I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Finishing line

“Relax, my brother will be back very soon. I’ll have to trouble you to get a cup of water for me,” Yu Lin smiled harmlessly.

The program crew feared that the child would be abducted and led a team of video-cameras into the restaurant, filming the child’s performance very clearly. When Yu Tang returned, Yu Lin had already drunk two cups of tea and finished three bags of snacks.

Next, it was time to do the purchasing. The Wenqing sisters had earned very little, so they bought a little to eat before getting onto the bus. Zhao Xu didn’t have much money either, so he bought his sister a few snacks and proceeded to get onto the bus with Wenqing. Since Mu Chen and Mu Sha were working, they had to welcome guests till three before they could be liberated; it was a bitterness that was indescribable.

The wealthy Zhong Jiabin brought his brother to a small market. “Go take what you want to eat.”

Zhong Yibin raised his head, his eyes simultaneously breaking out into twinkles. This scene was played in slow-motion and paired with romantic Korean music. The accompanying words were [Joy came too suddenly]. Therefore, he rushed into the market, grabbed a pile of dried beef, latiao[1], soda…

The video-camera evilly shifted to film big brother but realized that the thin lips which were normally pursed in a straight line were actually curving up slightly. Those deep eyes also contained a smiling expression.

The young girls in front of the television couldn’t resist covering their faces and shrieking.

[My God! My God! That pampering gaze!]

[Big brother, look at me. Aoaoao!]

[How is the shameful brother CP going to be broken?]

After buying his things, Zhong Yibin carried a large bag of foods and products, and followed his brother to find a vehicle. Along the way, he expressed his sympathies to the Mu family’s brother-sister duo, who were still standing guard.

Due to the ‘first come, first get’ rule, Zhong Jiabin chose to give up on riding the bus and swapped to renting a cross-country vehicle from a rental company. It was not a particularly high-class brand and was two hundred yuan a day. The car was an off-road vehicle and quickly caught up to the bus Wenqing and the rest were riding. Zhong Yibin stretched out his head to wave to them.

“Wow, they even have a car! Why do they have a car!” Zhao Xu was surprised. He clung to the windows and yelled at Zhong Yibin. “Why do you guys have a car?”

However, the bus was completely sealed, and the windows couldn’t be opened. His voice could not be heard at all from the outside. The off-road vehicle very quickly sped past them, leaving them in the dust.

Zhao Xu smiled and looked at Wenqing. “That pair of brothers are too impressive. We only earned our lunch money, but they earned a car.”

Yu Tang, who had also earned quite a bit, didn’t purchase a lot of edibles and products like the Zhong family brothers. Instead, he strolled around the streets and bought a pile of completely useless souvenirs. There were some strange stones, folding fans made out of thin silk, and Hunan bamboo pipes. Yu Lin couldn’t bear to watch on any longer. “Ge, in any case, it’s better to just buy something to eat. What if there isn’t anything to eat when we reach the village?”

“You go buy,” Yu Tang gave his brother a hundred yuan, allowing him to buy them from the neighboring market.

The young Yu Lin went in without a single complaint and purchased several necessities. If he couldn’t carry the plastic bags, he would drag them out. Yu Tang was at a shop at the corner and upon seeing his brother, he walked over and took the bags from him.

“We should get going, if not we’ll be in last place,” Yu Lin glanced at Mu Chen and Mu Sha on the other side. The boss knew that they were filming for a program so they were let off kindly, and their wages were also settled. Those two people ran off so quickly that even a glimpse of their shadows could not be seen. On the other hand, their pair of brothers had tarried for the purpose of earning money and were already the last to set out.

When Mu Chen and Mu Sha rushed to the bus station, the first shift had just left and there was still an hour’s waiting time for the next shift. By that time, the dishes would already be cold. As they looked around, a few youngsters riding motorbikes came over. “Motorcycle taxi, ride or no ride?”

“How much is it to Seven Stars Village?” The dust blown over by the motorbikes swirled all over the place. Mu Chen blocked Mu Sha with his body and went up himself to ask that youngster.

“Fifty yuan,” The few youngsters all listed this price.

Mu Chen knew that prices in tourist areas were high but fifty yuan to travel thirty kilometers was indeed a little pricey. It was expensive for two people, so they discussed the price and eventually reached a deal at forty yuan per person. As a result, the international stars – the film emperor and film empress, sat on the two grey pulsating motorbikes and slowly advanced towards the village in the distance.

Yu Tang dragged his brother back to the previous race-horse track and started negotiating with the boss to rent a horse as a means of transportation. The boss did not agree. Although his horses were trained, those without good horse-riding skill would be completely incapable of riding it to travel long distances. Moreover, they wanted to ride the horse on mountain roads.

Yu Tang didn’t say anything more. He turned and mounted the horse. The originally sluggish horse immediately regained its vigor and swiftly ran a circle around the racetrack while carrying him. With a neigh, the horse leapt over the fence, giving the boss a huge shock.

It wasn’t only the boss who was stunned, so were the people from the production team. Yu Tang nimbly leapt off the horse, said something to the boss of the horse-racing compound and in the end, managed to obtain his agreement to rent a horse.

