I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Beating paparazzi

Li Ting was now also more well-known and something like having been arrested for taking drugs would naturally cause a sensation. While people discussed the matter enthusiastically, they were also curious about the identity of that big shot who had accommodated Li Ting, Zou Bo.

The earth-shattering report managed to perfectly hook everyone’s curious hearts. Just as everyone’s curiosity reached its peak, a gossip post on a forum swiftly attracted everyone’s attention.

The forum was anonymous in nature. Usually, people would discuss family trifles or entertainment gossip on the forum. Several mysterious people would also frequently expose things on that platform. Plenty of the secret news on the entertainment industry was leaked through this platform. It was no exception this time either.

Someone made a post and titled it ‘Digging into that big shot who beds popular handsome youths’.

This sort of title was enough to attract attention. Coupled with the recent revelations, everyone instantly understood what it was referencing and squeezed in one after another to observe.

The original poster used a tone like that of an industry insider as Zou Bo’s vile deeds the past few years were dug up one after the other.

[Original poster: Regarding this big shot – he didn’t have much of a sense of presence during his early years in the entertainment industry and only steadied his footing after that by relying on a few gossip media outlets. This person is a little more shameless – the gossip media outlets in his hands are also famous branches who splash dirty water on others. Many people were scared of him, which gave him even more opportunities to get to know an even greater number of people. After these many years, the connections he has amassed in the entertainment industry are plentiful. The resources he gained was also significant, so he become a big shot.]

Upon seeing this poster describe everything in such detail, everyone decided that the poster was an industry insider and gained more confidence in the poster. This poster didn’t mention anyone by now, even using A, B, and C to replace the names of the mentioned celebrities. However, based on the descriptions, it wasn’t difficult to guess who they were.

[Original poster: This person doesn’t like women; he only likes to bed men. Every single one of the better-looking ones in the entertainment industry have all been bedded by him. For example, handsome youth A who played a youthful emperor in a historical drama, handsome youth B who acted as the young commander in a drama about China, as well as handsome youth C who acted as the deeply emotional male lead two in a court drama. Of course, there’s also that individual who recently took drugs…]

The moment these words were said, everyone went up in an uproar. These characters were too special; one would know which male celebrity it was just by thinking about it. This was entirely the pace of having slept through the entertainment industry.

Many fangirls were howling in grief at the bottom, unable to believe that their idols had been bedded.

[The original poster is spouting drivel, Our Hua Hua relied on his own strength to go up!]

[This is clearly nonsense. Handsome youth B’s acting skills are so good, why would he need to rely on the unwritten rules?]

[I think that these are true. The entertainment circle isn’t good to mix around in at the initial period, there is a need for someone to give resources to get through it.]

[Original poster, let me ask you something. Has our family’s Qiao Su been bedded, wuwuwu[1]…]

Amongst the popular young stars in the current entertainment circle, Qiao Su was the best looking. Thinking of that jade-like handsome countenance, Zou Bo certainly wouldn’t be able to resist laying his hands on him.

[Original poster: Qiao Su wasn’t. After he went to Xinghai Entertainment, he had someone to protect him, so Zou Bo couldn’t touch him.]

The original poster calmly appeared to refute. Very soon, many people enquired whether their idols had been bedded. But the original poster no longer replied and thus, the gossip couldn’t continue. This caused the masses who had gathered to be incessantly anxious, fervently calling for the original poster to return.

During this period of time when the original poster vanished, everyone enthusiastically discussed the fact that Qiao Su hadn’t been slept with.

[No wonder he didn’t become popular the past two years. It’s because he refused to sleep with that person!]

[As expected, Director Song is a kind and honest employer, protecting Qiao Su after he switched to Xinghai Entertainment.]

Zhong Yibin glanced at the work of the technician Yu Tang had given him and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help twitching. This person, even while blackening Zou Bo, he didn’t forget to promote Song Xiao’s entertainment company simultaneously.

