I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 83 Part 2

Chapter 83: Grand Ceremony (2)

After the first broadcast, the click-count online increased bit by bit. The viewers had strongly requested for a re-broadcast on television so Shengshi simply replayed it once every day at noon. The ratings of the re-broadcast alone were higher than the other programs in the same slots.

The station chief was unable to conceal his happiness as he watched the ratings chart and vigorously praised Chu Qin’s accomplishments during their meeting. “Sure enough, little Chu is a man of talent. As a host, he was already so impressive. Even after switching over to doing programs, nobody can measure up to him, hahaha!”

In the past, station chief Zhang had felt that Chen Feng was a talent that could not be replaced. Chen Feng had managed Shengshi’s entertainment programs very well for many years, so he was slightly biased towards Chen Feng on many accounts. Originally, he had been somewhat dissatisfied with the switch of personnel this time. He thought that Chu Qin had relied on his relationship with Zhong Yibin to squeeze out Chen Feng, and thus was filled with worry over the station’s future development. However, when the results came out, the originally apprehensive station chief Zhang was completely put at ease.

Chen Feng was already past his time. It was still someone like Chu Qin, who was at the front lines of the entertainment industry, who best understood what the viewers needed.

The Chen family’s father and son were filled so much hatred that their teeth hurt, yet they were powerless. Not only did the program not fail, its popularity had even reached unthinkable heights. Countless sponsors had flocked over wishing to insert advertisements in the next few weeks. A film company had even gotten in touch with them, hoping that they could produce a <Bun, Quickly Run> film during the Spring Festival.

This sort of film naturally wasn’t anything substantial, but the viewers who couldn’t be held back would love to watch it. Having the audience meant having money to earn; Zhong Yibin would naturally not refuse such a proposal. As the investor, Yu Tang didn’t have any objections either.

The program had gone on the right track; Chu Qin finally heaved a sigh of relief and moved on to participate in the awards ceremony for dramas. Chu Qin had not been invited to host the ceremony the previous year. Instead, a host from Hong Kong had been invited. However, the jokes were different, and the host’s standard Mandarin[1] wasn’t spoken very well, so the scene was a little awkward. This year, the organizing party had said to invite Chu Qin at all costs and their starting price was set very high. Chu Qin thus cheerfully agreed.

For this year’s drama awards ceremony, Shengshi had two dramas that had made it to the finals. As the boss, Zhong Yibin also needed to participate.

Zhong Yibin had arranged for someone to custom-make two suits – the silver suit embellished with small diamonds was for Chu Qin while the black-colored matte suit was for himself. However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that the design of the two suits were completely identical. Their colors were the only differing point.

Zhong Yibin personally folded the decorative handkerchief on Chu Qin’s chest nicely and pecked him on the back of his hand. “Go on, baby.”

As the host, Chu Qin would need to make an appearance during the opening of the ceremony. He stood at the end of the red carpet, the female host clasping his arm. The two people nodded to send their greetings and maintained their smiles as they moved forward. This time, the female co-host invited was a popular host from Taiwan called Ah Yue. Ah Yue was beautiful, her personality was good, and she was very humorous. When paired with Chu Qin, she was even more fitting than Lin Xiaoxiao.

“I feel like we’re attending a wedding like this!” One of Ah Yue’s arms held onto Chu Qin while her other arm held the microphone.

“It really does but doesn’t the daughter lead her father to see her fiancé during a wedding. Are you saying I’m the father?” Chu Qin replied with swift reaction speed. He received Ah Yue’s words and also cleanly pushed aside the possibility of a sex scandal.

“Yes yes, papa, what present will you be giving me?’ Ah Yue smiled happily as she walked along the railings.

“The present…” The two people had already reached the autograph platform. Chu Qin passed an autograph pen to Ah Yue. “I’ll gift this pen to you. Later, when the guests arrive, you’ll be in charge of handing them pens to sign.”

Ah Yue instantly made a pained face. “What kind of present is this!”

Walking the red carpet took place before the start of the awards ceremony. The actors and actresses were arranged according to their status – the closer they were to the front, the greater their status. The person in first place was naturally Mu Chen, who had participated in dramas this year.

Mu Chen’s partner was unquestionably Mu Sha. This year, Mu Sha had not played the main lead in a drama and had only acted as the empress in <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. Her coming to this place was purely to accompany her brother in basking in the excitement.

