I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Scuffle

The night markets here were famous. When the sun set, rows of lamps would light up the long streets. A variety of stalls and shops opened their doors to welcome customers – it was unusually lively. Mo Shaoyang was someone whose heart was steady; He was originally a little gloomy but after arriving at the might markets, he threw the incident to the back of his mind and looked around with an incomparable sense of novelty.

Ah Yue played the role of guide, introducing the well-known things as well as bringing them to try the specialty snacks.

“That Zou Bo is the one who stirs up trouble within the entertainment circle?” Ah Yue stuffed a fishball into her mouth and asked Chu Qin in a low voice.

This place was teeming with voices and it was particularly noisy. Just a gap of two steps would prevent one from hearing what the other was saying with clarity. On the contrary, it was a good place for sharing secrets.

Chu Qin nodded and glanced at Mo Shaoyang, who was queuing ahead to buy grilled squid. “He probably has intentions towards Mo Shaoyang…” He was in the middle of replying when Zhong Yibin, who had gone off to buy cold drinks, returned. Out of habit, Zhong Yibin directly raised the drink in front of Chu Qin. Thus, Chu Qin halted the conversation and sucked on the straw.

Ah Yue curled her lips. There were also such people in the entertainment industry who played around just by relying on the resources they possessed. They were just not that rampant, that was all. “Ai, I heard that he bedded Mu Chen. Is that true?”

“Pfft—” The drink Chu Qin had just drunk was spurted out. He hurriedly fished out tissue paper to wipe his mouth. “Where did you hear that from? There’s no such thing.”

Mu Chen’s family background was not poor. Moreover, he had gained fame early on and even had an international film empress as his elder sister. There was completely no need for the little resources that Zou Bo had, how was it possible for him to have been bedded by Zou Bo?

“Oh. Then it’s not Mu Chen, is it Qiao Su?” The spirit for gossip raged furiously in Ah Yue’s eyes.

Chu Qin shook his head. “Qiao Su didn’t either. Zou Bo did have that intention in the past, but Qiao Su switched companies in time. It’s not like you don’t know what kind of person Director Song is.”

Ah Yue nodded in understanding. As someone who often went to the Mainland to mix around, she was still aware of the key figures in the entertainment industry on that side. “That’s good. It would be a pity if such a beautiful person was bedded by him.”

Mo Shaoyang came back after buying squid and distributed a skewer to each of them. He took the three remaining skewers and polished them off merrily.

“Oh right, will you and Director Zhong do me the honor of filming a session after the awards ceremony?” Ah Yue suddenly recalled and looked at Chu Qin with a burning gaze.

Ah Yue herself had three variety shows, one of which was broadcasted every day. Its ratings were extremely high and was the equivalent of a gold medal variety show. This program essentially revolved around conversation but was very interesting because Ah Yue operated in a very open manner and her baseline was low. The program didn’t have much of a script either and one could express oneself as they wished. Basically, as long as celebrities were invited, they could appear on the program at any time.

Chu Qin didn’t answer straight away, instead turning to look towards Zhong Yibin.

“You decide,” Zhong Yibin said indifferently as he drank from the straw Chu Qin had just used. Anyway, he still needed to stay here for a few more days. Filming a program along the way was a matter that he was neither for nor against.

“Okay,” Chu Qin smiled and agreed.

Ah Yue smiled with satisfaction and turned to glance at Mo Shaoyang, who was diligently munching on squid. She felt that this child was terribly cute and invited him as well. “Shaoyang can come too.”

“Oh?” Mo Shaoyang stared blankly for a moment before realizing what their conversation was about. He nodded hastily. “All right.” He just knew that following Qin-ge meant having meat to eat; he could even receive such a notice just by coming out to visit the night markets.

The group of people played till the middle of the night before returning to the hotel perfectly contented. Mo Shaoyang told his manager about accepting the invite that Ah Yue had offered. Not only did his manager not reproach him for randomly taking on a piece of work, his manager was even delighted. “Very good. Then I’ll decline another party’s invitation. Since you can appear on Ah Yue’s program, others don’t matter.”

Mo Shaoyang nodded with a huge smile. He thought for a while before taking a portion of the fruits his manager had just bought back to give to Chu Qin. The moment he left, one of Zou Bo’s assistants came in search of him. Seeing that Mo Shaoyang wasn’t around, he simply smiled and chatted with the manager.

Chu Qin wasn’t in his room. Mo Shaoyang knocked on the door for half a day without any response and only realized after contacting him that Chu Qin was in Zhong Yibin’s room. As his relationship was Chu Qin was good, he was aware of all these matters. Thus, he openly ran over to Zhong Yibin’s suite.

“These are the fruits my manager just bought. I brought some over for you guys,” Mo Shaoyang’s smile invited happiness. Though he was somewhat unhappy at being disturbed, Zhong Yibin didn’t say much and went into the room to take a bath.

Chu Qin smiled and accepted them, letting Mo Shaoyang sit for a while.

