I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Parents

Zhong Yibin continued his adorable waving of hands and putting of hands on hips. Noticing that Chu Qin had entered, he immediately stiffened.

Chu Qin silently covered his face and swiftly closed the door.

Zhong Yibin was only rigid for a moment before regaining his senses. Thickening his face, he walked over and attempted to lick those moist lips. “Baby, you’re back.”

“Stop messing around,” Chu Qin pushed the large head away and in passing, pinched his face. “What were you saying just now, en? Seven times a night without repetition?”

“Hehe…” Zhong Yibin coughed dryly twice. He took out a box from behind him and stuffed it into Chu Qin’s arms.

“What’s this?” Chu Qin let go of his grip and opened the box curiously. His eyes widened gradually. “A house in Shengshi’s Tang Dynasty Park?”

A house in that neighborhood was one of the very best even within the capital, much less one with a surface area of 350 square meters. Given Zhong Yibin’s current savings, purchasing this house would be a significant drain.

“En, it’s the reward for the project the other time,” Zhong Yibin hugged Chu Qin from the back. “I got my elder brother to put the title deed in your name. We’ll live here after getting married.”

Chu Qin frowned slightly. Only one name could be written on the title deed if an unmarried person bought a house. This should be the private property the Zhong family prepared for Zhong Yibin; how could his name be written on it? “Nonsense. It’s your house, of course your name should be written on it. That apartment of mine is also under my name.”

“But the real estate office doesn’t allow two names,” Zhong Yibin was somewhat distressed. He too wanted to add his name so that the house could belong to the both of them, but it couldn’t be done.

The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. That wasn’t the crux of the issue, all right?

Zhong Yibin’s mind was clearly not on this and he started to plan things out while hugging Chu Qin. “This house is quite large. We can raise a large dog, and then a cat, so that it’ll be a little livelier. We can leave a bedroom empty for your parents. When they miss you in the future, they can stay over. Leave one for my parents as well, though they may not necessarily visit…”

Zhong Yibin’s tone of yearning caused Chu Qin’s complexion to soften. If his parents agreed and their household was a joyous and harmonious one, that kind of life would definitely be beautiful. He would wake with a smile on his face every morning.

“Have you told your parents about going home with me during the New Year?” Chu Qin dragged Zhong Yibin off to eat. He had been so busy during this period that it had been ages since the two of them had eaten lunch together. Yesterday, the last dress rehearsal for the Chinese New Year evening party had ended with much difficulty. Today’s free day was hard to come by.

“Oh, I haven’t spoken about it,” Zhong Yibin glanced at the menu and ordered several dishes that Chu Qin liked. “I’ll tell them when I go home during the weekend.”

Zhong Yibin’s relationship with his parents had eased quite a bit lately and he no longer opposed going home. It was just that he rarely brought Chu Qin home, fearing that his parents would say something inappropriate and sadden Chu Qin.

“Why don’t I go with you,” Chu Qin thought over it and asked.

“No need, I can settle it myself,” Zhong Yibin smiled and pinched Chu Qin’s face.

When the weekend arrived, Zhong Yibin dressed neatly in preparation to leave and climbed onto the bed to kiss Chu Qin, who was still sleeping soundly.

Chu Qin dazedly reached out an arm and latched onto Zhong Yibin’s neck. After rubbing his face against Zhong Yibin’s chest, he was somewhat clear-headed. Yesterday night, he had tossed and turned till the middle of the night and at this moment, his waist was still aching, his back hurt and his head was in a daze. Forcibly bringing up his spirits, he opened his eyes and couldn’t resist instructing him. “Be nice to your parents. Actually, parents are the easiest to coax. If Mother doesn’t make sense, just kiss her and act cute, and everything will be fine.”

Zhong Yibin made sounds of agreement, though it was unknown if he actually remembered it. After placing the person in his embrace back onto the bed, he covered him with the blanket. “Continue to sleep if you don’t feel like eating breakfast. I’ll order takeout for you in the afternoon.”

