I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Protect

Zou Bo noticed Zhong Yibin and his expression instantly changed. Without waiting for him to reply, Zhong Yibin raced over and punched his other eye.

As a middle-aged uncle over forty years old who lacked exercise all year round, he was completely not a match for the young and strong Zhong Yibin and was beaten till he fell to the ground. Zou Bo’s two bodyguards were tangling with Zhong Yibin’s two bodyguards; there was no hope for them to protect their master. Not long after, Zou Bo was beaten till he had a bloody nose and swollen face.

Mo Shaoyang stared stupidly as he stood by Chu Qin’s side. The change had been too quick and he couldn’t react in time.

The steel hammer-like fists rained down on Zou Bo’s body, producing dull sounds as the fists met flesh. Zou Bo was beaten till he shrieked continuously. Chu Qin didn’t want the issue to blow up and went forward to tug at Zhong Yibin’s arm. “Forget it, forget it. It won’t look nice if this blows up.”

Hearing his wife’s words, Zhong Yibin halted for a moment and stood up. Thinking about it, he was still angry and kicked him again. “If I find that out that you touched Chu Qin again, I’ll chop off your claw!”

Zou Bo propped himself up and climbed up, his ears red with anger. “Zhong Yibin, you dare to hit me!”

“I will even dare to kick you!” Zhong Yibin raised his leg to kick at him.

This time, Zou Bo didn’t retort. He ran off at lightning speed and retreated behind his two bodyguards. He threw down ruthless words while walking. “You guys better wait.”

Their surroundings regained its peace. Mo Shaoyang scratched his head, picked up the bag and picked up the drinks that had fallen to one side. Two bottles were destroyed but the rest were okay. When he recalled his impressive feat of using the drinks to smash the bodyguards on their head, he couldn’t fathom just where his courage had come from at that moment. At this time, he actually harbored some lingering fear. “Director Zhong, we offended Zou Bo in such a way, will he take revenge against us?”

His question remained unanswered even after a long time. Mo Shaoyang turned around and instantly felt his eyes turn sore.

Zhong Yibin was currently hugging Chu Qin in his arms and inspecting him up and down. “Are you injured?”

“I’m fine. It’s you, why were you so rash!” Chu Qin checked his hand. He had used too much strength when hitting him; even his fingernails were red.

“I’m already restraining myself by not making him a waste,” Zhong Yibin stated with a cold expression. His hand repeatedly stroked Chu Qin’s jean-clad, upturned buttocks. There were many of such assholes in the entertainment circle, of which Zou Bo had the most power. In the past, that fellow still possessed some propriety and knew who he couldn’t touch. Perhaps he had grown complacent during this period of time, boldly wanting to touch Chu Qin.

Chu Qin shifted uneasily, inwardly realizing that this guy must have seen Zou Bo touching him. Having been touched by a pervert, he was also extremely disgusted. Thus, he indulged Zhong Yibin in his childish method of ‘disinfection’.

Mo Shaoyang rubbed his eyes which had been painfully dazzled and silently turned his back to them. He took out the drinks that had been put into the bag and slowly placed them back inside – he did this till Chu Qin called for him. Only then did he swiftly put the drinks back into the bag and rush to catch up.

“Director Zhong, on Zou Bo’s side…” Mo Shaoyang once again raised this subject after waiting for Zhong Yibin’s anger to subside.

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Zhong Yibin sneered after hearing about the matter regarding the Golden Jubilee Awards. “If he had such great ability, he would have long bedded Mu Chen.”

The judging for this sort of international award was extremely complex and fair. Even if Zou Bo had some power, his reach would not extend so far. At best, he had overheard some insider information. It was possible that Mo Shaoyang had already been set as the Best Newcomer, so Zou Bo thought that he could lie without having the actual capabilities. If he successfully bedded Mo Shaoyang, he could then say that winning the award was thanks to him.

Mo Shaoyang understood this clearly and his heart steadied. He apologized to Zhong Yibin and Chu Qin and distributed the drinks to the workers at the venue. Then, he hurriedly went in search of his manager to discuss something.

Chu Qin listened to Zhong Yibin’s words in silence. Even after a long time, he didn’t let out a single sound. He watched Zhong Yibin with an odd gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Yibin realized that Chu Qin was looking at him and drifted over smilingly. “Did you suddenly realize that your old gong is very handsome?” He recalled the heroic image of himself getting into a fight for Chu Qin and felt that he was brilliant, practically captivating Chu Qin in ten minutes.

“You recalled the past?” Chu Qin asked lightly.

Only pre-amnesiac Zhong Yibin would know detailed things about the Golden Jubilee Awards and Zou Bo’s power.

Zhong Yibin paused for a moment and frowned slightly. He thought carefully. “It really is the case!” The information he said just now had automatically popped out in his mind. Even he himself had not realized that he originally should not have known such things.

