I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 83 Part 1

Chapter 83: Grand ceremony (1)

In the end, while plastered against each other, the pair of brothers barely managed to skip twenty times. Immediately after finishing the task, they proceeded to run towards the gathering place; all to snatch the tastiest lunch.

However, when they reached the gathering location, they were told by Chu Qin that everyone would need to complete their tasks before they could start eating. Zhong Yibin wasn’t anxious and simply sat down to chat with Chu Qin. The two of them sat down at a place unobserved by the camera and stuck closely.

“Did you suffer from insomnia yesterday without your husband to accompany you?” Zhong Yibin shifted over and bit Chu Qin’s ear.

Chu Qin’s ears reddened instantly, and he pushed Zhong Yibin aside. “I often slept on my own when you didn’t have amnesia.”

Zhong Yibin frowned and pulled Chu Qin towards his embrace. “That won’t happen in the future.” He didn’t know what exactly the situation was like before he lost his memories, but he knew that he wouldn’t leave Chu Qin for even a day after having amnesia.

“Tired?” Chu Qin passed a towel to Zhong Yibin for him to wipe away his sweat. He had seen the scene of them skipping rope through the camera – both brothers didn’t know how to skip rope. Even after sticking together, they still continued to stumble. This game required them to restart the counter after breaking the flow midway; the two people delayed for half an hour before finally completing it.

“Not tired. how can I be tired after only half an hour. Don’t you know how long I can go on for?” Zhong Yibin winked at Chu Qin.

The suggestion in his words was too obvious; Chu Qin coughed dryly and lowered his head to watch the screen, ignoring him. Zhong Yibin appeared not to mind, continuing to stick to him.

The screen was displaying Yu Tang carrying his brother and holding the skipping rope in preparation to jump. However, he was surrounded by Mu Chen and Zhao Xu. Yu Tang nimbly dodged the two of them. Due to Mu Chen and Zhao Xu’s interference, skipping the rope was considerably challenging. In the end, Yu Tang ran while jumping and completed it right before Zhao Xu caught him.

“There won’t be any more chances if you guys don’t continue to search for a target,” Yu Tang raised his chin at the both of them and rushed towards the gathering location while carrying his brother.

On the other side, Mu Sha had already gone in search for the ‘white wall’. This village had many buildings with white walls. It was said that they were laid by a kind of white stone from the mountain and was one of the village’s distinguishing features.

Mu Sha went in to enquire every time she came across a house with white walls. When she reached the third family, she saw Wenqing, who had already found it. This house with white walls was the village’s ancestral hall. Stuff like clans no longer existed now, but this ancestral hall had been preserved as a place of interest.

On another side, Zhao Yan had already found ‘tobacco’. This village’s elderly people were fond of smoking tobacco and they made pipe tobacco out of bamboo. They would stuff some tobacco strands inside and sit beneath the large tree at the entrance of village to smoke. There were elderly men as well as elderly women. In order to obtain the skipping rope, they would need to complete the task of helping the elderly men fetch tobacco strands from the top of the tree.

Chu Qin picked up a microphone and started to speak. “This is an activity passed down from the ancient times. It was said that there was an elderly man in the village who loved smoking tobacco but was scared of his wife. His wife didn’t like him smoking tobacco and threw away all of his tobacco strands. The elderly man thus hid his tobacco strands at the top of the large tree near the entrance to the village and went there every day to smoke. After a long, long time, the villagers all got used to coming to this place to smoke. The tobacco strands were also all hidden at the top of the tree for the brave youngsters to get.”

As a gymnast, Zhao Yan’s arms were fairly strong. She climbed up nimbly by clutching the branches. By the time Zhao Xu arrived, his sister had already reached the top of the tree. Shocked, he hurriedly ran over to guard below. “Why did you climb up on your own, don’t you know to wait for me?”

“It’s not like it’s anything difficult to climb a tree,” Zhao Yan said nonchalantly. She found the pouch dangling from a branch and smoothly obtained the tobacco strands. Both brother and sister were trained in gymnastics, their bodies pliable and tough, so skipping rope was nothing tough; they passed at the first try.

Eventually, everyone reached the gathering spot. Only Mu Chen and Mu Sha were still wandering around in the village. There were hints for the first four skipping ropes while there was no hint for the spot where the last skipping rope was hidden. How would they find it then?

