I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Lunch

“Okay, okay…” Zhong Yibin relented under his big brother’s stare and turned to sell bracelets. He had only taken two steps when he was dragged back again by his brother and told a few words.

The viewers couldn’t hear what had been said, but the words [Receiving big brother’s last-minute training before taking up the job] were typed out as after-effects.

There were elderly women all over the tourist district selling things in wicker baskets. It was just that the majority of tourists were wary of them actively coming up to them to sell their goods, so the selling process didn’t go very smoothly. However, it was different for Zhong Yibin. He was dressed neatly, was handsome and his smile was both gentle and courteous. When he promoted the bracelets, he didn’t seem at all like those who sold souvenirs at street stalls and instead seemed like he was selling limited-edition luxury goods.

“These bracelets are woven using rope. The concept is actually similar to Hermès; they’re also handmade…” Zhong Yibin smiled sincerely. The young lady he had stopped couldn’t resist covering her face.

“Then I’ll buy one…” The lady bought it without hesitation after hearing that it only cost ten yuan.

“Does this beautiful lady not want one?” Zhong Yibin looked towards the girl’s companion. “She bought a pink one, you can buy a blue one. Good friends need matching items.”

Less than fifteen minutes later, Zhong Yibin finished selling the ten bracelets in his hands and obediently passed the one hundred yuan he had earned to his big brother. Zhong Jiabin received the money and brought his brother towards the next store.

The after-effects team couldn’t resist typing out a barrage of words: [Hey, the money’s enough!]

However, the addicted-to-earning-money Zhong brothers didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. This was because the program crew said that the money they earned would also be their secret stash of money, as well as the fee for transport and lunch. They didn’t know what awaited them, so Zhong Jiabin, who was accustomed to preparing for rainy days, needed to earn sufficient money.

Therefore, the arduous life-experience reality show became a real-life version of Monopoly to the Zhong brothers.

The lively camera suddenly cut out and a few words were typed out: [At this very moment, the Emperor brothers…]

There was a horse-racing track beside the tourist city that allowed tourists to ride horses – the atmosphere was incongruent with the hustle and bustle at the streets. Compared to the hubbub at the streets, the location appeared extremely quiet.

The two brothers Yu Tang and Yu Lin sat side-by-side on the wooden fence. Yu Tang had one foot on the railing’s second node, with his arm as support. He gazed at the horses in the horse-racing course with a deep gaze, his hands holding onto the small big of biscuits. Yu Lin’s attention was fixed on his elder brother, his face like that of having lost meaning in life.

“Yu Lin, you say, how can we get a horse?” Yu Tang polished off a biscuit with ‘kacha-kacha’ sounds.

“Promise it riches and glory,” Yu Lin stretched out a hand in an attempt to snatch a biscuit to eat.

“This flavor is a little salty. When we’re back, I’ll get them to adjust the formula,” Yu Tang raised his hand, preventing his brother from reaching it, and continued to ‘kacha-kacha’ his way through them.

The program crew was a little upset; Director Yu, that’s your family’s product. You’re now on television, can’t you say two good things about it? However, Yu Tang was still fussing over the biscuits not being tasty and refused to let his brother eat them.

The viewers who saw this scene in front of the television felt that it was funny but was also somewhat dissatisfied with Yu Tang. He was already so big and still didn’t know how to take care of his younger brother, even finishing the Bun team’s snacks. With the previous Zhong family’s big brother as a comparison, Yu Lin this younger brother was practically someone who had been picked up from the garbage can.

After finishing the bag of biscuits, Yu Tang clapped his hands and stood up. Pulling on Yu Lin’s jug ears, he dragged his listless younger brother up.

“I’m hungry, can’t walk anymore,” Yu Lin sat with a drooping head.

Yu Tang frowned and gazed at him for a short while, seemingly about to flare up. The audience’s hearts simultaneously seized up. They would let it be if he didn’t let his younger brother eat, but he still intended to force such a young child to walk on an empty stomach? Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but widen as they watched Yu Tang slowly raise a hand. The background music changed to a sound effect that was incomparably tense.

