I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Drinking

Zhong Jiabin’s heart abruptly tensed up upon realizing that his younger brother had already regained his memories. During the past one year, the two brothers had become particularly close. This was a situation which hadn’t appeared for many years, thus causing the Zhong family’s elder brother to feel delighted. Now that he had regained his memories, would their relationship return to one that was hostile?

He knew about his younger brother rebelling. He was also aware that there was a problem with their father’s methods of education. But the prejudice intrinsic to this had already formed and he himself lacked the skill to express this. As time passed, the relationship between the two brothers became increasingly worse.

Zhong Jiabin put down the grilled skewer and watched his younger brother seriously, attempting to glean something from his gaze.

Zhong Yibin lowered his head and poured his elder brother a glass of sake. His own glass was also filled to the brim. “This past year, my mind has cleared up quite a bit. Ge, what happened in the past is my fault,” Raising his hand, he toasted his elder brother.

The Zhong family’s elder brother gazed at his younger brother. He reached out a hand and snatched away his glass. “You’re driving. No drinking,” Then, he downed both glasses of wine.

Zhong Yibin, “…”

A perfectly good, emotionally moving atmosphere was ruined just like that. At this moment, the two bowls of noodles were served. He picked up his chopsticks helplessly and slurped up two mouths of noodles as if venting his anger.

Zhong Jiabin’s lips pursed up as he watched his brother and he laughed lightly. He slowly raised a hand and rubbed his younger brother’s head. This action was first done when they were on <Bun, Quickly Run>. Now, this action was done extremely familiarly.

“Don’t touch my head!”

“I’m just touching it.”

“Ge, you’re becoming less and less like a gentleman!”


After finishing the ramen, Zhong Yibin sent his elder brother home first before returning to Chu Qin’s house.

“What do you intend to do about the two of you?” The Zhong family’s elder brother asked his younger brother, who was driving, on the way home. The issue surrounding Zou Bo had created a lot of buzz lately. Naturally, he knew that it was the work of his own younger brother. While he was happy that his methods had matured, he was also a little worried about the influence of public opinion.

“Chu Qin said to let nature take its course. I will listen to him,” Zhong Yibin shook his head proudly.

In the past, out of consideration for Chu Qin’s career, the two of them would maintain half a step’s distance while walking along the streets. They didn’t dare to do much, causing much of the joy to be lost. On the contrary, by not having any misgivings the past year of amnesia, the feelings between the two people had deepened. They were now already used to this way of life and would be extremely against returning to their previous days of caution.

Zhong Jiabin pursed his lips, feeling powerless against his younger brother’s attitude of ‘listening to his wife regarding everything’. He rubbed his temples and didn’t comment further.

After sending his elder brother home, Zhong Yibin gave Chu Qin a call. “Baby, where are you?”

The place was somewhat noisy, as if it was a KTV. Chu Qin’s speech was a little slurred; he had seemingly drunk some alcohol. “Oh, I’m at Shengshi Huange. Hubby, come and help me pick up the bill.”

Zhong Yibin was originally a little angry. He had specially told Chu Qin when he left in the afternoon not to drink, and if he were to drink, to send him a message in advance so that he could pick him up promptly. The result was Chu Qin forgetting about it, probably because he had been playing too happily. However, the anger that had just stirred up was cured by this sticky term ‘hubby’.

Zhong Yibin sighed. “All right, I’ll be there immediately.” He made a U-turn and hurried directly to Shengshi Huange.

It was currently a sensitive period of time. Anything that Chu Qin did could very easily be captured by paparazzi. Fortunately, this guy was smart and brought people to Shengshi Huange, which was under Shengshi. Ever since the previous time when Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin were captured in front of Huange by the paparazzi, the Zhong family’s elder brother undertook the task of supervising the management of this entertainment club. Now, no paparazzi were able to get close.

The moment he stepped in, the front counter directly offered the room number that Chu Qin was in. Zhong Yibin strode over with quick steps. In reality, there was no scene of disorder in the room – both men and women were present; some were singing while others were playing cards. Chu Qin still appeared clear-headed and was sitting on the sofa smiling while chatting with a friend.

“Director Zhong,” Seeing Zhong Yibin enter, everyone stood up and greeted him.

“Continue your fun, the bill’s on me. I’ll bring Chu Qin away first,” Zhong Yibin nodded in response and walked over, picking Chu Qin up in a hug without allowing any explanation.

“Wow—” Someone couldn’t help letting out a startled exclamation. Was it really okay to display affection in front of everyone like this?

“Wu, I can walk on my own,” Chu Qin’s face reddened immediately. He hadn’t actually drunk a lot and was just a little dizzy. But Zhong Yibin refused to listen to him. He propped him up and gave his buttocks a slap along the way. Wanting to resist yet lacking the strength, Chu Qin was powerless.

It was deathly embarrassing to be carried out in a princess hug. Chu Qin could only bury his face in Zhong Yibin’s embrace and feign death.

