our evaluation criteria,” Xiang-ge touched the earphones on his ear. There was no set time for the director and broadcaster to broadcast this information to him. He paused for a moment and continued. “Our evaluation team is comprised of thirteen judges. They are all highly experienced people in the television industry, we also believe in their judgement.”

Chu Qin pursed his lips and glanced at the Three Petals host beside him.

“This time, we very coincidentally have two candidates who received the same number of votes. They both received four votes,” Xiang-ge’s loud and clear voice reverberated throughout the venue.

The Three Petals host gripped his trouser leg tightly. He had relied on bribery to obtain a high vote count, but the other person relied on his own abilities to obtain the same number of votes as him. This person was very likely to be Chu Qin. A heavy feeling of powerlessness invaded his heart. Was he really that far behind Chu Qin?

“Yi—” The audience let out sounds of surprise. This sort of incident had occurred before at other awards ceremonies. Usually, the eventual result was that both people would receive the award.

“According to usual practice, we will let both parties receive the award,” Xiang-ge said unhurriedly. The tone of his voice suddenly changed. “However, after an investigation by the organizational committee, three members of the evaluation team had previously received bribes and they all voted for one of the candidates! So, this candidate’s three votes are nullified; only the remaining one vote is valid!”

Everyone present went up in an uproar. There was actually bribery involved! And the organizers of the Golden Gong Awards actually revealed it!

“Therefore, there is only one prize winner. This person is –” Xiang-ge didn’t give the audience a chance to react and directly read aloud the prize winner’s name. “Mister Chu Qin! Congratulations!”

“Wow—” Enthusiastic applause erupted from among the audience. Being able to obtain the same number of votes as the person who made use of bribes was more than enough to prove his abilities. The spotlight swiftly landed on Chu Qin’s spot, the edges of the rays illuminating the deathly pale face of the person beside him.

Chu Qin stared blankly for a moment before rising and walking up the stage with a smile, as if the earth-shattering news of the fiasco involving ‘bribery of judges’ had no impact on him at all.

Chu Qin stood at the center of the stage and received the gold-plated sculpture of the small golden gong. He bowed and expressed his thanks. “Thank you, everyone. Thank you, judges. Thank you, the Golden Gong Awards for your fairness and selflessness!”

All the lights gathered on Chu Qin, the countless rays of light emphasizing his glory. This was recognition for his eight-years long career as a host and was also a milestone in his career. Just like those actors who attained the award of Film Emperor and Film Empress, he wouldn’t need to be fearful of anything in the entertainment industry from here on.

“Of course, at this point, the person I am most grateful to is my lover,” Chu Qin smiled as he spoke. His tone was light, as if he wasn’t aware of the intensity of the bomb he had just tossed out.

The entire venue instantly quietened. A few artists would publicize their relationship when they received a major venue. But everyone knew that Chu Qin had never been involved in scandals. His only possible lover was Zhong Yibin!

“We’ve known each other for eight years. From partners, to close friends, and then to lovers, we’ve supported each other in our journey to this day,” Chu Qin’s voice was clear and melodious, possessing a unique cadence that was as natural as those background explanations on programs. These qualities caused everyone to unconsciously hold their breath in rapt attention as they listened on. “Last year during summer, I was in an almost-fatal accident. It was him who rushed over to protect me, and in the end, he suffered serious injuries and lost his memories. But the Heavens cared for him. He had amnesia and lost his memories of the entire world. Except, he still remembered me…”

When Chu Qin reached this point, his eyes were somewhat moist. The bright lights shone down on him, reflecting sparkling crystals of light.

Some people off-stage made soft exclamations of admiration and some cried along with him.

“Thank you for protecting me with your life. Thank you for continuing to remember me even after losing your memories. Thank you for appearing before me when you were eighteen. Thank you for willingly loving me…” As Chu Qin continued, he couldn’t help shedding a tear. He pursed his lips and smiled lightly, looking towards that person seated at the first row. His vision of the area off-stage was unclear due to the shining lights but he could still accurately pinpoint Zhong Yibin’s location. “Beloved Zhong Yibin, thank you. And, I love you.”

