I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Evening party

The large sausage bestowed by the boss wasn’t anything delicious. Chu Qin was pressed down by Zhong Yibin for a night and played around with like a rogue. The next day, when secretary Jin came to call on them, he couldn’t bring himself to wake up.

“Baby, get up for breakfast,” Zhong Yibin had already taken a bath in high spirits. He hauled the person and even the blanket into his embrace, shaking them.

“Stop being so noisy…” Chu Qin weakly stretched out an arm and covered Zhong Yibin’s mouth.

Zhong Yibin dropped a kiss onto that warm palm and took a towel to wipe his face. “We need to rush for the plane. Eat something first, you can continue sleeping after getting onto the plane.”

Only after hearing these words did Chu Qin reluctantly open his eyes. “You eat, I’m not eating.”

“That won’t do, you’ll become airsick without eating breakfast,” Zhong Yibin sighed. He turned around to speak to secretary Jin outside the door. “We won’t be going to the dining hall. Call for breakfast to be sent here.”

Secretary Jin, who had come to ask the boss to eat breakfast, could only resentfully turn and call for the guest room to send the meals.

The project had already been settled, so they could return to China after breakfast. Zhong Yibin let Chu Qin continue his sleep and arranged the two people’s luggage on his own. As a young master who had currently just learnt three skills – cooking, washing the dishes and peeling fruits, he was not yet equipped with the ability to fold clothes. He stood in front of the wardrobe and scratched his head. Taking out the clothes, he stuffed them into the suitcase without a care. When they refused to go in, he took them back out, rolled them and then stuffed them back in again. When the suitcase couldn’t be closed, he pressed against the suitcase with a leg and fastened the lock. A ‘kacha’ sound resounded. Solved!

The breakfast sent to the room by the hotel was extremely sumptuous. There was Chinese and Western food, as well as Korean dishes. The wontons in the seafood soup were paired with fragrant garlic bread, thick potato soup, pickled cabbage pastry and a bowl of cold noodles… Fruits in Korea were very expensive so only two slices of orange and watermelon were given.

Chu Qin washed his face while in a daze. After drinking a spoon of wonton soup, his stomach was warmed up. He tried a mouth of everything, but his favorite was the cold noodles. There were pieces of ice in the cold noodles; Zhong Yibin was scared that he would eat too much so after Chu Qin ate three mouths and drank two sips of soup, he picked up the bowl of cold noodles and gulped down the remaining amount.

“Don’t eat so quickly, it’s cooling[1],” Chu Qin frowned. This guy hadn’t eaten much warm food. Eating cold noodles in a short span of time would cause diarrhea.

As expected, Zhong Yibin went to the toilet twice after getting onto the plane.

Chu Qin was still quite sleepy so after changing into slippers and leaning his seat back, he fell asleep.

“Qin-ge? Is that you?” A voice sounded from above, disrupting Chu Qin’s blissful dreams. Chu Qin was in the midst of a very comfortable sleep and didn’t want to open his eyes, but that voice droned on continuously, causing him some annoyance.

When this flight was booked, there were only two spots left in the first-class cabin. Thus, secretary Jin and the rest weren’t in the same cabin as the two of them. Zhong Yibin was once again in the toilet so there was no one around to block this irksome fellow. Chu Qin could only open his eyes with much reluctance.

The sight that greeted him was that of a young boy’s face. It was just that the powder on his face was very white, which made him look ill. Since Chu Qin had leaned his seat back such that it was nearly even, that person could cling onto the back of his seat to speak to him.

Confused, Chu Qin contemplated for a moment. He didn’t seem to know him, could it be some small fan?

“Qin-ge, I’m Liu Zhen from the MBB group…” He hadn’t finished speaking when Zhong Yibin returned from the toilet. Seeing that someone had disrupted Chu Qin’s sleep, he flared up.

“Didn’t the kindergarten aunties teach you that you shouldn’t disturb someone who’s sleeping?” Zhong Yibin stood at the aisle and looked at that raucous youth with an icy face.

The boy called Liu Zhen immediately turned pale and the hand clinging onto the back of Chu Qin’s seat was retracted without delay.

“Mister, would you like any help?” The air stewardess in the first-class cabin had always been present. Seeing that a commotion had arisen on this side, she hurriedly rushed over to ask after them.

“I made clear before leaving that no one was to disturb him,” The more Zhong Yibin spoke, the icier his tone of voice became.

The air stewardess glanced at the just-awoken, still somewhat dazed Chu Qin and then glanced at the scared Liu Zhen, who had just retracted his hand. She quickly apologized to Zhong Yibin. Another boy seated at the side stood up and had Liu Zhen apologize. “Apologies, I’m his team leader. He’s still young and not sensible. Sorry, sorry.”

Twenty over years old and still not sensible… Zhong Yibin smiled coldly. Afraid that the disturbance would prevent Chu Qin from sleeping, he waved a hand and no longer heeded them. He seated himself beside Chu Qin and covered him with a blanket. “Sleep.”

Things had already reached this point; how could Chu Qin continue sleeping. He sat up and glanced at the two awkward boys. “It’s fine, let’s return to our seats.” Despite his slight irritation towards that boy who had disrupted his sleep, it was imperative for him to maintain his warm and good-tempered image outside.

Nevertheless, that team leader didn’t dare to let the troublemaker Liu Zhen sit behind Chu Qin and switched places with him so that he was seated behind Chu Qin instead. The entire process was done in silence.

