I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Frying eggs

The world seemed to have quietened. Everyone looked over in a daze. The egg that Wenqing had just picked up dropped onto the ground with a plop.

The viewers in front of the television also turned silent for a second, before…

[Ah ah ah ah ah! Zhong Qin!]

[Director Zhong did this on purpose right, on purpose…]

[My God, the brother CP that had just stood firm collapsed instantaneously!]

Chu Qin’s face involuntarily reddened even further but he still accepted th3 plate of fried eggs. The Zhong family’s big brother originally felt gratified that his younger brother finally had a chance to show some respect to him but was treated to such a scene. The camera gave elder brother a close-up. However, from start to end, there was no change in his expression. Only his deep eyes widened a little.

Forgetting the elder brother after having a wife. Forgetting the younger brother upon seeing the wife.

“The majority of the world’s men like this,” Yu Lin shook his head.

A child who was roughly only a meter tall, shook his pair of jug ears and said such a phrase as if proud of his age and experience. The viewers in front of the television were meng and instantly made a large clamor.

“You’re very knowledgeable,” Mu Sha suppressed her laughter with great effort and rubbed his head.

Yu Lin dodged the hand that rubbed his head and revealed an expression suffused with deep emotion of having seen the hypocrisies of the world. This expression was too fun, to the extent that the after-effects team specially magnified it, even accompanying it with the words ‘great changes’.

“Hahahaha…” Everyone couldn’t help laughing at him.

Everybody here was either a young director master or a celebrity who essentially didn’t know how to cook. In the midst of everyone’s fluster, Zhong Yibin’s unhurried silhouette while cooking was particularly lofty.

Zhao Xu clumsily cut up the vegetables and threw the vegetables and rice into a pot to make vegetable congee. Because his chopping skills weren’t good, the vegetable leaves that were chopped up were all large pieces, as if for hotpot. Wenqing mixed the eggs and flour together to make pancakes. Mu Chen turned around to glance at Mu Sha, indicating for her to cook. “The older siblings from the other families have all started cooking, shouldn’t you be showing something?”

“The elder siblings are cooking because their siblings are young. Look at Director Zhong,” Mu Sha raised her chin towards Zhong Yibin, who was seriously frying eggs. “Grown younger brothers should respect older sisters, alright?”

The Mu familys brother-sister pair once again entered squabbling mode. When Wenqing finished frying a pancake, they had yet to agree on who should be cooking.

The camera swung towards the location of the two pairs of brothers. Yu Tang crossed his arms as he sat at the side, without any intention of stepping up to cook.

“Aren’t you going to cook?” The Zhong family’s big brother turned to look towards Yu Tang, completely unable to resist showing off a little.

Yu Tang frowned slightly and glanced meaningfully at his brother, indicating that he should look at the other family’s younger brother. Yu Lin pretended not to have seen it and turned around to play with the other two young girls.

“Let’s act out our characters. I’ll play the emperor, you guys can act as the empress and pampered concubine,” Yu Lin sat on a stone and raised his tiny chin slightly.

Wenyu and Zhao Yan’s gazes met and covered their mouths in laughter. “Okay, who’s the empress and who’s the pampered concubine?”

Yu Lin thought about it seriously and let Zhao Yan be the empress while Wenyu played the pampered concubine.

“Why am I not the empress?” Wenyu teased him smilingly.

Yu Lin looked at her earnestly. “The emperor decides everything, you only need to listen to orders.” After that, he stealthily leaned towards Wenyu to speak into her ears, saying that she was prettier and thus should be the pampered concubine.

Like this, Wenyu was also happy and the three children started to play cheerfully.

At this moment, Zhong Yibin finished frying another plate of eggs and passed it to his big brother to eat, only to for it to be snatched away by Yu Tang in passing. “What did I say last night when you sent me the message?”

The Zhong family’s big brother frowned slightly, glanced towards the heart-shaped eggs his brother had cooked for him, and then thought about his credibility as a businessman… He snatched the plate back. “The next plate is yours, this is mine.”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Aoao, I have to rush for the plane and only wrote this small bit~ Wait for me to return and make up for it… *kneels*

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    1. Oh, I just noticed this since I reread the releases, but “look” is typed twice in the sentence below.
      Yu Tang frowned slightly and glanced meaningfully at his brother, indicating that he should look look at the other family’s younger brother.

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