“En,” Dawdling in bed on a weekend morning was a very blissful thing. Chu Qin smiled and agreed, before once again shutting his eyes.

The Zhong family’s state was not much different from the previous time he went, just that his elder brother wasn’t home. It was the end of the year and the Group was extremely busy; Zhong Jiabin completely lacked the time to spend on a weekend.

Mother Zhong saw that her youngest son had returned and was very happy. She arranged for the housekeeper to bring out all sorts of delicious things and seated him on the sofa to look him over. “Ai, my pitiful son. You haven’t been home in so long, you’ve… grown plump…” Glancing at Zhong Yibin’s somewhat plumper face, along with his rosy cheeks and more than ample energy, Mother Zhong couldn’t bring herself to say that he had lost weight.

Father Zhong put down his newspapers, glanced at his youngest son and nodded with satisfaction. “Your energy is not bad, looks like Chu Qin took care of you quite well.”

Zhong Yibin smiled and scratched his head, the happiness on his face unconcealed. He accompanied his parents for breakfast and then chatted a little about the company. Then, Zhong Yibin brought up going home with Chu Qin over the New Year.

Hearing that her son wouldn’t spend the New Year at home, Mother Zhong was somewhat unhappy. “Why do you need to go to his house?” It was already very challenging for her to allow her son to remain by Chu Qin’s side, yet these two brats were already about to see the other party’s elders? This perception caused Mother Zhong some discomfort, feeling that she had fallen behind Mother Chu. In addition, she felt that letting the two of them do as they pleased would cause her to lose face.

On the other hand, Father Zhong had already come to terms with it. He waved an arm and said, “Let him do as he please.” After his youngest son had amnesia, he constantly remained by Chu Qin’s side and only listened to Chu Qin’s words. Not only did Chu Qin not take advantage of this opportunity to distance him from his family, he even helped him to repair the relationship he had with his eldest son. His entire person was also more energetic than before and his capabilities had risen significantly. If some other woman had been in his place, it would still be very tough for things to have been done to the extent that Chu Qin had done.

The younger generation would be fine on their own. Anyway, the Zhong family had the eldest child to carry on their ancestral line. The youngest son was already like this; not becoming foolish was already worth a thousand blessings. The rest could be done according to his wishes.

Mother Zhong noticed her husband’s appearance of letting the matter go and grew even angrier. “You aren’t concerned? If you continue to not be concerned, your son will be lured back into the vixen’s nest by that male vixen.”

The male vixen still sleeping in his nest yawned and rubbed his eyes. Hearing the sound of the doorbell, Chu Qin sat up and rubbed his eyes before rising to open the door.

“Mister, your takeout,” The delivery boy passed a few large boxes over to Chu Qin and smiled before leaving.

Chu Qin placed the food in the dining hall and washed up first before taking a look at it. It was unexpectedly a full plate of fragrant spicy shrimp, accompanied by a portion of sparkling, translucent, polished white rice and ice-cold, tasty soda. Just a glance was enough to whet his appetite.

He took a picture and sent it to Zhong Yibin to prove that he was obediently eating.

Zhong Yibin was currently listening to his mother’s scoldings. He looked down at his phone, saw that Chu Qin had sent him a ‘kissing’ emoji, and smilingly sent one back as well.

“Mother is speaking to you!” Mother Zhong was dissatisfied with her son’s absent-mindedness. She glanced at his handphone from the side of her eyes. “Who sent it?”

Zhong Yibin smiled. “Male vixen.”

Mother Zhong choked for a moment and fumed speechlessly. Zhong Yibin recalled the words Chu Qin had said before leaving and moved to hug his mother, smacking his lips against her face. “All right mom, don’t be angry. Chu Qin originally wanted to come with me today. I was scared that you’ll scold him, so I refused to let him come. He’s eating takeout on his own at home.”