Chu Qin was speechless. “You didn’t even know that you regained your memories?”

“Not entirely, there are still some gaps regarding the things that happened in the past. But it is true that the information in my brain has increased compared to before,” Zhong Yibin thought carefully and replied while smiling. The main point was that he himself didn’t have much motivation to regain his memories. He had always had the mentality that it was fine even if he didn’t regain them, so he didn’t pay close attention to changes in his memories.

Chu Qin sighed and rubbed Zhong Yibin’s head. After finding out that short hair meant he would have more energy, Zhong Yibin no longer left it long like a sunshine boy[1]. However, it was not inch-long hair either but instead a length that left a nice feeling on the palm upon stroking it. This hair length could be styled and also made it seem like he had a lot of vitality.

The matter of Zhong Yibin’s memories was temporarily put aside as Chu Qin once again started becoming preoccupied with the awards ceremony. During this period, Zhong Yibin had already sold off the copyright to <Bun, Quickly Run> and <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu>. The price had essentially been settled and the requests he had attached were also fulfilled willingly by the other party. Only several details had yet to be ironed out. Shengshi’s workers would settle the follow-up matters.

Having completed the proper business, Zhong Yibin constantly stuck to Chu Qin’s side and became a happy errand boy. The next day after he was beaten, Zou Bo slunk back to the Mainland and no longer harassed Mo Shaoyang. Mo Shaoyang also rejoiced and ran to the venue to mix around, getting to know quite a few useful people.

On the actual day of the awards ceremony, Chu Qin was decked out in a high-grade, custom-made suit. He stood in front of the autograph wall with Ah Yue, who was dressed in formal attire that was of shorter length. He smiled and greeted the celebrities who walked the red carpet. The order in which they walked the red carpet was arranged according to status – the earlier they were, the higher their status.

Mu Chen also attended; he was naturally placed at the front. This time, a business film had been nominated but its chances of winning an award was not high, so he was here just to watch the excitement. Mu Sha was a guest who would be conferring an award, so she was also walking the red carpet. Her male companion was naturally her younger brother again.

Mu Sha was dressed in a long skirt with small diamonds, with an open mermaid-tail skirt on the outside. Standing on the red carpet, Mu Sha seemed like a peacock standing along the shore of the red river – her beauty was devastating. Mu Chen supported her while constantly maintaining a smile that was just right, so perfect that it was invulnerable.

When they walked up the steps, the wooden boards that had been made wider did not hinder the thirteen-centimeter high heels, and they reached the stage very smoothly. After signing their names, they walked over to Chu Qin and Ah Yue’s corner to be interviewed.

“Female goddess Mu Sha is gorgeous today. When contrasted with me, I appear very ugly!” Ah Yue passed the microphones to the two people and complained in a half-genuine, half-false manner.

“You’re originally very pretty. If you wear a splendid long dress, everyone will forget what you just said,” Mu Sha replied at a measured pace, her compliment just right.

“Once again, you two chose each other as your companion for the red carpet. Truly letting the people who wish to be closer to the male god and female goddess feel regretful,” Chu Qin followed up on the topic and teased them.

“No choice, family is strict,” Mu Chen said helplessly. The reporters below also followed along to laugh. His supposed ‘strict family’ was literal in meaning – after all, Mu Sha was his blood-related elder sister.

After saying a few more lines regarding the film, Chu Qin let the two go. Time on the red carpet could not be considered short but there was a limit to the time every celebrity had. Walking after Mu Chen was Jiang Huai, who had the highest chance of obtaining the title of Film Emperor. In order to ensure Jiang Huai’s time on stage, Chu Qin reminded Ah Yue to stop the discussion.

“<Shepherd> has been nominated in quite a few categories this time. As a nominee for the ‘Best Male Lead’, what are your feelings?” Chu Qin Chu Qin didn’t ask the customary question on whether he ‘felt he could or could not attain the award’ but instead asked about Jiang Huai’s mood.

This sort of question put one at ease and the smile on Jiang Huai’s face couldn’t help becoming a little more genuine. “It must be said that I am very happy. Being nominated is a recognition of the cast and crew. Everyone involved in filming this drama truly put in a lot of effort.”

“I can tell, you’re almost sunburnt,” Ah Yue glanced at Jiang Huai’s dark face.

“It must have been tough for a young girl like Zhuo Lin to go through the challenges on the grasslands with them?” Chu Qin looked towards Jiang Huai’s female companion, Zhuo Lin, who was also this film’s female lead.

Zhuo Lin was a newcomer and was chosen by the director because she particularly suited the plainer image that the female lead had. It was her first time walking on such a large-scale red carpet and she was a little nervous. She had originally thought that the host would ignore her, not expecting for Chu Qin to take care of her. She was quite overwhelmed by the favor.

