I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Ramen

The lawyer glanced at Zou Bo and paid him no heed, instead persisting on listening to the situation that was being conveyed over the phone. The more he listened, the uglier his expression became.

A few minutes later, the lawyer hung up. Turning to look at Zou Bo, he inhaled deeply. “The police investigated the company and found the account book showing the celebrities you blackmailed…”

“What blackmail! They gave it willingly, I didn’t think of selling it to them!” Zou Bo slapped the table in a fit of anger as he interrupted the lawyer’s words. From his point of view, these were all industry rules. Which paparazzi didn’t rely on this to make money? Now, these people were going against their superior – taking advantage of the misfortune that had befallen him to hit him while he was down. When he got out, he would definitely give each and every one of them a good show.

“What use is there in saying this now? Let me finish speaking!” The lawyer wasn’t willing to continue listening to his complaints and requested for him to calm down. “That wasn’t the only thing. They also found about the company’s tax evasion. Furthermore, the incident that year regarding Yao Yueshan’s stabbing also surfaced, involving other issues…”

This lawyer was the legal consultant for Zou Bo’s company, as well as his personal lawyer. The many illegal acts Zou Bo had committed over the past few years had been done under this lawyer’s directions in order to evade risk. The lawyer was also very clear on what he had done.

Although a number of those in the entertainment industry were willing to do whatever it took to climb higher and was perfectly happy to sleep with Zou Bo, there were also a group of people who possessed their own perseverance and integrity, refusing to agree to whatever conditions that were given. Zou Bo always made use of his resources and money to lure such people in. If those didn’t work, he would make threats and promises. If that still didn’t work, he would use force.

“I don’t want to listen to you talking about how terrible my situation is. You only need to tell me how this issue can be resolved,” Zou Bo calmed down and stared at the lawyer closely, as if confirming his loyalty. For good or bad, he had been a scoundrel for so many years in the entertainment circle and had guarded against many things. At the moment, the police had only found these things. Whether the criminal charge could or could not be established was still unclear.

“It’s easy to settle the matter of extortion and blackmail. After all, it was done with mutual consent. As long as those celebrities don’t dare to comment on it, this charge won’t be easily judged, and can only be considered as revenue from an unknown origin,” The lawyer’s nerves also eased, and he carefully analyzed the current situation. “As for the matter regarding Yao Yueshan, there isn’t any evidence to prove that you hired someone to beat him up. Moreover, it happened such a long time ago. The crucial point now is whether you can find those few hoodlums that year.”

“Ask secretary Zhang about that,” Zou Bo lowered his voice.

The lawyer walked out of the detention center. He couldn’t resist fishing out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat on his face. This matter was becoming increasingly thorny. Hopefully, nothing would happen before this issue was resolved.

“Given his current situation, the evidence for concealing drugs and accommodating others in taking drugs is conclusive,” The lawyer on Zhong Yibin’s side was also analyzing the situation. “Only the two charges – extortion and blackmail, as well as deliberate injury to person, aren’t easy to judge. Extortion and blackmail require the people who had been blackmailed to testify, but I’m afraid those celebrities…”

The things Zou Bo used to blackmail celebrities mostly consisted of ‘vulgar photos’ and ‘extramarital affair photos’ – no matter what was said, all artists would want to conceal these. Getting them to testify in court or taking out those photos used to blackmail them was clearly not possible.

“How much money must the extortion or blackmail have involved before a sentence can be passed down?” Chu Qin was also listening at the side and enquired.

“An amount above thirty-thousand would be considered a huge sum,” The lawyer answered.

“Then that’s good, hand this over to me,” Chu Qin smiled, revealing two tiny dimples.

“What bad things are you thinking of doing again?” Zhong Yibin’s heart itched as he looked on. He stretched out a hand and poked the tiny indents on Chu Qin’s face.

Chu Qin evaded that randomly-jabbing hand and in turn, squeezed Zhong Yibin’s mouth into that of a chick’s. “I’m not doing anything bad. I’m eliminating harm to citizens.” The chick’s mouth moved a little and shifted over for a kiss.

The lawyer and secretary Jin met each other’s gazes and simultaneously looked out the window with tacit understanding.

In the afternoon, Chu Qin went off to meet his friends. He was eating outside as well, so he sent a message to Zhong Yibin to ask him not to wait for him. Zhong Yibin got off work and sat dazedly in the car, unsure where to go.

The car drove past two streets aimlessly. By the time he regained his wits, the car had already stopped at Shengshi Group.

When he raised his head to glance towards the director’s office on the highest floor, the light was still switched on. Father Zhong had brought Mother Zhong out on a trip the past two days, leaving only Zhong Jiabin behind to look after the house. All matters were also pushed to him to settle alone, so he still hadn’t knocked off even at this time.

