I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Dreaming

Fortunately, Chu Qin was staying in a single-person tent and didn’t shock anyone else awake. That being said, any sound made in the dead of the night would be amplified. Chu Qin was fully awoken and clearly recognized the guy who had attacked him in the night. Chu Qin slowly relaxed and restrained himself from making noises.

Zhong Yibin was aware of his restraint and became increasingly unbridled. His hand had already entered the loose clothing and stroked the smooth, pliable skin. Naturally, he received a pounding from Chu Qin. However, this sort of weak beating landing on his body only caused Zhong Yibin’s excitement to increase.

After exchanging a deep and long kiss, Chu Qin pushed the person off him while panting and said in a low voice, “What are you doing running here in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping?”

“I haven’t settled the accounts from the morning,” Zhong Yibin pressed closer without letting up. Encircling Chu Qin with his arms, he pinched his buttocks.

Chu Qin’s face turned a shade of red. Luckily, the lighting was dim, and the person opposite could not see it. He could only mutter guiltily in a small voice. “Stop fooling around, there are people around…”

“You already guessed how I’m going to punish you?” Zhong Yibin stretched out a leg and hooked it around the person in an octopus-like manner.

Chu Qin’s face heated up. Indeed, this guy hadn’t said how he would punish him but he himself had already thought up many censored scenes. Chu Qin coughed lightly. “How would I know what you wanted to do? I was just warning you not to make noise; it would be bad if someone saw us.”

Although those from Shengshi already knew of their relationship, there would definitely be talk if someone found Zhong Yibin in his tent in the middle of the night. Work was so hectic, under the skies… He wouldn’t know how to conduct himself in the future…

“I guarantee there won’t be any noise,” Zhong Yibin blinked and started to pull down Chu Qin’s sleeping pants. “It’ll be fine as long as you restrain yourself.”

Chu Qin’s eyes widened. This guy was really going for it! He hurriedly stretched out a hand to stop him. The climate here was sizzling hot, so Chu Qin didn’t don the usual pajama pants when he slept but instead wore a large pair of thin underpants. It was pulled down very easily.

“What’s so nice about watching brothers, I’ll act out ‘Spicy Zhong Qin’ for you,” Saying this, Zhong Yibin grabbed Chu Qin’s vital part.

“Oh…” Chu Qin’s lips puckered up as he endured, swallowing the scream that was at the front of his mouth. Gritting his teeth, he glared at Zhong Yibin, grabbing onto Zhong Yibin’s in return.

A touching kiss blocked out all low groans. Under this sort of exciting situation, their bodies became exceptionally sensitive and they ended it not long after. The both of them had a sheen of sweat over their bodies, their foreheads lowered as they panted.

“Let’s take a bath,” Zhong Yibin suggested. With a body of sweat, as well as the blistering hot climate, their bodies felt sticky all over – it was very uncomfortable.

Their tents were at the end of the beach and reaching the sea was only the matter of a few steps away from the tents. Chu Qin was somewhat moved. He lay at the entrance to the tent and looked around; everyone was sleeping soundly. Even if someone got up to go to the bathroom and found them swimming, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

Since they had talked about it, they went ahead with it. Chu Qin picked up the panic light and a towel and went to the sea while holding hands with Zhong Yibin. There were no streetlights here, only the moonlight during nighttime. The large sea in the distance was a deep black color, appearing somewhat terrifying. The brook’s water on the island meandered from a distance, gurgling along the rocks as it converged in the sea.

There were many salt particles in sea water; it could not truly clean the body. After playing in the sea for a while, they would still need to go to the brook to wash themselves another time.

Firstly, Chu Qin used the panic light to illuminate the beach. Only after seeing that there weren’t any living creatures did he shine the light over the shallow water. Poisonous jellyfish would appear at the seaside at several locations; they were extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there were no such creatures at this beach and the two people dipped their feet into the water, the cool seawater making them feel very comfortable.

Zhong Yibin saw that there were no dangers and without the slightest concern, ran into the shallow waters and rolled around in it.

