I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Withdrawal

The secret transaction between the directors was unexpectedly such a profound mystery. The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. Faced with the curious gaze Song Xiao cast him, he made the decision to maintain his silence.

“What’s that?” Song Xiao saw that Chu Qin had avoided his gaze, so he inadvertently grew even more curious and turned to ask Yu Tang.

Yu Tang smiled mysteriously. “I’ll let you see it when we return,” Then, he pushed at his younger brother beside him, indicating for him to quickly do something to attract Song Xiao’s attention.

Chu Qin saw Yu Lin rolling his eyes very quickly, before he used a spoiled tone of voice to say, “Sister-in-law, I want to eat crab.”

As expected, Song Xiao’s attention was diverted, and he picked up a steamed crab to peel for Yu Lin. Yu Tang simultaneously raised his brows and rapped his brother’s head, taking the crab from Song Xiao. “I’ll do it, you eat yours.” Evidently, he didn’t wish for his own family’s wife to peel crabs for his younger brother.

Yu Lin cradled the head that had been hit and glared at his older brother. Soon after, he was mercilessly suppressed.

The more Chu Qin watched, the more he felt that this pair of brothers was quite interesting. It would be good if he could swindle them into joining the program. Just as he thought this, his handphone suddenly rang. Since they were all friends, there was nothing to avoid, and he directly picked up the call.

“Director Chu, it’s bad, Sun Xiang said he won’t participate anymore,” Ma Yue’s panicked voice could be heard on the other end.

“Not participating? What about his contract?” Chu Qin’s brows puckered up and he asked coldly.

“Contract… Wasn’t in time to sign…” Traces of guilt could be gleaned from Ma Yue’s tone of voice. But as he continued on, he once again started to become confident. “He was previously dissatisfied with some clauses and requested for a change. The legal affairs department haven’t reverted with the new contract…”

“Did he say why he isn’t participating anymore?” Chu Qin put a stop to that long and redundant explanation.

Zhong Yibin’s eating movements came to a pause and he turned to glance at Chu Qin’s increasingly creased brows. He suddenly regretted letting him become a director.

It was obvious that Sun Xiang’s reason for withdrawing wasn’t the truth, but since the contract had yet to be signed, Shengshi could not hold him to anything. Everything could only be considered a verbal agreement.

Now that the issue of funding had been resolved, all preparations had been done, everybody’s script had been written and the purchasing of air tickets for the guests had already commenced. Announcing a withdrawal would deal a great hit to the program. If they wanted to start filming on time, they would need to source for a suitable guest and make changes to the script within a week’s time.

No matter how good-tempered Chu Qin was, he couldn’t stop himself from flaring up. Although the contract was important, the entertainment industry was also full of deception. However, reneging on something that had already been agreed on would provoke loathing no matter where it occurred.

Chu Qin ended the call with Ma Yue and personally gave Sun Xiang a call. On the other end, Sun Xiang had already signed a contract for the program <Romance for Fifteen Days>. There was no longer any possibility of him withdrawing, hence he naturally found all means to shirk responsibility.

“Qin-ge, I’ve really let you down. There are some things I can’t do anything about either,” Sun Xiang intended to push the blame to his managing company.

“The sponsor has been changed, the funding was settled, and your air ticket has already been booked,” Chu Qin dully stated these facts. “If you aren’t satisfied with the remuneration, you can raise the issue and we can discuss it further.”

Sun Xiang was a little flustered. These words had already been spoken; If he didn’t return, he would have offended Chu Qin. But after recalling his already signed contract that could not be withdrawn, he could only grit his teeth and apologize to Chu Qin.

Since the conversation had already reached this point, there were no benefits in saying anything more. Chu Qin directly hung up on him.

“What happened?” Zhong Yibin noticed his anger and reached out a hand to stroke that straight back. Chu Qin glanced at Yu Tang, who had looked over. To be honest, these words should not be said in the presence of the sponsor, but the words he had just uttered were heard clearly by Yu Tang, so there nothing to conceal from him too. He sighed and said slowly, “Sun Xiang withdrew at the last moment.”

It was very difficult to invite guests for the season – they were already in such dire straits that they had to get the Zhong family brothers to go into battle. It was already too late to invite others at the last moment, so they could only reduce the five groups of guests to four groups and re-arrange the script. The program’s original design plan involved many game sections that required five teams of guests to be together. Now that they lacked a team, the result would definitely take a huge hit.

“What program?” Yu Lin asked the person beside him, Song Xiao, in a low voice.

Chu Qin’s eyes lit up and he gazed at the tender Yu Lin with a burning gaze. Without waiting for Song Xiao to reply, he snatched the chance to respond. “It’s a program where an older brother or sister brings their younger brother or sister to travel.”

Yu Lin avoided Chu Qin’s gaze and lowered his head to bite into a chicken thigh. “Don’t look at me, I won’t go travelling with my brother.”

Chu Qin’s eyes widened in surprise. It was unknown if Yu Lin had just blurted out nonsense, or if he had really seen through his intentions. If it was the latter, then this child was very intelligent.

Yu Tang raised an eyebrow slightly and conked his brother on the head. “Why aren’t you willing to go with me?”

Yu Lin was knocked askew and subconsciously hid by Song Xiao’s side. Was this even necessary to say – if he went out with this kind of brother, he definitely wouldn’t live past an episode.