However, what they saw was that large, slender yet forceful hand grabbing onto Yu Lin, picking the youngster up and steadily wrapping him in an embrace. “Why did you eat till you’re so plump.” Yu Tang showed some resentment to his younger brother. Yu Tang propped up his brother’s small buttocks and set off for the streets at the center.

The viewers were dumbstruck for a moment. Seeing Yu Lin’s red face on camera, as well as the impatient Yu Tang, they suddenly understood.

[Could this be the legendary ‘mouth says no, but body says yes’?]

[Ah ah ah, tsundere[1] director and whatnot, very meng, very meng!]

Yu Lin deeply felt that it was extremely embarrassing to be carried in his brother’s arms in front of the entire country. But at the same time, he didn’t dare to move about recklessly and so could only be stiffly carried by his brother. Yu Tang’s physical strength was actually quite good – his face didn’t turn red nor did his breath turn choppy after walking for half the day while carrying his brother.

After Mu Chen and Mu Sha were surrounded, they drew the attention of a restaurant’s boss, who got them to welcome guests for a hundred yuan per day, lunch included. This restaurant was called ‘Imperial Banquet’ and it was the best restaurant within the city. The two of them welcomed guests in and attracted many tourists in a flash. But the price was steep, causing many fans to retreat in disappointment, taking photos from outside instead.

The Yu family’s brothers just happened to walk past and couldn’t help laughing out loud after seeing the two people who were welcoming guests. The international stars – the film emperor and film empress, had each donned a ‘welcome’ ribbon and were standing at the entrance to welcome people in. Yu Lin also couldn’t hold back his laughter, to the point where he slumped against his elder brother’s shoulder.

“Yo, Director Yu,” Mu Chen raised a hand to greet him. He clearly knew that Yu Tang didn’t have money, yet he still mocked him. “Come eat.”

“En,” Yu Tang agreed faintly and walked in directly while carrying his brother.

The program team and audience were very curious about what the penniless director Yu intended to do.

Yu Tang walked in and swept an indifferent eye across the lobby. Seeing that a table of people had just finished ordering their dishes and the dishes had yet to be served, he walked over without the slightest change of expression. As always, he was insufferably arrogant. “Can we eat with you? My money was taken away by the program, I’ll send the money over to you when I return two days later.”

“Emp… Emperor…” A young lady at the table recognized Yu Tang.

“Wow! So cute!” An older auntie had originally been somewhat unhappy with Yu Tang’s tone of voice but after seeing the miserable Yu Lin in Yu Tang’s embrace, she immediately forgot about everything else.

Yu Lin was originally good-looking – the features on his small tender face were unclouded and his cheeks which still had some baby fat looked as if it were bulging. The pair of jug-ears on both sides of his face was extremely adorable.

Yu Tang patted his brother’s buttocks, indicating for him to act cute. Yu Lin pursed up his brows in a confused manner. He wanted to glare at his brother but didn’t have the guts to do so, so he could only grit his teeth and look towards the auntie whose eyes were filled with pink bubbles. He smiled bashfully and then used his soft, sticky voice to say, “Hello uncle, auntie, elder brother and elder sister, will you let us eat with you?”

Seeing those glittering large eyes, the hearts of those at the table nearly melted. They cordially had Yu Tang and Yu Lin sit down to eat. Yu Tang wasn’t courteous either and really sat down, digging into a sumptuous meal with everyone.

The viewers were stupefied upon seeing this.

[Unex… Unexpectedly begging for food?]

[Hahahaha, this is my first time seeing such an aggressive way of begging for food!]

[Yu Lin, child, quickly come to elder sister’s bowl. Elder sister will treat you to a big meal, aoao!]

Thus, lunch time arrived. The Wenqing pair of sisters received the boxed meal given by the dance team, Zhao Xu who was selling performance earned ninety yuan to bring his sister to eat cold noodles, while the Mu family’s siblings had to wait for the customer peak period to pass before they received the restaurant’s stir-fried vegetables and buns. The Zhong family’s big brother had earned more than a thousand yuan in the morning and brought his brother to eat buffet, at a cost of eighty yuan per person.

