I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Competition

Zhao Xu had forgotten to add salt to his vegetable congee, so its taste was extremely strange. Zhao Yan spat it out after eating a mouth. Only after adding some salt and re-cooking it for a while could it be considered slightly better. Wenqing’s pancakes was a bit on the burnt side but was still edible. The pair of sisters ate the pancakes and drank the sponsored drinks – it was still quite a good breakfast.

In the end, Mu Sha still won and ordered Mu Chen to cook. Mu Chen made use of his own handsomeness and went to ask for two buns from a peasant family. After deep-frying them in the wok for a while, the meal was settled.

Zhong Yibin made fried eggs, dough drop and vegetable soup, and even sautéed a plate of green vegetables – his was the most high-end. The Yu brother were in an alliance with the Zhong brother and thus also ate a tasty breakfast.

“Leave a portion of the food cooked in front of you for the villagers to evaluate,” Chu Qin finished the fried eggs, wiped his mouth and came out to explain the rules. Everyone left a portion of the food out for the villagers to appraise. Zhong Yibin’s was undoubtedly the most delicious.

The team that obtained first place would receive a reward – a small red flower.

“There will be many competitions today. You will receive a red flower for obtaining first place. At the end, the people with the greatest number of red flowers will receive the Golden Chopstick,” Chu Qin took out a red flower weaved from silk and wanted to put it on Zhong Yibin’s head.

This section of the program had originally been designed with children in mind – putting a red flower on children was charming and adorable. However, for director Zhong to wear a large red flower… Zhong Yibin slanted his head and dodged it, without the slightest intention of wearing such a comical thing. Chu Qin chased after him to put it on, so he ran.

The two people started running around the dining table. Chu Qin lost his balance for a moment and tripped over a stone, falling headfirst with a startled sound. Zhong Yibin hurriedly reached out and hugged him.

The ground was littered with stones and even the dining table was made out of stone slabs. If he had really slipped, the injury would not be light. Zhong Yibin hugged Chu Qin tightly with some lingering fears, as if without the slightest intention of letting go. The camera, on the other hand, recorded this scene.

“Put it on!” Chu Qin pinned the flower to Zhong Yibin’s head and raised his chin in delight.

Zhong Yibin lowered his head to gaze at him. Seeing Chu Qin smile and reveal two small dimples, he couldn’t help jabbing him. “This is really a prize and not a punishment, right?” After finishing his words, he shook the red flower on his head, as if his hair had been tied up at the top of his head.

“Of course it’s a reward,” Chu Qin swatted away the hand that was poking his dimples and started announcing the rules for the next round.

The next round was for everyone to find the skipping rope hidden in the village within the allotted time. The pair of siblings had to jump rope together twenty times before returning to their original location. The group in first place would receive the red flower.

The elder brothers and sisters listened seriously to the rules while the children continued to be engrossed in their ‘harem games’, unable to extricate themselves.

When nobody was looking, Zhong Yibin took the chance to take the flower off his head. He pinned it on his left chest and then ran over to the productions team to snatch another red flower. He scuttled over to pin it to Chu Qin’s chest.

“No moving allowed when I’m saying the rules,” Chu Qin shot a glance at him.

Zhong Yibin continued to remain unmoved. He pinned it nicely on Chu Qin and dragged him in front of the camera, using the camera as a mirror. He was quite satisfied with it. The camera also recorded this scene and the after-effects team added on a special effect – the two people appeared to be at a wedding ceremony. The two grooms bowed to Heaven and Earth and a variety of firecrackers and fireworks appeared on screen…

“See, it’s good looking when worn on the chest. We should change the rules and wear the flower on the chest,” Zhong Yibin said giddily.

[Hahahaha, Director Zhong is being naughty again!]

[The higher-ups are always sending out candy, nobody can stop them!]

The average reality show would also edit the interactions between male guests and sell rot to gain popularity. However, they wouldn’t be like the programs team of <Bun, Quickly Run>, so openly brazen.

Searching for the skipping rope – There were a limited number of skipping ropes but only four hints. The four hints were ‘white wall’, ‘tobacco’, ‘running water’ and ‘rice straw’. When they found the place, they would need to secretly signal the other party with ‘I want to eat buns’. If the other party replied with ‘Eat eat eat, you only know how to eat’, that meant they had found the location. First come, first get. The last team wouldn’t get any hint.

“Just a reminder, this game won’t only determine which team obtains the red flower, but also your lunch. Depending on the sequence of your arrival, your lunch will also be different,” Chu Qin beamed. The camera pointed towards the area where the food rations were stored.

From left to right, the wicker baskets of different sizes were opened in succession. They contained ingredients of varying levels of richness; the difference was Heaven and Earth. Moreover, standing behind every portion of ingredients was the corresponding cook. They ranged from high class chefs of five-star hotels to the village auntie, before coming to the director who was specially in charge of preparing dark cuisine.

“What are you blanking out for, hurry and run,” The Zhong family’s big brother was the first to regain his wits. He dragged his brother along and ran.

They needed to find the skipping rope within the shortest amount of time and jump rope twenty times in a row. The Zhong family’s big brother swiftly calculated multiple spots in his mind.

“Ge, where are we going to find it?” Zhong Yibin had zero intentions of pondering it over, looking towards his elder brother impatiently.

Zhong Jiabin helplessly explained. The white wall should mean finding a household with white walls. There was more than one house in this village with white walls and they would need to go through them one by one, on top of signing secretly to the other party. This would waste a bit of time. Tobacco likely referred to someone who smoked tobacco; compared to a wall, a person would be harder to find. Running water meant flowing water so it would definitely be near the brook on the fringes of the village. Rice straw should refer to the place where the villagers stacked up their rice straw.