The sudden kiss made Mother Zhong stiffen for a while. A smiling expression gradually involuntarily stretched over her face. To tell the truth, the issue regarding the Su family had already enabled her to understand things thoroughly – even if it was a woman, as long as it was not someone who truly loved Zhong Yibin, he could come to harm any day. While Chu Qin didn’t do anything that would harm Zhong Yibin even an iota, despite having the perfect conditions. On the contrary, he even caused her son to become so lovable…

“You cannot be so ill-behaved at someone else’s house. Have manners and be more diligent; help his mother do some chores and leave a good impression,” Mother Zhong stated with a terrible expression on her face.

“Remember to bring over a gift,” Father Zhong also couldn’t resist adding in a reminder. These words were what every parent would say before their son left to see their mother-in-law. It was just that in the past, they had not thought that their daughter-in-law would be a man. Perhaps the other party’s parents were also receiving Zhong Yibin with the intention of receiving a daughter-in-law; thus, they instructed him with all the proper practices when visiting the in-laws.

Zhong Yibin hurriedly nodded, his smile stretching so wide that his teeth and eyes could barely be seen. His own parents had softened in attitude; it looked like he would be able to bring Chu Qin back during the Lantern festival after the New Year.

After eating and drinking an entire day, his elder brother returned in the evening. After speaking a few words with his big brother, Zhong Yibin left as if his buttocks had been set on fire. Chu Qin this guy; without him on the watch, he wouldn’t eat a good dinner, he would need to rush back quickly.

“Ai, Yibin, wait!” Mother Zhong hastily rushed down from upstairs, a velvet box in her hands. She stuffed the box into Zhong Yibin’s hands. “Give this to Chu Qin’s mother.”

When a son-in-law visited, a gift of jewelry would be best for currying favor with the mother-in-law. Both of them were men and didn’t understand how to pick jewelry. After thinking for a long time, Mother Zhong still picked out a set of jewelry she had just bought recently.

“Thank you, mother,” Zhong Yibin glanced at the sparkling, pure jewels in the velvet box and was touched.

“Hmph, our Zhong family has money, we definitely can’t let their family take us lightly,” Mother Zhong snorted and curled her lip. When she thought of the moment her son took out the jewels and the Chu family’s surprised expressions, she felt rather carefree, conveniently forgetting the stuffy atmosphere the other time when she threw money at Chu Qin yet ended up losing face.

In a flash, it was the end of the year. The programs and shifts during the New Year had all been arranged appropriately. Chu Qin bought a large pile of New Year goods and set off for home, one hand dragging his luggage while the other dragged Zhong chick.

Chu Qin’s house was in a city in the south. The people here liked to eat spicy food and were especially fond of hotpot. After getting off the plane, many hotpot shops could be seen along the road. Even during the New Year, they did not close down temporarily, and their business was thriving.

The house Chu Qin’s family lived in now was bought after he started earning money. The price of this house wasn’t high. He had originally wanted to buy a duplex house, but the two elderly people said that a house that was too large would be hard to clean and it would be terrifying if only two people lived in it. In the end, they bought a three-room apartment in a high-end district.

Standing outside the door, Chu Qin inhaled deeply and turned to look at Zhong Yibin. “All ready?”

Zhong Yibin blinked, shifted closer and gave him a kiss. “A loved one’s kiss will bestow on me power.”

“Pfft—” Chu Qin was teased into laughter by him and his heart relaxed quite a bit. He kneaded Zhong Yibin’s fingers, also lending some courage from him, and pressed the doorbell.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Mother Chu: Where’s daughter-in-law?

Er Bing: I’m here!

Mother Chu: Why is there no chest

Er Bing: It’s at the bottom (⊙v⊙)

Mother Chu: ……

Qin Qin: ……

Translator’s corner: It’s been exactly one year since I started translating! As a mini celebration, enjoy the double update 😀

Pss, I’ve also posted a sneak peek of my next project: Holy Institution. Do check it out!

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