I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Reorganize

Chu Qin hung up, sinking into silence for a moment. The expression on his face turned solemn as he called Ma Yue in.

Ma Yue was a youthful person and had previously worked under Chen Feng. His way of doing things was very nimble. When Chen Feng left, he had strongly recommended this person. Whose person he was wasn’t relevant; as long at he was an employee of Shengshi and did things conscientiously, it was all right. But he could not cause trouble for him.

“Director Chu, you called me,” Ma Yue smiled meekly.

“I received a complaint from an artist’s company stating that you passed down inaccurate information, causing them to make huge losses. They requested for compensation from Shengshi,” Chu Qin said unhurriedly.

Ma Yue’s expression changed. His mind swiftly went through the slight actions he had made recently. He had given inaccurate information to more than one celebrity and was at a loss as to who exactly had made the complaint, hence he could only force out a smile. “I’m really not very sure about this, I conveyed the information according to the company’s stated reasons.”

Chu Qin stared at Ma Yue’s eyes as he said, “Ma Yue, you’re a motivated person. I appreciate your work efficiency, but you must guarantee that you’re telling me the truth. Otherwise, if this matter blows up, I will not be able to keep you either.”

“Of course my words are the truth. I guarantee it,” Ma Yue solemnly vowed, yet his eyes revealed a hint of guilt.

“Then fine, that company will send people over to negotiate tomorrow. At that time, we’ll have a meeting about this, and you can confront them face-to-face,” Chu Qin appeared ready to engage in a quarrel, as if very trusting of his subordinate. This caused Ma Yue’s fear to increase.

Upon leaving Chu Qin’s office, Ma Yue’s forehead was drenched in sweat and he hurriedly sought out Chen Feng, dragging Chen Feng to a corner.

“Director Chen, what should I do, someone reported it to Chu Qin,” Ma Yue said, his head dripping with sweat.

“What is there to be nervous about, it’s not like they have irrefutable proof. Since Chu Qin’s mouth is so impressive, let them argue among themselves,” Chen Feng stated calmly.

“But tomorrow they’ll find someone to confront me. If the matter really blows up, I’ll lose my job,” On the other hand, Ma Yue was extremely anxious.

“It won’t be to the extent where you’ll lose your job. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll ask you for monetary compensation. I’ll transfer you to the news section here later, it’ll be fine,” Chen Feng consoled before turning to leave.

 With Chen Feng’s guarantee, Ma Yue’s heart eased up. Who knew that the next day, Chu Qin actually arranged for the entire entertainment department to join in the meeting. Seeing this attitude, Ma Yue’s limbs instantly felt somewhat weak.

“I received a complaint from Sun Xiang’s manager yesterday about how Ma Yue told them at that time that the program would be delayed by the higher-ups and that the filming dates weren’t confirmed. This directly led to Sun Xiang giving up on the reality show. Now, this inaccurate information led to them making losses and they hope that we can compensate them,” Chu Qin got right to the point and voiced this incident.

The meeting room was quiet for a moment. Everyone directed their gazes towards Ma Yue and started discussing in low voices.

Everyone was aware of the situation at that time. Chu Qin had repeatedly stressed that the artists be placated and for them to be told that filming would take place according to schedule. Even if the other party objected, they were to drag it on as best as possible. But this person was even better; he directly told the other party that they wouldn’t film on time! This was clearly ignoring Chu Qin’s orders and inconveniencing the program team.

“I… I didn’t tell them that,” Ma Yue refused to admit to it. He was currently in charge of communicating with the artists for <Bun, Quickly Run> and Zhu Chang’s outdoor program. When Chu Qin asked him about this yesterday, he was unsure of who had made the complaint. Now that he knew, his heart was at ease. Regarding Sun Xiang’s matter, no evidence had been left behind, so it would be fine if he refused to admit to it.

“Oh, I also received a complaint from an artist on my end. It wasn’t anything significant, so I didn’t voice it,” At this moment, Zhu Chang, who was seated at the side, suddenly opened his mouth and placed a pile of documents in front of Chu Qin.

Zhu Chang had just undertaken a program on his own and was hard at work, wanting to do well. However, trouble would always occur. As a novice who urgently needed to prove his capabilities, if someone else were the director, he could only seek to impress by feigning his abilities and silently endure it. However, his relationship with Chu Qin was unshakable and he would directly enquire if he had questions. There were no misunderstandings between the two of them but on the contrary, they found Ma Yue, this bad rat.

The thick pile of documents was obtained when Zhu Chang thickened his skin and confronted the artist. The documents had the signatures and was irrefutable evidence.

Ma Yue simultaneously broke out into cold sweat. His face was pale, and he was unable to say anything.

Chu Qin glanced at him and then glanced at the expressions of those seated. He slowly said, “I just took over this position and will not ask everyone to sell me their lives, only for you to do your job well. In any industry, a dedicated worker will always be worthy of respect. Making use of one’s job to play politics and causing partners, as well as the company, to incur losses is not tolerable behavior by any company.”

All staff members of the entertainment department were basically present. Seeing Chu Qin swiftly and decisively dealing with Ma Yue, the people who were originally on Chu Qin’s side were in high spirits. Those who were uncertain made their decision while the rest who had other plans stealthily withdrew their selfish calculations.

Ma Yue was publicly fired. His director Chen completely had no opportunity to haul him to another department. Director Chen’s former subordinates were intimidated and became clear-headed. They would make money regardless of who they followed. Finding trouble for Chu Qin meant that they would lose their rice bowl. It was obvious which was the easier and harder path. The atmosphere of the station cleared up and in the following period, Chu Qin felt that his work became considerably smoother.