Zhong Yibin put down the glass. One of his hands leaned against the car window, slowly stroking his chin.

After regaining his memories, the bits and pieces of the past had all returned. Regarding his parents, his elder brother – he had recalled everything. In the past, his relationship with his elder brother wasn’t good and he felt fed up just from hearing his voice. Now that he thought about it carefully, from young till now, his elder brother had never expressed malice towards him and even constantly showed consideration for him. Since when had the animosity between them appeared?

“Those childhood friends of yours – have less dealings with them.”

“You didn’t carry out this project well enough. It should be done like this…”

The words his elder brother spoke the most often seemed to be of this type. And how did he reply? Zhong Yibin scratched his head.

“It’s enough for you to take care of yourself.”

“Yes, I can’t do it well. Do it yourself.”

After losing his memories, all his prejudice and unwillingness vanished. He got to know Zhong Jiabin once more and only then did he realize that Zhong Jiabin truly was a good elder brother.

He picked up his handphone and dialed that familiar number. A steady, deep voice sounded. “Yibin?”

“It’s me, ge,” Zhong Yibin got off the car. He leaned against the car with one of his hands stuffed into the pocket of his trousers, looking in the direction of the office. “You haven’t gotten off work?”

“En, I’m about to finish,” The sound of typing could be heard on the other end. He was probably replying to an email. “Is something the matter?”

Zhong Yibin smiled slightly. After suddenly figuring out certain things, his heart was at ease. “I’m downstairs at the Group. Chu Qin went out to play, let’s go eat.”

A person’s reflection flashed past the French windows of the director’s office. Zhong Yibin waved upwards.

“All right. Wait five minutes for me,” Zhong Jiabin glanced at the younger brother waving foolishly at him. The corner of his mouth revealed a subtle smile and his tone of voice also lightened.

The Zhong family’s big brother swiftly settled a few emails and glanced at the documents on the table that he had yet to check through before decisively picking up his coat and walking out. Those could be left for tomorrow.

The two brothers didn’t eat at a high-end restaurant. Instead, they went to a ramen shop that had a distinct Japanese style. Each of them ordered a portion of pork rib ramen and a plate of grilled skewers. They sat on high-chairs and chatted a little with the boss behind the counter who was making teppanyaki.

When the ramen was served, Zhong Yibin picked up a pair of chopsticks and slurped up a mouthful. The steaming noodles gave off the fragrance of pork rib and seafood. A full mouth of noodles caused a fantastic feeling of happiness to rise involuntarily.

Zhong Jiabin rarely came to this sort of small shop to eat. Outside of the required social niceties, he would always return home to eat. He tried a mouth of noodles; although it couldn’t compare in exquisiteness to high-grade restaurants, it won in terms of freshness and tastiness. Thus, he followed his younger brother and started to shovel down large mouths of noodles.

The pair of brothers very quickly finished the noodles. Zhong Yibin held the bowl of soup and polished the entire bowl off, sighing in comfort. “Actually, when I was in middle school, I always hoped for elder brother to bring me to eat a bowl of ramen.”

The hand that was holding onto a grilled skewer paused for a moment. Zhong Jiabin stared blankly at his younger brother. “You remember?”

Zhong Yibin looked at his elder brother and raised a brow. He called loudly, “Boss, two more bowls of ramen.”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Big brother: My younger brother’s regained his memories. How to get rid of this? Waiting online, urgent!

Er Bing: Isn’t it good to regain memories?

Big brother: Regaining memories means he won’t be close to me anymore QAQ

Yu Tang: Younger brother not listening is most likely due to being spoilt. Just give him a beating and it’ll be fine

Xiao Xiao: Give him a beating and it’ll be fine +1

Qin Qin: Give him a beating and it’ll be fine +10086

Er Bing: ……

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12 thoughts on “I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 114

  1. Awww 😍
    So happy to see that he has learned to treasure those who love him after the memory loss!
    Hehe.. the small theater, as always is hilarious 😂❤️
    Thanks for the update! 😊

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  2. Uh yibin is so so lucky to have jiabin as his brother, more than not these kind of misunderstanding are hard to be solved in rl, yibin got enlightment and he can enjoy the family love once again. Sadly it’s very rare for people to get enlightened in this case. Bringing pain to both side, this novel has a good family content.

    On the other hand, I was often reading main couple showing affection without feeling eating dog food, but looking at the lawyer and secretary jin this time suddenly emphathizing with their character ,I really feel getting stuffed by dog food and it feels very bad lol

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