After tying the plastic bags from the market and the pile of local specialties to the horse saddle, Yu Tang carried Yu Lin onto the hose and then mounted it himself. He waved a hand at the production crew, gripped the saddle, turned around and left them in the dust. Those movements were as natural as flowing water, even smoother looking than the actions of those on television dramas.

[Now I believe that… Director Yu is the real reincarnation of the emperor…]

Those were the inner thoughts of many viewers.

Zhong Yibin drove while the Zhong family’s big brother looked at the map in the passenger seat. After bypassing the snaking mountainous roads, they successfully became the first team to reach the Seven Star Village. Chu Qin, who was wrapped in ethnic apparel from head to toe, was standing at the entrance to the village waiting for them.

Zhong Yibin jumped off the car and wrapped Chu Qin in a hug.

The production crew was scared stiff. They were all Shengshi people and were naturally aware of the relationship between the two people, so they were extremely nervous that director daren would do some actions without reason in a moment of excitement.

The good thing was that Zhong Yibin only discretely rubbed against Chu Qin’s shoulder for a while before pulling back; there were no superfluous actions. Chu Qin patted Zhong Yibin’s back and smiled while saying, “It’s been tough. There’s both good and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

Zhong Yibin swallowed and glanced at his brother. The Zhong family’s big brother didn’t have any reaction and only said faintly, “The bad news first.”

“The bad news is that the Golden Chopstick isn’t with me, you’ll still need to follow the mountain paths and walk ahead. Here’s the treasure map,” Chu Qin gave them a part of the map. “The good news is that you two are the first to arrive, so you’ll get to have the priority pick of the living accommodations tonight.”

“Then let’s stop talking nonsense and find the Golden Chopstick,” Zhong Jiabin raised a hand and grabbed onto his brother, who had attempted to touch Chu Qin’s pinky. He looked towards the narrow dirt roads and decisively abandoned the idea of driving, walking ahead on foot instead.

They would only be considered the victor if they obtained the Golden Chopstick, so they would need to find it before the rest arrived. This part of treasure map was also not the complete map. The earlier the group reached the village, the more detailed the map would be.

A while later, the bus arrived and Wenqing dragged the slightly carsick Wenyu down the bus. Following behind them was Zhao Xu, who was carrying the already asleep Zhao Yan.

The production crew had mineral water; Wenqing supported her sister to sit against the large stone at the entrance to the village and fed her the water. This village was also a tourist spot, because the Seven Stars Platform on the mountain was famous for its beautiful scenery. A clear brook meandered through the entrance of the village.

Zhao Xu had broken out into a sweat from performing the entire afternoon, and he ran to the edge of the brook to wash his face. The drowsy Zhao Yan also followed along to do the same, her youthful face naturally good-looking without any need for makeup.

Zhao Yan had already become good friends with Wenyu, so seeing that Wenyu was uncomfortable, she ran off to squat beside her in concern.

“Will you choose to complete the task or give up on it?” Chu Qin interjected in a timely manner. “There will be a punishment for giving up – you’ll be the last to choose accommodations.”

As athletes, the Zhao Xu pair’s innate physical condition was sturdy. After comforting Wenyu, they quickly chased after the Zhong family brothers.

Not long after, the pulsating sound of motorbikes and clattering of hooves echoed simultaneously. The two groups who chose to use external means finally arrived. Before Mu Chen alighted, Yu Tang quickly walked over and took the lead to stand before Chu Qin. “We reached first?”

Chu Qin pursed his lips in a smile. “The Yu family brothers are fourth and the Mu family’s siblings are last.”

“Ah? Why?” Mu Sha’s eyes widened. They had clearly arrived at the same time.

“It’s in accordance to the team who arrives in front of me first,” Chu Qin innocently shrugged his shoulders and distributed their maps.

After knowing that they still had to climb the mountain, Mu Sha, who had already stood for half a day, couldn’t help wailing and slumping on her brother’s body in refusal to move. Yu Tang did not even get off the horse. He glanced over the map, placed the goods on the horse down and arranged for Wenqing to keep an eye on it. With a pull of the reigns, he changed direction and directly rushed up the mountain.

Cars couldn’t traverse the mountainous dirt roads but horses could.

Although the map in Yu Tang’s hands didn’t have the details ahead in full, he gleaned the direction with just a sweep of his eyes. It wasn’t long before the Zhong family brothers who were right at the front heard the reverberation of horse hooves.

“There’s actually someone riding a horse here?” Zhong Jiabin was somewhat doubtful. He indicated for his brother to stop and listened to the movements. Hearing the sound of hooves getting closer, he frowned slightly and dragged his brother to stand at the mountain range beside the path. Very quickly, a mottled horse whistled past them.

“Let’s halt a step first,” Yu Lin’s head popped from under his brother’s arm, and he politely greeted the two of them.

“…” Zhong Yibin was struck dumb. They could do it like this?

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Gege, I want to eat dried beef

Big Brother: Eat if you want to eat, you’re growing

Yu Lin: Gege, I want to eat dried beef

Yu Tang: Eat what eat, you’re already so big

Yu Lin: QAQ

[1] 辣条: A snack made from wheat sticks of shreds that include spicy oil and chili flakes. They are packed in a variety of plastic package sizes and have a strong and unmistakable scent.

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