“Oh, it was still all right. The cast and crew took very good care of me and tried as far as possible not to let me roll around in mud,” Zhuo Lin was nervous and spoke very quickly. As she faced Chu Qin’s gentle eyes, her anxiety oddly eased, and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

The two people’s segment ended and Zhuo Lin entered with Jiang Huai.

“I was very nervous just now,” Because they had filmed together for a few months, Zhuo Lin was more familiar with Jiang Huai and thus said this one statement in a small voice.

Jiang Huai was handsome, but his acting skills were top notch. Moreover, he had status in the entertainment industry. Yet, he didn’t put on airs. Hearing Zhuo Lin speak in such a way, he smiled. “With Chu Qin around, there’s completely no need to be nervous.” That guy had always observed propriety. No matter how old or young they were, as long as the person hadn’t offended him, he would definitely not ask something difficult to answer. Even if one couldn’t speak due to a moment of anxiety, Chu Qin would also help to cover it up.

“En,en. Qin-ge’s character is really good,” Zhuo Lin nodded. She had originally assumed that as a newcomer, the hosts would think it completely beneath them to acknowledge her. She hadn’t expected Chu Qin to speak to her in such a natural manner, even specially mentioning her name to let the media note it down.

Of course, not everyone was in a joyful mood. For instance, Hao Qian, who was walking next.

Hao Qian was a candidate for the ‘Best Female Lead’ this time. She had originally intended to walk the red carpet with Jiang Huai but Jiang Huai wanted to take care of the younger generation and thus walked with the female lead from his film. This caused her some unhappiness. When she reached the steps, she accidentally stumbled and almost fell.

Chu Qin moved forward quickly and supported Hao Qian. “Ah! Qian Qian, the year is about to end, there isn’t a need to be so courteous.”

Hao Qian had originally received such a shock that her complexion turned somewhat ugly. But after being teased in such a way, she couldn’t resist laughing and pushing at Chu Qin. “Go on. Even if there was a bow, it would be you bowing to this elder sister.”

Her previous dissatisfaction was diluted significantly. Chu Qin also circled her as he spoke, preventing her from losing face.

However, the workers at the venue felt sweat dripping down their back. Luckily, Chu Qin had repaired the area at the steps – she had still tripped despite the area having been repaired; if it hadn’t been repaired, the day would be a very busy one.

After the red carpet segment ended, Chu Qin entered the venue without stopping to rest to wait for the awards ceremony to start.

Because he had bustled about for an entire afternoon, he hadn’t had time to eat. But standing for a whole night without eating would definitely leave him with little strength. Chu Qin quickly ate two rice balls backstage. As he chewed, he changed his clothes.

He couldn’t drink sweetened water at this time as it would stick to his throat, so he could only drink plain water. Hou Chuan brought a cup of water and placed it outside before hurriedly fetching him the shoes he had to change into. That cup of water was placed silently on the table. People came and went. A hand brushed over the cup and a pinch of fine powder swiftly dissolved into the water, leaving no traces.

ChU Qin changed his clothes and came out. Seeing the water on the table, he frowned slightly. He had a habit nurtured from his many years – he wouldn’t drink anything that had left his sight. He picked up the cup of water and emptied it in passing before preparing to take another cup.

“I brought something to eat, quickly eat a few bites,” For some reason, Zhong Yibin appeared backstage with a hot drink and sandwiches.

Chu Qin accepted the drink in Zhong Yibin’s hand. Seeing that it was a sugar-free tea drink, he drank a few mouths without eating the sandwiches. “Can’t eat, I’ll be going on stage. You should also go over and get seated. The camera might film you later.”

Zhong Yibin nodded and packed up the sandwiches. It would be given to him to eat after the ceremony ended.

The lights lit up and the ceremony officially started. Chu Qin’s beautiful and pleasant voice echoed throughout the entire venue. This was a ceremony for the entire of Asia. For a host, hosting the event was considered the highest honor. It was a recognition of the past projects he had undertaken as a host and also an establishment of his unshakable position within the domestic entertainment industry.

Backstage, two burly fellows pressed the person who had dropped the powder into the cup onto the ground and sent their boss a message.

Zhong Yibin’s gaze lowered as he glanced at his handphone. He kept his handphone expressionlessly as he continued to hold the sandwiches. Gazing at the lofty and radiant Chu Qin on stage, he smiled slightly. Nobody would ruin this moment.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: Er Bing seems to have become strong

Er Bing: Of course ╭(╯^╰)╮

Qin Qin: Is it because you regained your memories?

Er Bing: It’s because I ate the yellow bird’s energy pill

Qin Qin: What’s that?

Er Bing: The yellow bird’s energy pill increases stamina and enables men to become more valiant, to protect their dignity in front of their wives

Qin Qin: ……

[1] Sunshine boy refers to a guy who appears to be loving, caring and overall perfect. The image of a sunshine boy is generally thought to be something like the below, hence the reference to long hair.


Translator’s corner: Zhong Yibin reveals his badass side! Though why do I not feel convinced…

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