Chu Qin was seated on the sand, the ocean spray that continuously sprayed over wetting his large underpants. Moistening the towel with water, he wiped away the sticky substances on his body. It was extremely cooling with the sea wind blowing against him.

Zhong Yibin played for a while before climbing back up and resting his head on Chu Qin’s leg. “In the morning, I remembered something that happened when I was young.”

“En?” Chu Qin was stunned. He lowered his head to look at the large head on his leg. So, this guy didn’t come to find him in the middle of the night solely for the purpose of committing some bad acts. Chu Qin stroked the crown of his head and urged him encouragingly. “What did you remember?”

“I recalled that my brother played with me on the sand when I was young. I asked him to pick shells with me and he called me childish,” Zhong Yibin couldn’t help laughing as he thought of the scene in his memories. Recalling scenes with his family calmed his heart quite a bit. Previously, he didn’t remember his family members and even spoke to them forcefully – this feeling was akin to eating vegetables that had been wrapped in plastic. The fundamental product had no taste and one did not dare to swallow it.

Chu Qin kneaded his head. “This is a good thing; it means your memories are being restored. Did you tell elder brother?” When they went to the high school previously for Zhong Yibin to regain his memories, they had visited the university and even ate at the cafeteria they had visited often. There had been very little results yielded from this trip. Perhaps it was because Zhong Yibin originally remembered him, so even if he remembered something regarding him, he couldn’t differentiate between whether it was something he had always known or something that he had just recalled.

Zhong Yibin shook his head. He had not told his elder brother. Over the course of their interaction, the distance between them had been bridged by quite a bit. However, he would still subconsciously choose to not say anything if there was an issue, instead choosing to tell Chu Qin.

Seeing this situation, Chu Qin couldn’t resist pursing his lips in a faint smile. Suddenly, a faint feeling of melancholy once again crawled into his heart. The current Zhong Yibin didn’t have his memories and treated him as his only support but they had never before been as intimate as they were this year. That all-encompassing trust enabled him to feel immense responsibility, but at the same time, full of happiness.

If Zhong Yibin regained all his memories one day, would they still be as close as they were now?

To be honest, Chu Qin had genuinely liked Zhong Yibin in the past. Despite the various shortcomings this guy had, it was never as blissful as it was now. Ever since Zhong Yibin had amnesia, it was as if they had started afresh and dated. Zhong Yibin learnt to take note of the details in life and remembered his favorite foods while he discovered a side to Zhong Yibin that was previously not known to him. That childish yet adorable side…

“What’s wrong?” It was dark and they couldn’t see each other’s expressions clearly but Zhong Yibin felt that Chu Qin’s mood had dropped. He sat up and cupped Chu Qin’s face as he asked.

“I just suddenly… don’t want you to regain your memories,” Chu Qin pursed his lips and told the truth, slowly burrowing his head into the crook of Zhong Yibin’s neck. He knew that his way of thinking was very selfish but there were times when he just couldn’t control his thoughts. Living like this for a lifetime was also quite good – Zhong Yibin having no one else, only him.

Hearing these words, Zhong Yibin suddenly felt a vicious pain in his heart for a moment. He hugged the person in his embrace tightly. “Then I won’t regain them. Those memories aren’t important anyway.”

Chu Qin was silent, only rubbing his face against Zhong Yibin’s neck.

“Did you commit a shameless deed in the past? Is that why you’re so scared of me regaining my memories, en?” Zhong Yibin turned and kissed him on the face. His tone of voice changed to a gentle one, wanting to cheer Chu Qin up.

Chu Qin felt somewhat guilty after hearing these words. It couldn’t be considered a shameless deed but there were some problems between them in the past. They frequently quarreled and even broke up before.

