I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Crisis

This program would not be broadcasted by television stations in the Mainland but could be watched online. When it was released, ‘Zhong Qin’ fans practically went insane.

[Kiss, they kissed…]

[Ah ah ah ah, this candy came without warning. I’m going to eat poop[1] and calm down.]

[Mo Shaoyang’s expression is hilarious hahaha!]

Chu Qin pushed away the Zhong Yibin who had not abided by the script while Mo Shaoyang closed his gaping mouth. Ah Yue rolled her eyes. This show couldn’t be acted out anymore. “Director Zhong, aren’t you too impatient! Speak, did you do it on purpose!”

Zhong Yibin stood up, an upright expression on his face. “I’m not an actor and couldn’t grasp the rhythm well.”

This segment couldn’t progress, so they could only switch to another topic and continue chatting.

“Actually, the main reason why I got you three to come today was so that we could talk about the issue of relations between men,” Ah Yue wiggled both brows, resembling the naughty smile that Tom from Tom and Jerry would give. “Which also refers to the so-called CPs.”

“I know about that. What ‘Mu Qiao’, ‘Zhong Qin’…” Mo Shaoyang stretched out his fingers.

“There was a new one lately called ‘Mo Chu’. Have you heard of it?” Ah Yue took out a question board with two large words, ‘Mo Chu’, written on it.

Mo Shaoyang immediately shook his head as if it were a rattle.

Zhong Yibin narrowed his eyes slightly. “These are all heresy, I stand on ‘Zhong Qin’s side.”

The viewers in front of the television erupted into shrieks. Originally, in their own circle, they would meng themselves. But now the other party who they had been meng-ed by actually spoke the phrases they often used. The sort of bizarre satisfaction derived from it caused them to be unable to resist breaking out into screeches.

Ah Yue curled her lips. This guy really didn’t know shame. She turned and asked Chu Qin. “Which side is Chu Qin on?”

Chu Qin smiled in embarrassment. “None, I don’t pay attention to this.”

“Really? But the other day I saw you using your private account to scroll through Weibo,” Ah Yue appeared utterly clueless. “I did see this.”

The screen displayed Chu Qin’s rear view with a handphone in his hands. Upon zooming in, the Weibo interface could be seen. The account name was blurred while several liked Weibo posts were displayed on the screen, one of which was a comic.

Because it was a photo, the comic couldn’t be seen clearly. Thus, the program team found the original source and enlarged it. On the cover were adorable mini people. One of them was pulling at the corner of another’s clothing, walking forward with its tiny legs and speaking with extreme unwillingness. “Ge, I’m hungry.”

The tiny friend walking ahead of him ignored him and continued to look for directions with the map in his hands.

This scene was the exact same situation that had occurred in one of the broadcasts of <Bun, Quickly Run>. Zhong Yibin wasn’t worried and thus played with his handphone while tugging on a corner of his elder brother’s clothes. When he raised his hand after whirling around for half a day, he realized that he was still at the main street and reminded his elder brother that it was time to eat. However, the Zhong family’s big brother had his heart and mind fixated on carrying out the task and paid him no need, continuing to drag him along everywhere.

Chu Qin’s eyes slowly widened. “You… When did you take this?”

“How can I tell you that. I’m a dedicated host who collects material anywhere, anytime,” Ah Yue stood up and struck a warrior beauty’s pose. A ‘vomiting’ sound effect was played right there and then.

“What on earth! Annoying!” Ah Yue stomped her feet and laughed while scolding. Then, she once again drew the firepower to Chu Qin. “I didn’t expect for you to actually be in the ‘brother CP’ camp. Such heavy tastes, tsk tsk. One really can’t judge a person by their appearance.”

“It’s not like that…” Chu Qin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and waved his hands in denial. Yet, Ah Yue and the audience gave him zero chances to explain himself.

“Director Chu, what is going on? Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” Zhong Yibin deliberately said this in a severe tone.