It would soon be noon. Chu Qin announced, “If the Mu Chen team fails to complete the task before noon, all the ingredients here will be eaten by the staff members. None of you will have lunch.”

“Ah?” All the people who had vigorously snatched the items were stunned. Whether they would be able to eat or not was unexpectedly dependent on the last team. Everyone immediately rushed out and helped to search for the skipping rope.

Zhong Jiabin was silent for a moment before turning to look at his brother. His younger brother was currently happily chatting with Chu Qin, as if without any intention of continuing to participate.

“Aren’t you going?” Chu Qin turned to look at the absent-minded Zhong Yibin, smiling as he asked him.

Zhong Yibin shook his head and scooped out some snacks from Chu Qin’s bag to eat.

“Hey, snatching the host’s items is a breach of the rules,” Chu Qin attempted to snatch back the bag.

“There’ll be a five-star chef cooking for me later, I’ll give you a bowl,” Zhong Yibin took big bites out of the dried beef he had taken out and spoke to him with a face brimming with justice.

The after-effects team added on a bleak background for the Zhong family’s big brother. Zhong Jiabin shook his head and turned around to search for the Mu Chen brother and sister.

Mu Chen was still searching aimlessly and sat at the doorstep to the ancestral hall in a daze. Zhong Jiabin walked over and looked down. “I can tell you the location of the fifth skipping rope, what can you give me in return?”

“En?” Mu Chen raised his head and looked at him in astonishment.

Everyone was turning the village inside out, only Zhong Jiabin came to find him in such a calm and collected manner. Mu Chen believed him seventy to eighty percent just by his attitude. Mu Chen, who didn’t yet know how his success or failure was linked to Zhong Jiabin, thought that he had met a good person. “I don’t have anything to offer you in this mountainous countryside either.”

“You two will form an alliance with us during the afternoon session and do one thing on behalf of me,” The Zhong family’s big brother used his deep and magnetic voice to entice him.

“All right,” Mu Chen agreed without thinking it over. In his heart, Zhong Jiabin was at least several times more reliable than Yu Tang.

The Zhong family’s big brother nodded with satisfaction. “It’s at Seven Stars Pond, the pond in front of the hotel Yu Tang stayed at.”

Mu Chen looked at Zhong Jiabin in amazement. “How did you know that?” There was no hint at all! Chu Qin hadn’t said anything after announcing the four hints, how did this person find out?

Zhong Jiabin paid him no need. After collecting an accessory from him as a symbol of their alliance, he turned and left. Whereas Mu Chen, who would rather believe that it was true instead of not, quickly grabbed his sister and went towards Seven Stars Pond.

The camera followed along their path. Upon reaching Seven Stars Pond and seeing the people at the pool pulling up water plants, they recited the secret signal. It was really correct. Mu Chen was wild with joy, pulling his sister to complete the task.

The rest were extremely curious and asked the Zhong family’s big brother how he had gleaned this information.

Seated in the center and slowly sipping at his water calmly, Zhong Jiabin uttered leisurely, “These five places are the five tourist spots of this village – the ancestral hall, large tree, water mill and the spot for sunning rice straw. The last place of interest is the Seven Stars pond in the center of the village.”

The camera replayed the prediction the Zhong family’s big brother had made at the start of the games. As every scene played out, everyone prostrated in admiration of Zhong Jiabin’s brains.

[Isn’t big brother’s IQ a little too high!]

[He’s practically Sherlock Holmes, he should be called the Master Sleuth Zhong Jiabin!]

[I’ve thoroughly been made a fan of big brother, aoaoao!]

In the end, Zhong Yibin managed to dig into a seafood feast, perfectly contented. On top of that, he received the second red flower. Since two of the three flowers had already been won, the picking fruits competition in the afternoon was no longer necessary. The Zhong family’s big brother arranged for the promise Mu Chen had made to him to be pushed back to the next week.

The first week thus ended in such a fashion. The audience watched it with the feeling of wishing to continue watching on. This time, the editing expert they had invited was particularly skilled. He cut out the useless parts, only leaving behind the most amusing parts, causing unceasing laughter. The evil-hearted after-effects team even added on a variety of special effects which was deserving of repeated viewing.

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