By the time Confusion was due to film again, the audience at the location were already unable to wait. Quite a few Shengshi TV staff also ran over to see the excitement. This reality show was too popular and there were numerous staff members in Shengshi who were also fans.

The Zhao Xu brother and sister even specially rehearsed a round of floor gymnastics just so they could participate in the program. Accompanied by the cheery music was the deft Zhao Yan, who was dressed in pink dance attire. She came on stage by doing a somersault. Zhao Yan carried a long silk ribbon and performed rhythmic gymnastics. Her elder brother Zhao Xu wore a similar type of practice outfit and also waved a strip of ribbon.

Rhythmic gymnastics was originally only performed by female athletes. It was already hilarious for Zhao Xu, this man of steel, to be performing it, but he even danced very seriously, causing the audience to rock back and forth.

The Wenqing sisters put on Lady Shu’s cheongsam and came out to greet the audience.

The rest were unable to attend but this did not pose a problem for Chu Qin. The several celebrities who had previously rejected the program’s invitation regretted it immensely and thus after receiving Chu Qin’s invitation to participate in Confusion, agreed without hesitation.

This time, a pair of brothers and sisters were invited. They were the second male lead that Shengshi had been preparing for their next drama and a currently popular female actress from Xinghai entertainment. These two pairs would only go on stage at the later part while Zhao Xu and Wenqing would be the only ones on stage during the opening.

“We welcome everyone who is viewing Friendly Confusion on time. I am Chu Qin,” Chu Qin was dressed in the same attire he had worn at Seven Stars Village during the first week. He smiled as he made his opening remarks. “Everyone is aware that the guests we invited this week are the members of <Bun, Quickly Run>. Let’s greet them.”

“That’s not right,” Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly said after everyone finished their self-introductions. “Aren’t we missing a few.”

“The two directors, Yu Tang and Zhong Jiabin, were never artists to begin with and their schedules are busy; Our film emperor and empress had to rush to attend the international film festival and didn’t have the time to attend this recording. We are very regretful,” Chu Qin shrugged.

The audience let out hisses of disappointment. Chu Qin wavered a little. “Without the elder brothers and sisters’ guidance, the Buns can’t come either. So, Yu Lin didn’t come either. However…”

He dragged the word on, arousing the audience’s curiosity.

“I know!” Lin Xiaoxiao rushed to answer. ‘A Bun ran over on his own!”

The moment her words were uttered, the door opened and Zhong Yibin walked out, dressed in relaxed business attire.

“Ah ah ah ah!” The venue immediately became impassioned, the audience erupting into loud shrieks. Zhong Yibin’s current popularity had unexpectedly already exceeded Wenqing, who had newly attained the ‘Best Female Lead’ title. It was truly surprising.

Lin Xiaoxiao instantly stiffened, respectfully running over to bow. “Director!”

“What were you saying?” Zhong Yibin raised an eyebrow at her.

Lin Xiaoxiao hurriedly waved her hands. “Nothing much, nothing much. We were saying that the person in our program with the highest attractiveness rating is our director.”

“Hahahahaha…” The exaggerated flattery incited the audience to once again burst into laughter.

“Other directors are so busy, why are you the only one who’s free!” Chu Qin dragged Zhong Yibin to the center of the stage and questioned him with a face of worry/

“One must always take care of one’s own business,” Zhong Yibin gaze was lowered as he glanced at him, smiling faintly. The low, sweet sounding voice was extremely pleasant to the ears. His gaze was constantly fixed on Chu Qin as they spoke, the atmosphere between the two somewhat subtle.

[My God, My God. Did you see that look in his eyes? I’m about to suffocate!]

[Three-year-old Zhong has left his elder brother, instantly recovering the aura of a hegemonic director!]

[Zhong Qin for life, aoaoao!]

When this week’s program was broadcasted, it led to another CP battle on the internet, with ‘Zhong Qin’ once again asserting its superiority. Men would become children when they had someone to rely on and would become a superhero when they had someone to protect. This contradicting yet harmonious personality attracted many fans to Zhong Yibin, almost exceeding Yu Tang.

When the recording for Confusion ended, Chu Qin once again brought the few pairs of brothers and sisters to the next shooting location to film the reality show.

The next location was an uninhabited island in the sea. There was no signal tower on the island and all communication devices were useless. Hence, the various directors needed to arrange their work matters in advance to prevent anything from going wrong.

On Big Fish’s end, Yu Tang’s father had returned from the United states and could help him to watch over the company. Yu Tang didn’t feel at ease and called his own family’s wife, Song Xiao, to watch over his father. While on Shengshi’s end, the person with the greatest authority was originally father Zhong, so now that both of his sons had ran off, he could still make do on his own, just that he was extremely busy.

Chu Qin was all smiles as he led everyone onto the plane. As made their way to the ocean merrily, a gossip news article quietly made its appearance.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

<Er Bing is a different biscuit when in front of big brother and Qin Qin>

Er Bing: Gege, I don’t have money o(&gt﹏&lt)o

Big Brother: Give you the card, take it yourself

Er Bing: Qin Qin, I have money ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Qin Qin: Give it to me to store, use it in the future

Er Bing: Gege, I want to buy a house o(&gt﹏&lt)o

Big Brother: I’ve already picked out a good district for you and paid the down payment, you go and look at it yourself

Er Bing: Qin Qin, I have a house ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Qin Qin: Give it to me to store, stay in it in the future

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