The frenzy on the forum was very quickly shifted to social media sites. Everyone was shocked by the disorder in the entertainment circle and hated Zou Bo’s shameless lasciviousness. Those handsome youths who had used their bodies for the sake of fame were also disdained.

However, the poster hadn’t mentioned names nor surnames. Those few handsome youths who had been referenced obliquely also couldn’t come out to refute it. The moment they did so, it would be akin to admitting to it, hence they could only choose to seal their mouths.

After the two hours in which this huge piece of gossip had been brewing, a marketing account on Weibo who dealt in gossip also leapt out to discuss something.

[Not sure if everyone still remembers that person who retired from the industry after being beaten up, Yao Yueshan…]

Yao Yueshan was one of the men involved in the rumors about Chu Qin fooling around. This person had been popular for a while several years ago. Then, he was hospitalized after suffering grievous injuries. A media outlet had confirmed that he was beaten in front of a bar called ‘Love of the Heavens’, a famous bar for homosexuals. An earth-shattering report was very quickly released, stating that Yao Yueshan had been beaten because he had gotten jealous over a love affair between homosexuals.

The state’s policies were stricter a few years ago. After this rumor circulated, various large television stations directly shut out Yao Yueshan, refusing to allow him to appear on camera. Ever since then, Yao Yueshan disappeared from the entertainment industry. Now, this Weibo account revealed that the incident back then may not have been this case. Instead, it was that entertainment circle big shot, Zou Bo, who had taken a fancy to the other party. That person had refused to go along with his wishes and was beaten up by Zou Bo, even having dirty water splashed on him by starting the rumor that he was gay. This directly ruined his future prospects.

The previous pieces of gossip had been treated with skepticism. But now that a real incident with a name attached to it had been presented before everyone, it was tough for everyone not to believe it.

[Is that to say that the gossip regarding Chu Qin a few days ago is also linked to Zou Bo?] When Yao Yueshan was mentioned, everyone naturally also thought of Chu Qin and had a feeling that they had seen the light.

[My God, could it be that our Qin Qin was taken a liking to by that what’s-his-name big shot?]

[That must have been the case. Our Qin Qin is so upright, he definitely wouldn’t be willing. So he was retaliated against like this!]

[Chu Qin’s position in the entertainment industry is so high, can this big shot touch him?]

Though doubts were still as prevalent as before, people had already involuntarily linked Chu Qin to Zou Bo and simultaneously felt that Chu Qin was innocent. Everyone sought out Yao Yueshan’s Weibo account that had not been updated in a very long time and pleaded for him to clarify what had happened that year.

Chu Qin, who had been shut indoors for two days, could finally leave the house. He didn’t go to Shengshi, but instead visited a hotpot shop.

This hotpot shop was located in the city center. Its business was prosperous, and the place was bustling with noise and liveliness. Chu Qin was recognized by a server the moment he stepped in.

“You’re, you’re Chu Qin?” The server was incessantly excited and stammered the words out.

“En, I’m looking for your boss. Is he around?” Chu Qin smiled and asked the server.

“Boss went to the second branch for inspection. I’ll give him a call, please take a seat first,” The server beamed and led Chu Qin to a quiet corner to sit.

Chu Qin ordered a Mandarin Ducks pot, a plate of fatty beef, and a plate of slippery shrimp, eating it slowly. When he was halfway through, someone walked over and sat in front of him. That person picked up a pair of chopsticks and picked up a large portion of beef.

“Hey, I’m eating in your shop yet you’re still snatching my food!” Chu Qin raised his head and glared at the person opposite him. That person appeared over thirty years old, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He emanated the aura exclusive to businessmen who had gone through hardships. His appearance was that of a mature man – the Yao Yueshan who had retired for many years from the entertainment circle.

“Aiya! How can I ask you to spend money when you came here! Come come, eat,” Yao Yueshan said happily and raised a hand to gesture for the sever to bring over another two plates of beef.

“Did you see the matter online?” Chu Qin dredged up a slippery shrimp, dipped it in seafood sauce, and delivered it into his mouth.

