I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 78

Chapter 78: House

Zhong Yibin did not receive any aid from his wife and looked to his family’s big brother once again. The result was a glare from his big brother, prompting him to work his own brain. Without anyone to rely on, Zhong Yibin eventually decided to use his own brain and carefully think it over.

From the name, it sounded like there would be stars and the moon at Seven Stars Plucking the Moon. The location would definitely be under the sky. Crowing Like A Chicken and Stealing Like A Dog should be referencing a farmhouse, since there were chickens and dogs. There was nothing to be said for Clay Stove – it should be a place where clay stoves were used to cook. The Great Wall was difficult to guess. It could be a stone house, but it was also possible that there some other mysterious factors.

Zhong Yibin recited his analysis out loud. It sounded very logical, but the audience did not believe him entirely. After all, he was making a wild guess on his own.

It was already late autumn. Sleeping in an exposed area on such a cold day would definitely be chilly; neither him nor his brother knew how to cook, so the clay stove was also bad; chickens and dogs were too noisy, so in the end, he chose The Great Wall.

Mu Chen chose Crowing Like A Chicken and Stealing Like A Dog. Zhao Yan had to choose from the remaining two options, and she was very clear that they couldn’t sleep under the sky during such weather, so she chose Clay Stove. As the one who placed last, Wenyu could only choose Seven Stars Plucking the Moon.

After making their choices, everyone picked up their number plaque and went to their individual houses. The Yu brothers came over as well to observe the excitement. The first group who arrived was the Zhao Xu brother-sister pair, who were at ‘Clay Stove’. The moment they crossed the door, they saw a large clay stove – it was a tofu mill for making claypot tofu. This family also used the clay stove to cook their meals.

This place was good to guess; it was as expected. Following them was Crowing Like A Chicken and Stealing Like A Dog that Mu Chen chose. It was a brightly lit building, just that furious barking could be heard the moment they entered. A large dog was chained in the courtyard, and it barked loudly at them. There were also more than ten chickens strolling around in the courtyard looking for food, not the least bit bothered by the dog’s barks. The courtyard was filled with the stench of chicken feces.

Mu Cha’s brows didn’t crease at all upon smelling the chicken feces but upon seeing the dog wanting to pounce at them, she shrieked in shock. She was usually brave-hearted but was very scared of dogs. Mu Chen instantly reached out and protected her, blocking her with his body. He consoled her in a low voice. “It’s alright, it’s alright. That dog’s chained up.” He had only thought of letting his sister stay at a better place just now and the fact that she was afraid of dogs had slipped his mind.

“Zhao Xu, can we make a swap? Mu Sha’s scared of dogs,” Mu Chen pointed at their house that clearly had much better furnishing. When compared to the clay stove tofu mill, this place was significantly more modernized. It was just that there were dogs and chickens…

Zhao Xu glanced at the brightly lit house which was significantly better than the tofu mill. Moreover, Zhao Yan wasn’t scared of dogs at all. She would even try to interact with dogs. After thinking for a moment, he agreed.

After hearing this news, Mu Sha heaved a visible sigh of relief. Standing behind her brother, she stared at the back of his head and pursed her lips in a faint smile. At this moment, the after-effects started to arouse emotion. The background music turned to a warm jingle of bells in minor key.

[Even if they usually quarrel, argue occasionally and get angry occasionally, the heart that has loved one since young has never changed.]

Seeing the brother-sister pair’s warm concern for each other, the audience smiled and couldn’t help feeling moved to tears.

In fact, the person in question didn’t feel the need for any tears to be dropped. Without the sound effects, Mu Sha only felt slightly happier for a while and then merrily followed everyone to take a look at the next house.

What the viewers saw next was a very tall building with pretty red ceramic tiles pasted on the outside, and a spacious courtyard. It was only that the hall was incomparably lively, with many tables of mahjong set up.

“You’re here, welcome,” The owner came out to receive the guests, beaming as he led them in. There were people of all ages within the house – there were people from the village, as well as tourists. Seeing so many celebrities, everyone became incessantly excited. Every table seated four people and each table had mahjong on it. Their playing caused a huge clattering sound.

The corner of Zhong Yibin’s mouth twitched. “Uncle, I would like to ask why this house is called The Great Wall.”

