I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Business trip

During the New Year, work had piled up like a mountain and Chu Qin was so busy that his feet barely touched the ground. He didn’t have much time to hang out with Zhong Yibin and the only times when he could be with him all day was when they filmed for the reality show.

<Bun, Quickly Run> had already been broadcasting for six weeks. The response to it was very good and it reeled in considerable profits for Shengshi. Chu Qin started to make rigorous preparations for the accompanying products, as well as the film.

It was very common for reality shows to shoot films now – the production costs were very low but the profits were immense. Although this way of doing things was a bit more shameless, no businessman would be willing to give up such huge profits.

There wasn’t a need for a script for the reality show’s film either; filming it as a slightly longer program would do. However, Chu Qin still possessed a conscience – he wanted to set a theme for the film and arrange a plot.

“Why not use a theme related to <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. You can ask Song Xiao for the rights to it,” During filming, Yu Tang carelessly mentioned this.

Chu Qin glanced at Yu Tang, who exuded the aggressiveness of an emperor even while drinking water, and then looked towards Yu Lin, who was staring at his elder brother while propping up his jug ears. He felt that the idea was really not a bad one.

It was currently the early days of the third month. It would be the end of the month after all the programs were filmed. Filming for the movie could be done along the way and it was estimated that it would be the middle of the fourth month after the after-effects were added. Coupled with the reports for approval, talks regarding showtimes, promotion, and so on, a mad rush would allow for the film to be screened during summer vacation. Saying meant doing – Chu Qin gathered the producers from the program team and arranged for them to consider the feasibility of filming the relevant theme.

“That’s a good idea!” One of the producers suddenly slapped his thigh. “Like that, we can let Director Yu play the emperor; Yu Lin can be the prince; Wenqing can act as imperial consort while Wenyu plays the princess. The two Director Zhongs can be court officials, and Zhao Xu and Zhao Yan can be generals!”

“What about Mu Chen and Mu Sha?” Chu Qin frowned slightly. Previously, Mu Chen had acted as the emperor in the drama. However, Yu Tang was clearly more in line with history and had richer conversations surrounding him.

“They can act as the emperor and empress for the opposing country!” The producer was suddenly struck by inspiration.

“What opposing country?” The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. At that time, the Great Yu Dynasty was peaceful. Their only enemy was the Xiongnu.

“The Xiongnu!” The producer exclaimed spiritedly, already outlining the hilarious image that Mu Chen would make when adorning a huge beard.

Chu Qin stroked his chin. This idea was still doable. “You guys discuss and write an outline. Let me take a look after you guys return.”

“Okay!” The few producers were eager to start on the task. Working under Chu Qin meant that they had lots of freedom. Chu Qin had his own opinions but as a whole, he still attached the most importance to their thoughts and allowed them to freely express their imagination. Furthermore, as the program became increasingly popular, their pay also changed accordingly. Thus, they were also more enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

Chu Qin’s eyes were lowered as he contemplated the way to obtain authorization from Song Xiao. In fact, they could toss the shell that was <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> and directly make the ‘ancient times’ the theme. But this would be falling into what was conventional and conversations about it would lack intensity. Currently, the hype surrounding <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had yet to die down and the accompanying games, rights to foreign editions, and internet copyright were still in the process of being developed. It would serve as a great booster for <Bun, Quickly Run>.

Given Song Xiao’s degree of stinginess, he would certainly not let him use it for free. As for whether they should pay for the authorization or simply let Song Xiao invest, this would still need to be discussed with Zhong Yibin…

Just as he was thinking, his neck was suddenly touched by something furry. Chu Qin was shocked and instantly turned around, coming face to face with a pair of large blue eyes that were gleaming with tears.

This week, filming took place at a zoo. The task now was to find the stipulated animal on the clue card and Zhong Yibin’s task was to find a small tiger. The hairy little tiger didn’t have a single bit of attack power. Its large innocent eyes were wide open, and it used its furry head to rub against Chu Qin’s neck as it nestled in Zhong Yibin’s arms.

“You found it so quickly!” Chu Qin stroked the tiny tiger’s head. “Why did you run back?”

“Uh-huh,” Zhong Yibin hummed and patted the tiny tiger on its buttocks. He pointed the animal at Chu Qin and said, “Come, call him mother.”

His task card had written that he needed to find the baby tiger and bring it to his mother’s side. Zhong Yibin carried the little tiger and ran for quite a distance but still didn’t find the area for adult tigers, so he ran over to Chu Qin to act shameless.

The workers couldn’t resist breaking out into laughter while Chu Qin said helplessly, “I’m not its mother.” Because the weather was still cold, he still had on a down-filled garment, with a blob of fur on the hat. Rays of sunlight broke past the layer of clouds, shining on his fair face and the flushed tip of his nose. His entire person appeared fluffy; it was particularly adorable.