The more Chu Qin watched, the more he felt that this pair of brothers was interesting. Recalling Yu Tang’s more than ten million fans, he deliberated over the phrasing before saying, “Director Yu, why not participate with Yu Lin…”

This program would be filmed concurrently with the broadcast – when the first cycle was released, the second would still be in the makes. A cycle after editing would amount to four hours of footage, which would be split into two weeks of broadcast. Chen Feng waited for news of the program ceasing its broadcast, but to no avail. There was also no glimpse of the busy Chu Qin in the television station; everything was running smoothly as per usual.

On the third of November during late autumn, the weather in the capital was not bad and the production team had finished their preparations very early in the morning. They knocked on the doors of the guests one by one.

Zhao Xu was a gymnast who had attained the championship in the Olympics. Since his looks were on the handsome side, quite a few businesses had sought him out after retirement to film advertisements, so he had made quite a bit of money. He had used this money to start a business during this past year. However, in reality, the length of time required to make a profit was longer, so his daily life was more relaxed, causing him to have the thought of entering the entertainment industry.

Originally, being an athlete was also a type of occupation that was for the benefit of people to watch; there were some similarities with the entertainment industry. Therefore, when Shengshi’s invitation was delivered to his doorstep, he agreed without the slightest hesitation. To him, this was an exceptionally good chance to enter the entertainment circle.

Although there were some twists and turns midway, the program still started filming on time. Zhao Xu had a younger sister called Zhao Yan, who was only eleven years old. She was also training in gymnastics, and her appearance was lively and adorable.

“Ge Ge, is it okay if I don’t go for training?” Because Zhao Yan had been training in gymnastics since young, she was very independent. She had already put on her clothes and washed her face very early in the morning. When the crew brought the video cameras through the door, what they saw was the brother-sister pair dressed tidily and seated at the table eating breakfast.

“Already applied for leave, it’s fine,” Zhao Xu smiled and passed his younger sister a piece of bread. He actually had other thoughts – gymnastics was too hard. He had already bore those hardships and didn’t want his sister to continue those times. If this program could let his sister also rise to fame and enter the show business as a child star, that wouldn’t be too bad a way out.

Zhao Xu was not actually aware of the other guests’ identities prior to filming and he had only brought his sister along to the gathering location. All the guests lived in the capital, so it was convenient for everyone to meet up before getting onto the plane.

The main camera also followed Zhao Xu. Since the names of the guests had not been publicized, Zhao Xu had also been kept in the dark. Hence, his reactions were identical to the audience – it would be most interesting to film from his perspective.

“Ge Ge, who’s coming this time?” It was Zhao Yan’s first time travelling with her brother, so she was extremely excited. Since the start of her memories, her every day was spent training. She very rarely went out, much less travelled to faraway places.

“I don’t know too…” Zha Xu patiently answered his sister. The minute he raised his head, he caught a glimpse of the Wen Family’s sisters leisurely coming over.

Wenqing was dressed in a white sheep wool skirt, with a light-tan wool windbreaker over it. She also had on a pair of large sunglasses. Wenyu, who was beside her, was dressed identically, just in a smaller size. Background music of a fairy descending accompanied the scene, and a close-up was done on Zhao Xu’s foolishly blank expression.

“Wenqing! My God!” Zhao Xu was incomparably excited and went up to shake Wenqing’s hand.

Zhao Yan stared at Wenyu with a flushed face. That Zhuo dynasty drama <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> had received the baton from <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> and had already started broadcasting; Wenyu was playing the female lead when she was young. Zhao Yan’s source of entertainment every day at the training team was gathering together at night to watch television and this exact drama was the one they were following closely. “You, are you Little Quiet Shu?”

“You’ve seen it?” Wenyu was livelier in comparison to her and she took the initiative to grab Zhao Yan’s hand.

Just as they were talking, the third pair walked over.  The background music changed to a classic Wuxia drama’s music, foretelling the arrival of experts.

The four people turned to look over one by one, their mouths gaping open one after another.

The audience in front of the television also held their breaths, seeing a peerlessly talented brother-sister pair stroll over accompanied by majestic background music. They were dressed in branded lovers’ apparel and were each lugging a suitcase.

[Mu Chen! Male God, my goodness!]

[Female goddess Mu Sha actually participated in this sort of reality show, wawawa[1]!]

The audience in front of the television were impassioned, because these two had too great a reputation. Almost everyone recognized the both of them, from eighty-year-old elderly to kindergarten children. Moreover, these two people were the Film Emperor and Film Empress, the quality of the entire program instantly increased.

Like the audience, Zhao Xu was practically dumbstruck. He had originally thought that a program inviting a figure who had half a foot in the entertainment industry like him would be unable to invite any particularly impressive guest, but he hadn’t expected for them to actually invite the two supreme figures in the entertainment circle. It would be difficult for this program not to be popular even if it didn’t want to.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <All older brother’s will take care of their younger brothers>

Er Bing: Big Brother, I want to eat crab

Big Brother: I’ll peel them for you

Er Bing: Thank you ge~

Yu Lin: Ge, I want to eat crab

Yu Tang: I want to eat too, you peel two then

Yu Lin: QAQ

[1] Onomatopoeia for the sound of crying

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