I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Recovery

If Zhong Yibin’s intention was to find out the truth, he should be investigating emails and social media accounts. What was he checking his body for?

His hands were bound by the necktie and pressed against the top of his head. Chu Qin attempted to struggle free but to no avail. He looked on helplessly as Zhong Yibin peeled off his shirt and stretched a large hand in.

“You’re pretty sensitive eh,” Zhong Yibin spoke with a strange accent that was tinged with cold disdain. “Wanting it so badly, en?”

“Release me!” Chu Qin raised his eyes to glare at him. Things were already at this point yet this guy was still in the mood to play around like this.

“Heh, if you don’t want me to touch you, who else would you like to touch you?” Zhong Yibin seemed to have gotten addicted. He imprisoned Chu Qin beneath him, a knee wedged between Chu Qin’s legs. The knee rubbed against Chu Qin neither lightly not roughly. “Be obedient. Let me check and confirm your innocence.”

Chu Qin was a little moved by him and gave a smothered snort. With an obstinate tone, he said, “Okay, check then.” Then, he cast his head towards the side with a humiliated expression.

Zhong Yibin sneered and leaned over, gently caressing every inch along that fair neck.

“Has anyone touched this place before?” Every place that large, slender, and powerful hand touched was accompanied by Zhong Yibin’s question. After he received a ‘humiliating shake of the head’, he would kiss the spot in satisfaction and continue downwards.

“Oh…” Chu Qin was teased by him in such a manner and found it a bit difficult to endure it. He shook his head and wanted to avoid him. “I really didn’t, let me go!”

“Hmph, in your dreams,” Zhong Yibin stripped naked in a few seconds and pulled open those slender legs. “I haven’t checked a place!”

Therefore, the little wife who had been accused unjustly of engaging in a sex scandal was forced to receive a thorough shameful inspection from the husband. Because certain areas inside were a little too deep and a hand alone wouldn’t be able to carry out the check, that petty husband, Zhong Yibin, used something on his body that was longer than a finger to stretch deep inside and cruelly tour a round.

“Painful? En?” Zhong Yibin questioned fiercely.

Not at all painful, it was quite pleasurable… Chu Qin thought inwardly, yet what came out of his mouth was whimpering. “So painful, spare me. I don’t want…”

After a round of inspection, Zhong Yibin found that no one other than him had trespassed and thus left behind his exclusive scent with satisfaction, marking him deeply.

“Oh, scoundrel, don’t do it inside…” Chu Qin, the little wife who was incapable of resisting, pleaded inarticulately. Yet, the ruthless husband remained indifferent and resolutely stamped his mark on him.

The humiliating inspection finally ended. Chu Qin lay panting on the sofa with red eyes. As he reflected on the preposterous moment just now, he couldn’t resist laughing out loud. This guy, he really didn’t let go of any chance to roleplay. When Chu Qin’s breathing stabilized, he got up and kicked away the Zhong Yibin who was still glued to him, padding barefoot to the bathroom to wash up.

Zhong Yibin licked his lips, wishing to continue. He eagerly followed Chu Qin into the bathroom and attentively helped Chu Qin to shower.

“I’m preparing to hold a news conference,” Chu Qin’s legs were still a little shaky. Seeing Zhong Yibin walk over slowly, he simply leaned against him.

“Wait for a while first,” Zhong Yibin muttered to himself for a moment and shook his head. “I will handle this, don’t go to work the next two days.”

Chu Qin raised his eyes to look at him. Although Zhong Yibin chose to believe in him unconditionally, it was still better to explain a little. “I don’t have any relations to those people. That deputy station chief…”

“I know. He admitted his mistakes and resigned after broadcasting the wrong program,” Zhong Yibin’s hands rubbed to produce soap bubbles. When it was well-distributed, he lathered it on Chu Qin’s head, washing his hair for him. “That person surnamed Yao. Your relationship was quite good in the past; it was very normal for you guys to eat together.”

Chu Qin brushed away the foam that had gotten into his eyes, glancing at Zhong Yibin through the wall of mist. “How did you know that?”

“I remember,” Zhong Yibin hummed. He washed Chu Qin’s head and gave himself a quick wash before carrying the weak Chu Qin back to the bedroom.

Chu Qin lay on the bed, watching Zhong Yibin pick up the fan before running back and plugging it at the bedhead, blowing his hair dry as he sat beside him. Pre-amnesia Zhong Yibin didn’t have these skills – these were habits Zhong Yibin had nurtured after losing his memories.

