I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Selection

Naturally, Chu Qin wouldn’t reject an invitation from the Golden Gong Awards. He immediately agreed and started to arrange his schedule for the next month.

The awards were presented to television programs from all categories, as well as television producers. It didn’t differ too much from film and television awards, with awards such as ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Plot’, ‘Best Director’, “Best Variety Show’, ‘Best Reality Show’, ‘Best Variety Show Host’, and so on.

Among all these awards, the award that was most eye-catching was the ‘Best Variety Show Host’. This award was comparable to the ‘Best Male Lead’, ‘Best Female Lead’ awards in the film award category in that it was looked forward to the most by the audience.

The Golden Gong Awards originally only presented awards to programs in Taiwan. With advancements, it gradually expanded to include the Hong Kong and Macau area and now, the Mainland. This was likely due to the fact that there was nothing much worth seeing from the Mainland’s television programs in its early years, so they were completely unable to make it past the qualifying round. In recent years, they had increasingly improved, leading the organizing committee to include the Mainland’s programs.

Zhong Yibin looking towards that direction in the process of selling copyright had much to do with Chu Qin making it into the final selection.

In fact, ‘Friendly Confusion’ had already been broadcasted on that side several years ago, though it was limited to the internet. This year, Zhong Yibin had once again sold <Bun, Quickly Run> over. It was said that the program had been the subject of many positive evaluations there, raising Chu Qin’s profile to the public.

The Golden Gong higher-ups announced the names of those who had made it to the finals and spectators were somewhat surprised upon seeing Chu Qin’s name.

[Chu Qin came out of the closet at this time, yet his qualification wasn’t revoked?]

[Hehe, did you think the organizing committee would be as narrow-minded as you? What link is there between an individual’s sexual orientation and capability?]

[Chu Qin can’t be considered to have come out of the closet, right? He only said that they were kissing and didn’t say that their relationship was that of lovers.]

The debate online continued without ceasing. Chu Qin didn’t respond, while Yu Tang’s team started to create ‘Zhong Qin’-related videos and fanart under the guise of fan experts.

In order to openly be together with Song Xiao, Yu Tang had used plenty of such methods that year. His production team was made up of professional editors and sound-effect experts from the television and filmmaking team, and the things they produced weren’t merely one or two grades higher in quality compared to the stuff produced by fans.

The first to be released was a video titled <Those Years of Zhong Qin>.

This standout video cast the spotlight back onto the earliest time when Chu Qin participated in the national station’s host competition. At that time, the merely eighteen years of age Chu Qin was young and inexperienced, like a sour lemon. His appearance was incomparably fresh and clean, yet his tartness caused people to end up between laughter and tears.

That year, the style of television stations still followed the orthodox model of the China Central Television[1]; everyone abided by the rules. Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, Chu Qin smiled and revealed two tiny dimples, his liveliness unsurpassed by no one else on stage. The ancient television camera lens swept across the guests below the stage. At that time, Zhong Yibin, who had just returned from overseas, was only twenty years old. His hair was combed back in the standard elite style and he was dressed in a dashing suit. He sat below the stage and smiled while watching Chu Qin, as if he were a prince picking his future fiancée.

At this point, the after-effects team added background music synonymous with that of a ‘romantic chance encounter’ and colored the scene a warm shade. The meeting of their gazes in that moment became everlasting.

After that, this mysterious team again dug out a small video clip from who knows where. It was a clip of Chu Qin’s graduation from university, when he wore a graduation hat and made a speech as the student representative. At that time, he had already become a contracted host under Shengshi and had propped up a program on his own for a whole two years. He had sufficient experience to make a speech on stage.

After his very eloquent speech ended, a person dressed in a high-end custom-made suit went on stage to foist the bouquet of fresh flowers he was carrying on Chu Qin. That person was the increasingly handsome Zhong Yibin.

