I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Night attack

On the phone was a downloaded e-book, titled <Don’t want the emperor brothers (JiaYi)>. After scanning it, Zhong Yibin realized that the names of the two characters matched his and his elder brother’s. The content was even more odd.

“Give it back to me…” Chu Qin hurriedly attempted to snatch it back but was dodged agilely by Zhong Yibin, who swiftly turned to the next page to read the summary.

The story was about the loving Zhong family brothers who had simultaneously transmigrated into an ancient dynasty due to a freak accident. Zhong Jiabin became the crown prince while Zhong Yibin was a prince born from a concubine, who was constantly bullied. Zhong Jiabin recognized Zhong Yibin, who was being bullied by the other princes, and protected him in his embrace, allowing his younger brother to stay with him in the eastern palace. They were mutually dependent on each other for survival during the ancient times and unwittingly bore feelings for each other that were of an unusual nature…

“…” Zhong Yibin was silent for a long time. Raising his eyes, he glanced at Chu Qin, whose face was as red as blood.

“There’s nothing to do. This was a story gifted by the reading application, I didn’t know that it was written like that, ahaha,” Chu Qin coughed dryly twice and snatched back his handphone. Seeing Zhong Yibin’s gradually sinking expression, he swallowed.

Zhong Yibin narrowed his eyes slightly and bit Chu Qin’s ear, “I’ll put you in order tonight.”

“Oh…” Chu Qin covered his ear, his entire body flushed red.

The programs team saw this scene and lowered their heads to look at the ground. There were actually people engaging in public displays of affection on such a lonely island, how infuriating! But that was the boss and director; they could only pretend not to have noticed anything.

After lunch, the afternoon activities immediately commenced without any rest time. The week’s theme was surviving on an island and the goal was to find the treasure hidden in the mountains by pirates.

The programs team had already set up checkpoints at various locations on the island. With every completion of the task at a checkpoint, they would be awarded a clue. Some clues were useful while others were useless; it was very deceptive.

The five groups started their long journey on the island. Having received stimulation during the first week when Yu Tang snatched items, everyone proceeded without the intention of abiding by the rules. The smart ones would think of ways to scheme others, as well as methods to avoid others’ schemes. Of course, the pure Zhao Xu continued to be embroiled in thoughts of completing the task.

The athletes’ physical strength had always been impressive, and they were the first to reach the first task point. The task here was to retrieve the <Nine Suns Sutra> hidden by the monkeys on the top of the tree and adopt the martial arts postures inside. They would receive a key to open a chest from this.

The job of climbing the tree was handed over to the nimble sister. Upon retrieving the sutra and flipping it open, nine hand-drawn yoga movements were listed, all of which were particularly distorted. This task needed to be done by both brother and sister. The good thing was that it was effortless for the gymnast Zhao Yan to carry out such movements. Only Zhao Xu had to go through some pain.

He had already gone without training for a year and these movements required an extremely high level of flexibility. However, he was still stronger compared to others and eventually managed to complete it. Just as he took the key, Mu Chen suddenly rushed out and swindled him of it.

“The second checkpoint’s chest has already been opened, this probably isn’t of any use,” Film emperor Mu said with an expression of regret.

“Ah? No use!” Zhao Yan made a pained expression. In fact, he wasn’t very aware of the game’s rules even till now. He only knew it roughly – that he would get a key after passing the checkpoint.

“En, the next checkpoint was completed in advance, so this checkpoint is no longer applicable. The information inside also became false,” Mu Chen picked up the Nine Suns Sutra with regret, suppressing his laughter with great effort. “You two did these movements for real, hahaha!”

The yoga movements inside were all strange and hilarious. It was all right for Zhao Yan to do them, but it was very strange for a muscular guy like Zhao Xu to carry them out.

 Mu Chen dragged Zhao Xu along to the next point. Behind them, Mu Sha used the key to open the chest, obtaining a clue card. Realizing that there was something wrong, Zhao Xu turned and chased after them. After tangling with him for half a day, Mu Chen also escaped.

Wenqing observed this scene and struggled to keep down her laughter. “Why are you so silly!”

Wenyu covered her mouth in laughter as well. The two sisters had sufficient intellect but lacked athleticism. Hence, Wenqing proposed that the four of them form an alliance and divide the treasure evenly. Zhao Xu found this reasonable and followed them, even speaking to the camera in a conceited manner. “I can’t look through Mu Chen and Mu Sha’s acting, it’s better to stay a bit further from them.”

