I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 96

Chapter 96: House

Go home with me… go home…

This statement repeatedly resounded in Zhong Yibin’s mind. His startled expression gradually thawed, and the corners of his mouth slowly pulled back. “Is it to see the parents?”

He had already came clean to his family about liking a man before losing his memories. When he lost his memories, the issue of the two of them being together had essentially been tacitly accepted by the Zhong family. Even Mother Zhong, who was the least fond of Chu Qin, had also awkwardly given Chu Qin money without saying anything uncomfortable.

It was just Chu Qin’s parents who still weren’t aware.

Actually, Zhong Yibin had always harbored some apprehension in his heart. His world consisted only of Chu Qin; he remembered no one else. But Chu Qin was not like that – he still had a career, friends and family. He knew that Chu Qin was very filial and would send his parents a lot of money every month. He would even send all sorts of edibles and items back and give home a call every two days.

Now that Chu Qin voluntarily brought up the topic of bringing him to meet his parents, it meant that he intended to go public about their relationship. How could this not make Zhong Yibin happy?

Seeing the sparkles in Zhong Yibin’s eyes, Chu Qin also couldn’t stop his gaze from softening. He rubbed Zhong Yibin’s head. “En, I’ll bring you to see my father and mother.”

“Go go go, when will we leave,” Zhong Yibin jumped down the bed and took out the luggage bag from the wardrobe, preparing to pack clothes.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Chu Qin dragged him to a stop. “The new year is still a month’s time away. We’ll only leave on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month.” Seeing the exhilarated Zhong Yibin, Chu Qin couldn’t help sighing. The matter of his parents would eventually need to be faced; he had long since prepared his heart. He had already thought up responses to the arguments brought up by his parents. However…

Currently, Zhong Yibin’s memories had not completely recovered and it was unknown if he would be able to cope with his parents’ censure. In actuality, he had bore even greater hopes that Zhong Yibin would reject going back with him and wait for him to give his parents a heads-up before proceeding. “My dad and mom don’t know about our relationship yet. You… If you don’t want to go, it’s also fine. Next year, we can still…”

“That won’t do,” Zhong Yibin turned around, grabbing onto Chu Qin’s shoulder to face him. “How can I let you face your parents alone. What if they hit you?” With him around, he could still shoulder a few blows and carry the person off in the worst-case scenario.

Chu Qin laughed inwardly at his stern expression. He stood on tiptoes and kissed his eyelids. “Okay, we’ll go together.”

After discussing the itinerary, Chu Qin entered a period of time when he was exceptionally busy. He needed to host Shengshi TV’s New Year Evening Party before the new year. This evening party would be broadcasted on New Year’s Day and would be re-broadcasted during Chinese New Year.

The broadcast on New Year’s Day would be a live broadcast and thus required three dress rehearsals beforehand. On top of preparing for the evening party, the program which would be released during Chinese New Year also needed to be recorded in advance.

This was because the station’s hosts and majority of the workers would go on vacation or return home during the New Year. Only a small number would be on duty in the capital. All program schedules needed to be arranged properly one week before the New Year, It was not only his own program which needed to be recorded but as the entertainment programs’ director, Chu Qin also needed to supervise other recordings; he was so busy that his feet barely touched the ground.

Zhong Yibin’s world was also not relaxing. Fortunately, that incident had been resolved and what he needed to complete was only his usual work.

As for the family surnamed Li, the evidence against them was conclusive, signifying that they were frauds. Hence, Zhong Yibin sued them on the basis of ruining his reputation. The Li family did not appear at court, but their appearances had long been broadcasted by the various large media outlets. When they had made a fuss outside Shengshi’s doors while solemnly vowing and waving calico curtains, they even voluntarily sought out media outlets to film their miserable situation, so as to make their situation an even bigger deal.

The court judged that they had damaged Zhong Yibin’s reputation, requesting for them to make amends and compensate him ten thousand yuan for psychological stress. In addition, they would also need to compensate fifty thousand yuan to Shengshi TV for damage to property.

Damage to property referred to the television station’s revolving glass door that they had smashed. As for the loss in business the past few days, the lawyer for Shengshi did not request for compensation. This was because it would require Shengshi’s earnings to be exposed. The gains would not exceed the losses; it was fine to just teach them a lesson.

But the Li family also refused to pay this amount of compensation.

The capital’s television station had done a special report on this incident. When they found the Li family, they were nestled in a small worn-out stone house that was eight square meters wide. The paralyzed elderly person lay on a tattered bed and the house was littered with all sorts of junk, damaged boxes, stinky socks and abandoned newspapers – it appeared incomparably miserable.

The elderly person’s son sobbed before the camera. “We’re also in a tight spot. Being paralyzed for so many years, our family’s money has all been spent. My wife also ran off with someone else. We’ll be waiting to die if money doesn’t come in. We didn’t have any other options either…”

Seeing this scene, the viewers couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards the Li family.

[They’re already so pitiful. The Zhong family doesn’t lack that sixty thousand yuan, forget about it.]

[Seeing them so pitiful, Zhong Yibin should donate some funds to them.}

Several saint-like people started to speak some words of sympathy for this family. There were even others who stated that Zhong Yibin was making a big fuss out of a minor issue.

The capital television station once again interviewed Zhong Yibin. Zhong Yibin was seated in the director’s office at Shengshi Entertainment, with his hair slicked all the way back, revealing an extremely good-looking and refined face. “I won’t comment on the rest but just looking at that man surnamed Li’s strong physical stature, as well as that group of relatives who had even more energy than the security guards… Shengshi is very willing to do charity but I will not agree blindly to forgive when a young, physically strong man refuses to work and relies on blackmail for money.”

This statement instantly awakened all those saint-like people whose magnanimity was enough to make others sigh.