The first two weren’t easy to find but the last two were more obvious. The best thing to do was to ask around. Zhong Yibin, who had once again been assigned a task by his big brother, went up to ask a villager. “Big brother, is there any special building near the river?”

The big brother who was lugging a hoe racked his brains and smiled shyly. “There’s a waterwheel at the riverbank, as well as a mill.”

Zhong Yibin’s eyes lit up. He winked at the camera and continued his inquiries. “Where are the rice straws in the village usually piled at?”

The villager thought for a while. “Rice straws are placed at home.” Stacked at home – that was even harder to find. The Zhong brothers promptly made a decision and first went to the riverbank to search for the waterwheel and tofu mill.

Yu Tang, who was following behind the two, narrowed his eyes slightly. He caught hold of the villager and continued to ask. “Where do you all usually sun the rice straw?”

“When there’s rice straw, we usually sun them at the empty space meant for sunning foodstuffs in the center of the village,” The villager replied honestly.

“Then let’s quickly go to that empty space,” Yu Lin shook his elder brother’s arm.

Yu Tang was silent for a moment. Dragging Yu Lin along and walking towards that location, he quickly saw the area for sunning rice straw. The entire ground was covered in rice straw that was currently being sunned. There were several aunties presently arranging the rice straw. Upon a close inspection of the environment, Yu Tang narrowed his eyes a little. Grabbing onto Yu Lin, he left. They hadn’t walked far when they bumped into Mu Chen and Mu Sha, who were walking around aimlessly.

Seeing the two of them, Yu Tang revealed an unnatural smile and dragged his brother away.

Mu Chen stared distractedly at them and patted Mu Sha. “Let’s follow them.” Those two had clearly already found a location and didn’t want others to know about it.

Yu Tang seemingly didn’t notice them following and directly brought them to the rice straws. Mu Chen took the lead and went over. He stopped an auntie and asked deeply, “I want to eat buns!”

The auntie covered her mouth and smiled bashfully. “My house has some.”

Mu Chen laughed awkwardly. “Thanks.” Following that, they went to find another auntie to ask. After asking along the way, they finally met a young lady who replied with ‘Eat eat eat, you only know how to eat’.

As brimming with confidence, Mu Chen wanted the lady to hand over the skipping rope. According to the lady, they could only obtain the skipping rope if they cleared up the rice straw neatly.

All… clear up… neatly…

Mu Chen glanced at the rice straw field that was equivalent to the size of a basketball court. It was closely packed with rice straw; they didn’t have a clue where to start from. Therefore, they started working on clearing the raw straw. Mu Sha didn’t have a choice but to take up the pitchfork to clear the rice straw.

Yu Tang dragged his brother along to lounge on the pile of rice straw, basking in the sunlight. “Good luck, do well.”

Mu Chen and the viewers were extremely doubtful of Yu Tang’s behavior. Could it be that he had already abandoned the competition after seeing the rice straw snatched away? That being said, the feeling of wanting to win had already taken over and Mu Chen no longer paid any attention to this paid of brothers, starting to concentrate on pushing the grass.

“Wow wow! It’s here!” Mu Chen lifted up a pile of rice straw while dripping with sweat, finally getting hold of the skipping role that had been hidden beneath. At this moment, the sparkling skipping rope was akin to a glimmering gem that everyone was fond of.

At this moment, Yu Tang suddenly made a move. With an unfathomable speed, he leapt off the tall pile of grass and simultaneously snatched the skipping rope. Treading on the pile of grass, he climbed up to the top and swiftly returned to his younger brother. He clasped his younger brother underneath his armpit and broke into a run.

Mu Chen was already petrified. By the time he regained his senses, he instantly climbed up the pile of grass. Yet, he did not have Yu Tang’s nimble body and could not make it up no matter how much he tried. “Director, he’s breaking the rules!”

Yu Tang waved the skipping rope in his hands in delight. “Nobody said we couldn’t snatch it right?”

At this time, Chu Qin walked out and said seriously, “He didn’t break the rules.” Mu Chen was thoroughly thrown into the abyss of despair.

On the other side, the Zhong brothers had reached the riverbank and had already completed the task of adding oil to the waterwheel to grind out soy milk. They found a skipping rope beneath the grindstone.

The pair of brothers were all above 1.8m and skipping rope together would make the difficulty level a little high. Hence, they could only do their best to lean close, to the point where their faces were nearly plastered together.

“I’m going to start!” Zhong Jiabin reminded his brother mildly and started swinging the skipping rope.

“Ao!” Zhong Yibin jumped once. His leg got tangled with the skipping rope and he pounced into his brother’s arms.

“Alright, let’s do it like this then. We’ll skip while carrying each other,” The Zhong family’s big brother tested the length and felt that this way was the best. He instructed Zhong Yibin not to let go and jumped while carrying him.

Seeing this scene, the viewers on the internet had already broken out into an argument over the issue of ‘Zhong Qin’ and ‘Jia Yi’.

[Ah ah ah ah, the brothers are still more meng!]

[As if, he was clearly feeding Chu Qin lovingly in the morning!]

[… Your fans are really chaotic…]

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Gege, this isn’t too good right

Big Brother: Don’t move, I’m about to start

Qin Qin: It’s only skipping rope, what are the viewers getting to excited over

Er Bing: This phrase would have a different meaning under another situation

Qin Qin: What?

Er Bing: Don’t move, I’m about to start

Qin Qin: o(&gt﹏&lt)o

Translator’s corner: YT…. I’m speechless…

Side note: Chapter 83 will be split into two parts due to its length. Will try to split it nicely to minimize the disruption in flow. 

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