I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Entrance

Wenqing hurriedly went forward to greet the two people, the emotions in her heart still roiling. These two people were seniors within the industry. When she debuted, these two people basically no longer accepted television dramas and during normal times, they would only nod to each other if they met at various activities. This time, the reality show was a chance to interact at close-range. Since one season would be filmed at one go, their relationship would definitely be very good, which would be of great help to her and Wenyu’s future development.

After everyone exchanged greetings, they waited in anticipation for the fourth guest pair. The lineup in front was already so formidable; it was hard to imagine who the guests behind would be. If they weren’t as popular as Mu Chen and Mu Sha, there wouldn’t be much surprise from placing them at the back.

Everyone held their breath with rapt attention. The background music also transitioned to an impassioned movement from the Wuxia drama’s Huashan Tournament[1], as if awaiting the ultimate expert.

“Hallo!” Chu Qin, who was dressed in sports attire, suddenly appeared in front of the camera with his trademark smile. “Welcome to <Bun, Quickly Run>, exclusively broadcasted by ‘Big Fish Small Biscuit’. I’m the host Chu Qin!”

“Whoa!” Because his person popped up from behind Mu Sha, she was given a scare. She jumped backwards in her high heels, bumping into Mu Chen.

“Hey hey, don’t hit my face,” Mu Chen wrapped a hand around his elder sister to let her stabilize herself, complaining in a genuine yet fake manner. He stroked his face. “I rely on this for my bread and butter.”

The audience burst out into laughter. Wenqing asked Chu Qin, “What about the other guests?”

The filming was kept confidential, so even Shengshi’s people didn’t know who the other guests were. The father and son, Chen Feng and Chen Jiming, sat in front of the television and waited to see Chu Qin make a fool of himself.

“He couldn’t have not invited anyone and intended to blur it out right?” Chen Jiming was radiant with delight.

“Hehe,” Chen Feng only laughed coldly.

“Oh right, we have five teams,” Chu Qin appeared to have just recalled this and he gave his head a knock. “I have to call them over.”

The camera cut to the outside of Shengshi Group. This had been filmed beforehand, since the director brothers weren’t familiar faces on television and thus needed an introduction.

Chu Qin, who was dressed in a suit, was walking through Shengshi’s hall. He swiped his card for the top floor. “This is the Group’s general headquarters. This is still my first time here, so I’m quite nervous.” After getting off the elevator, the camera directly panned to the door plate without filming the aisles or the interior of the company. The words ‘Director’s Office’ was written on it.

“Wow—” The audience in front of the television whistled in surprise. As everyone knew, Shengshi TV was under the banner of the Shengshi Group. As Chu Qin was Shengshi’s employee, the person sitting inside was his big boss.

The door was opened, directly colliding with Zhong Yibin, who was also on the way out. Today, Zhong Yibin was dressed in a dark checkered suit and his short black hair had been styled in a simple and elegant manner. He was very dashing. The moment he appeared, the after-effects team naughtily added on a pink fluorescent effect, with little stars popping up in his surroundings. The accompanying music was that of a romantic encounter.

“Ah—” The fans of Shengshi TV all recognized this director and exclaimed in surprise. Adding on the accompanying music and tiny stars, they became extremely excited.

[The after-effects are too bad, hahahaha]

[Crazy accompaniment of music hahahahaha]

Chu Qin coughed dryly, and the atmosphere suddenly turned proper. “Director, it’s time to participate in the program.”

“En?” Zhong Yibin raised an eyebrow and re-opened the door to the director’s office, revealing Zhong Jiabin, who was inside reading through documents. When they were filming, the Zhong family’s big brother had really been going through documents. Although he was aware that they were filming for the program, he had a pile of documents he really needed to reply to stacked in front of him, signing them smoothly.

Seated behind the high-end, classy office desk was a man about seventy-percent similar to Zhong Yibin. He was comparable to the handsome Zhong Yibin and possessed the calmness and gracefulness of a slightly more mature man. He raised his head upon hearing that someone had entered. A deep pair of eyes gazed over, as if capable of seeing through the camera to the people in front of the television.