The incident that year had happened too suddenly. Everyone hadn’t had time to react when Yao Yueshan was already blocked out. At that time, he was also disheartened and no longer wanted to continue struggling. Thus, he used all of his savings to start a hotpot business. He hadn’t expected for his business to succeed, and for him to now have a house, car, and even a wife and child.

“Saw it. My wife is terribly happy,” Yao Yueshan smiled. The year he got married to his wife, his mother-in-law refused to agree to it no matter what due to this rumor. She accused him of cheating his way into the marriage and refused to listen no matter the explanation. Only after she saw the two still getting along well post-marriage did she let up a little. But the elderly madam still didn’t dare to mention who her son-in-law was in front of her neighbors out of fear of being mocked.

“Then why don’t you make use of this chance to send out a post on Weibo. You can clarify things and promote the hotpot shop along the way,” Chu Qin smiled.

Yao Yueshan heard these words and hesitated a little. The only people in the entertainment circle who knew of the hotpot shop was Chu Qin and another good friend. The other people had all broken off relations with him, mainly out of fear of Zou Bo creating something out of nothing again. “Zou Bo was only arrested for a short period of time. He’ll create a fuss again when he’s out. I have a family and house now. I don’t want to stir up trouble again.”

Chu Qin also understood his difficulties. His lips pursed up. “I’ll let you know the inside story – this time, Zhong Yibin intends to ensure that Zou Bo will never be able to climb back up…”

The gossip was just an appetizer.

After Chu Qin exited the hotpot shop, Yao Yueshan sat rooted to his spot for half a day before picking up his handphone and sending out a post on Weibo.

Yao Yueshan’s Weibo hadn’t been updated for several years but a new post was suddenly released that day. Many thanks for the concern from online friends, I am living very well now. The accompanying picture was of a hotpot shop, with him and his wife standing front of it. His wife was even carrying a plump baby.

[Wow! Look, look, he even has a wife and kid, how is he homosexual!]

[Zou Bo really caused a lot of trouble. But this hotpot shop looks very familiar.]

[Wow, wow. This hotpot shop is the one below my house, it’s super tasty!]

Yao Yueshan’s hotpot shop suddenly became very popular and the rumor that put Chu Qin’s private life into disarray also collapsed. To tell the truth, Yao Yueshan was still a little apprehensive. This time, he could be considered to have helped Chu Qin. But if that Zou Bo was not taken care of and ended up returning, they would all be done for.

“Are you stupid! Couldn’t you have waited for Zou Bo’s sentencing before posting! Isn’t it great now – you made me and the child public. When Zou Bo comes out, what are we going to do?” Yao Yueshan’s wife grumbled.

“I believe in Chu Qin!” Yao Yueshan clenched his fist and said resolutely.

Chu Qin hadn’t given a public response to this issue and just went back to work like usual, as if the previous incident hadn’t occurred. He recorded programs at ease and posted on Weibo at scheduled times to announce their latest program.

However, everyone’s attention was no longer on him but instead on the progress at Zou Bo’s end.

Because Zou Bo had accommodated another person’s consumption of drugs, the police would need to investigate the source of the drugs. The authorities found a box of cigarettes containing marijuana as well as two hundred grams of heroin in Zou Bo’s mansion.

An amount exceeding fifty grams of heroin was enough for someone to be sentenced to seven or more years of imprisonment. Given the amount stored away by Zou Bo, he was likely to be sentenced to ten or more years of imprisonment. Such a large quantity of drugs could not be obtained except through special means. Hence, the police sealed off Zou Bo’s company and put all their efforts into investigating the source of the drugs.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yibin was leisurely sipping tea while seated in a tearoom. Seated opposite him was the blogger responsible for claiming that Chu Qin had fooled around with others.

This person was shifty-eyed, and it was clear with a single glance that he was someone who stayed at home all the time – the gaze he directed at others was somewhat fearful.