Zhong Yibin used the tiger’s head to rub against the ticklish nose, twisting his words and forcing logic. “How are you not? I’m its father, so you’re the mother.”

“Hush—” Upon hearing these words, the production team simultaneously let out hissing sounds. If this segment were to be broadcasted, it was likely that those ‘Zhong Qin’ fans would start screeching again.

Chu Qin was angered to laughter and urged Zhong Yibin to do his task.

When the program finished filming and they returned to the station, the producers’ proposal had already been completed. After pondering over it, everyone thought that it would be more fun to do something related to <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. Every person’s character and game segment had already been determined – it appeared rather interesting.

Chu Qin took this plan to Shengshi Entertainment in search of Zhong Yibin. He had just gotten off the elevator when he saw Zhong Yibin standing at the entrance to the elevator with a woman dressed quite sexily beside him.

“Director, my contract is about to expire. Can you arrange for someone to discuss the renewal?” That lady was called Ding Lu. She was an actress hovering in the middle of the second and third tier, and her manner of speech was on the coy side.

Zhong Yibin was evidently somewhat impatient. “Your manager will speak to you about matters regarding your contract.”

“But An Di hasn’t come to find me even till now. Other companies have already enquired but I wasn’t sure if the company was renewing my contract, so I didn’t respond to them,” As Di Lu spoke, she leaned towards Zhong Yibin. In fact, it wasn’t time for her manager to be speaking to her yet. However, given her current results, she would only be given a B grade contract at best. The reason why she wanted Zhong Yibin to speak up was so that she could raise her status and obtain an A grade contract.

“Oh, is the director busy?” Chu Qin walked out of the elevator and spoke with a smile yet not a smile.

Zhong Yibin immediately directed a glare at secretary Jin, who had been watching the excitement. Secretary Jin hurried went forward to grab ahold of Ding Lu. “Miss Ding, the company has already made arrangements for your contract. Please immediately leave this floor.”

Ding Lu instantly turned red upon seeing Chu Qin. She turned and swiftly ran off. Zhong Yibin immediately revealed a smile and moved over to tug at Chu Qin. “Baby, why did you come here?”

Chu Qin side-eyed him. Ignoring him, he turned and entered the director’s office.

Zhong Yibin gritted his teeth. “Tell An Di to give Ding Lu a C grade contract.”

“Yes,” Secretary Jin agreed, inwardly lighting a candle for Ding Lu. She didn’t want to walk on a perfectly good path and set her sights on Director Zhong; Wasn’t this good then – not only did she not succeed in taking a shortcut, she even pulled over a large obstacle.

Zhong Yibin entered the office and quickly went to Chu Qin’s side. “What can I do for you?”

“Proper business,” Chu Qin stuffed the plan into Zhong Yibin’s hands and curled his lips. “Did I come at the wrong time, interrupting Director Zhong’s office play?”

Zhong Yibin thought seriously. “That wasn’t office play. It can only be considered corridor play at best.”

“Pfft—” Chu Qin was amused. He pinched Zhong Yibin’s mouth into that of a chick’s. “You’re becoming more and more crafty.”

“No…” Zhong Yibin’s pointed mouth moved.

The two people messed around on the sofa for a while before discussing proper business. Zhong Yibin agreed to obtaining authorization. “Why not let Song Xiao invest in a portion. Their family has many connections with regards to show times – letting him invest a little is also a good thing.”

Chu Qin nodded. The broad scope of things wasn’t under his jurisdiction; he only cared about producing a good program. “I’ll be going to Taiwan next month for the awards ceremony, will you be fine on your own at home?” Ever since Zhong Yibin had amnesia, the two of them had been together even during filming. They rarely separated. This time, the trip would take a couple of days and Chu Qin was somewhat reluctant.

“No,” Zhong Yibin answered without the slightest hesitation. “I’ll go with you. I can discuss a few projects along the way,” He had already set a date with the television station on the other end to discuss the matter of purchasing the copyright for <Bun, Quickly Run>, <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> and several other projects.

In an instant, the bit of reluctance that had just risen vanished into thin air. Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. This wasn’t the slightest bit romantic.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <A romantic business trip should be like this>

Qin Qin: Er Bing, I can’t bear to part with you

Er Bing: Qin Qin, I also can’t bear to part with you

Qin Qin: But I must go on this trip

Er Bing: It’s fine, go then. I will become superman and fly to your side when you need me.

Qin Qin: How will you become superman?

Er Bing: I just bought superman’s red cloak at an 8.8% discount!

Qin Qin: …… Go away, I don’t know you

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