“Broke up?” Zhong Yibin was astonished. He pinched Chu Qin’s chin and lowered his head to look at him carefully. He didn’t recall this, only the fact that he liked Chu Qin and Chu Qin also liked him…

Chu Qin sighed. He would eventually recall it so why not tell it to him earlier and avoid any possible misunderstandings. At that time, it was one year after they had confirmed their relationship. For unknown reasons, Zhong Yibin was dispirited and lacked motivation. He would eat and drink with that bunch of scoundrels the entire day without managing the company. Chu Qin told him off but he refused to listen and even got angry at Chu Qin.

There was once when Zhong Yibin wanted Chu Qin to attend Zhou Zimeng’s birthday party with him but Chu Qin refused and they quarreled. That argument was particularly fierce, and Chu Qin was especially angry, directly proposing to break up.

Zhong Yibin listened with his eyebrows puckered. Such a fine treasure, how could he have been willing to force him to that point. How did the past him think? “After that?”

“At that time, you had a young master tantrum and agreed to breaking up. You flung the door aside and left,” Chu Qin’s mouth curled. Thinking of it still made him a little angry.

“Then how did we reconcile?” Zhong Yibin was vexed.

Chu Qin blinked, rolled his eyes and coughed lightly. “Then you recognized that you were in the wrong and knelt for a night on the washboard outside my door. I saw your pitiful appearance and reluctantly forgave you,” His manner of speaking made it clear that he was fooling around.

Naturally, Zhong Yibin didn’t believe him. Stretching out a hand, he tickled him. Chu Qin laughed so hard that he gasped for breath, yet he refused to say it from start to end.

Harboring feelings of curiosity, Zhong Yibin returned to his elder brother’s tent to sleep. He shut his eyes and suddenly dreamt of the past.

The Chu Qin in his dreams was younger than he was now. A few hints of obstinacy resided in his beautiful eyes. “Let’s break up, I’ve had enough.”

“Break up then,” Zhong Yibin said in exasperation. He turned around, pushed open the door and left. He just couldn’t understand; he only wanted the person he loved to integrate with his circle of friends. This was the mark of a good boyfriend when it came to other lovers; why didn’t it work when it came to him. Chu Qin disliked his friends and refused to show his face at a single birthday party.

The two people didn’t communicate for a day and night. When night arrived on the second day, Zhong Yibin couldn’t carry on and habitually ran to the front of Chu Qin’s apartment building, fishing out the key to open the door.

The living room was quiet. Chu Qin wore a white t-shirt and curled up on the sofa on his own while hugging his knees. His face was buried in his arms, his expression indistinguishable.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, he slowly raised his head, revealing a beautiful pair of flushed eyes.

The various excuses in his mind that he had planned to say suddenly vanished completely. Zhong Yibin threw aside the things in his arms and strode forward quickly. He pressed the person down onto the couch and in spite of Chu Qin’s struggles, directly did him.

After that, as he held onto a weak Chu Qin, Zhong Yibin only knew how to repeatedly admit to his wrongdoings. “Don’t cry baby, my heart is about to shatter from seeing you cry. I was wrong, we won’t go to birthday parties anymore. Since you don’t like them, I’ll also spend less time with them, all right?”

“Who’s crying,” Chu Qin pushed him away and rubbed his eyes. These were biological tears, that guy used quite a bit of strength just now…

A dream thus led to Zhong Yibin once again soiling his pajama pants. He woke up early to get rid of the evidence but upon turning around, he was met with his brother’s seemingly all-seeing eyes. Zhong Yibin, whose arms were holding onto his underpants, immediately felt embarrassed.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Then?

Qin Qin: Then we reconciled

Er Bing: So, doing it is all that’s needed to coax you?

Qin Qin: That’s… that’s not all

Er Bing: New skill get √

Qin Qin: Er Bing, come and eat lunch

Er Bing: Why are your eyes red?

Qin Qin: Ah, because I was chopping onions…

Er Bing: I just knew it, you’re being difficult again

Qin Qin: ???

Er Bing: Come, let this venerable gong cure you

Qin Qin: !!!

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  1. Er Bing: Why are your ears red?

    Qin Qin: Ah, because I was chopping onions…

    Is it really ears? It makes more sense if it is eyes but maybe it is some inside joke which i do not understand…

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