“This is the village’s mahjong room,” The owner of the house was an uncle with grizzled hair. He was all smiles as he said, “Playing mahjong is also called building the Great Wall of stones[1]. This place is available for mahjong twenty-four hours, so can’t The Great Wall be used?”

The audience, “…”

Mahjong for twenty-four hours, that would indeed be sufficiently noisy.

Everyone rejoiced a little in the misfortune that befall the Shengshi directors. This pair of brothers were too capable; with empty hands, they still managed to make so much money and hire a car to come over, causing everyone to feel a sense of imbalance.

However, after they saw ‘Seven Stars Plucking the Moon’, their sympathy started to shift towards the Wenqing sisters. Surprisingly, the place was a bamboo building. The place they lived in was the top of the bamboo building – a loft under the skies. This loft had cotton yarns hung all over the place, making the place seem romantic and mysterious. However, in the early winter night, it wasn’t the least bit romantic. Only the cold and terror remained.

When Wenqing saw this place, she could only smile bitterly. Although there were video cameras monitoring the place, sleeping at this sort of place in the mountainous countryside would still induce some fear.

“Director Zhong, you actually guessed everything right!” Zhao Xu was an honest person. He had been diligently verifying Zhong Yibin’s conjectures along the way. Except for ‘The Great Wall’, the one which he hadn’t been sure about since the start, the rest were guessed right by him.

“Hehe, as the bearer of wisdom for this program…” Zhong Yibin raised his chin in delight. Right after ending his words, he shot a glance at his brother with some guilt. As usual, the Zhong family’s big brother had facial nerve paralysis, his eyes seemingly carrying a few traces of a smile.

The after-effects team had evil intentions; a close-up was done of big brother’s smile and the accompanying words were ‘the smitten smile of being addicted to pampering’.

The audience couldn’t help cupping their face, before once again worrying about the Wenqing sisters.

[It’s very dangerous for girls to sleep at such a place.]

[The program crew has no humanity.]

After showing off his wisdom, Zhong Yibin looked at Wenqing requesting for blankets from the program team and threw out a suggestion. “Get two more, pile it on thickly. Don’t switch the cameras off at night, then if thieves or beasts enter…”

“Beasts?” Wenyu couldn’t stop herself from letting out a shriek. There was a real possibility of there being beasts in this mountain village. Thinking to this point, she simultaneously grew fearful.

“It’s all right, don’t listen to his nonsense. The place the program crew found will definitely be safe,” Wenqing hurriedly placated her sister. She wanted to glare at Zhong Yibin but recalled that he was her boss and thus didn’t dare to say anything. She could only bite on her lower lip and continue to lay the bedding.

After much difficulty, the bedding was laid nicely. Zhong Yibin smiled slightly. “En, that’s about it. I like this bed, tonight us brothers will sleep here.”

The viewers who had just felt that Zhong Yibin’s words were somewhat ill-timed were immediately struck dumb.

Wenqing also stared blankly. Only after half a day did she react and understand that Zhong Yibin intended to switch rooms with her. She was suddenly so moved that she didn’t know what else to say. It was indeed unsafe for two girls to sleep exposed to the skies.

“Ge, I made the decision of my own volition, you aren’t angry right?” Zhong Yibin only thought of this after everyone left; He hadn’t asked for his brother’s opinion.

The Zhong family’s big brother examined their surroundings for a while without denying it. After sitting down on the soft bed, he said faintly, “You did the right thing.”

Everyone reached their own residence and could finally retire for the night. However, the program team suddenly gave everyone a task at the last minute.

When the elder brothers and sisters saw the task content, their hearts experienced a sensation of defeat. Before the camera, Chu Qin’s clear and melodious voice slowly read out the task content. “Please tell the Buns beside you a bedtime story.”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Big Brother: What story do you want to listen to

Er Bing: Shy stories

Big Brother: …. I don’t know how to tell those, the host will need to come and tell them

Qin Qin: →_→

[1] Winning at a game of mahjong requires the player to build a certain set of tiles, almost like stacking up the stones. So if one plays Mahjong all the time, the end result would be a huge stack of stones, like The Great Wall of China. If you’re interested in reading more about mahjong, read more here.

Translator’s corner: Mu Chen is such a gentleman~ Can’t wait for ZJB’s ‘bedtime story’ rofl <( ̄︶ ̄)>

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