I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Giving a like

The drama awards ceremony began – the guests were seated, and Chu Qin and Ah Yue stood on the stage, reciting their witty opening lines.

“I heard that Ah Yue also filmed a drama this year?” Chu Qin asked Ah Yue, who was beside him. Taiwanese artists were essentially all-rounders; they could sing, act and even host.

“Ah, that’s not true, I filmed a movie,” Ah Yue leaned a hand against her forehead. Her expression was intentionally prideful and arrogant, so as to intentionally stimulate the audience into laughter.

“Wow, what movie?” Chu Qin asked very cooperatively.

Ah Yue switched to the other hand to support her forehead; her expression was as proud as ever. “Aiya, it’s not a very popular movie, just <Jurassic Park>.”

“Oh oh, that’s a Hollywood film!” Chu Qin pulled the hand she rested against her forehead away. “What are you doing constantly supporting your forehead! Just looking at it makes me want to beat you.”

“Hah, I’m a Hollywood star, you dare to beat me?” Ah Yue’s expression was that of asking for a spanking, and she continued to rest a hand against her forehead.

“I’ve also watched this movie, but I didn’t see you. What character were you playing?” Chu Qin asked helplessly.

“Heh, the role I played was the most important one in the movie,” Ah Yue stuck out her chest proudly.

“What?” The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched.

“The tyrannosaurus rex,” Ah Yue side-eyed him, a look of her disdain on her face that screamed ‘you don’t even know this’.

The audience erupted into laughter while Chu Qin watched her silently. “I have a gift for you.”

“What is it?” Ah Yue asked curiously.

Chu Qin faced the camera and rolled his eyes thoroughly. “Gift you a roll of my eyes.”

The sound of laughter in the venue was unceasing and the atmosphere instantly lightened. Taking advantage of this moment, Chu Qin recited the proper lines. This drama awards ceremony had only begun in recent years and differed from those traditional awards for artists. This ceremony took the business aspect of things more into consideration and the ratings as well as public reputation were what influenced their saying power. As a result, the films appraised were all favorites of the audience and were very well received, garnering constant interest.

In the wake of an increasing number of investors participating as well as increased publicity, this drama awards ceremony had already become the benchmark for the domestic entertainment industry. Those who received awards were those whose popularity was high and had received the public’s liking. As far as raising the status of actors were concerned, it was a huge help. Therefore, many newcomers cared most for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award while the film companies all yearned to attain the ‘Best Drama’ award.

The number of outstanding dramas this year numbered greatly. Nothing earned the public’s attention more than <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> filmed by XInghai Entertainment and <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> filmed by Shengshi Entertainment. The ratings and public opinion of these two dramas were almost on par; both were high quality dramas with sky-high filming budgets.

As the company bosses, Zhong Yibin and Song Xiao were arranged to be seated right in front.

“Our family’s Yu Tang has inconvenienced you during the reality show,” Song Xiao spoke to Zhong Yibin in a low voice as the opening dance commenced on stage.

“Your words put me in the position of an outsider,” Zhong Yibin smiled slightly, yet his eyes never once left Chu Qin, who was on stage. That person wore the suit he had gifted him, dazzling brightly beneath the lights. Despite standing at a corner of the stage, he still attracted countless gazes.

“All right, let’s get back to the topic. The first award given out is ‘Best Drama Music’, let’s invite the guest who will be announcing the winner…” After the dance ended, the spotlight returned to Chu Qin. The guest announcing the winner of the music award was a veteran songwriter. He was an artist whose reputation had soared a century ago during the 80s. Every one of the pieces he had composed was a classic.

“I’ve listened to Elder Yan’s songs since young and continue to sing them even now,” Chu Qin smiled as he spoke to the elderly man. “Has Elder Yan listened to the songs that made it past the qualifying round this year?”

“Of course, I’ve listened to them. I’m quite fond of watching dramas and even keep up with these ones,” The elderly mister with a head full of white hair was still glowing with health and vigor just like before. He didn’t lose one bit to the youngsters when speaking of the recent trending dramas.

“Then are there any particular lyrics that you are especially fond of?” Chu Qin passed the envelope for conferring the award over to the elderly mister.

“Yes,” Elder Yan held the envelope in his hands, not in a rush to open it. Instead, he raised the topic of those dramas’ music pieces. “I really like the three songs at the end of ‘The Golden Age of the Great Jing’, <Sandstorm of Sacrifice>, <Song of Dingbei> and <Song of a Golden Age>. I especially liked the verse ‘The bound corpses of the ancestors from the battlefield, exchanged for the peace of a golden age’ – there are few songs this year that have a distinct ancient style. Of course, that song from Concubine Shu is also very good. That song used an ancient style of composing and succeeded in evoking past tunes; I was extremely shocked.”

A drama of excellent quality did not only require a script capable of thrilling people but also actors with exquisite acting skills and carefully researched clothing and props. Even more so did it require music that was pleasing to the ears. It didn’t necessarily need music that were classics, but it should conform to the emotion expressed by the drama and allow people to clearly imprint the drama in their memories. When they occasionally hummed the songs, the scenes in the drama would still unfold before their eyes.

