Holy Institution: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Treatment towards new students (1)

The boat came to a stop beside the lake.

The continuously moving silhouettes on the boat showed that there were many students already seated on the boat.

Suo Suo stood on the hillside, listening to the court etiquette teacher’s patient exhortations while closely watching the boat’s path.

Di Lin saw that his mind had already wandered off and helped him out. “Teacher Bill, I believe Suo Suo will definitely become the pride of both Saint Padeus’ Institution and Julan Kingdom.”

This time, Bill sighed with regret. “I have no doubts about that. But this is Prince Suo Suo’s first time leaving Julan. I simply can’t feel at ease.”

“I will take care of him well,” Di Lin said.

“That is only natural,” With his guarantee, Bill’s complexion finally eased. “Your mothers are blood sisters and your relationship has always been closer than that of blood brothers.”

Di Lin glanced at the time. “I think we need to leave.”

“All right. Make sure to write back,” Bill bowed in salute.

Di Lin nodded and dragged the long impatient Suo Suo towards the direction of the boat.

“Wave towards teacher,” When they were five to six meters away, Di Lin spoke softly into Suo Suo’s ears.

Suo Suo obediently turned around and waved his arm energetically.

Bill waved lightly as well. As the court’s etiquette teacher, he had to mind his speech and actions at any time, no matter how emotional or reluctant he was internally.

Suo Suo abruptly touched his space bag. “Ah, I want to check my ship ticket again.” The ship ticket was delivered together with the Holy Institution’s admission notice in the letter sent to over new students. It was the sole proof of admission into the Holy Institution.

Di Li lay his palms out helplessly. “Your ship ticket is with me.”

“When did you take it?” Suo Suo looked at him in amazement.

“Teacher Bill passed it to me last night,” Di Lin suddenly had a premonition that it was very likely he would become Suo Suo’s nanny.

Suo Suo pinched him.

Di Lin pulled back his arm. “What are you doing?”

“I just want to confirm if I’m dreaming now,” An excited look appeared on Suo Suo’s face.

Di Lin raised an arm. “I have a better way of proving it. Do you want to give it a try?”

Suo Suo stuck out his tongue and abruptly sprinted towards the boat.

Fearing that he would trip and fall, Di Lin could only follow behind him with small steps.

Even if it was the Holy Institution’s private boat, there wasn’t a significant difference between it and the ferries the civilians used appearance-wise. The first level in the hold of the ship was low and narrow. There were two rows of benches on both sides and every bench could only sit three. The second level was an observation tower with few people.

After handing in their ship tickets, Suo Suo and Di Lin went to the first level on their own accord in search of a place to sit.

Most of the spots in the hold of the ship were already occupied. It was only with much difficulty that they found an empty bench at the back.

Suo Suo and Di Lin stooped to sit down.

The two entered without any luggage in their hands, inevitably attracting the attention of others.

A brown-haired youth seated in front of them turned around and asked in astonishment. “Where’s your luggage?”

Suo Suo blinked and pointed towards his space bag. “In here.”

“So tiny?” The brown-haired youth’s eyes rounded.

“That’s a space bag, something only the nobles can afford to use,” A youth with dense black hair and big eyes stated lazily from behind him.

“Oh, nobility,” The gaze the brown-haired youth directed towards them contained some reservations.

The youth with large eyes sneered. “The nobility who can enter without being tested.”

Suo Suo’s mouth thinned and he looked towards Di Lin, at his wits’ end.

Di Lin said faintly. “I[1] am Di Lin·Basco, from the Basco Dukedom of Shamanril. Please do offer pointers.”

The ship sunk into silence.

The others stared at them in amazement.

Even the most ignorant person would have heard of Shamanril’s Basco Dukedom. It was a formidable clan that controlled half of Shamanril’s army. It was said that they were even in possession of a magic corps exclusive to the clan. This was also to say that there was a high possibility that this prettier-than-a-girl noble had already learnt magic.

The lifeless silence in the boat made Suo Suo ill at ease.

He stealthily tugged on Di Lin’s sleeve.

Di Lin cocked his head, giving him a placating smile.

Suo Suo’s heart relaxed. At any point in time, as long as he could see Di Lin’s smile, he felt that there was nothing to fear even if the sky were to collapse.