Having been in show business for so many years and yet not having a single whiff of a sex scandal was purely because Mu Chen had an elder sister in the industry. For the majority of red carpets, it was his sister who accompanied him. This caused many of the female celebrities who hoped to walk with him on the red carpet to wring their hands and rendered the media who acted on groundless accusations unable to set their hands on him.

With regards to walking on the red carpet, the two people were already extremely practiced. Their grasp of rhythm was superb, not too tense nor too slow, it was just nice.

“Welcome,” Chu Qin invited the two of them on-stage and let them sign their names before urging them over to his side to speak.

“Long time no see, Chen-ge,” Chu Qin smiled and greeted.

“Didn’t we just record a reality show last week?” Mu Chen ruthlessly undermined him. The surrounding fans and media all erupted into laughter. <Bun, Quickly Run> was currently very famous, almost everyone had watched it before.

Beneath the stage were various reporters from large media companies; At this point, they could raise two questions.

“The screams for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> this time are very loud; do you have any confidence of once again clinching ‘Best Male Lead[2]’?” Facing the film emperor, the reporters below the stage were relatively more polite. The questions asked were also not too pointed.

“This isn’t good to comment on, the number of outstanding works are too many,” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“Did young miss Mu Sha receive a nomination for ‘Best Female Supporting Role’?” The reporter turned to ask Mu Sha beside him.

“I only played a character with a few more scenes than a passerby, how am I fit for that award,” Mu Chen laughed. “I’m here today to accompany Chen Chen.”

“Aoaoao!” The fans screeched loudly upon hearing Mu Sha say ‘Chen Chen’. Since Mu Chen was her blood younger brother, there was no possibility of a sex scandal. Mu Chen’s fans had also never once attacked Mu Sha and in fact, fawned over her in all ways possible. Every day, there would be someone calling her ‘elder sister-in-law’ on Weibo.

Mu Sha even sent out a post on Weibo specially for today’s awards ceremony. [Sister-in-laws, cheer for my younger brother!]

The interview ended after two statements, reaching the celebrities behind.

Originally, Qiao Su’s position was not high enough but after the drama, he rose to fame and was also assigned a spot close to the front. Now that his career was taking off, Qiao Su could not be involved in a sex scandal with any female figure. The company had originally arranged for him to walk with Wenqing to attract attention but had been forcefully rejected by his manager. In the end, they chose the girl who had acted as Princess Anyuan in <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. This girl was only five years old and it was safe for them to walk together.

“Why didn’t you walk the red carpet with Chen-ge?” A reporter asked Qiao Su such a question when he reached the autograph platform.

Qiao Su was already no longer so clueless and he replied smilingly. “I also want to walk with Chen-ge but that will also require Sha Sha jie’s agreement, right?”

The way this statement was spoken was both quick-witted yet vague. He first established his wish of getting closer to Mu Chen and also made a not-too-large-nor-too-small joke, placing himself in the position of a ‘sister-in-law fan’.

“It turns out you’re also a ‘sister-in-law fan’!” Chu Qin had a sudden realization.

“What, you have objections?” Qiao Su was already very good friends with Chu Qin and could joke around casually.

“Of course!” Chu Qin laughed grimly. “Because I am too.” This dialog was meant to increase the spotlight as well as discussion about Qiao Su. The media could tell that Chu Qin was protecting Qiao Su and thus gave them face, no longer asking questions that were tough to answer.

The fans and media laughed joyously and harmoniously while Zhong Yibin, who wasn’t standing too far off, had a dark expression on his face. Sure enough, he should have gotten rid of Mu Chen early on.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qiao Su: Qin-ge is my best friend

Mu Chen: Chu Qin is a good brother

Mu Sha: Suitable partner? Someone like Chu Qin

Er Bing: Kill kill, kill completely

Qin Qin: Stop being so noisy, I’ll give you a kiss of love

Er Bing: Oh… then I’ll let them off for a day, hmph hmph hmph!

[1] Standard Mandarin is the official language of mainland China. Its pronunciation is based on the Beijing dialect (according to Wikipedia). Apart from standard Mandarin, there are many other accents depending on the region. Hence, pronunciation can vary to a large extent though standard Mandarin is recognized as the main mode of communication.

[2] 视帝: The term used here refers to ‘Best Male Lead’, which is different from the term ‘Film Emperor’. Best Male Lead refers to the best male lead for a single drama, whereas Film Emperor refers to the best male lead in the whole of the film industry.

Translator’s corner: That last line though, hahahaha!

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