Holy Institution: Prologue

Disclaimer: This novel is the first novel in the five novel Dream Continent series, with each novel featuring a different couple.

Because this novel is part of a series, there is a fair amount of world-building in this novel and you may find that there are certain events or bits of information left unresolved or not completely addressed by the end of the novel. This novel also ends on a cliffhanger in order to set up the story for the next novel in the series.

I personally feel that this novel can still be enjoyed on its own and for the couple it features. However, if you are put off by what I have mentioned above, then this novel may not be for you.

Thank you for reading! ♡

Holy Institution. Its full name was Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution.

Even the addition of two institutions that focused on nurturing knights to the current Dream Continent – Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution and the Saint Dean’s Radiant Institution opened by the Society of the God of Light, was unable to shake the Holy Institution’s lofty and unrivaled position in the Dream Continent.

Compared to those two institutions controlled by the Association of Knights and the Pope, and which were linked to every country in countless ways, Saint Padeus’ Institution was as pure as a lily growing on a precipice. She was distant from the evil clutches of power and desire, and did as she pleased. For instance, lending a helping hand when some small country was invaded. For instance, offering support when some region met a disaster…

Her status was not granted by the sovereigns of the various countries but was the result of heartfelt praises from the people of the entire continent.

Thus, during the enrollment examination that occurred once every three years, every student on the continent would be unable to control themselves in excitement, as if they were a young girl at their wedding.

— Out of jealousy of Saint Padeus’ Institution’s exam numbers, Saint Sauvy’s Institution and Saint Dean’s Institution set up a rule that students who had participated in Saint Padeus’ Institution’s entry exam would not be able to participate in theirs. In spite of this, the scene of wildfire once every three years due to the Holy Institution could not be prevented.

However, all these beautiful and touching things failed to diminish the worry in the heart of the chairman of the Holy Institution, Orosai.

For Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution to completely break free from the play of politics by those in power, the four virtuous people who founded the Holy Institution signed an agreement that year. The agreement was for them to exempt and accept seven children of nobility. Of course, the condition in exchange was for Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution to possess an independence that transcended generations; a land that was separate from disputes.

Therefore, they possessed this land… as well as the trouble that came once every three years.

When these princes and princesses who shouldered their country’s hopes and expectations came to the institution, it became impossible for the Holy Institution to keep an absolute distance from political struggles.

And this sort of struggle had worsened the previous years.

The two who came from the Continent’s two most formidable countries – the prince of Kanding Empire, Xi Luo, and the princess of Shamanril, Qiao Ni, openly demonstrated a ‘you fight, I snatch’ power struggle within the school. A third of the students were drawn into this struggle, causing the school to descend into chaos; the effects were extremely bad.

Although these two parties were eventually sent back to their individual countries to reflect on themselves, the problems they had left behind and exposed caused the teachers within the school to shrink back.

Orosai lowered his head and gazed at the name list in his hands.

All the teachers who possessed the qualifications to lead a class independently had found all sorts of excuses to evade the next batch of nobility that had been exempted from testing. If he was still unable to find a private tutor for the students before their arrival, he would have no choice but to take them on personally.

“Chairman daren[1],” His secretary, Michelle, saw his distress and reminded him. “Not all the tutors have rejected it, there’s still one person left.”

Orosai’s eyes lit up. “Who?”

Michelle took out the name list of all the tutors in the Holy Institution and pointed to the row right at the bottom. “Professor Tagilis, rank ten orthodox magic tutor. I’ve already investigated – he has zero students under his name. He can still lead ten students. The professor inquiry table doesn’t have him listed due to his long-term stay in the laboratory. I think you can ask for his opinion.”

“Hydin?” An extremely odd expression appeared on Orosai’s face.

After the six elite magic tutors dispatched by the main institute broke through layer after layer of magic spells, they finally arrived at the door to the laboratory.

As the head instructor of the main institute, Macreis didn’t have a choice but to take the initiative to knock on the door.

The instant the door made contact with his fingertips, it swung open without the slightest warning.

A pale and thin yet exceedingly handsome face appeared behind the door, his azure eyes boring into them till their hearts were sent into a flurry of nerves.

“Who allowed all of you to disturb me?” Hydin watched them expressionlessly.

Macreis coughed dryly and straightened his back. “It’s like this. We have been commissioned by the great head of the institute, Orosai, to enquire if you would be willing to guide a few students?”

“Students?” Within his clear and sonorous voice was a hint of sentimentality. When his pitch rose, there was an indescribable feeling of ambiguity.

The rest anxiously awaited his reply.

“Oh. That’s fine too,” Hydin suddenly pointed behind him. “This is the product of five years of research. You guys help me to shift it to the secret archive room in the library and lock it up.”

Macreis stared blankly. “But research results need to be passed unanimously by the institute parliament before the decision can be made on whether it needs to be locked within the secret archives, added on to teaching material or to any other location.”

Hydin snorted coldly. “You think you guys can comprehend my things?”

The six elites were shocked dumb, comforting themselves in unison: He is Hydin, he is Hydin, he is Hydin… So this sort of attitude is normal is normal is normal… must stay calm stay calm stay calm…

“Also, my students must be personally picked by me,” Hydin raised his head arrogantly, an understanding gaze twinkling in his eyes. “I am not a garbage collection center.”


If Orosai could predict the future, he would prefer to guide the students himself and never let Hdyin out, right?

Macreis could practically see the image of Orosai locking himself in his office and stamping his feet.

The author has something to say: Flipped through the Chinese calendar[2]. Today is a good day to start building, so I… started. O(∩_∩)O

[1] A term of respect used when addressing superiors.

[2] The Chinese calendar has 12/13 lunar months per year, and is about 20-50 days behind the Gregorian calendar, which is the typical one used. It is used to determine the dates of traditional Chinese festivals, such as Chinese New Year.

Translator’s corner: Very excited to be starting a new project, though this is just a sneak peek for now (* ^ ω ^) Updates will be sporadic till my current main project is completed.

Do check out my other translation I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! for diabetes-inducing fluff!

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