The new students got onto the boat one after the other.

The atmosphere within the boat gradually regained its energy – except for the corner where Di Lin and Suo Suo were located.

On the soil of their individual countries, perhaps they were nobility who received others’ respect and reverence. But here, they were merely nobles who received exemption and relied on their families to enter the Holy Institution.

When night fell, the boat finally slowly left shore.

A cool breeze blew unceasingly from both sides of the boat, inducing drowsiness.

Suo Suo’s excitement quickly cooled amidst the chill. In the end, he fell asleep while slumped against Di Lin’s shoulder.

Di Lin was also a little sleepy but the occasional unfriendly gazes from within the hold of the ship gave him no choice but to renew his spirits.

The color of the sky gradually turned dark. The boat was still surrounded by lake water that stretched as far as the eye could see.

The number of people who leaned forward increased.

Di Lin couldn’t help rubbing his eyes.

“Che,” Somebody in front sneered.

Though it had not been preceded nor followed by anything, Di Lin could sense that this sneer was directed at him. The waist that was originally curving once again straightened.

After an unknown amount of time, somebody cried out. “Look, light!”

The silent boat awakened in a short span of time. Even Suo Suo stretched his head out to gaze ahead.

As expected, subtle rays of white light could be seen ahead of the boat, its flashing directing the boat.

From within the boat came wave after wave of cheers.

Following which, they once again sank into silence.

However, the silence this time differed from the previous time. This time, everyone’s eyes were wide open, watching the boat inch forward bit by bit. If not for the fact that their hands had no oars, they would have happily offered to personally quicken the pace.

The light gradually came closer into view on the horizon. A vast land also became distinct against the backdrop of the skies and sea.

As it was nighttime, the land was a murky black, as if covered by a layer of dense forest.

Suo Suo said in a low voice, “It looks very scary.”

Di Lin patted him on the shoulder.

The large-eyed youth said, “The first test has a question on Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution’s geographical location. The desert surrounds its east and west, the Nightmare Forest lies in the north, while the Illusion Lake is at the south. The school is surrounded by dense forests.”

“Thank you,” Suo Suo replied sincerely.

The large-eyed youth was stunned. He had originally intended to humiliate them, not expecting to receive a word of thanks.

Suo Suo thought for a while before still deciding to defend himself. “Actually, I also know that. I was just too excited just now and it slipped my mind.”

The large-eyed youth’s lips moved, though in the end, he didn’t reply.

Some students at the bow of the boat whistled. “We’re reached, we’ve reached.”

Sure enough, the boat reached the shore not long after. The students lugged their luggage along as they lined up and rushed onto shore in excitement.

Suo Suo and Di Lin were one of the last few.

“Welcome to Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution,” Before they could steady themselves, an honest-sounding male voice sounded from ahead of them.

 The students simultaneously sucked in a breath of cool air.

Right before them was a mage dressed in a white gown hovering in the air. He watched them smilingly. “I am your head instructor, rank ten orthodox magic tutor Macreis. Before your graduation, our fates will continuously be intertwined. Of course, this does not mean I will always treat you strictly. It is the exact opposite – I guarantee that I am relatively affable during the majority of the time.”

… Majority of the time?

This phrase should be an initial show of strength, right?

The students cursed inwardly.

“All right. I think everyone is tired, let me bring you to the resting area,” Macreis turned half a circle in the air and floated ahead.

Suo Suo stuck to Di Lin and asked softly. “Why do I feel like he’s the ghost in the legends?”

Di Lin covered his mouth. Mages were relatively sensitive towards their surroundings.

Sure enough, Macreis suddenly turned around, his gaze pointed at their direction.

Di Lin maintained a calm expression.

After walking for approximately half an hour, they finally came to a stop at a plot of land with large bags.

Macreis looked towards the new students who were at a loss and smiled. “There are tents in the bags. You will rest here tonight. As for the other things, I will settle them tomorrow.”

All the students, “…”

They had always heard that Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution’s financial situation was the worst out of the three large holy institutions, but they hadn’t expected that it would be this poor!

[1] 在下: A humble way of referring to oneself.

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  1. Let me guess Di Lin and Suo Suo going be a few of the ones who can easily set up a tent faster then everybody else and put a magic barrier that can last the whole night.

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