I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Signal

Zhong Yibin had swiftly shot to fame because of his participation in the reality show. For the boss of an entertainment company, it wasn’t considered too improper for him to have joined a reality show. Moreover, he was handsome and was the subject of many discussions. It would be hard for him not to be popular even if he didn’t want to.

A fan support force had even been established online – there were people proficient in editing who had pieced together what few images there were. From the past, when he did squats on Confusion while carrying Chu Qin, to the present, when he participated in <Bun, Quickly Run>; From his calm answers during the interview at the drama ceremony to the interesting bits of him on the reality show brainlessly following after his elder brother… The Zhong Yibin during different situations were like two completely different people, freely switching between the tyrannical director and the adorable, enchanting creature.

In conclusion, his current image was a positive one. Due to the effects of the two brothers’ publicity, Shengshi’s stock prices also rose bit by bit. The board of directors were extremely satisfied with this occurrence and fervently supported Zhong Jiabin in continuing to film the program, turning a blind eye to the aggrieved expression on the chairman of the board of directors.

Everything was progressing very well. The topic of ‘Zhong Qin’ was also currently smoldering. Suddenly, a magazine released explosive news – Zhong Yibin was previously a bad youngster.

[The perfection on the outside is all a façade, the Zhong family’s second young master knocked up a schoolgirl during senior high school!]

This sort of eye-grabbing headline instantly attracted the attention of numerous people. A mysterious woman very quickly received an interview, saying that she was previously from Nanshan Senior high school and was in the same year as Zhong Yibin…

The people who had already gone to film for the program had their communications signal disrupted and was completely in the dark about this.

The plane brought everyone to a coastal town. Then, they switched to a yacht and directly traveled to an uninhabited island in the sea. The main theme of this week’s program was surviving on an uninhabited island. There were  mountains and water on the uninhabited island, and the island was within a radius of three kilometers; it was not very big. The production team had already confirmed in advance that there were no large predatory animals in the surroundings. The water was also clean; there were no dangers.

“From now onwards, everyone will stay on the island for two days and one night. The programs team will not provide any food and water, only a few tools for you to pick,” Chu Qin stood on the sand and showed everyone the tools available with a large smile.

Items such as tents were available to everyone, but every person could only pick one of the other tools. There was a hammer, ax, barbecue fork, knife, match and so on.

“We can only choose one? But I think that every one has a use,” Wenqing said as she made a pained face.

For the sake of giving a better performance on the program, she had specially returned home and learnt two days’ worth of culinary skills. She could now cook two simple dishes. She hadn’t expected for the programs team to be so ruthless this time, directly letting them be cavemen.

The Zhong family’s big brother spoke two words into his brother’s ears and the pair of brothers stepped out to pick their tools. Zhong Jiabin picked the hammer while Zhong Yibin took the matches. Yu Tang quickly snatched the knife and stuffed the barbecue fork into his brother’s hands in passing.

The rest each picked their own tools, though everyone’s tools could still be considered similar. It was only Mu Chen who snatched a woven hammock, his appearance amusing.

“We haven’t even eaten, what do you want this plaything for?’ Zhao Xu looked at him, puzzled.

“This can act as a fishing net!” Mu Chen imagined the wildest things, pointing at the hammock before pointing at the vast ocean. The fish surrounding the uninhabited island were the easiest to catch; the fish would be in large groups and were unafraid of people.

The corner of Zhao Xu’s mouth twitched. Ignoring him, he dragged his sister to set up their tent.

“I propose that everyone set up their tents together, so that we can take care of each other at night,” Zhong Jiabin stated.

Everyone agreed. After all, they were to get through two days without any food. It was still better for everyone to remain in a group and warm themselves. Their social enemy was now the evil programs team.

Camping was an activity that rich people often indulged in and quite a few people knew how to set up tents. However, the ones they set up previously were high-end tents that could be set up just by fastening it. The ones the programs team distributed were different – they were old-fashioned tents which needed stakes for nails.

This moment demonstrated the usefulness of the hammer that the Zhong family’s big brother had chosen. When everyone was searching for stones to nail the stakes down, the banging sound of the hammer grew increasingly ear-piercing.

In reality, the Zhong family’s big brother didn’t know how to set up a tent and was only studying this toy. The advantageous thing was that there was a manual included in the packaging. Zhong Jiabin meticulously read through it once and then glanced at the tent in his hands. Then, he threw the manual to the side and gestured for his brother to help out. The two brothers were both long-limbed so Zhong Yibin held up one side of the tent while his elder brother pulled the other end. Their cooperation was tacit, and they very quickly propped up their tent without the slightest fault.

“Ge, you’re too impressive,” Zhong Yibin gazed at his family’s elder brother in adoration.

Faced with his brother’s sparkling eyes, Zhong Jiabin stared blankly for a moment before a slight indistinguishable smile slowly appeared on his face. When he was young, Zhong Yibin would also look at him with this sort of gaze. When he helped his younger brother to take the shuttlecock hanging on the tree, when he taught him to play basketball and did a slam dunk, when he polished off the silkworm chrysalis’ that Zhong Yibin didn’t dare to eat… he would receive this sort of simple yet heated gaze.

At which point did his younger brother stop looking at him in such a way?

