I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 86

Chapter 86: First love

The two uniform-clad people escaped from class and went to stroll along the sports field.

“Did you skip class when you attended senior high school?” Chu Qin was all smiles as he asked Zhong Yibin. Even if it wasn’t real, skipping class did give him a guilty yet excited feeling.

“I don’t remember,” Zhong Yibin gazed vacantly at the teaching block in the distance. The things in this place appeared somewhat familiar, yet also alien. He knew subconsciously that many events had taken place here but was unable to remember them.

“I skipped class once when I was in senior high school,” Chu Qin raised a hand and stroked Zhong Yibin’s head. He didn’t force Zhong Yibin to think but instead spoke of his own past.

Zhong Yibin widened his eyes slightly. A guy like Chu Qin who appeared very obedient unexpectedly skipped class as well!

“En, my physique was more on the petite side then and the guys in class wouldn’t play with me, so I was constantly pushed aside. One day, I couldn’t tolerate the atmosphere in class and ran out on my own during a self-study session. I ran on the sports field on my own, shouting and screaming. If someone saw me, they would definitely label me a madman…” Chu Qin smiled as he turned to look at Zhong Yibin. That person was staring at him unblinkingly. ‘What’s wrong?”

“I should have known you sooner,” Zhong Yibin said in distress. If they had known each other in high school, he would certainly have protected Chu Qin, not allowing anyone to bully him.

“If we knew each other that early on, you definitely wouldn’t like me. My character was very poor then,” Chu Qin was walking backwards on the track and thus could see Zhong Yibin’s face.

It was precisely the period of isolation he had undergone during high school that caused Chu Qin to attempt to change his personality and word hard at practicing how to speak. His mind was originally nimble and bit by bit, he managed to coax the boys in his class to play with him. Eventually, he became the class’ leader. It was quite encouraging just speaking about it. This sort of eloquence was still just as useful after university, to the extent that it put him directly on the path of being a host.

If there had been a Zhong Yibin to protect him at that time, he would probably remain that skinny, gloomy guy. Certain words would sound unreasonable when spoken out loud, but it was truly this case. I became the best of myself, just so I could meet you at the right time.

“Did you have a girl you liked during senior high school?” Chu Qin’s manner of speech became somewhat sour when this topic was raised. This guy said previously that he had never liked anyone else before meeting him, but was it possible for such a handsome young master not to date during senior high school?

Zhong Yibin’s eyes widened. “I have amnesia, how would I remember that!”

“Then what do you think about it?” Chu Qin refused to give up.

“Definitely not!” Zhong Yibin vowed.

“How can you be so sure when you have no memories?” Chu Qin pursed his lips, suppressing his laughter.

“Things that I can’t remember can’t be counted,” Zhong Yibin raised his chin and commented in a very prideful tone. He suddenly realized yet another advantage of having amnesia – even if he had done something bad in the past, it could completely be erased. In any case, he no longer remembered it.

“If you liked someone during senior high school, what would you have done?” Chu Qin switched topics in an attempt to pry something out of him.

Zhong Yibin raised a brow and seriously contemplated it for a moment. He glanced left and right. Seeing that there were no people in their surroundings, he slowly stretched out a hand and clasped one of Chu Qin’s hands in his palm. With some embarrassment, he looked to the skies. “I will secretly hold his hand like this and stroll with him on campus.”

Chu Qin found this rather novel, because Zhong Yibin’s manner of acting did cause him to be nervous. “And… And then?”

“And then… I’ll play basketball with him, eat lunch together, shower with him in the public baths, swap beds with his roommate at night…” Zhong Yibin stroked his chin seriously as his imagination roamed wild. The tiny, tender Chu Qin during high school was shy and would never dare to resist. He would tyrannically hoist Chu Qin onto his shoulders, press him into a corner of the public baths and say that classic line that he had been yearning to utter – youth, are you willing to protect the earth with me?

The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched; what nonsense.

Since the recalling of memories at the high school had failed, Chu Qin could only lead Zhong chick to the restaurant they had often met at for a meal. This place was a Western restaurant and was more high-end. They often came here to eat during the year Zhong Yibin chased him.

“Is it because this place’s food is delicious?” Zhong Yibin picked up the menu. It was written entirely in French.

“No,” Chu Qin looked at him smilingly. “Because this restaurant looks high-end.” Director Zhong, who was chasing someone for the first time, only knew how to follow hearsay – inviting the other person for a high-end meal, visiting high-end places and speaking terms of endearment in a high-end language that could not be understood.

Zhong Yibin was somewhat embarrassed after hearing Chu Qin say this. “If I were chasing you now, I wouldn’t bring you to this sort of place. It’ll be fine if we go straight for hotpot.”

The two people were chatting when someone suddenly called Zhong Yibin’s name from behind. Upon turning around, they saw someone who had not appeared before them for a very long time – Wu Wan.

Ever since the Zhou Zimeng incident occurred, Zhong Yibin essentially broken off ties with that group of childhood friends. He would occasionally get in touch with the rest but no longer spoke at all to Wu Wan. Bai Cheng and Ji Yao also no longer played with him. After all, Zhou Zimeng had committed such a severe wrong and had almost dragged them down with her. Yet, Wu Wan persisted in persuading them in a saint-like manner; everyone was disappointed in him.

Zhong Yibin didn’t speak. Seeing Wu Wan walk towards them, he subconsciously turned his body a little to the side. The table he and Chu Qin were seated at was slanted at the same angle hence this movement would block Chu Qin. “Why are you here?”

“Came to eat…” Wu Wan noticed Zhong Yibin’s movements, his smile turning awkward.

“Mister, your dishes,” The server served their food. Glancing at the two people seated together, the server revealed a professional smile. “Did the two students bring your identification card? There’s a eight percent discount.”