That’s right, the number of people who lacked money numbered in tens of millions. If everyone who lacked money went to someone’s company, made a fuss, and splashed dirty water on the director, wouldn’t that society be in a mess? Moreover, that man surnamed Li did indeed have a strong physique and those relatives of his also had shocking combat ability…

This matter had a huge impact on the entire country. At first, the citizens’ hatred of the rich were incited due to the rumor of a rich second-generation refusing to take responsibility after knocking someone down. After that, a huge reversal occurred, and it was revealed that it was a car accident fraud. Recently, such incidents of fraud involving compensation for car accidents had been happening one after the other and the citizens deeply abhorred such cases of fraud. After watching the interview, everyone showered the Li family with a torrent of abuse, not the least bit sympathetic.

[Those saints can shut their mouths. I recognize this honorable Li, he’s our village’s hoodlum. He didn’t engage in honest work and rebuffed his wife till she ran off.]

[Sympathizing with hoodlums who defraud others through car accidents, your logic is incomparable!]

[All those who defraud and extort should be sentenced to prison!]

[Blackmailing our meng Er Bing biscuit; sentence to prison, sentence to prison!]

Only after the interview ended did Zhong Yibin shift his profound, mysterious gaze away from the computer screen. On the screen was a chat window – the lines he had just recited were sent over by Chu Qin.

“What I said was correct, right?” Zhong Yibin called him.

“Brilliant!” Chu Qin smiled and praised him. “This matter is solved, the rest can be passed to Uncle Zhong.”

Father Zhong got Zhong Yibin to resolve the matter himself; this was to observe his son’s current capabilities. In the end, it was resolved satisfactorily, causing Father Zhong to feel reassured.

“Yibin is now very impressive. I think he’ll exceed his elder brother in less than two years,” The group of old fellows from the Shengshi board of directors sat together and discussed, speaking smilingly to Father Zhong.

“Still inexperienced,” Though Father Zhong said as such, his heart was actually blooming. His son was becoming more and more outstanding. If he continued like this, it wouldn’t matter even if he didn’t recover his memories. Chu Qin was truly skilled at teaching.

On the surface, the issue was resolved, and the rest was taken on by Father Zhong. This matter was ultimately controlled by the Zhou family. Although no concrete evidence had been found, it wouldn’t prevent Father Zhong from giving Father Zhou some trouble.

Daring to bully his son, he’ll make him pay till only his pants were left!

After his father took over the follow-up matters, Zhong Yibin could relax and concentrate on handling the company’s daily affairs. There were no problems that cropped up during the past few days Zhong Jiabin took over management. The company’s employees all worked honestly, each and every one of them as well-behaved as quails.

“I don’t even have such intimidation ability,” Zhong Yibin’s mouth thinned.

The Zhong family’s big brother glanced at his distressed younger brother and had no intention of replying to his meaningless question. He opened a drawer and threw him a leather document case.

“What is this?” Zhong Yibin received the case. It was pretty heavy. Upon opening it, a document and key lay inside.

Zhong Yibin took out the paper document to examine carefully. It was unexpectedly a deed to a house. The plot of land they bought previously was along a bustling business street. Near that block was a neighborhood Shengshi had previously developed and which had just finished completing this year. Shengshi had rushed to buy that piece of land in hopes that the two projects would mutually support each other.

The surrounding environment was superior, the quality of the houses was first-class and the house was elaborately designed. Therefore, this neighborhood’s houses sold out very quickly. This house was evidently one that his elder brother had specially left for him – a duplex house with a total floor space of 350 square meters.

“You did very well for the project regarding the plot of land. This is an end-of-year reward,” Zhong Jiabin said faintly. Seeing his younger brother’s sparkling eyes, he eventually couldn’t stop a smiling expression from spreading over his face. “Let you use to marry your wife.”

Hearing these words, Zhong Yibin immediately became even happier. He scuttled over and wrapped his elder brother up in a hug, throwing him towards the heavens and giving Zhong Jiabin a huge shock.

“Hahaha, thank you ge!” Zhong Yibin hugged tight the elder brother who he had not thrown due to his weight and hopped around himself.

Zhong Jiabin frowned. He wanted to lecture him but seeing him so elated, he sighed helplessly and rapped him on the head.

With a house, Zhong Yibin felt that he had enough confidence to gallantly and spiritedly see his mother-in-law. Alone in his office, he rehearsed a conversation with Chu Qin’s parents.

“For what reason would you marry my son?” Zhong Yibin pinched his throat, pretending to be Mother Chu. As he said these words, he quickly ran over the opposite side and replied in his own voice. “Just based on the fact that I have a car and a house, and an annual salary of eight digits.”

“Then can you guarantee his happiness?” Zhong Yibin once again ran over to Mother Chu’s position to reply.

“Yes. Auntie, you can be at ease. I can come seven times in a night without repetition!” Zhong Yibin vowed solemnly. By coincidence, Chu Qin, who had wanted to have lunch with him, pushed open the door to the director’s office at this moment.

Four eyes collided. Chu Qin, “…”

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <An Er Bing who has an elder brother is like a gem>

Er Bing: Ge, I don’t have any money

Big Brother: Just got a new card, go and swipe it

Er Bing: Ge, I don’t have a car

Big Brother: Just bought a Ferrari, go and drive it

Er Bing: Ge, I want to marry a wife

Big Brother: Just bought a house, go and live in it

Er Bing: Ge, my wife hit me

Big brother: …… Just bought some safflower oil[1], use it to wipe

Er Bing: QAQ

[1] Safflower oil is a popular component of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s functions are to invigorate the blood and release stagnation, as well as to promote circulation. Modern uses for safflower include abdominal pain and swelling.

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