The after-effects team mischievously drew on two arrows, which pointed at Zhong Yibin and Zhong Jiabin to illustrate their ‘younger brother’ and ‘elder brother’ statuses respectively. The two brothers in the same frame had an explosive impact.

[Ah ah ah ah ah! Zhong family’s big brother ah ah ah ah ah!]

[Big brother is so handsome!!!]

At this moment, only ‘ah ah ah ah’ was left in many fans’ hearts.

After Chu Qin successfully kidnapped the two directors, he quickly appeared again in front of a beautiful and imposing villa. The handsome housekeeper who was dressed in a suit with white gloves smiled as he opened the door for them. He spoke in a gentle voice. “The young masters haven’t woken up, please wait a moment.”

Striding into the luxurious residence was a person wearing traditional silk pajamas. He walked down the staircase, his every step slow-moving, as if he were a monarch stepping on the steps to the throne. The background music was the opening sound of <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>.


Rolling yellow sand, boundless snow, painting an image of a battleground expedition.

Towering mountains, vast firmaments, a book of the flourishing Jiangshan.


This person had recently been under the limelight, the reincarnation of the legendary Emperor Jingyuan, the director of the Big Fish’s Group greater China region – Yu Tang. Yu Tang resembled the historical Emperor Jingyuan very closely, and his lover whom he had came out with, Song Xiao, was also identical to the male empress. Hence, many fans believed that they were the reincarnations of the emperor and empress, and paid their respects on Yu Tang’s Weibo every day.

[Emperor ah ah ah ah ah ah!]

The youths in front of the television sank into madness the moment they glimpsed Yu Tang. This time, Shengshi really did things very imposingly, inviting both their directors and Big Fish’s director! What honor!

“Wishing you an abundance of blessings,” Chu Qin walked over and recited the words of respect that the internet fans said every day.

Usually, when someone encountered such mockery, they would definitely be unable to hold back their laughter. Yet, Yu Tang was actually able to control himself. He raised his chin slightly and said one line. “You may dispense with the formalities.”

“My God! Too meng! I’m about to suffocate!” The lady fan seated in front of the television rolled around on the sofa in excitement.

Her parents at the side who didn’t go onto the internet often watched her blankly. “Who is this? Aren’t they supposed to invite celebrities? Why did they invite strangers?”

“You guys don’t know; these three people are more impressive than celebrities!” The lady fan sat up and started to explain with great effort.

This sort of explanation was being conducted in every part of the country. Hearing that they were young and promising directors, the older generation’s interest was also sparked. To them, youngsters who worked hard in their careers were much better than the celebrities who acted on television.

The scenes on television continued. The camera followed Yu Tang into a child’s room. The entire room’s background was of the ocean while the walls and toys were all blue. The little bed was shaped like that of a pirate ship, a small bump on it.

Yu Tang walked over and lifted the blankets, revealing his younger brother, who had been sleeping deeply. He pulled at his brother’s jug ears. “Get up, someone came to see you.”

Yu Lin turned over and sat up in a daze, staring blankly at Chu Qin and the video camera. With a quiver, he became wide awake. He swiftly drew the blankets over to cover himself. “Look at nothing that is not consistent with propriety[2]. You guys go out first.”

Due to his young age, Yu Lin’s face still carried traces of tender baby fat. The pair of jug ears had been pinched bright red while he was still sleeping; one of the sides was standing up while the other was plastered against his face. In accordance with his movements when he sat up, it shot up with a bang, which looked quite funny. Moreover, he stubbornly insisted on using an aged and experienced tone of voice to chide everyone. Even the cameraman couldn’t resist bursting into laughter.

The camera once again cut to another scene. The audience who almost couldn’t breathe from the cuteness once again returned to the scene of the gathering site. The two pairs of brothers walked over together simultaneously.