“Ah, boss, it’s not like that. Listen to me!” Chu Qin ran over and hugged Zhong Yibin’s leg to act out a scene of crying and pleading.

“Hmph hmph. To obtain my forgiveness, you’ll have to pay a price,” Zhong Yibin raised his chin slightly, vividly acting out the scene of a tyrannical director taking advantage of a subordinate to practice the unwritten rules.

[Yoooooo~ Qin Qin, quickly lie down and let the director punish you!]

[Ah ah ah, is it really okay to sell rot so openly? My nose can’t take it!]

[When will the Mainland have a program with such a low baseline, aoaoao!]

As this program was filmed, the various CP fans of different ships were beside themselves with excitement. Particularly those who were of the ‘Zhong Qin’ camp. They were so happy that they practically fainted dead away. This cycle’s ratings once again reached a new height, and the number of times it was played online in the Mainland also climbed to a peak bit by bit. Of course, as a famous entertainment program with a low baseline, nobody would treat the things that had occurred on the show as real. They would be dismissed with a few laughs.

After filming the program, the several people who had busy jobs didn’t linger on and directly returned.

Upon returning to Shengshi, Chu Qin heard of a new piece of news – Director Chen had resigned. His news column would be handed over to the original deputy director.

“Who knows what happened. It was said that he didn’t carry out the projects well and was berated by the director quite a few times. He probably couldn’t handle losing face,” Lin Xiaoxiao curled her lips. She disliked Chen Feng too. Just because he had a bit of power, he put on an act and thought of himself as a great leader. He didn’t know at all how to respect hosts.

Chu Qin understood this clearly. When it came to work, Chen Feng was still pretty capable, just that he was a little narrow-minded and was a little more selfish. When he was previously in the position of entertainment director, he had opened doors for his son, Chen Jiming, quite a few times. If not, how could Chen Jiming have handled two programs on his own given that he had just graduated from university?

After going to the news department, Chen Feng constantly made moves against him on the sly. After Chu Qin took care of Chen Feng’s snitch the other time, he did show some restraint, but it was likely that he had provoked Zhong Yibin. Lowering his head, Chu Qin sent a message to Zhong Yibin. “You made life difficult for Chen Feng?”

Zhong Yibin replied very quickly. “I did nothing. He just wasn’t pleasing to the eye, so I scolded him twice.” He took his money and still dared to oppose his wife. Keeping such an untactful person wasn’t of much use.

Chu Qin pursed his lips. He was just about to send a reply when someone knocked on the door to the director’s office. “Please enter.”

The person who entered was Chen Jiming. This guy had lately been a lot more low-key and he rarely appeared in front of Chu Qin. He walked to Chu Qin’s desk with a lowered head and handed him a resignation letter. “Director Chu, I want to resign.”

Chu Qin frowned slightly. He took the resignation letter and glanced through it before sighing. “Sit.”

Chen Jiming’s situation wasn’t good. He originally lacked experience and now that his father was gone, he didn’t have someone to cover for him. That talk show with low ratings could be removed at any time. At that time, he would be reduced to a second-tier television host who did odd jobs at various programs. He understood all these clearly, which was why he immediately came over to resign after his father left.

“Jiming, that program of yours is going perfectly fine and its ratings are constantly on the rise. If you leave now, your past efforts would all go to waste,” Though Chu Qin wasn’t fond of Chen Jiming, as a leader, the words he should speak should still be spoken. “I have always been reasonable. As long as you have the ability and work well, I won’t haggle over the rest. I hope you can distinguish between work and personal relations. Your father may have resigned but this will not affect your work at the station. So, think this through clearly.”

Chen Jiming looked at Chu Qin in astonishment. He knew that Chu Qin disliked him and even assumed that Chu Qin would quickly agree to his resignation. He hadn’t expected that Chu Qin would still urge him to stay.

