I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Off the charts

The first week’s broadcast ended abruptly at this point. Who exactly lost and won was not revealed, causing the audience to feel extremely bitter.

[Heavens, that was two hours? Why did I feel that I only watched ten minutes!]

[Boo hoo, it’s unexpectedly a weekly broadcast. How am I going to endure till the next week!]

No matter how the audience complained, the program ended after the cheerful theme song. Now that the television screening had ended, the broadcast online would start.

Shengshi didn’t have its own video website, so the broadcasting rights were sold to the largest video site. After the television screening ended, it was immediately uploaded online. Those who still had feelings of yearning fervently went online to re-watch.

On Weibo, a wave of screenshots ensued, as well as a craze of edited cuts from the video. There were even people who drew out the interesting scenes. During this period of free time before the next episode aired, everybody amused themselves and was very happy.

Without a doubt, this program had risen to fame. On the night itself, the subject ‘Bun, Quickly Run’ had already risen to first in terms of popularity. But the thing that made Chu Qin unsure of whether to laugh or cry was the fact that the second-place subject was ‘Jia Yi Bin Bin’.

[Ah, what to do, what to do. I’ve fallen for this pair of brothers.]

[Boo hoo, Qin-ge I’ve let you down. Seeing big brother so full of affection, I couldn’t resist being unfaithful!]

Out of all these was a cartoon that was pushed to the top; it was in color and adorable. Drawn on it was a tiny sized Zhong Yibin dressed in the program’s clothes, who was working his tiny legs hard to follow behind big brother. Ahead was a similarly tiny Zhong Jiabin who was watching the road with a stern face.

Tiny Zhong Yibin tripped over a passerby as he was lowering his head to look at the phone. He stretched a hand to tug at the edge of big brother’s clothes. Tiny Zhong Jiabin paused for a moment and turned back to glance at his brother before looking back at the road. He turned his head in silence. Just like this, big brother walked at the front while the younger brother held onto the corner of big brother’s clothes, following along slowly. The entire painting style was filled with a cute aura, causing the wolf’s blood in those who watched it to rise to the surface[1].

Besides cartoons, there were also all kinds of videos of the brothers’ interactions.

Chu Qin watched them with great interest. He switched to a less-known account and took note of several cartoonists and video editors. During his free time every day, he would scroll through them.

By Wednesday, the data was out. The ratings for <Bun, Quickly Run> on Saturday night was indisputably first. Furthermore, it exceeded <Qin Qin Confusion>.  This was a first for Shengshi in many years. There had never been an entertainment program capable of surpassing Confusion.

At the same time, Big Fish Group’s biscuits entered the country’s market. It had just hit the shelves when it was caught in a mad frenzy. Chu Qin was angered by Panda Crackers’ sudden withdrawal and so, after switching sponsors, he deliberately increased the importance of ‘Big Fish Small Biscuit’ in the script. In addition, the guests took the liberty to elaborate on it and thus repeatedly advertised these small biscuits.

Everyone wanted to test if the biscuits were truly as salty as Yu Tang said it was. On top of that, Zhong Jiabin’s means of using a bag of biscuits to get a thousand yuan in return was too classic a scene – the viewers’ impression of these biscuits was too deep.

With a week, many supermarkets ran out of stock. Only after Big Fish’s snacks factory worked overtime did they catch up.

“Director, you’re too wise! This bit of support is much cheaper than the advertisements on television, and even then, the effect is this great!” The person from the industry department prostrated himself in admiration to Yu Tang.

The managers of Big fish’s snacks company were so happy that they grinned from ear to ear. What this sort of perishable needed was a successful start. The matters following that would then progress smoothly.

On the other hand, Panda Crackers, who had withdrawn their investment midway, regretted it till their intestines turned green.

“You bunch of idiots!” The director of Panda Crackers was so incensed that he swiped all the reports onto the floor. “Who was it who made the decision to withdraw investment then?”

Someone from the industry department didn’t dare to speak out in such an atmosphere. Only after hemming and hawing for half a day did he say, “Didn’t you all agree?”

“My agreement was also based on the report you sent up!” Upon hearing these words, the director of Panda Crackers grew even angrier, and he smacked the table with a bang sound. Big Fish Small Biscuit sold out while their Panda Crackers sold poorly. One rose while the other fell – he himself could tell exactly how large this disparity was.