Of course, when a good drama was accompanied by music, the opening and closing tunes weren’t the only ones included but also the interludes within the drama as well as the background music. After a comprehensive evaluation, it was <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> which came out slightly one top.

It was reported that this drama’s lyrics had been personally written by the novel author and nationwide-known artist Qu Lao. And artist Qu was a national level grandmaster of classical music. With this sort of lineup, it would be tough for it not to win an award even if it didn’t want to.

The next few sections included ‘Best Photography’ and ‘Best Director’ – these awards were taken by other dramas. Chu Qin and Ah Yue took turns to enter battle, hence the atmosphere had never once chilled.

“All right, we’re at a crucial juncture. Coming up is an individual award to be given to this year’s ‘Best Newcomer’,” Chu Qin smiled merrily and the atmosphere within the venue heated up considerably. Celebrities weren’t truly concerned about whether the crew had obtained awards; what they truly cared about was whether they themselves had received an award.

Receiving the ‘Best Female Lead’ or ‘Best Male Lead’ award would enable an increase in income by at least two-fold. A ‘Best Newcomer’ award would also ensure that the individual would have movies to film for the next two years.

The group of youthful actors were now extremely nervous. The honored guest announcing the winner was Mu Sha.

“Sha Sha-jie also received the ‘Best Newcomer’ award that year, right?” Ah Yue beamed.

“Yes, but this awards ceremony wasn’t around then. The award I received was ‘Silver Chicken Ten-thousand Flowers’. I am deeply moved to be able to stand at this spot now and confer an award,” Mu Sha smiled as she said. When she first debuted, she also participated in television dramas and relied on a historical drama to obtain the ‘Best Newcomer’ award. Following that, she overcame all obstacles and reached her current Film Empress status.

The screen displayed the people who had been nominated this time.

The first person was Lin Qiuying, the first female lead for a motivational drama. The second figure was Chen Jiahao, who played the second male lead in a war drama. The third figure was Zhao Bingbing, the second female lead in a wuxia drama. The fourth nominee was Zhou Mo, who played Emperor Hongyuan in <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. Lastly, the fifth person was Mo Shaoyang, who played the second male lead in <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu>.

The first few people were real newcomers and had not appeared on Confusion; Chu Qin wasn’t very familiar with them. Zhou Mo had guested on the show before – he was a youngster with a good personality, just that he didn’t like to talk much. There wasn’t anything to be said about Mo Shaoyang – this youngster knew how to conduct himself; Ever since Chu Qin displayed some partiality towards him on the program, he started calling and messaging Chu Qin on WeChat every few days. He would also mail presents during the Chinese New Year and had already become good friends with Chu Qin.

In a place like the entertainment industry, kids who knew how to conduct themselves would progress the most.

The moment Mu Sha opened the letter, an understanding smile appeared on her face. “The person who was awarded the ‘Best Newcomer’ award is…”

The venue sounded with drumbeats from the excited audience. Mo Shaoyang anxiously clenched his fist. Although this was not his debut year, it was indeed the time when he stood out. If he obtained the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at this point in time, his career progress hereafter would undoubtedly become significantly smoother.

Wenqing was from the same drama cast as Mo Shaoyang. Seeing that he was nervous, she comforted him in a low voice. “They’ll definitely create another climax at this time, you better not make a fool of yourself in a moment of excitement.”

Mo Shaoyang heard her words and hurriedly released a breath, glancing at Wenqing in gratitude.

On the other side, Chen Jiahao already had a card up his sleeve. He had acted in a war drama, which was the type of drama the higher-ups preferred. They would definitely lean towards him when choosing the award winner. Moreover, his manager had already revealed that this award would most assuredly belong to him.

As expected, Mu Sha created another climax after the drumbeats ended. “The person who was awarded the ‘Best Newcomer’ award is… who?”

Chen Jiahao stood up abruptly, causing the entire audience to look towards him. Mu Sha blinked innocently, the other celebrities closed their mouths and laughed in secret, while the media swiftly captured this scene. If Chen Jiahao received the award, the fact that he knew the result so clearly would definitely pose an issue. If Chen Jiahao did not receive the award, it would definitely be even more embarrassing for him; his enthusiasm was blind.

The venue sank into a state of awkwardness. However, Chu Qin spoke calmly, “Jiahao, even if you want to go to the washroom, you should at least wait till we announce the award winner. You can’t just run off because you’re nervous.”

Everyone burst out into peals of laughter and the awkward atmosphere vanished instantaneously. Chen Jiahao glanced at Chu Qin with gratitude and received the microphone with a red face. “I was so nervous that my bladder couldn’t hold on.”

What could have destroyed his image was thus resolved as lightly as a feather by Chu Qin. Everyone was well aware of what had occurred, but no one would speak out on the surface. Chen Jiahao once again sat down, clenching his fist with a lingering fear in his heart. He did not react over-zealously, even after the outcome of the ‘Best Newcomer’ award was announced.

“The person awarded the ‘Best Newcomer’ award is Mo Shaoyang, congratulations!” This time, Mu Sha announced it without fooling around.