Actually, thinking about it carefully, if at that time he hadn’t provoked Chu Qin and insisted on snatching Chu Qin’s resources, it was unlikely for Chu Qin to have opposed him. In fact, on the surface, Chu Qin hadn’t done anything to him and was only unwilling to teach him. It was only this, but it had caused him to eat many hidden losses that he couldn’t voice out.

But it was also impossible for him to believe that Chu Qin would treat him well. After all, after Ma Yue’s incident, both father and son had essentially shown their ugly sides to Chu Qin.

“I’ve already found another job,” Chen Jiming said stiffly.

Chu Qin raised a brow. “Oh, it’s like this. Okay then. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you’re welcome back any time.” Saying this, he picked up the pen and signed the resignation letter.

Chen Feng went to Three Petals station and as before, held the position of entertainment director. He started to vigorously promote the hosts under the Three Petals station. Chen Jiming also followed his father over and started a program. The previous talk show’s copyright belonged to Shengshi, hence he needed to start a completely new program which would need a period of time to adapt to.

“Youngster, work well. In the future, Chu Qin’s position will be yours,” Chen Feng patted the star of that station.

“Director Chen, you’re giving me too much credit. Chu Qin just hosted the Golden Jubilee Awards; his position cannot be surpassed by anyone in this period of time,” That person was still self-aware. He had heard that Shengshi had already applied for the Golden Gong award for Chu Qin.

The Golden Gong award was an award for television programs in East Asia. This year, Shengshi had introduced programs into Taiwan and Japan – the chances of attaining the award was high. If Chu Qin once again attained the award for the ‘Best Entertainment Program Host’ that he had only been selected for once in the past three years, he would really be unparalleled.

“Heh, even he deserves the Golden Gong award?” Chen Feng laughed coldly. “He won’t be first any longer very soon.”

“En?” The star of Three Petals Station looked at Chen Feng with doubt. But that person had already turned and left. He sat blankly there for a moment, puzzled, feeling that something major would happen soon.

Just as expected, it hadn’t even been two days when a famous paparazzi suddenly released a bunch of astonishing pictures. The pictures depicted an outdoor location with an unclear background. However, two men could be seen kissing very intimately. The caption was also very attention grabbing – The truth of a certain hot CP!

The picture was not actually very clear; the appearance could only be seen roughly. Netizens went into turmoil and started to wildly make conjectures. Some said it was Mu Chen and Qiao Su, while others claimed it was Zhong Yibin and Chu Qin. The paparazzi who leaked the photos claimed that there even clearer pictures which would be released three hours later.

Usually, these sorts of blurry photographs would first be released by well-known paparazzi and the actual photos would be released the next day. This was to give the persons involved time to react and buy out the remaining pictures at a high price. However, this time, the photos were to be released in three hours’ time. It was evident that there was no plan to sell them.

Chu Qin’s manager swiftly contacted him and let him look at the picture. With just a glance, Chu Qin knew that it was photo of him and Zhong Yibin from the Taiwan trip. On that night, they had gone out to eat a late-night snack; it was unknown what had been said but in a moment of excitement, they had kissed by the roadside.

After confirming that it was Chu Qin, his manager immediately contacted that paparazzi with the intention of purchasing the pictures to no avail. The other party’s handphone was switched off and regardless of whether it was emails or private messages, none of them were replied to.

“This is bad, someone wants to give you a hard time,” His manager circled the room anxiously.

Chu Qin pursed his lips. He was aware of whose hand was moving against him. He couldn’t think of anyone else other than Zou Bo who could let such a famous paparazzi smear him. It was just that given Zou Bo’s usual means, things should not be as simple as merely exposing his relationship with Zhong Yibin.

Zhong Yibin’s side was also keeping track of this matter. The person in charge of the artists’ public relations stood in the director’s office with a miserable look. “It’s still unconfirmed what other photos that person has in his hands. It’ll be fine if there were only photos of you and Chu Qin. Brushing it off as fooling around will be okay. But if there are photos of other people…”

“What do you mean?” Zhong Yibin’s gaze suddenly turned frigid. His eyes looked up towards that unprepossessing public relations manager.