Yet what Yu Tang brought his brother to eat was exotic delicacies, including lobster and abalone. The group that ate the best was unexpectedly the emperor brothers who begged for food by using the younger brother’s meng.

The audience were astonished.

After their meal, Yu Tang met the Zhong family brothers who had earned a generous amount. Those two people were procuring goods in preparation for use during their stay at the village.

“How much did you earn?” Yu Tang asked curiously.

“All in all, a thousand yuan,” Zhong Yibin took out a pile of bills to show off and waved them in front of Yu Tang. He hadn’t said more than a few words before being dragged off by his brother; they were tight on time and needed to quickly buy a few things before getting on the road.

Yu Tang raised a brow. He dragged his brother over a shop selling writing paper and ink stones and kept him there. He obtained some writing paper, a brush and ink on credit and set up a stall by the streets, using Emperor Jingyuan’s calligraphy to do inscriptions.

This tourist city originally relied on Emperor Jingyuan’s temporary imperial residence to rise to fame. There were also countless inscriptions engravings on the streets that were regarded as amusing jokes. However, nobody could write as well as Yu Tang, practically identical to the original.

Many who came to tour this place were lovers of the Yu Dynasty’s culture. At first, Yu Tang’s stall was too simple and crude and thus had no interested people, but after a bespectacled person stopped at the stall, many more people gradually started converging.

“Yi, these words are written cleverly, identical to the copybook of Emperor Jingyuan’s calligraphy that I bought last time!”

“Wow, wow, are you Yu Tang? Are you filming for a program?”

“I want a set, how much will that be?”

Everyone chattered in a lively manner. The minority truly took a fancy to the calligraphy while the majority had recognized Yu Tang. How could the lovers of the Great Yu Dynasty’s culture not be aware of Director Yu Tang who strikingly resembled Emperor Jingyuan?

“A set for a hundred yuan. The limit is ten sets, I won’t write any more than that,” Yu Tang said lazily. The one who was selling was even more difficult to deal with than the one buying, yet this didn’t seem to incite people’s resentment. That innate arrogance led others to follow him unconsciously.

Yu Lin sat in the pen and ink shop, staring at the boss’ large eyes with his small ones. The pair of short legs hung down from the tall wooden chair, unable to meet the floor. Yet they didn’t mischievously sway about, instead maintaining a slight natural gap as they hung down. His entire small body seemed to be as steady as Mount Tai[2], akin to sitting on the Dragon Throne[3].

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Yu Tang: Boss, let my brother stay here as a guarantor

Boss: No way

Yu Tang: Why not, my brother is so cute

Boss: Just from looking at your expression, I know that you won’t come back

Yu Tang: ……

[1] Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time (from Wikipedia)

[2] Mount Tai is seen as important in Chinese culture because it is one of the five Sacred Mountains of China. According to historical records, Mount Tai became a sacred place visited by emperors to offer sacrifices and meditate during the Zhou dynasty before 1000 BC (taken from Wikipedia).

[3] Refers to the emperor’s throne.

Translator’s corner: Now I’m sure YL is reincarnated as well~ I thought YT was the only one but a reader mentioned YL and now this chapter confirms it 😀

Pardon my rambling, but I didn’t read Emperor, Stop Bothering Me so you might see me clueless about things that might have been mentioned in that novel 😅 

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  1. The fact that Yu Lin is reincarnated just makes the indignities he’s suffering all the more hilarious. I love him in Emperor Stop Bothering Me and am happy to read more about him. I wish the author would write another story with him either as the lead or appearing at an older age.

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  2. Jiabin is going to create a conglomerate within a day with how he keeps earning money. Lololol. The guy is really awesome.

    YT may be a tad bit harsh in Yu Lin here but his so doting towards YL in their past lives. *Tsundere Emperor hihihihi*

    Thanks for the chapter. 💖

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  3. “ However, nobody could write as well as Yu Tang, practically identical to the original.”

    Aaaaaahahahaha, yes practically. Practically. Hahahahaha.

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