And following that was a quick editing of the countless award ceremonies and Shengshi dinner events. The two people’s attire transitioned from having nothing to do with each other to gradually gaining a semblance of similarity, and eventually becoming that of lovers.

It had not been a mere day or two since Zhong Yibin walked into the public eye, but everyone had only started to take notice of him within the recent year after he frequently participated in entertainment programs. It was only after the production team found these materials from early on that the spectators noticed many details that they had failed to take note of previously.

The careless meeting of their gazes; the little actions when the audience wasn’t paying attention – these images were played slowly one by one. The love between the two people was practically overflowing from the screen.

[Yingyingying[2], I give full marks to this dog food!]

[Wow, wow. I actually didn’t notice so many details these few years. Was I blind in the past?]

[Come. After polishing off this bowl of dog food and wiping off my tears, I still remain a good dog!]

The video was just released but there were already several thousand people swiftly discussing below. Each and every one of them were genuinely sincere. Chu Qin clicked on them and realized that these people weren’t his fans at all. Yet, they didn’t appear to be zombie accounts, seemingly special in their sincerity.

“These are official zombie accounts. They’re much more active compared to the ordinary zombie accounts,” Zhong Yibin drifted over and explained.

Chu Qin, “…” So, Yu Tang’s team didn’t only release the videos, but also did the commenting themselves? Why did it feel so shameless?

The comments of these zombie fans instantly spurred public opinion. Everyone spoke from their hearts. Fans very quickly started to leave comments and forwarded the video, fervently expressing that it was too beautiful, too oppressive for dogs, and so on. Many people also forwarded the remarks made by the zombie fans, expressing their agreement.

[Yingyingying, really meng. These two are so well-matched!]

[During the past few years, there were also female celebrities who attempted to get into a sex scandal with Chu Qin and they were all scolded to death. None of them can match up to my Qin Qin. Only Director Zhong renders me incapable of objecting.]

When everyone once again started to meng the CP, Yu Tang’s team continued to struggle, releasing the second wave of video edits that showcased the two’s interactions on <Bun, Quickly Run>.


“This time, the task is to find the hidden treasure and hug it tightly…” Chu Qin stood in front of everyone and announced the rules.

Everyone was listening diligently. Only Zhong Yibin raced forward and hugged onto Chu Qin. “I found him!” Everyone burst into laughter.

The accompanying words added as after-effects: ‘To me, you’re my treasure.”


“There are only four tents this time. Those in last place won’t have a bed to sleep on!” Chu Qin stood on the sand as he raised his chin.

Zhong Yibin raised his hand. “Then will the loser get to sleep with the host?”

An aggrieved baby’s expression was added as after-effects: “Baby just wants to sleep with Qin Qin”.


As long as there were opportunities, Zhong Yibin would take liberties with Chu Qin. Yet, Chu Qin didn’t get angry and would only hit him twice symbolically. This seemed more like flirting while pretending to be displeased.

[Now that I think about it, why would someone with a status like the Zhong family’s older brother participate in programs?]

[Does this even need to be said? It’s definitely to give face to his sister-in-law!]

[It’s also very unusual for Yu Tang to join the program! Doesn’t this sort of person make millions in seconds?]

[Because Yu Tang is good friends with Zhong Yibin!]

The videos that were released in quick succession caused a frenzy. Everyone had already been assaulted by the meng, resulting in confusion and disorientation. Many fans who weren’t originally ‘Zhong Qin’ fans ran over to join the group one after another. The number of fans on the Weibo of the ‘Zhong Qin supporting force’ quickly shot up to three million.

Chen Feng observed the direction of public opinion and was stunned. The moment everyone found that Chu Qin could possibly be homosexual, shouldn’t they feel that they had been cheated? Shouldn’t those older uncles and aunties write letters to the national station requesting to block Chu Qin?

‘Ai, this is the benefit of reaching great heights. If Chu Qin seizes the ‘Best Variety Show Host’ award, nobody would say anything even if he publicly came out of the closet,” The workers at Three Petals station got together to gossip.

