I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Story

Tell a bedtime story to the Bun beside you…. Tell a bedtime story… Bedtime story…

The elder brothers and sisters were struck dumb. The children were still slightly better. Mu Sha glanced at the one-head-taller Mu Chen beside her, thought about telling a bedtime story to such a big younger brother, and couldn’t resist showing a resentful expression,

“Why do you have that kind of expression?” Mu Chen noticed his sister’s expression of resentment and curled his lip at her. “Do you know what this section of the program is for? It’s to improve the wide gap in sibling affection between sister and brother.”

The after-effects team typed out ‘wide gap in sibling affection’ and added a rumbling sound in the background. They even edited Mu Chen’s voice to a rough electronic one and set it to repeat loudly. The camera simultaneously cut to Mu Sha’s face – her expression was that of having no purpose in life.

“I think that the wide gap in sibling affection will widen even further after telling the story,” Mu Sha rolled her eyes. Of course, since she was good looking, a goddess rolling her eyes was still a goddess.

The camera cut to Wenqing. Having obtained the mahjong house from the Zhong brothers, the two girls were safe during the night. It was just a little on the noisy side. Even after closing the door, they could still hear the sound of mahjong from downstairs.

“Bedtime story…” Wenqing sat at a corner of the bed and stroked her sister’s head. Wenyu had gotten carsick after riding the bus and was now feeling much better after resting for so long. It was just that her complexion didn’t look too good. “Are you still feeling dizzy?”

“Not dizzy anymore,” Wenyu widened her sparkling eyes as she looked at her sister. She was still young, and her skin appeared particularly tender. On camera, her skin appeared photo-shopped, causing the audience to whistle loudly that she was adorable.

“Then let’s go to sleep,” Wenqing switched off the lights and the camera could no longer catch the situation within the room. She burrowed into the blankets while hugging her sister. “What story should I tell? I’ll tell the original story of <Biography of Concubine Shu>. I’ve read it so many times that I have it memorized.”

“I’ve also watched it many times,” Wenyu protested. The drama didn’t differ too much from the original story so there was hardly any sense of anticipation.

Naturally, the advantage of a story that was not anticipated was that Wenqing only had to tell the story for a short while before Wenyu fell asleep.

On Zhao Xu’s end, his sister was still young and thus could sleep together with him. After receiving the task, Zhao Xu sat in the courtyard racking his brains for a story to tell. As an athlete, he didn’t know how to do such things! “Sis, come here, elder brother will tell you a bedtime story.”

However, having obtained the courtyard for ‘Crowing Like A Chicken and Stealing Like A Dog’, Zhao Yan was excitedly chasing after the chickens and driving out the dog in the courtyard.

That seemingly fierce and evil dog was currently rubbing against Zhao Yan’s legs. At that moment, Zhao Yan was standing on tiptoe, fishing out a shaggy chick from the fence and clasping it in her arms.

“I don’t want to sleep yet, what bedtime story?” Zhao Yan paid no heed to her brother and placed the chick on top of the large dog’s head. The large dog raised its eyes in an attempt to look at the chick, but to no avail.

 “Chirp!” The chick let out a sound as if in agreement with Zhao Yan’s words. The large dog also followed along to bark, simultaneously shaking the chick off its head.

The scene was sped up and Zhao Yan could be seen rushing about happily in the courtyard while Zhao Xu sat at the side, cupping his face helplessly. Only after the scene repeated itself more than ten times did Zhao Yan finally get tired of playing and washed up to go to bed.

“In the past, there was a King. He…”

Although the process was long and complex, the story was still told successfully.

The camera cut to the Yu brothers and the atmosphere immediately underwent a complete change. Yu Tang held a tall drinking glass in the delicately decorated living room. There was half a glass of ‘Fierce Ox’s Energy Drink’ left in the glass; ‘Fierce Ox’s Energy Drink’ was one of the sponsors of the program.

“The character card states that Buns have to tell a bedtime story before sleeping. Tell me one,” Yu Tang crossed a leg over the other and raised his chin at his brother at the side.