“I don’t have insider news either. But after seeing the data on the finals, your odds of winning are quite high,” When they spoke of the ‘Best Newcomer’ award, Chu Qin felt that the possibility of Mo Shaoyang receiving the award was considerably high.

“Hehe. Of course it’ll be nice to receive the award; my renumeration would double. But it’s all right even if I don’t get it, there are still other chances,” Mo Shaoyang’s attitude was unexpectedly placid. He was originally not a particularly ‘new’ newcomer and had struggled in the second and third tier for a very long time. The way he treated people and his attitude towards handling matters were all learnt through experience; he was not so anxious.

“Your mentality is not bad. I’ll secretly ask around tomorrow. If there’s insider news, I will tell you,” Chu Qin patted his shoulder, smiled, and saw him off.

“Thank you, Qin-ge,” Mo Shaoyang thanked him before running off happily.

Chu Qin closed the door and was hugged from the back by a pair of strong arms. His ear was enveloped by the warmth of a mouth. Zhong Yibin’s sticky voice sounded. “Aren’t you going overboard with how nice you’re treating Mo Shaoyang?”

“I’ve always been like this towards people. It’s not like you don’t know that,” Chu Qin said helplessly as he towed the large plaster on his back and walked step by step towards the bedroom. He had never been stingy with helping out the younger generation who were pleasing to his eyes. Regardless of whether he reaped any benefits, it would never be wrong to sow good karma. It was also an accumulation of seven to eight years of handling matters in such a way that resulted in his current position in the entertainment industry.

Every time he helped someone, he gained an extra contact. Many little things added up to something great and it evolved into a complex relations web. Within the current entertainment industry, there was essentially no one who was on bad terms with Chu Qin. Because it was very difficult for those who had a poor relationship with him to continue in the industry.

“I have amnesia, I wouldn’t know,” Zhong Yibin pretended to get angry while acting dumb.

“Yes, yes. You have amnesia. You’re a baby,” Chu Qin pursed his lips and suppressed his laughter. He turned and pushed Zhong Yibin onto the bed, straddling him. “Now, Qin Qin gege will love you dearly. All right?”

A pair of slender legs fixed him in place. Looking at him from the bottom, Chu Qin’s slender neck became even more obvious. Zhong Yibin was captivated by this rarely-seen enchanting scenery and foolishly nodded in a daze. When Chu Qin bent his waist at a vexing speed to kiss him, Zhong Yibin held him and flipped over, pressing Chu Qin under him.

Mo Shaoyang returned to his room. His manager had yet to leave and was sitting at his original spot with an extremely ugly expression.

“Wang-ge, why haven’t you slept?” Mo Shaoyang found it unexpected. The organizers were rich and imposing and had given every celebrity a room to themselves while the manager and assistant stayed together. It was not early, and his self-disciplined manager was actually not asleep yet. This was somewhat unusual.

“Zou Bo’s assistant just came over,” His manager made a pained face.

Zou Bo’s assistant didn’t say anything blatant despite coming and only mentioned that Director Zou wanted to invite Mo Shaoyang for a meal at the hotel tomorrow night.

“He hinted that Zou Bo knows the list of awardees and that he would tell you as long as you went,” His manager felt embarrassed. It wasn’t completely necessary to know the list of names but Zou Bo had a wide net of connections – since it was only a meal, rejecting it too obviously could offend him.

“Decline. Just say that I have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night,” Mo Shaoyang frowned. Recalling Chu Qin’s reminder, he felt a little uneasy.

However, a guy like Zou Bo could not be rejected just because one wanted to.

The next afternoon, Mo Shaoyang didn’t dare to stay in his own room and went to find Chu Qin to play.

Chu Qin was busying himself at the venue. He spent the morning memorizing information and the afternoon familiarizing himself with the flow. Fortunately, the flow of the program was not complicated and was completed in two to three times. The key point was that Chu Qin himself would need to chain these processes and ensure that there was no awkward silence.

“There will be a two hour break at this point, will there be a supply of water?” Chu Qin stood near the autograph wall and checked the stage table the hosts would be standing at.

“Yes. They’re placed at the bottom here and can be drunk. But touching up of makeup cannot be done during this period. The media will be at the bottom; one will be captured if they touch up their makeup,” The staff member explained conscientiously.

Chu Qin nodded. He walked the red carpet once and paused for a moment at the flight of steps to the autograph platform. “These are wooden boards right? Widen it a little. The female celebrities wearing high heels can easily trip here.” He could still save the show if only one or two tripped but if it was seven or eight, it would be very embarrassing. Such an incident would definitely be the leading story the next day.

“All right,” The worker wasn’t impatient at all. He had long heard that Chu Qin’s way of doing things was very serious and responsible, and he would even worry over matters outside his responsibility to guarantee that the entire event went smoothly. Sure enough, after seeing it with his own eyes, Chu Qin’s reputation was fully justified – all the questions he raised were very professional.