“I already obtained your personal information two days ago. I didn’t find you all the while because I wanted to confirm the authenticity of the information. So, I sent someone to Fengcheng. Take a look and see it it’s real,” Zhong Yibin raised his chin. Secretary Jin placed a photo in front of the other person.

The photo was of an elderly woman who resembled the blogger dancing in a public square. Upon seeing this photo, the person’s emotions were instantly stirred up. “Are you guys a criminal syndicate? Using my mother to threaten me just because of this small matter!”

“Looks like we didn’t identify the wrong person,” Zhong Yibin looked at him with a smile yet not a smile. “I merely used your usual means on yourself. Merely this and you already can’t take it?”

This person had always been Zou Bo’s lackey. He would run all over and take vulgar photos of celebrities before meshing the real together with the false, prompting the managers of these celebrities to buy them at a high price. He had previously also taken photos of several celebrities’ parents, which Zou Bo used to threaten a few handsome youths into obediently submitting to him.

The person panted anxiously for a while and gritted his teeth. “What do you want me to do?”

Zhong Yibin’s gaze lowered as he poured a cup of tea for himself. Two bodyguards stepped forward and dragged the person onto the floor without explanation, beating him up.

“Ao ah ah ah! I didn’t say I wouldn’t cooperate, what are you hitting me for! Ah ah ah ah!” The person erupted into shrieks as he was beaten, rolling on the floor to evade the blows.

Secretary Jin swallowed. “Boss, he seems prepared to obediently cooperate. Why are you beating him?” Could it be that he was making an initial show of strength to let him know to be honest and not to play tricks?

“I want to hit him,” Zhong Yibin stated expressionlessly. This guy was already too terrified. He didn’t give Zhong Yibin any leeway to extort a confession out of him through cruel punishment, so he could only hurriedly give him a beating before he agreed.

The corner of Secretary Jin’s mouth twitched. Of course, you’re only venting anger on behalf of Chu Qin…

The next day, Zou Bo’s loyal and devoted lackey went to the police station to report Zou Bo, stating that the companies under Zou Bo had problems, including tax evasion and concealing of corruption.

Under this person’s guidance, the authorities dug out concealed documents.

The companies under Zou Bo were all media companies – there were gossip magazines, entertainment broadcasting stations, and even news media. A few gossip marketing accounts above Old Waves was unexpectedly under Zou Bo’s control. These few marketing accounts even leaked negative material on celebrities. These documents contained several celebrities’ nude pictures, as well as ugly pictures. Recorded in the internal accounts book was the immense profits that had been made from extortion and blackmailing of celebrities.

In the detention center, Zou Bo was extremely agitated. “Regarding the matter about the drugs, you must come up with a way to get me out. Push it onto Li Ting.”

“But boss, Li Ting took drugs in your house. He couldn’t have carted two kilograms’[2] worth of heroin to your house on his own,” The lawyer was at his wits’ end. “Now, we can only work on lightening the sentence. Just say that you bought it for your own use. You didn’t buy and resell, so the sentence will be slightly lighter. Then, just spend a bit of money and you’ll be out in two years…”

The lawyer hadn’t finished speaking when he received a phone call. His complexion suddenly turned deathly white.

“What happened?” Zou Bo’s heart gave a thump.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: The rest can be explained but how am I supposed to explain that photo of us kissing?

Er Bing: Oh, just say that your nose was blocked, and I was helping you to suck up the mucus

Qin Qin: Vomit… How disgusting

Er Bing: Then say that your teeth were hurting, and I was helping you to fill in the holes in your teeth

Audience: Are you treating us as idiots? = =

[1] Onomatopoeia for crying sounds.

[2] The amount stated in the earlier parts of the chapters was 200g, but its 2kg here… This was what was written in the raws so its probably just a mistake on the part of the author.

Author’s note: This story is going to end soon _(:з」∠)_ As expected, this sort of pure romance story can’t be written for long.

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    “But boss, Li Ting took drugs in your house. He couldn’t have carted !two kilograms’ worth of heroin! to your house on his own,”

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