Yu Tang and Yu Lin were dressed in identical leisure camouflage clothing. When the tall brother and short-limbed brother stood together, their proportions were like that of the ordinary and mini versions of comic characters [3].

On the other hand, the Zhong family brothers were dressed in similar casual attire. When their similar yet different handsome faces were placed side by side, the effect was doubled.

Zhao Xu’s mouth had been hanging open for a very long time. This program’s sponsor ‘Big Fish Small Biscuit’ was a snack brand under the Big Fish Group. For a reality show, it was fine if the television station invited their own boss and their boss’ superior, but they even invited the boss of the sponsor!

Wenqing was also somewhat stunned. She was very clear about these few people’s influence. Having them take part in an entertainment program was simply killing a chicken with a cow’s knife. When did the entertainment circle become so fantastical?

Mu Chen and Mu Sha were the calmest. Mu Chen had interacted with Yu Tang to some extent because he had acted in <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> while Mu Sha herself was a signed artist under Xinghai Entertainment. Yu Tang was equivalent to her lady boss. She was just shocked to some extent that Zhong Jiabin would participate in this program.

Of course, the ones who were most shocked were the Chen family’s father and son.

“How is that possible, they actually got Zhong Jiabin to come!” Chen Feng was so shocked that he leapt up from the sofa. He had mixed around in Shengshi for many years, so he was well aware of Zhong Jiabin’s identity. He was also well aware of the weight he carried in the business world. Such a person would actually act willfully with a brother and participate in this sort of meaningless reality show!

“Yu Tang…” Chen Jiming clenched his fist hatefully. Previously, he had wanted to invite Yu Tang for a talk show at the television station, but he didn’t even reply to his email. This time, he promised Chu Qin so readily. How big was Chu Qin’s face!

It wasn’t only the Chen family’s father and son, but the entirety of Shengshi TV who deeply felt the power of Chu Qin’s connections. Reality proved that not going onto his program was entirely one’s loss.

As a matter of fact, not long after the program started broadcasting, discussions had already started popping up all over the internet.

The program’s main emphasis was the affection between siblings; hence it was particularly advantageous with regards to the country’s policies that were on the verge of being implemented. They went through the green light and were approved, so the broadcast happened according to schedule. On the contrary, the program <Romance for Fifteen Days> that Sun Xiang took part in had to undergo an audit once again because its content was too vulgar. Even when <Bun, Quickly Run> started broadcasting, it had yet to commence filming.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: The gist of this program is little buns acting cute, so the little brothers should remember to act cute

Yu Lin: Ge ge, I want to drink nie nei

Yu Tang: Scram!

Yu Lin: QAQ

Er Bing: Ge ge, I want to drink nei nei

Big Brother: Drink your wife’s

Qin Qin: ……

[1] 华山论剑: Honestly not sure if I got this right but it appears to be the name of a tournament by Huashan Sect in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, a famous Wuxia novel by Jin Yong.

[2] 非礼勿视: One of Confucius’ sayings. This particular phrase is part of a group of four quotes, which are all along the lines of not looking, listening, saying or doing anything that is not in line with the Confucian code of ethics.

[3] 正常比例漫画人物和萌系三头身手绘: Chibi probably isn’t the right word but I have no idea what this actually means so I had to take a leap of faith. The only thing I’m sure of is that the phrase is referencing the odd difference in proportions between Yu Tang and Yu Lin. Chibi itself is also a Japanese word and not English, but… there isn’t an English equivalent for it and I thought chibi best suited the idea that the sentence was trying to express so… If anyone can think up a better way of putting it please comment! Edited according to suggestions~

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The chibi reference (which seems to be slowly moving into English thanks to Japanophiles) is a toughie when it comes to an English equivalent, because usually we use metaphors or comparisons with something similar instead of a specific word. There probably is an English word, but nobody uses it…. A somewhat dated phrase that would fit is “like Mutt and Jeff” from a really old comic strip with a very tall MC and a very short one… people who used to read the comic strip would use this reference for this sort of situation. Maybe you could use “shrimpy” to describe how small he is?

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