After blowing dry his hair, Zhong Yibin picked up the skincare products at the bedhead and carefully applied them for Chu Qin.

“Er Bing, you… did you recall what happened in the past?” Chu Qin pursed his lips and probed.

The hand Zhong Yibin was using to apply the product paused for a moment before continuing as if nothing had happened. “En…”

Returning to the moment that day at the director’s office: The manager had just spoken those words and lowered his head anxiously, not daring to look at Zhong Yibin’s expression.

Zhong Yibin clenched his fist tightly and laughed coldly. “Is that so?”

The tone of this phrase rose slightly. A careful listen would distinguish the rage and suspicion masked within the words.

The manager’s heart thudded. He raised his head stiffly to look at Zhong Yibin. That person didn’t plunge into a rage and go berserk like what he had anticipated. Instead, his gaze was like that of a beast eyeing its prey, watching him icily. “Direc, director…”

Zhong Yibin rose and walked to the manager with slow steps. He raised a hand and clutched the manager’s throat. “How much money did Zou Bo give you to sow dissent between us in front of me, en?”

The manager received such a huge shock that his complexion turned colorless. His hands grasped Zhong Yibin’s wrists as he attempted to pry them apart. “Director, everything I said was the truth… Cough cough…” The hand clutching his throat suddenly tightened. His oxygen intake decreased abruptly, causing him to sense a threat to his life within a split second. Immediately, he struggled vigorously.

Zhong Yibin raised a leg and ruthlessly pushed his knee against the manager’s stomach. That person instantly grew limp and arched his back like a small shrimp. He knew that Chu Qin wouldn’t do such things; this was something he didn’t even need to think about. This person had the audacity to splash dirty water over Chu Qin in front of him. Was it because he was certain that he had amnesia and didn’t recall the past? Or was it because he thought of him as brainless?

The intense longing to stand up for Chu Qin suddenly broke through the shackles of his mind. Zhong Yibin felt a momentary pain in his head and released his grip in that instant. His hands clutched his head as he squatted on the floor. All sorts of information exploded in his mind – the information flowed back like the Yangtze river. Records of countless scenes, people, and emotions rushed through his mind like a torrent of water.

The public relations manager was flung by him and collapsed by the coffee table, knocking over a celadon tea set on it and causing a wave of crashing sounds.

“Director, did something happen?” Secretary Jin asked from outside the door. Not receiving a reply, two bodyguards swiftly pushed open the door and entered. Seeing Zhong Yibin crouching on the floor and holding his head, the public relations manager got up from the floor with much difficultly.

“Young master!” One of the bodyguards went to help Zhong Yibin up while the other pressed the public relations manager against the floor.

Secretary Jin saw this scene and astutely closed the door.

Zhong Yibin sat on the sofa for a moment, only raising his eyes after the dizziness and pain gradually vanished. Those pair of eyes were no longer vacant and limpid like before. Instead, they were now deep and cold.

All his memories had miraculously returned. In fact, he had slowly been regaining his memories during this period of time. But in this instant, he suddenly recalled everything.

“Recalled everything…” Chu Qin muttered to himself. His gaze was lowered as he pondered over it, not even paying any heed to the medicine Zhong Yibin was applying for him.

During the past year, Zhong Yibin had dropped many of his bad habits due to amnesia and had also distanced himself from his childhood friends. Now that he recalled his memories, would his past impediments still affect him? Actually, he would also occasionally have the selfish thought that it would be quite good if Zhong Yibin never regained his memories…

Zhong Yibin merrily applied the skincare products for Chu Qin and floated over, lightly pecking him on the corner of his mouth. “En, so you can rest at ease and remain at home. Leave the rest to me to handle.”

Chu Qin blinked. As he gazed at that pair of eyes that held a smile, his heart suddenly cleared up. Regardless of whether Zhong Yibin had his memories, he had been the same person all along. His past experiences wouldn’t change, and neither would the past year’s changes be reversed. It was him who feared without grounds. He raised a hand and hugged Zhong Yibin, his face buried in his shoulders. He agreed lightly. “Okay.”

The abuse directed at Chu Qin was still continuing on the internet. But a closer look would reveal that the majority of those people were not Chu Qin’s fans. Instead, they were small accounts who rarely posted on Weibo.

When nighttime arrived, the head of the ‘Zhong Qin’ fan group spoke up.

