I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Moneymaking

The ones invited by <Bun, Quickly Run> in Korea were all young brothers and sisters. But this time, there were two large-sized younger brothers in the five Bun teams. That being said, the script was still in line with the Korean style.

As a result, Mu Chen and Zhong Yibin stood together with the few little beans and lined up to receive the biscuits. Mu Chen had always been very open when participating in entertainment programs. When he received the biscuits, he learnt from the children’s voices and said in a milky voice, “Thank you Qin Qin gege.”

Chu Qin pursed up his lips in an attempt to force down his laughter. When Zhong Yibin took the biscuits, he even took the chance to stroke his head.

“Alright, that’s your only rations. If you want to eat lunch, you’ll have to rely on yourself to make money,” Chu Qin took out five maps and distributed it to everyone. Their next gathering location had been marked on the maps – a village thirty kilometers away from where they were.

The distance was too great, so it was impossible to reach the location on foot. Moreover, there would reportedly be a prize for reaching earlier. After everyone wailed in anguish, they could only swiftly scatter into the city to ask about the route.

“May I know how to go to ‘Seven Stars Village’? Wenqing dragged along Wenyu as she enquired with a person who looked like a tour guide. The other party informed her that the cheapest way would be to take the bus over. There was a bus every hour and the fee was twelve yuan per person.

“Twelve yuan, so expensive,” Wenqing howled and told this news to the others. They would need to earn twenty-four yuan at the minimum within half a day before they could leave, plus earn their lunch money.

At the plaza in the middle of the city was a dance team of ethnic minorities who were in charge of performing for tourists; they sang and danced while dressed in bright-colored clothes. Wenqing’s eyes lit up and she hauled her sister in that direction. She asked the auntie leading the team, “Can we dance with you? Will there be salary?”

The auntie was a faithful fan of dog blood palace dramas, so she exclaimed upon seeing Wenqing and grabbed onto her hand without letting go. “You you you, aren’t you that… Your ladyship?”

For after-effects, the words ‘Your ladyship’ were repeated three times. A phrase ‘Quickly come, I snatched The Ladyship!’ was even added. Coupled with the auntie’s expression of grabbing onto a criminal, the audience broke out into peals of laughter.

The auntie said that the pay for dancing was calculated by the hour – every hour was eight yuan. Wenqing calculated that the two of them would only need to dance for two hours, and thus happily joined the dance group.

Zhao Xu dragged his sister along to roam the streets aimlessly. Seeing the bustling streets of the ancient city filled with lots of sideshows, he suddenly had an epiphany. As a gymnast, performing some acrobatics wasn’t beyond him. Hence, he wielded his handsome face and borrowed a sheet of canvas meant for wrapping carpets from the woman selling carpets, laying it on the ground.

“Gege, what are you doing?” Zhao Yan cocked her head and asked her brother as she munched on the biscuits.

“Selling art!” Zhao Xu said with a serious expression, before taking the lead to do a somersault. When he attracted the gazes of everyone, he started speaking loudly. “Young masters, our brother-sister pair had our money taken away by bad guys after arriving here…”

When he mentioned ‘bad guys’, the camera cut to Chu Qin, who was drinking tea at the next destination. A large arrow pointing at him was added. Chu Qin coincidentally sneezed, and when asked by the director if he was alright, he said, “Someone’s definitely badmouthing me behind my back!”

It was not only Zhao Xu who was badmouthing Chu Qin. So was the Mu Chen brother and sister pair. Mu Chen carried the biscuits in his hand and grumbled while walking. “We’re both adults, yet Chu Qin didn’t even give me one more bag of biscuits.” When he thought of the possibility of having only this one bag of biscuits to allay his hunger, he felt incomparably mournful in his heart.

The two of them had acted in so many movies; other than filming movies, he really didn’t know what else they could do to earn money and could only roam around aimlessly on the streets. After all, a bunch of cameras were following behind them, so they were the subject of many people’s stares. A glance was enough to tell that they weren’t any ordinary people, and someone very quickly recognized the two of them.

“Mu Chen! Mu Sha! Oh my God!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Mu Chen!”

“Ah ah ah ah! Mu Sha!”

The middle of the street was very quickly blocked up, such that it was impenetrable. They were all fans who wanted signatures and photos. The production team swiftly separated the fans, explaining that they were filming for a program and that they hoped that they would not be disrupted. However, the crazed fans still continuously harbored thoughts of taking photos and lifted up their phones, taking pictures incessantly.

“The two of us are currently in a program and need to earn money. Let’s do it like this – every group photo is one yuan,” Mu Chen suddenly became aware that fans were the equivalent of cash. That being said, it wouldn’t be very nice if they set too high a price on the program, so a low price was set.

“Ah ah ah ah! Give me ten yuan!” The fans who had been held back by the production team after much difficulty once again surged ahead rapidly.

“Chen-ge, you’re not allowed to make money like this,” The staff member reminded Mu Chen. If this were allowed, all of the guests would do this.

Mu Chen, who had been collecting money with great zest, suddenly seemed as if he had been struck by lightning. The background music became the ‘ka ka ka hong—’ sound of lightning, accompanied by the simple sound of ‘oh, NO!’.

The camera switched to the Zhong family brothers. Zhong Yibin’s bag of biscuits had been seized by his elder brother and he complained while following his brother to walk along the streets in confusion. “Ge, where are you going. Give me back the biscuits, those can only be eaten by the younger brother,” Those biscuits were given to him by Chu Qin and should rightfully belong to him.