Since the program was filmed concurrently with the broadcast, after the first episode’s ratings were revealed, many investors sought out Shengshi to request to implant advertisements.

“This is our flagship product this season. We very much hope for it to be on <Bun, Quickly Run>. The price can be discussed.”

“Director Zhong, I noticed that the guests’ clothing were their personal ones. We would like to supply their clothes. On top of that, we will pay advertising fees. You see…”

“Director Zhong…”

Every day, Zhong Yibin would receive quite a few of such calls. There were many more that had been received by the advertising department, these few were those he personally knew. Although it was a little irritating, these were all delivering money and would nevertheless still make one happy.

“Hehe, Mu Chen said that his popularity increased again. His fans feel that he’s down-to-earth,” Chu Qin lay on the bed and shared the results with Zhong Yibin. “The ratings for <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> also rose, Wenqing said that credit for that definitely goes to the reality show… Oh, Zhao Xu received an advertisement for a watch. He sent me one… Oh…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a warm body pressed down on him, nipping at the flesh on Chu Qin’s nape.

“You only keep an eye on others and not on me,” Zhong Yibin snorted and stretched out a hand to slowly caress him below.

“We see each other every day, what is there to keep an eye on,” Chu Qin said on purpose.

“Aiya, I’ve fell out of favor,” Zhong Yibin frowned and flipped Chu Qin around, riding onto his body. “Then what would I have to do to attract your attention again.”


Lately, they had been too busy. The program still needed be filmed and they only had three days in a week to settle their other work. Every day, they were busy till late at night. The two of them hadn’t been intimate in almost two weeks. They would once again have to record tomorrow so he ought to hurriedly eat a full meal.

The result of stuffing themselves full was that the both of them rose late the next day and got up in a rush to race to the venue.

Within a blink of an eye, Saturday arrived. Compared to the previous week, the number of viewers standing by the television and waiting for <Bun, Quickly Run> to broadcast had increased nearly two-fold. When the long and tedious advertisement ended, and a round panda-like white tender bun popped up on the screen, the viewers couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Continuing on from last week, a horse whistled past the Zhong brothers.

The end result was that the Yu brothers who had arrived at the village last, obtained the Golden Chopstick. The sparkling gold-plated chopstick had the four words ‘Big Fish Small Biscuit’ engraved on it.

In the first round, the Yu brothers emerged as the victors. A large hand gripped a part of the chopstick while a small hand gripped the other part. Together, they yelled out the program’s slogan ‘Brothers work as one, nothing can go against us!’. The reward was being able to live alone in a luxurious residence.

As a tourist village, the condition of the accommodations here were still not too bad. They were all rural western-style buildings.

The one given to the Yu brothers was the best central villa. That place was similar to a guesthouse, with hot water, air-conditioning, central heating and refined decorations. It was a dazzling sight for the eyes.

The other teams watched enviously as the big and small brothers walked into the large residence with white walls and red spots, before bitterly continuing to choose their rooms.

Chu Qin beamed as he announced the names of several living areas. They were ‘Seven Stars Plucking the Moon’, ‘Crowing Like A Chicken and Stealing Like A Dog[2]’, ‘Clay Stove’ and ‘The Great Wall’.

The Zhong brothers were the first to choose. The Bun team had to make the decision for this section. The several people who were from the Bun team stood forward with a worried frown on their faces as they faced these topics. It was impossible to tell which was good or bad just based on the name.

Zhong Yibin turned his head to glance at Chu Qin, wishing that his family’s wife would give him a hint. Chu Qin smiled faintly. “Don’t look at me, I don’t know either.”

[Asking for help from wifey! Hahahaha!]

[Director Zhong’s feeling wronged, don’t ignore me wife!]

The author has something to say:

Small theatre:

Qin Qin: Er Bing Bing, which room do you want to choose

Er Bing: Want to choose Qin Qin’s room

Qin Qin: You can only sleep with big brother during filming

Er Bing: Big brother can’t even be eaten

Big Brother: →_→

[1] 人狼血沸腾: Unsure what this means, please comment if you do!

[2] An idiom that means having a bag of tricks.

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