Was it since he took over the position of the director of Shengshi Group or was it since he got into the third-ranked university in the world? Or was it ever since father said the line ‘if only you were half as good as your elder brother’… The two brothers had gradually grown apart since a long time ago. If not for the accidental amnesia, he was afraid that he would never be able to restore the affection between them in this lifetime.

“What are you looking at!” Noticing that his elder brother was in a daze, Zhong Yibin followed his line of sight. What appeared in his vision was the microphone-totting Chu Qin. Instantly, his hairs stood on end. “That’s your brother’s wife! What do you mean by looking at him with such intensity?”

The cameraman at the side trembled simultaneously and the director, who had just drunk a mouthful of water, spurted it out. He hurriedly arranged for his assistant to note down. “Remember to cut this part!”

Chu Qin turned red. The good thing was that the programs team was from Shengshi and everyone was well aware. But this still made him rather awkward, so he walked over and gave a Zhong Yibin’s leg a kick.

Zhong Yibin nimbly dodged and hid behind his elder brother, pulling a face at him.

The location for setting up the tents was the stone plain on top of the sand, with a dense thicket behind. Nobody dared to set up their tents in the woods in fear of animals like snakes or mice.

This piece of level ground was a large block of even stone. It was close to the shore; their view of the horizon was wide, and it was convenient to make a fire and cook.

For the first meal, the programs team didn’t interfere much and there were no tasks or competitions. Mu Sha suggested that everyone eat together so that they could save some energy and eat more.

Hearing that they could eat more, the children were ecstatic. Wenqing brought the two girls and Yu Lin into the woods to search for wild fruits. Yu Lin was extremely delighted at being able to temporarily leave the control of his family’s demonic brother and eagerly followed after them.

Mu Chen dragged Zhao Xu along to catch fish. Yu Tang silently watched them before turning around to enter the woods.

“Ge, let’s dredge up some shrimp?” Zhong Yibin glanced at the clear seawater, eager to give it a try.

“Go then,” Zhong Jiabin did not reject him and followed his brother to the seaside.

The reef beside the sea would have sea creatures with shells attached to it and crabs as well as shellfish could be dug out from within the reefs. Zhong Yibin was extremely excited; he picked them up one by one and placed them on a large leaf his elder brother and taken.

The scene before his eyes suddenly seemed to coincide with a certain something in his memory. There was once someone who held his hand and picked shells beside the sea.

“Gege, look at this, is it nice looking?”


“These shells are the origin of the warrior of justice’s power. If we use them to pad our warship, we can defeat the sinister Yapool!”


Zhong Jiabin saw his brother suddenly staring blankly into space and glanced at his trembling hand that held onto the shell. He frowned slightly. “What do you see?”

“Yapool,” Zhong Yibin said without reason.

The corner of Zhong Jiabin’s mouth twitched. He ignored Zhong Yibin and turned to continue searching for food. When the time to serve the meal arrived, everyone returned from a rewarding journey. The Zhong family brothers had dug out quite a large amount of seafood and even captured two crabs; The children had also found papayas and bananas in the woods. The gaps in Mu Chen’s hammock were too large and many fish escaped after being netted. It was completely impossible to fish them up, so the two large men returned dripping wet, their two hands empty.

“Then we have no meat to eat,” Zhao Yan’s mouth flattened.

“There are still large crabs,” Wenyu glanced at the seafood at the side and comforted Zhao Yan.

Right at this moment, Yu Tang returned after vanishing into the woods. He actually brought back a wild chicken! Everyone was shocked and gazed at Yu Tang with a weird gaze.

Yu Tang raised a brow, threw the chicken onto the ground and raised his chin, indicating that they should kill the chicken.

“My elder brother is a hunting expert,” Yu Lin instantly appeared and started to blow his elder brother’s horn. He could shoot a wild boar, sling a shot at small birds, use a crossbow and shoot flying geese from fifty meters away – he could shoot with unparalleled precision. Seeing this short-limbed youngster bragging in deadly earnest, everyone endured before finally giving up and erupting into loud laughter.

With everyone’s cooperation, they could be considered to have eaten a sumptuous lunch. It was their first meal, and everyone was slightly more amicable. Zhong Yibin contributed a match to light the fire and ignited some firewood.

Everyone’s cooking skills could not be relied on and one by one, they looked towards Zhong Yibin with anticipation. Helpless, Zhong Yibin could only summon the courage to roast the chicken and seafood. The good thing about this was that it was on the simpler side. Not long after, a fragrant smell was emitted. When the chicken was roasted well, Zhong Yibin swiftly pinched a chicken leg and stated that it was his reward for being the chef.

There were no objections, and everyone started to divvy up the rest of the food. Holding this chicken leg, Zhong Yibin diligently ran over to the directing team. The directing team had bento boxes to eat and Chu Qin was seated at the side looking at his phone while eating from the bento box. The two dimples which could not be hidden were revealed, as if he was in a good mood.

“What are you looking at?” A chicken leg suddenly appeared in his bowl, accompanied by a faint voice.

Shocked, Chu Qin attempted to switch off his phone in a flurry. But it was quickly snatched by Zhong Yibin.

What was this guy looking at on an island without signal? Zhong Yibin curiously lowered his head to peek at it, his eyes widening immediately.

Translator’s corner: No small theater this chapter T.T

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