“It’s really big Zhao who’s silly. Mu Chen’s acting is good, so is Wenqing’s acting poor?” Chu Qin said helplessly on front of the surveillance monitor.

The good thing was that Wenqing didn’t reveal her true colors today and was always very united. They got past the fourth checkpoint by cooperating and opened the treasure chest. There was no clue inside, only a small bag of rice. The four people were wild with joy. In such an area, obtaining an edible clue made them even more excited.

The other two pairs of brothers were high IQ teams and engaged in a battle of wits – the excitement was incomparable. However, an afternoon’s worth of time was too short and was not enough for the tasks to be completed. When night fell, Chu Qin announced a time-out.

“Man-eaters roam about at nightfall; exploration activities must be suspended. Courageous navigators, what you need to do is solve your dinner, as well as protect the clues and key that you have already obtained,” Chu Qin’s tone of voice had a cadence like that of the large monsters in movies, causing everyone’s hairs to stand on end.

Due to the various struggles that had taken place in the afternoon, several groups no longer had the amicable attitude of before and prepared their dinners individually.

Mu Chen’s fishnet had undergone a few alterations by Mu Sha and could finally catch fish. As usual, Yu Tang mysteriously caught a rabbit and slaughtered it skillfully with the knife. He skewered it on his younger brother’s tool – the barbecue fork. Zhao Xu and Wenqing found wild fruits and flowers; without any hunting tools, they could only consume these. However, they did have a good item, namely Wenqing’s tool – a pot. With the rice obtained in the afternoon, they could cook vegetable and fruit porridge. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Just as everyone was preparing their dinner in high spirits, they suddenly realized that there was no fire.

The afternoon’s bonfire had been extinguished by Zhong Jiabin after they finished their meal, the reason being that with no one minding the fire while they were completing the tasks, a fire could occur. Everyone acknowledged this and thus didn’t say anything much. Now that there was no fire, they were flabbergasted, turning to look towards the calm Zhong brothers.

Since Zhong Yibin’s tool was matchsticks, he was the only one out of the ten people who had the ability to light fires. The brothers didn’t hunt, nor did they search for wild fruits, only leisurely building up a fire and using the kettle the programs team had distributed to boil water to drink.

“Borrowing your fire,” Yu Tang walked over with a branch, wanting to get some fire, but was stopped in his tracks by Zhong Yibin.

“There is a shortage of supplies. It’s fine to want fire but give us something in exchange,” Zhong Jiabin held a pot of water above the fire. If Yu Tang moved to snatch it, the fire would be put out.

Everyone finally realized the true motive of the Zhong family’s big brother wanting his brother to snatch the matches. As it turned out, they were waiting for this.

Yu Tang was infuriated into laughter. He exchanged one-thirds of the chicken for a stick of fire. The rest wanted to borrow fire from Yu Tang but Yu Tang similarly also wanted compensation.

Mu Chen pondered over it for a moment. Borrowing from Yu Tang was a short-sighted deal and they would offend the Zhong brothers. They would still need to borrow fire tomorrow and would also need to offer something in return. Why not give it to the Zhong family then.

As a result, Mu Chen offered a fish the size of two palms in exchange for fire. Wenqing promised to give them two bowls of porridge after it finished cooking to obtain fire. The Zhong brothers, who had done nothing, leisurely obtained the most luxurious meal.

Zhong Yibin was in full admiration of his elder brother’s resourcefulness and happily followed to eat delicious food.

After dinner, everyone was tired and weren’t in the mood for any amusement. They went to sleep one after the other after extinguishing the bonfire. Zhong Yibin slept back to back with his brother till the middle of the night, when his eyes suddenly opened.

The moonlight shone through the entrance covered by mosquito netting. The tropical island was hot from morning to night and was full of all kinds of insects. A towel was draped over the camera in the corner. It had been covered at night when they were changing clothes and had not been taken down.

Zhong Yibin sat up, shook his sleep-laden head and softly clambered out. He entered director Chu’s tent amidst those who were in a deep sleep.

Chu Qin was sleeping soundly when his chest suddenly felt smothered. In his dreams, a gigantic dog was licking his face while drooling. The more it licked, the further south it went. Then, he woke up with a start. His eyes opened and with the help of the moonlight, he saw someone leaning over him with his face buried in his chest.

“Ah…” A startled scream was trapped in his throat by the pair of lips that suddenly attacked him, causing an aggrieved whimper.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Not allowed to scream, otherwise I won’t be polite

Qin Qin: How won’t you be polite

Er Bing: Sauce you up, then ferment, and then sauce again

Qin Qin: …… Ah–

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