[Didn’t have time to look at Weibo as I was working during the day. The moment I came back, I saw this huge piece of news. I want to say that as Chu Qin’s fan, I’ve observed his character for these few years. At this point in time, not recklessly speaking up is the best protection for Qin Qin. I believe the higher-ups will very quickly clarify things. In addition, I’m warning a certain water army – the Heavens watch what humans do. A few zombie accounts leaping around so happily, do you think everyone is an idiot?]

The attached picture depicted what members of the fan group had found beneath the various Weibo accounts – upon clicking on those tens of Weibo accounts who had been spiritedly throwing curses around, none of them had much weight as a fan and were zombie accounts that had not posted much. A glance was enough for one to know that someone was deliberately vilifying Chu Qin.

Chu Qin’s fans steeled their hearts, resolving not to contribute to the topic that was smearing Chu Qin.

However, Chu Qin still did not respond the next day. The Shengshi higher-ups didn’t make a statement either. All parties treated the person as a troublemaker, as if the exposed material had nothing to do with Chu Qin.

However, someone did speak up. It was someone whom no one had even thought of, Mo Shaoyang.

[I am very clear about the type of person Qin-ge is. A certain rumor-starter should stop while they can.] Mo Shaoyang posted such a thing on Weibo in the wee hours of the morning. By the time it was morning, it became a hot topic.

“Mo Shaoyang outraged on Chu Qin’s behalf’ very quickly became a popular search term. The fans who made inquiries at all places also squeezed under Mo Shaoyang’s Weibo like a swarm of bees and pleaded for the truth.

Mo Shaoyang’s manager was so incensed that he wanted to beat him up. “Chu Qin himself didn’t say anything. Why did you blindly join in the excitement!”

“Those people are too infuriating!” Mo Shaoyang said with boldness and conviction. After speaking these words, another wave of guilt emerged. Since he wasn’t clear about the movements on Shengshi’s side, had his actions caused trouble for Chu Qin? The more he thought, the more guilty he felt, and he hurriedly gave Chu Qin a call.

“Thank you, Mo Shaoyang,” Without waiting for Mo Shaoyang to speak, Chu Qin made this statement immediately after picking up the call.

“Hehe, we’re good brothers. Now that my brother has troubles, how can I not help!” Mo Shaoyang scratched his head and smiled.

Chu Qin smiled. This child was occasionally quite astute but was also very rash sometimes. He was even genuine in his emotions – this was hard to come by. Him helping Mo Shaoyang out time and time again was not in vain.

After Mo Shaoyang spoke up, other celebrities also spoke up one after the other. All of them stated that Chu Qin was someone with an upright personality and for everyone not to easily believe in rumors.

The buzz hadn’t died down when immediately following this, several government media outlets suddenly released a piece of news. A popular young hunk, Li Ting, had taken drugs at a mansion and was reported by residents of the Chaoyang district. The police moved in advance to capture him. The owner of the mansion was a big shot in the entertainment industry.

Everyone’s attention was temporarily lured by this piece of news. Compared to the sex scandal that may or may not be true, this sort of news that government media outlets had released was clearly more reliable.

Accommodating others when they were taking drugs was also illegal behavior and such people would also be arrested. That mysterious entertainment circle big shot was very quickly revealed – Zou Bo, the person who was in control of many gossip media outlets. The ordinary citizen wasn’t very familiar with Zou Bo but could discern from the photo the government media outlets revealed that he was a fat middle-aged man

Li Ting had acted in the same film as Mo Shaoyang the previous year and had been popular for a short while. Although his acting skills weren’t much, the resources he had received after that were quite good and many people had been deeply moved by his good luck. When this piece of news broke out, everything seemed to have been explained.

A big shot in the entertainment circle, young hunk, mansion, drugs, film resources… When these key words were linked together, even a fool would know what had went on.

Whereas, the upright resident of Chaoyang district, Zhong Yibin, was currently sitting in Yu Tang’s office with data on that paparazzi held in his hand.

“Moving on, what do you intend to do?” Yu Tang shook the goblet in his hand that contained coke.

“The big shot was captured and won’t be able to bite anyone for the moment. Such a good opportunity; naturally, the masses should be familiarized with him,” Zhong Yibin smiled slightly. He toasted Yu Tang and slowly sipped at his iced coke.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: Er Bing isn’t cute anymore after regaining his memories

Er Bing: Hmph. Tremble, silly man. I’ve already recalled the important things

Qin Qin: Wha… What?

Er Bing: You damaged my golden divine sword last year, now is the time to repay me!

Qin Qin: ……

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