Having just seen Chen Jiahao’s certainty, Mo Shaoyang’s heart had no longer contained any hope. Unexpectedly, the award was handed to him. When the camera panned to him, he was still in a foolish daze.

“This child, he’s shocked silly,” Chu Qin walked down and personally dragged the stunned Mo Shaoyang on stage. Friendly hoots of laughter sounded from below the stage. The more unexpected the winner’s expression, the more it proved that the award had been conferred fairly. The organizing party was not stingy at all and gave Mo Shaoyang a few more camera shots.

Following that, there was no suspense with regards to the ‘Best Male Lead’ award and it was given to Mu Chen. The ‘Best Female Lead’ award was given to Wenqing. Wenqing was so emotional that she shed tears – she had been mixing around in the industry for so long and had always been regarded as a lively flower because of her good looks. This was the first time her acting prowess had been acknowledged.

“Wenqing’s performance in <Biography of Concubine Shu> was truly breathtaking. Even elderly grandpas like me who dislike watching palace dramas watched all the episodes without skipping one,” Chu Qin smiled.

“Your girlfriend must have forced you to watch it, right?” Ah Yue made fun of him.

“Hey, don’t spout nonsense, since when did I have a girlfriend?” Chu Qin glared at her.

“Then it’s a boyfriend!” Ah Yue wasn’t willing to let him off, causing the people off-stage to laugh out loud good-naturedly. The viewers in front of their televisions couldn’t help but let out loud shrieks of excitement.

[Ah Yue is a true fierce warrior, even daring to say it directly!]

[Of course he has a boyfriend, isn’t it our little Director Zhong!]

[No can do, little Director Zhong belongs to big Director Zhong!]

[Those from the evil brothers’ cult, get out. Zhong Qin are the true kings!]

It was impossible for a fight not to break out at a place where fangirls gathered. A perfectly good discussion of the drama awards ceremony eventually evolved into a fight of CPs. The production team rather evilly turned the camera towards Zhong Yibin’s face, who was seated in the first row.

“Hey hey, what are you guys doing?” Chu Qin’s face was red and he pointed at the directing room in mock anger. Zhong Yibin’s handsome face contained to remain on the large screen. The bewitching slight smile he revealed excited the girls in the venue.

“It’s trendy now for CPs to be matched together, does Qin-ge know who your mate is?” Ah Yue didn’t let up.

At this point, the Best Male Lead who had just received his award, Mu Chen, was still on the stage and he followed Ah Yue to tease him. Chu Qin shot a glare at him. Mu Chen expressed that Chu Qin, this cold-hearted host had dug too many pits for him, and now he could finally take revenge.

Chu Qin raised an eyebrow slightly. “I’ve never read about the gossip surrounding myself, but I know who Chen-ge’s CP is.”

“Ah—” The people at the venue once again became excited.

Mu Chen’s face instantly flushed. Ah Yue also started to tease him. “The emperor is already on stage; how can the empress not be around?”

The camera cut to Qiao Su but Mu Chen continued to feign ignorance. “Empress, are you talking about our Director Song?”

Qiao Su was the person who played the empress in the drama while Song Xiao was the person whose appearance resembled Empress Duanhui and even went public about being together with Yu Tang, who also resembled Emperor Jingyuan. Compared to Mu Chen and Qiao Su, the gossip about Song Xiao was more attention-grabbing.

Coincidentally, the last award segment was the ‘Best TV Drama’ award. This award was given to the production company and the winner was <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. Xinghai Entertainment won the award and Song Xiao personally went up to receive it.

The atmosphere reached a high point and the awards ceremony ended on a perfect note.

At night after returning home, Chu Qin lay on the bed to diligently scroll through the assessments of the awards ceremony. Other than those who praised his chemistry with Ah Yue and fans of celebrities who had won awards offering their congratulations, the remaining were clamoring over their CPs.

[The evil brothers’ cult, did you not see how our Qin Qin’s face turned red after Director Zhong was mentioned?]

[I don’t care, I don’t care, the Zhong family’s big brother is too cute.]

[Qin Qin and little Director Zhong both look like shou’s, there cannot be a good ending when two shou’s get together.]

Chu Qin blinked. This novel comment successfully attracted his attention. Immediately, he switched to an unknown account and replied to this thread.

[Little Director Zhong is indeed the shou, because Qin Qin is the gong!]

The moment this comment was posted, it attracted everyone’s mockery. They said that given Chu Qin’s tiny physique and his good temper, he would perhaps never be the gong.

Chu Qin glared viciously at the account who stated that he could not be the gong. This account was actually a huge fan of ‘Zhong Qin’. Gritting his teeth, Chu Qin liked all the comments on the brother CP.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Qin Qin, what are you liking

Qin Qin: Brother CP

Er Bing: … Is it really all right for you to so openly support your old gong and brother-in-law?

Qin Qin: It’s not like they know who I am

Er Bing: … But you’re using your main account now

Qin Qin: Σ( ° △ °|||)

Translator’s corner: Replies to comments will be slower for the next few days as I’m going on holiday! So excited, finally a break (*≧ω≦*)

Updates will be as per usual.

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