Zhong Yibin gave Chu Qin his earphones and let him sleep while listening to some music. Seeing the dark eye bags beneath Chu Qin’s eyes, he felt pained and guilty. Only he could disrupt his wife’s sleep; anyone else who disturbed his sleep must be eliminated without discussion.

On the other side, Liu Zhen went to sit with another team member. His face showed his grievances. He spoke to another companion in a low voice. “I just wanted to say a few words to Chu Qin.”

“Even then, you can’t insist on waking the person up,” His companion rolled his eyes and ignored him.

“He’ll have a deep impression of us like this. I dare to guarantee that this time, he’ll definitely remember our MBB,” Liu Zhen regained his wits from the previous shock. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he did the right thing.

The companion listening to him was so surprised that he couldn’t respond. Even if Chu Qin remembered them, it would be an extremely poor impression. Now, he could only pray that Chu Qin didn’t remember them. If not, their future in the domestic entertainment industry would be tough.

Chu Qin was dazed from his sleep and had actually not remembered the identities of those people. However, Zhong Yibin did. After alighting, he got secretary Jin to run a check on this association.

MBB Group. The full name was Morning Bad Boy…

“It’s the idol group that Daily Media has recently been focusing on nurturing, in collaboration with Korea. They’ve already debuted in China and their popularity lately has been very high,” Secretary Jin placed the information in front of Zhong Yibin.

Zhong Yibin frowned slightly. Daily Media was a small company under the Big Fish Group’s banner. On account of giving Yu Tang face, he couldn’t do anything directly either.

“They aren’t very polite, that’s all. They’re not worth bothering about,” When Chu Qin heard Zhong Yibin mention this, he was resting at home and watching the live broadcast of the national day evening party.

Zhong Yibin’s lips curled up. He thought of having a word with Yu Tang later on to show some concern about the spiritual culture among the Big Fish Group’s employees.

“This year, our evening party has adopted Weibo’s live broadcast method. The screen behind me is our message platform. The comments posted by the audience will appear on it anytime. Everyone can ridicule as much as they want to,” Chen Jiming had on a sequined suit with a bow tie. He was all smiles as he held a microphone and stood on stage speaking.

Lin Xiaoxiao opened her mouth, ready to say her lines, but unexpectedly, Chen Jiming had no intention of stopping. He spoke yet again.

“Of course, may everyone not be too strict on us,” Chen Jiming winked charmingly, causing the audience to burst out in laughter.

Yet, the smile on Lin Xiaoxiao’s face was somewhat stiff. Those were originally her lines. Now that Chen Jiming had narrated it, what was she supposed to say?

Chu Qin had worked with Lin Xiaoxiao for many years and could naturally tell that her smile was not natural. He understood what was going on after some thought and couldn’t help but raise a brow.

Fortunately, Lin Xiaoxiao paused a little but started to introduce the guests for the day so it wasn’t as bad as an awkward silence.

The screen started displaying the comments from the audience.

[Where is my Qin-ge? Where’s Qin-ge?]

[Why didn’t Qin Qin host the evening party! I came for the sake of seeing Qin Qin!]

[Qin Qin, I want Qin Qin!]

So many years had gone by; the audience were already used to Chu Qin. The abrupt change in personnel was very hard to adapt to. Performances including song and dance were showcased on stage while off-stage, Chen Jiming looked at the mass of ‘Qin Qin’ on screen, his expression somewhat ugly. This television station had already been dominated by Chu Qin. His influence could be felt everywhere.

“Xiaoxiao-jie, it’s time to go on stage,” A program had ended, and Chen Jiming smiled as he invited Lin Xiaoxiao to go up with him.

Lin Xiaoxiao gave a cold laugh. “Just you alone are enough. In any case, you know my lines.”

Chen Jiming’s expression changed. “Sorry jie, it’s my first time on stage. I was a little nervous and said too much by accident.”

Lin Xiaoxiao ignored him, smiling as she went on stage with him. It was just that later on, when Chen Jiming wanted to crack a few jokes to ease the atmosphere, Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t connect with him, resulting in a poor outcome.

The director’s bellow could be heard from their earpiece. “What’s going on with the both of you. You’re not allowed to stop for the next minute, backstage isn’t ready yet.”

Shensghi had always followed the trends closely. This time, <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> was the hottest broadcast within the station. The ending song was sung by Qiao Su and he had been invited to sing this song during this evening party.

After a spell of smoke and fire, the soothing, elegant sound of traditional Chinese instruments accompanied the music. Qiao Su slowly walked out from the depths of the stage, his clear and moving voice singing the melancholic piece <Sandstorm of Sacrifice>.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Passerby A: Qin-ge, say something to me

Qin Qin: I want to sleep

Er Bing: Block all who dare to disrupt my wife’s sleep

Secretary Jin: Qin-ge, get up and eat

Qin Qin: I want to sleep

Er Bing: Dismiss all who dare to disrupt my wife’s sleep

Strawberry Condom: Qin-ge, let me in once

Qin Qin: I want to sleep

Er Bing: Change all that dares to disrupt my wife’s sleep

Qin Qin: →_→

[1] The concept of ‘cooling’ and ‘heaty’ food belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ‘Cooling’ relates to ‘yin’ in the body while ‘heaty’ relates to ‘yang’. As the name suggests, ‘cooling’ refers to the reduction of heat in the body while ‘heaty’ refers to bringing heat to the body. Over-eating any of such foods will give rise to negative effects, such as ulcers for heaty foods and intolerance to cold weathers for cooling foods.

Translator’s corner: Ahh craving for some garlic bread (*´﹃`)

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