“Ah—” The people at the venue regained their wits and became impassioned. The spectators across the entire country who were watching the live broadcast also became impassioned. This was coming out of the closet in front of the entire country, at the moment he reached the pinnacle of his life!

Zhong Yibin used his hands to cover his face and rubbed harshly before quickly rushing on-stage and wrapping Chu Qin in a hug.

“Good God, this is simply too moving!” Ah Yue stood at a corner of the stage, using tissues to wipe at her eyes.

“Today’s a good day. Don’t cry,” Zhong Yibin drifted over and kissed away the teardrop that Chu Qin had shed. Because Chu Qin was standing in front of the microphone, the two’s voices were transmitted to the entire audience. “Today, I have a present for you.”

Chu Qin was stunned. He didn’t know that Zhong Yibin had even prepared a present, so his expression was a little dazed. “What?”

Zhong Yibin smiled and looked up at the broadcasting studio. “May I trouble you to help me play some romantic music.” The spectators burst into peals of laughter. The director really did play it. Amidst the romantic yet warm music, the slender man dressed in a black suit slowly got down on one knee and took out a velvet box from his pocket.

“Ah—” The audience once again shrieked. Even the television producers accustomed to witnessing great waves also couldn’t help shrieking in surprise.

“Baby, let’s get married,” Zhong Yibin raised his head to look at Chu Qin and opened the box containing a ring.

Chu Qin’s mouth flattened. Two more teardrops fell from his eyes. He slowly took out a box from the pocket of his pants and grumbled in a small voice. “Idiot, you snatched my chance to do it first.”

“Hahahahaha…” The spectators who were just weeping emotionally erupted into laughter again.

Zhong Yibin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He took out the ring and put it on Chu Qin. Then, he obediently stretched out a hand and let Chu Qin put the ring on him. The two people glanced at each other and couldn’t resist laughing out loud, exchanging a gentle and touching kiss.

Multi-colored fireworks went off above the stage and the music became impassioned and vigorous. Countless video cameras recorded the grand occasion at this very moment.

Journeying through this road of love was challenging. This road was filled with slanders, criticism, and lack of understanding. But as long as I think of this love that will not be forgotten even under the effects of amnesia, it is enough to support me as I walk through the thistles and thorns, breaking through the haze!

Thank you for appearing in my life. Thank you for your love that holds no reservations!

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Proposed marriage, I am a satisfied biscuit!

Qin Qin: What is a biscuit that has proposed marriage called?

Er Bing: Double happiness biscuits[1]!

Qin Qin: Then what about a married biscuit?

Er Bing: Wife biscuit[2]!

Author’s note: Main story has ended! Er Bingbing and Qin Qin’s story will still continue. Following this are some extras on their ~daily life~

[1] During traditional Chinese weddings, double happiness biscuits would be offered to the bride’s family. More than just a set of pastries to be given away, it is symbolic of the groom’s gratitude to the bride’s parents for having raised and taken care of her over the years and serves as an announcement of the couple’s marriage. The characters 囍 (double happiness) are printed on the pastries.

[2] A traditional Cantonese pastry with a thin crust of flaky pastry and made with a filling of winter melon, almond paste, and sesame, and spiced with five spice powder. Wiki page here.

Translator’s corner: I teared at the end 😭. With this, the main story has come to an end! The remaining five extras will be released over the next five days.

Some ending thoughts of mine~

As a reader, witnessing a story reach its conclusion has always been both a time of appreciation and sorrow. Appreciation for a tale that was told in its entirety, but also a sense of hollowness and emptiness from its end. As a translator, all of these feelings are accompanied by the surreal realization that yet another story has been added to the growing number of completed translations.

As my first translation project, this story has a special place in my heart. A huge thank you to all the readers who have been accompanying me in translating this story! I hope this novel has added some joy and laughter to your life ✨

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