Mo Shaoyang came over to join in the excitement. He didn’t have much to do so Chu Qin got him to buy drinks for the workers. Despite being tasked with jobs, Mo Shaoyang wasn’t the slightest bit annoyed. Instead, he was elated, and walked off eagerly.

“Just like a puppy, how fun,” Ah Yue watched Mo Shaoyang’s silhouette as he left and couldn’t help smiling.

Chu Qin smiled but didn’t say much and dragged Ah Yue off to rehearse their lines. Both of them were gold medal hosts – remembering their lines and following up on topics were things they could do even with one hand tied around their back. They didn’t even need to memorize the script completely; they would not be unable to find the appropriate terms even if they only had a rough understanding of it.

However, the basis of good hosting was to not make a mistake and even have highlights. The two people discussed several laughing points and rehearsed once.

“If the film emperor is Jiang Huai, we can use this classic line from his lines to tease him,” Chu Qin pointed at the information on the films that the person in charge of the actors had given him. “If it’s Qin Yue, then we can talk about his recent injury – his leg was fractured during filming, we can come up with a topic on that.”

Ah Yue listened seriously to Chu Qin’s words. She had already experienced how demanding Chu Qin was towards his work when she participated in the drama ceremony the previous time. The previous time, she felt that Chu Qin had done too much. But when several small incidents occurred, her lines had been prepared sufficiently and there was no awkward silence. She then understood that Chu Qin’s preparations were not for naught. Thus, she was even more serious this time round.

As they were discussing, Zhong Yibin called saying that he had booked seats at a nearby restaurant and would come over to find him soon. Chu Qin smiled and agreed, glancing at the time. Mo Shaoyang had already been out for almost twenty minutes and had yet to return.

At the other side, Mo Shaoyang had just finished buying drinks. He was walking a path backstage where there were less eyes when his path was blocked by Zou Bo’s bodyguards.

“Xiao Mo, how coincidental,” Zou Bo walked over with a smile yet not a smile. “Weren’t you having a dress rehearsal? Why don’t I see the people having the dress rehearsal too?”

“It hasn’t started, I bought some drinks for everyone first,” Mo Shaoyang said with a cold expression.

“Heh,” Zou Bo smiled, his meaning unclear. He walked forward a few steps and moved to Mo Shaoyang’s side. “I was just about to see the organizing committee. This time, they’re leaning more towards Sun Siyu for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award. But I think more highly of you and was about to go fight for you.”

The implication was that the recipient of the ‘Best Newcomer’ award was actually not yet decided whereas Zou Bo was capable of influencing the outcome.

Mo Shaoyang clenched his teeth. Such an obvious threat – he would be a fool if he couldn’t discern it. “Thank you, Director Zou. But there’s no need for you to put in so much effort for me. I want to rely on my own strength.”

“Your own strength? Who do you think you are?” Zou Bo grabbed Mo Shaoyang’s waist. There were no youngsters in the current entertainment circle without much background that he could not bed. “Already complacent after just becoming popular. Let me tell you, the moment you can’t maintain your popularity or have some scandal that can’t be suppressed, you…”

“Shaoyang!” Chu Qin recalled that Zou Bo had been targeting Mo Shaoyang and was somewhat uneasy, so he came over to take a look and coincidentally saw this scene.

“Chu Qin, there are some things that you ought not to concern yourself with,” Zou Bo was no longer patient. His fun had been disrupted by Chu Qin too many times. He was lazy to continue putting up a pretense.

“Director Zou, your suggestion that both of us keep quiet doesn’t seem very appropriate?” Chu Qin said, his expression unchanging. He glanced at the hand that Zou Bo still had on Mo Shaoyang.

“Hehe,” Zou Bo released Mo Shaoyang, walked to Chu Qin and said in a low voice into his ear. “Sleep with me for a night and I’ll agree to let off anyone you ask me to,” As he said this, a perverted hand swiftly touched Chu Qin’s buttocks.

Chu Qin’s anger immediately soared, and he punched Zou Bo.

“Ao!” Zou Bo was hit in the eyes and he let out a howl. The bodyguards behind him quickly went up and surrounded Chu Qin. Mo Shaoyang saw that the situation wasn’t right and quickly walloped the bodyguards with the large bag of drinks, swiftly leaping to Chu Qin’s side. He had learnt some boxing for filming and was not afraid.

“Chu Qin, I’ve endured you for a very long time already. You better not get complacent. The moment Zhong Yibin gets tired of you will be the moment you cry,” Zou Bo said viciously as he rubbed the eye that had been beaten.

“Why not Director Zou first have a taste of crying before he does,” A frigid voice sounded from behind. Zou Bo turned his head rigidly and saw Zhong Yibin standing not far off with a cold expression. There were even two bodyguards behind him.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: He said you will get tired of me

Er Bing: How is that possible?

Qin Qin: How can you guarantee that you won’t get tired of me?

Er Bing: We have lots and lots of ways to play!

Qin Qin: What ways?

Er Bing: Come, put on Spiderman’s mask. Today, we’ll roleplay a fight between Ultraman and Spiderman

Qin Qin: ……

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