“I…” The public relations manager swallowed. “Chu Qin mixed around with others in the past… Cough, talked. I’m just scared that someone wants to slander him and dragged other people in.”

“Who else has he mixed with?” Zhong Yibin abruptly clenched his fist, his voice unprecedentedly chilly.

“That deputy station chief from Shengshi TV in the past, and that Yao Yueshan who has already retired from the industry…” The public relations manager swallowed, his voice becoming smaller and smaller.

Sure enough, three hours later, the paparazzi didn’t only release photos with Zhong Yibin but also photos of Chu Qin drinking with a bald older man, as well as photos of Chu Qin being extremely close with a male celebrity. Of course, the clearest was still the kiss with Zhong Yibin at the roadside in Taiwan. Chu Qin was pressed against the thick and solid tree trunk while Zhong Yibin stroked his waist with a hand while kissing him. This image seemed rather ambiguous.

Chu Qin looked at these pictures and could only feel the blood in his entire body seemingly coagulating. The other party must have known that Zhong Yibin had amnesia, so what was true and false were mixed in together. The purpose of this was not simply to taint his reputation. Instead, the more important thing was to arouse suspicion in Zhong Yibin, causing him to hate him…

It was likely that from Zou Bo’s perspective, a Chu Qin without Zhong Yibin’s protection was akin to an egg with a shell. There would not be anything stopping him from teaching Chu Qin a lesson.

This piece of news instantly shocked the masses. Everyone flocked to Chu Qin and requested for the truth. Of course, many people who weren’t clear of the truth had already started cursing at him.

[I knew it. They were usually so ambiguous, isn’t he just some damned homosexual?]

[If he was just with Zhong Yibin then that wouldn’t be anything much. Freedom to love, right! But this clearly shows that he treats anyone who has power well. Even willing to sleep with a bald old man, vomit–]

[Puked out my food from last night. Fancy me even thinking that he was principled and incorruptible.]

[Chu Qin, get out of the entertainment circle! Don’t sully our eyes here!]

Chu Qin didn’t respond and there was no news either from Shengshi. The majority of the masses had no clear understanding of the truth and sought confirmation everywhere. Yet, there didn’t appear to be any disputes over the clear photo.

After receiving a few comforting calls from good friends in the industry, Chu Qin sat on the sofa at home and looked through the various comments online, carefully plotting countermeasures. Just as he was thinking, the door opened and Zhong Yibin walked in expressionlessly.

Chu Qin raised his eyes to look at him. He didn’t stand up to welcome him nor did he speak.

“Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?” Zhong Yibin walked to Chu Qin and looked down on him.

Chu Qin’s heart abruptly tightened, and he slowly raised his head to look at him. ‘You suspect me?” He had originally thought that Zhong Yibin would still believe him even if he had amnesia. But what did Zhong Yibin mean now by asking him that? Could those erroneous photos have led him to believe that he had slept with others just like that?

“Heh,” Zhong Yibin pulled off his tie and turned Chu Qin over on the sofa, tying his hands with the tie. “I have amnesia. If you want me to believe you, I’ll need to do a check.” Then, maintaining a grim expression, he undid Chu Qin’s clothes.

Chu Qin, “…”

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing is a biscuit who does things in a business-like manner without ever getting swayed by personal feelings>

Er Bing: My man, you actually dare to betray me

Qin Qin: You suspect me?

Er Bing: Hmph, if you want to prove your innocence, show me your sincerity

Qin Qin: What’s considered sincerity?

Er Bing: Seven times tonight. Not allowed to beg for forgiveness. I’ll believe you then.

Qin Qin: ……

[1] Online slang for calling oneself a loser.

Translator’s corner: I was really feeling the tension but then the end happened…

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