Yu Lin rolled his eyes. “Will you listen if I tell you the Great Yu’s secret history?”

Yu Tang raised an eyebrow. He walked over, picked his brother up and propped him on his shoulders. “I know the Great Yu’s secret history. I want to know what kind of relationship that girl at kindergarten has with you.”

“Stop spouting nonsense,” Yu Lin covered his face. There was a camera here; Being made fun of by his brother like this, he would lose face in front of the entire country.

This room was a high-class hotel, hence anything they needed was luxurious. Yu Tang even called for a sumptuous supper. It was completely different from the rest of the struggling comrades.

As for the Yu brothers who had reversed the task requirements, the production team was completely helpless. The viewers in front of the television were already bursting out in laughter.

“Quickly tell me those bedtime stories Mother read to you when you were young,” Yu Tang used a foot to prod at his seated brother.

Yu Lin’s brows puckered up. With a face of reluctance, he started to tell the story. “In the past, there were three bears. There was a father, a mother and lastly, a bear cub.”

Yu Tang rested his head on his hands and waited for the next few lines. After half a day, there was still no next line and his brother had already gotten under the sheets, preparing to sleep.

“And then?” Yu Tang kicked his brother’s protruding buttocks.

“Nothing else!” Yu Lin stated seriously. He didn’t like to listen to the bedtime stories Mother read to him and only remembered this one line.

Yu Tang, “…”

The after-effects team couldn’t resist typing out ‘This is some way of dealing with it’ as a bullet point and sent it whistling behind Yu Tang’s blank expression.

Whereas on the other end, in the bamboo building exposed to the winds, the Zhong brothers were stargazing. When lowering their heads and listening to the night sounds, it appeared very romantic. In fact…

“Ge, it’s so cold…” Zhong Yibin complained.

Zhong Jiabin was helpless. It was him who made the swap with others in a gentlemanly manner, but at this time, he started to regret doing so. He reached out and tugged his brother towards him. “Come over here.”

“No… There’s no need to…” Zhong Yibin said stiffly. As a completely bent man whose wife was looking at through the surveillance cameras, he felt immense pressure.

On the other hand, the audience’s emotions had already been stirred up by big brother’s words.

[Ah ah ah ah ah! Big brother is so gentle!]

[Come, come to brother’s arms!]


Without concern for the expression of defiance on his younger brother’s face, the Zhong family’s big brother hauled his younger brother towards him and shifted a little towards the center as well. After edging closer, it was indeed much warmer.

“Ge, tell a story,” Zhong Yibin suddenly recalled the task under this strange atmosphere.

“En,” The Zhong family’s big brother made a sound of agreement and closed his eyes in preparation to sleep. He had zero intentions of telling a story.

Zhong Yibin saw that his own brother ignored him and so stretched out a claw to push his brother. “Ge, don’t sleep, tell me a story.”

The camera closed in on Zhong Yibin’s face, causing the handsome face shrouded by the blankets to be magnified. The after-effects team drew on a round sun cap around him, making him a baby.

The accompanying words were [Baby wants to listen to a bedtime story!]

Zhong Jiabin opened his eyes helplessly. After a moment of silence, he used his deep and magnetic voice to slowly say, “In the past, there were three pigs. They were preparing to build a house. One pig chose to use straw to make his house. The second pig chose to use wood slabs to build his house. And the third pig used bamboo to construct his house…”

Zhong Yibin blinked. He had lost his memories and didn’t remember this sort of nursery story. However, he faintly felt that something was wrong.

The after-effects team helped him to type out a huge arrow pointing at the house exposed to the winds and rain – [Made of bamboo].

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: I don’t want to listen to the three pigs

Qin Qin: Then what kind of story do you want to listen to

Er Bing: I want to listen to you telling me a story about two pigs

Qin Qin: What kind of story is two pigs

Er Bing: A Zhong pig and Chu pig – the Zhong pig built the house and ate up the Chu pig ( ̄ˇ ̄)

Translator’s corner: Happy TGIF!

Side note: There will be a double release next update as c81 is less than 1k words.

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