Zhong Jiabin was helpless against his bickering and halted his footsteps to glance at his younger brother silently. He frowned slightly and then turned around, continuing to walk.

Zhong Yibin choked on his elder brother’s glare. Shutting his noisy mouth, he continued to walk obediently. Yet, his eyes were glued onto that small bag of biscuits.

The background music sounded with the cold and dismal <Chinese Cabbage>. “Chinese cabbage, two, three years, without biscuits.” A dead leaf was even added onto Zhong Yibin’s mournful rear view, causing it to appear even more miserable.

The viewers in front of the television laughed so hard that they fell.

[Little director Zhong misses the biscuits so much, hahaha, he’s practically a three-year-old Zhong]

[Elder brother’s glare was very imposing!]

When the week’s broadcasts ended, some people even specially cut out that sharp gaze of elder brother’s and made it into an expression. Within the mature and wise eyes was a tinge of oppressive rage. That one glance was deep and unfathomable, fully capable of scaring people witless.

[Sh*t, so cool, practically the perfect sharp gaze of a hegemonic director!]

After the elder hegemonic director suppressed his younger brother, he brought him along to walk the entire streets from start to end. After checking with all the stores quickly and obtaining a rough number, he turned around and went back once again.

Zhong Yibin didn’t know what his brother intended to do either and bowed his head, lifting up his handphone to send a message to Chu Qin. [So hungry…]

At that moment, Chu Qin was very bored and returned his message very quickly – [Record the program properly] in a terribly ruthless and cold manner.

Zhong Yibin’s mouth curled and he continued to send him messages. There were many pedestrians and he was bumped at all places; he subconsciously reached out a hand to pull at his brother. Zhong Jiabin was single-mindedly walking when he felt the corner of his clothes sinking. Turning around, he saw his brother holding onto a corner of his clothes with a hand, while the other hand held onto his phone, typing away with full concentration.

The Zhong family’s elder brother watched his brother for a moment but didn’t say anything in the end, allowing him to continue his actions. Then, he hastened to move ahead.

The moment was captured in slow-motion. The younger brother who was equally as tall as his elder brother grabbed onto the corner of his brother’s clothes like a child. He was dragged along reluctantly by his brother, his hand still holding onto his phone to play. The elder brother was accustomed to it and allowed him to continue grabbing onto his clothes. At a glance, it appeared to be an action that was done frequently.

[A more than 1.8 meters handsome brother who’s like a child. What the f*ck hahaha…]

[I’m about to pass away from the meng! *choke*…]

The viewers in front of the television couldn’t help clamoring loudly. Even those who were getting on in years would smile inwardly after looking at it. These two brothers very clearly had a good relationship. Those who had sibling were even better able to understand the emotions attached to the tiny actions. A grown adult would not put up with actions like that from his brother in public if he did not dote on him.

After Zhong Yibin lost his memories, he gained a whole new understanding of big brother, feeling that his family’s big brother was outstanding. So, he simply didn’t bring along his brain when out with his brother. Not long after, he was dragged into a grocery store by his elder brother.

“Boss, I have a bag of the newest product released by the Big Fish Group, called ‘Big Fish Small Biscuit’,” Zhong Jiabin placed that one bag of small biscuits on the counter. The boss was a woman in her early thirties; seeing the courteous Zhong family’s big brother with his deep gaze and coolness that was off the charts, she covered her mouth in excitement and couldn’t help laughing. She essentially did not listen carefully to what he had said.

The Zhong family’s big brother didn’t mind either and continued to seriously promote his small biscuits. This bag of biscuits was a large bag and there were individual packets within which could be sold after opening up. They were filming for a program – after the broadcast, these would definitely sell very well. “The price of this is eighteen yuan for the large packet but because it’s a newly-released product, I’ll sell it to you for thirty. There are individual packets inside which you can sell for 5 yuan each. Of course, after the program airs, there will be people who want it even if you sell it at 10 yuan.”

Zhong Yibin watched his family’s big brother in amazement; it was his first time seeing big brother talk so much. His promotional attitude was extremely professional, although his face was still without expression…

After only speaking for roughly five minutes, the boss cheerfully agreed and bought that packet of biscuits. “Then given me a signature.”

Zhong Jiabin shook his head. His name could not be casually signed and could only be signed to approve documents. He apologized to the lady boss whose face was full of regret, picked up the just-earned thirty yuan and walked out with his younger brother.

The viewers were incessantly curious about the brothers’ methods of earning money. The camera also continuously followed after them, causing the filming time to be very long. Thus, with wide eyes, everyone watched the Zhong family’s big brother use the thirty yuan at a wholesale market at the back streets to purchase a handful of bracelets weaved from rope – it was a local specialty. Then, he stuffed those bracelets into his younger brother’s arms.

“Within thirty minutes, sell all these off at ten yuan per piece,” The Zhong family’s big brother glanced at his watch, and raised his chin at his brother.

Zhong Yibin blinked and pointed at himself. “Me?”

Zhong Jiabin didn’t say anything and only watched him silently.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Zhao Xu: Sell art, don’t miss us when u pass by

Wenqing: Dance, only eight dollars to watch this Ladyship dance

Er Bing: Sell bracelets, suffer losses if you don’t buy it at ten yuan, even a scam wouldn’t sell it at ten yuan

Yu Tang: Sell brother, only need 998, only need 998, bring the reincarnation of the monarch home

Yu Lin: QAQ

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