“That’s right. Which entertainment program host in the Mainland presently can measure up to Chu Qin! If a station doesn’t invite him, other stations would. Even if some brands refuse to allow him to represent them, doesn’t he still have his own Shengshi brand? There’s still that big thigh, the Big Fish Group. He doesn’t need to worry at all!” Another colleague echoed what was said. Though there were employees of Three Petals station, they were fans of Chu Qin.

When Chen Feng heard these words, all he felt was the blood stuck in his throat. He stubbornly refused to believe in it and went onto his own small account to curse under those videos.

[Disgusting homosexual. Chu Qin, get out of the entertainment industry!]

The minute this post was sent out, it was very quickly surrounded and attacked by fans.

[So what if he’s homosexual? Did he eat your family’s rice or drink your family’s water?”

[Get lost, you male chauvinist, this place doesn’t welcome you!]

[How many years has it been since the Great Zhuo collapsed. Where did this zombie climb out from?]

Not only did this post receive return fire from everyone, the fans also realized that this account had left comments under quite a few videos and comics, scolding Chu Qin in an attempt to guide the flow of public opinion. Thus, it was flooded with a torrent of abuse by the fans, till it appeared on Weibo’s home page.

The over-forty years of age Chen Feng was completely unable to ward off the youngsters’ novel ways of scolding others. After a while, he waved the white flag, so incensed that he trembled uncontrollably. He waved over the main star host of Three Petals station. “You were also nominated for the Golden Gong Awards this time. I will get someone to lobby to the evaluation team in advance. We will go over several days in advance to visit the higher-ups there and fight for the award.”

The eyes of the star host lit up and he hastily nodded in agreement. “Thank you, Director Chen.”

Sure enough, the two people hurriedly went over several days in advance.

As usual, Chu Qin methodically made arrangements at work, refusing all interviews without exception. It was only two days before the awards ceremony that he flew to Taiwan with Zhong Yibin.

The host this time was still Ah Yue. Her partner was a veteran television producer whom everyone called Xiang-ge. Chu Qin just reached the hotel when Ah Yue sought him out for a meal and conveniently introduced him to Xiang-ge.

Chu Qin had met Xiang-ge before, though they weren’t familiar with each other. This time, he could get to know him a little better.

“Do you really intend to come out of the closet in front of everyone?” Xiang-ge asked Chu Qin curiously. He had seen many homosexual actors the past few years. Although the cultural environment at Hong Kong and Taiwan was a little more open, those who dared to truly come out of the closet could be counted on one hand. Previously, he had followed Chu Qin’s interview segment closely and always wanted to know the choice Chu Qin had made.

“Yup. I think I already have enough capital to bear the pressure of public opinion,” Chu Qin smiled.

“I admire your courage,” Xiang-ge raised his cup and toasted Chu Qin. “Actually, there’s a benefit to this. In the future, your program topics can be slightly more open. Do you have any interest in doing a program at my place?”

“Sure. I’ve been wanting to work with Xiang-ge for many years, but nobody ever referred me,” Chu Qin was all smiles.

“I heard that Chen Feng brought his station’s star host over very early on and has continuously been trying to chat them up. It seems like he really does have a way in,” Ah Yue spoke about the situation the past few days, slightly worried.

The hand Zhong Yibin was using to eat paused and he frowned slightly. That old fogey, Chen Feng, did indeed have some connections on this side. The reason why he dug him out that year was because of these connections. It was a pity that this person was never willing to be used by Chu Qin. Now, he even took these connections out to suppress Chu Qin; truly infuriating.

“Looks like just sweeping him out the door would be letting him off too lightly,” Zhong Yibin smiled coldly.

The evaluation committee was currently anxiously deciding on the eventual award winner. There was a total of thirteen people on the committee and Chen Feng had bribed three of them through his connections. There was a total of five candidates and every person could only cast one vote.