Chu Qin paused in the midst of drinking water, choking. Zhong Yibin replied with a serious look. “Both of us didn’t bring it, isn’t the uniform proof?’

The server apologized and said that the discount could not be given without proof, turning to leave.

Wu Wan couldn’t resist breaking out into laughter. These two were nearing thirty but they knew how to maintain their looks and dress up; especially Chu Qin, his tiny face was akin to an eighteen-year-old teenager. “Why are you two wearing high school uniforms? Is it this year’s latest trend?” No matter how awkward the atmosphere was, the self-confident Wu Wan could still blabber on.

“Oh, we just went to record for a program,” Chu Qin fibbed in a half-truth-half-lie way.

“Did you return to our high school to record?” Hints of nostalgia could be seen in Wu Wan’s eyes. “Er Bing, do you remember that time when we went to participate in Nanshan High School’s basketball competition, and you said you liked their school flower. What was her name?”

Chu Qin was stunned, a brow raising slightly. Zhong Yibin quickly glanced at Chu Qin’s expression. He had no memories of the past and was completely in the dark about any school flower. He glared resentfully at Wu Wan. “No idea.”

These words made it sound like Zhong Yibin was peeved but Wu Wan’s expression didn’t change, and he continued on to say, “Speaking of this, you loved to eat the red ice-cream from the school’s market but your sports bag didn’t contain money so you always borrowed from me. You two didn’t try it when you went back to school?”

Zhong Yibin’s lips puckered up and he said somewhat impatiently, “Go back to your table if you don’t have any other business. We’re about to eat.”

Wu Wan stood up a little awkwardly and looked towards Chu Qin. Given Chu Qin’s good temper, he would step in and mediate no matter what. However, he was wrong. Chu Qin completely ignored him, even slicing a piece of bread for Zhong Yibin.

It could be assumed that this was also because he clearly knew of Chu Qin’s relationship with Zhong Yibin for so many years yet still followed Zhou Zimeng to exclude Chu Qin. Such a smart person, how could he not see that. He only continued to endure it just based on giving Zhong Yibin face. Now that Zhong Yibin no longer acknowledged these brothers, there was also no longer any need for Chu Qin to deal with them.

When the person left, Chu Qin slowly placed down the knife and fork, turning to look at Zhong Yibin. “Nanshan High School’s school flower, en?”

Zhong Yibin made a pained face. “I really can’t remember.”

Chu Qin raised a hand and pressed that bitter face into the shape of a chick’s mouth. He raised his eyes to look towards the direction where Wu Wan was leaving and narrowed his eyes slightly. Wu Wan’s words today had been somewhat sudden. Was it for the purpose of inciting disharmony between him and Zhong Yibin, or was it for some other reason?

Nothing much happened the following days and Chu Qin temporarily relegated this matter to the back of his mind, focusing on preparing for the program’s recording.

The program <Bun, Quickly Run> had become immensely popular. Reality shows from other television stations were unable to surpass it. Whereas the program <Romance for Fifteen Days> that Sun Xiang had broken his agreement to take up had yet to start filming even till now.

“I heard that the number of people for Confusion isn’t sufficient this time; the Yu family brothers and elder director Zhong aren’t coming. Let’s go speak to Chu Qin about letting you substitute. Just say that you can be invited for the second season,” Sun Xiang’s manager had been in the industry for many years and his information network was still more extensive.

“Things ended in such an ugly way the last time. It would be weird for Chu Qin to help me,” Sun Xiang said dispiritedly. In the past, everyone said that Chu Qin had no enemies in the entertainment circle and was nice towards everyone. In fact, that was just what it appeared to be on the surface. During this period of time, he had experienced full force the consequences of offending Chu Qin.

Not only did Shengshi no longer want to work with him, previous partners were also significantly colder towards him. Wenqing had originally agreed to guest star in the MV of his theme song but in the end, she declined to do so due to clashing schedules; Xinghai Entertainment, who had already indicated their intentions for him to act as male lead three, suddenly informed him that their investment partner had chosen another candidate and that they were immensely sorry for not being able to invite him…

His manager was so anxious that a blister had formed in his mouth. After thinking from all angles, his manager decided to let Sun Xiang take the initiative to invite Chu Qin out for a meal, apologize for the previous issue and mend their relations. However, Chu Qin tactfully declined with the reason that he had recently been in the mountains for filming and they could meet up when there was time.

“Director Chu, we were in the wrong the previous time,” Sun Xiang’s agent clenched his teeth and took out his trump card. “But we can’t be blamed for the incident entirely. It was that Ma Yue, who was in contact with us, who told us that. If it weren’t for the fact that he said very certainly that there was a ninety to hundred percent chance that the program wouldn’t be broadcasted, we wouldn’t leave in such a hurry either, right?”

Chu Qin’s eyebrows raised slightly. “So, it was like that, I will settle things with Ma Yue and give you an explanation.”

“Hello… Hello?” Sun Xiang’s manager opened his mouth wide. This person knew too well how to play mahjong – he had personally sold the news to Chu Qin, but this person did not receive their goodwill and only took the chance to tidy up the traitors in his ranks. His act of selling news now became an act of telling on others while the grudge between them remained unresolved.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

<Er Bing was not a technology biscuit previously>

Qin Qin: Was I not your first love?

Er Bing: I don’t remember

Qin Qin: Boo hoo, you heartless rat

Er Bing: Don’t cry, don’t cry, I have a way to tell the truth

Qin Qin: What way?

Er Bing: Was it very painful the first time?

Qin Qin: Of course it was painful, I almost fainted okay? You scoundrel

Er Bing: Oh, then that’s first love

Qin Qin: What?

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