I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Celebrating the New Year

The video ended here, with the image of Xu Yuanyuan widening her eyes as the last scene. The viewers in front of their television were in a similar state as her, their mouths gaping wide for a long time without shutting. Then, a wave of unstoppable laughter followed.

The audience on-site also followed Chu Qin and laughed uproariously.

[Little Director Zhong is too adorable, hahahaha!]

[Family mission is entering the top ten for the final exam. Aiya, I’ve learnt a new method of being a pretentious prick!]

The collapse of the sex scandal involving Nanshan’s school flower successfully redeemed Zhong Yibin’s image in the eyes of the entire nation’s viewers. Like before, he was still the little Director Zhong who was occasionally astute in the reality show and occasionally adorably silly.

“Where did you find that notebook, I myself don’t remember it…” Zhong Yibin attempted to defend himself but it unexpectedly caused everyone to laugh even harder.

Only after Chu Qin got his fill of laughter did he return to the main topic. “Did you not have a girl you liked when you were going to school? Even if you did have a family mission, it wouldn’t hinder you from secretly liking someone.”

The audience broke out into laughter once again from hearing the words ‘family mission’.

Zhong Yibin’s curled his lip. “No.”

Chu Qin continued to prob unrelentingly. “Then what about university? You studied abroad for university, right.”

“I can’t distinguish Caucasian appearances; they look identical to me,” Zhong Yibin looked over innocently. Seeing that Chu Qin was about to carry on, he instantly raised two fingers. “Truth to tell, I’ve only ever liked one person from kindergarten till now.”

“Eh—” The audience immediately grew interested and the people in front of the television also perked up their ears. It appeared that gossip was about to arrive; Zhong Yibin unexpectedly confessed on television that he had someone he liked.

At this moment, Shengshi promptly inserted an advertisement, inviting the curses of many viewers before the television.

After the advertisement, Chu Qin paused suspiciously for a moment upon hearing Zhong Yibin’s statement and did not continue to ask who the person he liked was. However, the audience was not so willing to do so, and continuously shouted their desire to know.

The director’s voice sounded from the earphones, requesting Chu Qin to ask Zhong Yibin who the person he liked was.

Chu Qin rolled his eyes internally. Turning around, he asked seriously, “Wow, what did I hear. Director Zhong has someone he likes; can you say who this person is?”

Zhong Yibin watched him silently.

“Wow ah ah ah!” The audience off-stage immediately became impassioned.

“Of course it’s my most suitable partner!” As Zhong Yibin uttered these words, he stood up and walked to Chu Qin, holding onto him and attempting to hug.

Chu Qin hurriedly dodged to the side but his slow movements still caused him to be caught. Zhong Yibin’s lips pouted as he moved to kiss Chu Qin – no matter how he dodged, Zhong Yibin insisted on kissing him. In the end, he ended up being kissed on the cheek.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…” The entire broadcasting studio was on the verge of exploding. The audience had all stood up in excitement and several girls shrieked till they nearly fainted.

When this was broadcasted, the topic of ‘Zhong Qin’ once again blew up and everyone started to discuss the two’s relations enthusiastically. Zhong Yibin had forcefully kissed Chu Qin on the program while Chu Qin had blocked him with his cue cards, his expression that of dislike. However, he had not blocked that wolf mouth and had been nibbled on red-handed.

Moreover, because Bai Cheng had called Zhong Yibin as such in the video, the ‘Er Bing’ nickname was known to the entire country’s viewers. Everyone started to call Zhong Yibin ‘Director Bing’ beneath his Weibo page.

An artist had drawn the scene from the program as a four-paneled comic; the title was <Er Bing wants Qin Qin>. Little Er Bing, whose head was drawn a third of the size of his body, pounced over in an attempt to forcibly kiss the pudgy little Chu Qin. Little Chu Qin pushed at him in irritation with his tiny, short hands and managed to push little Zhong Yibin away. However, little Zhong Yibin refused to give up and morphed into a biscuit. He ran back and sandwiched Zhong Yibin within the biscuit, finally fulfilling his wish to kiss him.

This comic was simply too cute and was wildly forwarded by netizens.

[Heavens, why do I feel that these two are for real?]

[The gaze that Qin Qin uses to look at Director Zhong is clearly filled with love!]

[Taking advantage of the program to benefit yourself. Director Zhong, that’s enough!]

Contrary to expectations, the more open the intimacy, the less likely it was to be considered a sex scandal. Everyone laughed it off and treated it as an amusing matter.

However, even if the audience weren’t able to see it, others would.

The night the program aired, Chu Qin received a call from home.

“Son, are you coming back for the New Year?” The voice of Chu Qin’s mother sounded from the head of the phone.

Zhong Yibin, who was currently lying against Chu Qin’s leg and playing games, couldn’t help but perk up his ears. Till now, Chu Qin’s family was still not aware of their relationship. Chu Qin’s father was a traditional intellectual and would likely not take the news easily, hence Chu Qin had always dragged it out without daring to say it.

“Returning,” Chu Qin would always return home on time no matter how busy he was at work. After all, he could only return once every year. To his lonely parents, he was already very unfilial.

“Didn’t you say you had a partner last time? Just nice, bring the person back for mother to see,” Mother Chu chuckled.

Chu Qin was stunned for a moment before recalling that his mother had been chasing him to find a partner during summer and so, he said that he already had one. Pursing his lips, he lowered his head and glanced at Zhong Yibin, who was watching him with a pair of glimmering eyes. He inhaled deeply. “There aren’t any plans to get married, he[1] needs to go home during the new year too..”

“How can you not get married, this child!” Mother Chu appeared to be a little angry. She nimbly interrupted Chu Qin’s evasion. “Dating without the intention of getting married – that is immoral behavior. If you don’t believe it, ask the person whether they are willing to come home with you.”

“Okay… I’ll ask…” The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched, and he hung up the phone, unable to stop himself from sighing. Saying such things at this moment; it was probably because his parents had saw them on the program and wanted him to bring home a partner to ease their nerves.

“What difficulty have you encountered?” Zhong Yibin saw that he wanted to say something but was hesitating and put down the tablet in his hands, sitting up to touch Chu Qin’s face.

Chu Qin shook his head. He was silent for a while before asking in a small voice with his head lowered. “During the new year, can you… go home with me?”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: What advantages are there by going to your house?

Qin Qin: Can eat the local specialties

Er Bing: And?

Qin Qin: Experience the local unique mother-in-law

Er Bing: (⊙﹏⊙)

[1] He and She are pronounced the same way in Chinese, which is why Mother Chu has no reaction to it.

Translator’s corner: And I thought they would finally be revealed to the entire world… but guess not lol

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