“It’s the first year we included entertainment programs from the Mainland. I think choosing a host from the Mainland would be for the best,” One of the judges said.

“I disagree. We should choose whoever is most outstanding. For what reason do we need to discriminate against country?” Another judge objected.

Everyone was of differing opinions, so they each wrote their own choice and started to cast their vote.

“It’s terrible. I saw at least four people voting for that person,” Ah Yue’s younger sister was the secretary for the evaluation committee. She ran over stealthily to speak to Ah Yue, pointing at the star host from Three Petals station who was standing not too far off.

Ah Yue’s brows couldn’t help creasing.

Out of the thirteen judges, four voted for that person, so there were still nine remaining. Out of these nine, two were old-fashioned and would certainly persist on choosing a host within Taiwan. Whereas Chu Qin needed to obtain four votes from the remaining seven votes. The odds of success were not high.

“What about Chu Qin’s vote count?” Ah Yue asked her younger sister.

“I didn’t notice the others,” The other party replied apologetically.

Within the blink of an eye, the day of the award ceremony arrived. The list of award winners was kept confidential; nobody could ask around for them.

The sun shone through the full-length glass windows. Chu Qin opened his eyes in a daze, a firmly muscled chest entering his line of sight. He stared at the little red dots on the chest for half a day before finally becoming clear-headed. He supported himself and sat up, kneading his sore waist. Chu Qin grinned, revealing his teeth, and reached out to pinch the taut flesh.

“Wu…” Zhong Yibin was awoken and his eyes opened, aggrieved. “What are you doing?”

“Loathsome creature, I already said that we have to go for the awards ceremony today. But you still didn’t stop last night!” Chu Qin glared at him in a huff. He would need to walk the red carpet today. If he walked the carpet with a weird posture because his buttocks hurt, that would be too embarrassing.

“Hehe,” Zhong Yibin couldn’t help smothering his laughter after hearing these words. He recalled the scene from last night and licked his lips as if wanting to sample the rich aftertaste left on his lips. He shifted over and curled around Chu Qin like a large snake. “No worries. If you can’t walk the red carpet, I’ll carry you.”

“You…” Chu Qin was reaching out a hand to tug his ear when the doorbell sounded. Thus, he kicked at Zhong snake’s leg under the blankets. “Go open the door.”

Zhong Yibin wasn’t angry at all with his wife’s arrogant and bossy tone. Dressed in a pair of boxer shorts, Zhong Yibin diligently ran to open the door.

Outside the door was a renowned clothing designer. The designer had brought his assistants over to deliver the custom-made clothing for the day’s awards ceremony. The designer stared blankly the moment Zhong Yibin came into sight.

Perfect broad shoulders and narrow waist; smooth and beautiful lines of muscle; slender yet powerful limbs; a face that was ridiculously good-looking even though it hadn’t been washed. None of these should have caused a designer who was experienced and knowledgeable to lose himself in such a way. That amazed gaze focused on Zhong Yibin’s lower body.

That pair of white boxer shorts made out of pure cotton was marked with an image of a – tiny yellow chicken holding onto a golden sacred sword. Due to the special location at which this image was placed, a three-dimensional effect was achieved.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Designer: Which great master created this masterpiece of a underpants that is capable of shocking the Heavens and Earth, and rendering supernatural beings to sobs?

Er Bing: That person is called Zhong Chicken

Designer: Can I meet him?

Er Bing: No, Zhong Chicken will only meet Qin Qin

Qin Qin: See you tomorrow, chicken

Er Bing: The Chicken sees him every day!

Designer: →_→

Author’s note: After writing this story, I feel like I’ve treaded a path that can’t be returned from _(:з」∠*)_

[1] China Central Television, aka CCTV, is a major state television broadcaster in China. Wiki page here

[2] Onomatopoeia for the chirping of birds.

Translator’s corner: The next chapter is the last chapter of the main story and will be posted tomorrow according to schedule~

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