Upon returning home, Zhong Yibin carried the other person upstairs. One could not immediately take a bath after getting drunk, so Zhong Yibin could only place the other person onto the bed and use a hot towel to wipe his face and hands.

“Er Bing…” Chu Qin finished wiping his hands and then stretched out to touch Zhong Yibin’s face.

“En?” Zhong Yibin cocked his head. He pressed a kiss on Chu Qin’s palm, helped him out of his clothes and covered him with the blanket.

“I want to come out of the closet in front of the entire country,” Chu Qin clasped the hand that had been kissed and laughed foolishly.

Zhong Yibin instantly halted in the midst of getting up. With a hand propped against the pillow, he lowered his head to look at Chu Qin. “Why the sudden thought?”

“Just asking if you agree or not?” Chu Qin raised a hand and hooked it around Zhong Yibin’s neck.

“Of course I don’t object. It’s just that your career…” Zhong Yibin frowned slightly. The current environment within the country was not as open as that of certain countries in the west. If Chu Qin publicly came out of the closet, his career would take a definite hit. It was likely he wouldn’t be able to appear on national television following it, and the invites he received to go on programs as well as represent brands would be limited. For Chu Qin, who was at the peak of his career, such a decision was not anything good.

“I have my own means, but…” Chu Qin revealed a crafty smile like that of a little fox. “If we go public and you treat me badly in the future, you would certainly be attacked by the entire country.”

Zhong Yibin gazed at his face which was tinged pink by alcohol and couldn’t resist leaning over and pecking him on the face. “Ah, it does sound a little scary.”

“You’re finally knowing how to be scared eh?” Chu Qin smiled mischievously.

“Then let’s act it out,” Zhong Yibin stripped and held the blankets tightly, climbing on top of Chu Qin.

“Acting as what?” His alcohol-laden brain was somewhat sluggish in its responses. Chu Qin reached out a hand distractedly and pressed against Zhong Yibin’s chest, which was approaching relentlessly.

“Act out the scene of the great devil king Er Bing ruthlessly bullying Chu Little Qin. Chu Little Qin sobbed in front of the entire country till he lost his voice,” As Zhong Yibin spoke, he kissed Chu Qin’s pair of lips which carried the taste of wine.


The next day, several celebrities reported Zou Bo’s extortion and blackmail practices to the police non-anonymously.

The first to step forward was a popular female star. This female star had received regular education and there wasn’t much negative material on her. She directly made public the photo that Zou Bo’s team had used to threaten her. Out of curiosity, everyone went to take a look at it and realized that it was a picture of her kissing her current boyfriend.

[At that time, I hadn’t made public our relationship. Zou Bo’s subordinates told my manager that they took an explicit photo of us and wanted my manager to buy it. The amount was two-hundred thousand.]

Netizens expressed fervently that money was too easy to make for Zou Bo. But it was also understood that a star whose career was on the rise would definitely be affected if news of them dating were to be suddenly announced. Under such circumstances, one would only be able to grit their teeth and endure. If not for the fact that the two of them had already gone public, she would probably not have dared to raise this matter.

In the midst of this tenseness, another celebrity stepped forward. A veteran of dramas appeared and shared two pictures of a child.

[These are the pictures of my son five years ago when he was attending kindergarten. Zou Bo’s subordinates sent it to me and even sent me the kindergarten’s address. They said that if I didn’t fork out the money, they would reveal the address of my son’s kindergarten. I could only buy it, spending five-hundred thousand.]

This statement was filled with sweat and tears. There was a definite risk to children of celebrities who had been exposed. Moreover, exposing the address of the kindergarten was simply painting a live target for potential crazed fans or kidnappers.

The masses who were originally only watching the excitement simultaneously went up in arms. Zou Bo was practically the malignant tumor of the entertainment circle – following people, taking private photos and then using threatening them to earn money; he was simply deranged.

The police attached great importance to these and instantly launched an investigation.

Zou Bo, who heard of this piece of news in the detention center, immediately fell apart. “How did these people dare to do that? Do they not want their reputation?”

“There’s definitely someone behind them inciting this. The way those people made their appearance was also ingenious. Although they don’t belong to the category of having spent the most, none of their amounts are small. Moreover, when they spoke of the incident, you were always in the wrong…” The lawyer took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Extortion or blackmail of thirty thousand and above was sufficient for one to be sentenced to jail for a period of ten years and above. Coupled with the previous charge of concealment of drugs, if it were considered a crime to be punished for, it was very likely that Zou Bo would be sentenced to life imprisonment!

The lawyer was inwardly nervous. Every step of the plot by the person behind this appeared to be bent on pushing Zou Bo to death. Shouldn’t he escape without delay to avoid being implicated?

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: The amounts aren’t large but combined, it’s extortion of a few millions – enough to send him to jail for a lifetime

Er Bing: Speaking of this, you also extorted a few millions from me

Qin Qin: Since when?

Er Bing: You see, you blackmailed me into buying you a house by refusing to marry me

Qin Qin: Then what do you want?

Er Bing: No need to go to jail for a lifetime, it’s enough to remain in my arms for a lifetime

Qin Qin: →_→

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