I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Eating meat

The tattletale on the other end cut the call in a distracted mood. He slowly raised a hand and touched his face, before realizing that he had broke out in cold sweat. In the past, he had been the chairman’s informer and was like a fish in water within the company. But now that the chairman no longer wanted this line of contact, it signified that he had lost favor.

Did he say something wrong?

After carefully going through what he had said again, he didn’t find anything off. Then, there could only be one reason – the chairman was prepared to cease his monitoring of the director. That was good, the elder was finally starting to trust the son. Him as the informer had then become the villain for no reason. As his line of thought went in this direction, his cold sweat didn’t cease but instead increased.

Zhong Yibin was not aware of all this. He received his father’s email reply very quickly, which stated that it was fine if he had his own plan.

Now that the project was determined, the following negotiations were handed to the professionals. Hence, Zhong Yibin brought along Chu Qin and played around in Korea. The greatest impression they had of Korea was the lack of things to eat. The popular snacks sold on the streets were everywhere in China. Moreover, a random purchase of a can of fruit juice at the supermarket even cost a hundred yuan.

Chu Qin threw five to six bottles of apple juice into the shopping cart. The gazes of the people in the supermarket were that of looking at nouveau riche, causing the corner of Chu Qin’s mouth to twitch involuntarily.

Although edibles were expensive, makeup was really cheap. Chu Qin wasn’t very knowledgeable about makeup products, so he handed the list to a woman in the group and got her to help purchase them.

“Lin Xiaoxiao wanted these,” The woman took the list and curled her mouth. “She also came to beg me before I left, but I rejected her resolutely. That troublesome goblin.”

Lin Xiaoxiao was usually carefree but was terribly fussy when it came to things like buying stuff. The number of a certain brand’s makeup product and its version were all written down very clearly. If the wrong item was bought, she would even chase after the person, so nobody in the company liked to bring things back for her.

“Haha, please treat it as doing me a favor,” Chu Qin smiled, and curry favored with the woman. The matter was considered settled only after he treated her to ice-cream.

Having settled Lin Xiaoxiao’s things, the two people could then rest at ease and go out to have fun. They bought a large ice-cream for two people to share at the front of a street in Korea, took a photo in front of an old-fashioned photo sticker booth and had a fortune-telling witch to read their marriage fates using tarot…

Korea was a peninsula with three of its sides surrounded by the ocean. The city they were sightseeing at was also near the ocean. It was slightly colder at the coast during Autumn so there weren’t any tourists playing around in the sea, only busy fishing boats. As he gazed at the fishing boats that were vastly different from those in China, Chu Qin couldn’t resist wanting to take a picture with Zhong Yibin.

“Can you help us take a picture?” Chu Qin smiled and asked a lady passing by. He didn’t know how to speak Korean so he spoke in English.

“Sure,” The lady smiled and agreed.

Zhong Yibin wasn’t a fan of taking pictures. His face was the picture of unhappiness at being dragged over by Chu Qin.

“Smile a little!” Chu Qin pinched his face, squeezing his face into a chick’s mouth.

“Kacha!” The lady accurately captured this moment, snapping a shot of Zhong Yibin’s chick mouth.

Chu Qin received it, and upon seeing the picture, laughed so hard he choked up. In the picture, Chu Qin was raising his arm to pinch Zhong Yibin, and Zhong Yibin was pinched while retreating to avoid the camera flash. The handsome face had been twisted into a chick’s mouth – no matter how it was looked at, there would be feelings of amusement. The background was of the bluish-green ocean and there was even a mew gull streaking over the two people’s heads. Its eyes were looking straight at the camera with a look of ridicule.

The fans who had not received any news of Chu Qin the past few days finally scrolled to a post on Weibo today. However, its content was rather strange.

Chu Qin V: Today, the boss asked me, “Which is beautiful, me or the mew gull?” To protect my rice bowl, I answered, “The mew gull falls short of the lord in terms of beauty.”

The accompanying picture was that photo of the two of them, Zhong Yibin’s chick mouth and the mew gull’s pointed beak.

Chu Qin’s manager Zhao Bai saw this post and got such a fright that his face changed color simultaneously. Those two people had just been involved in a sex scandal and at this moment, they still released such an ambiguous photo. Aren’t they scared of others knowing about them?

“I say, where did Chu Qin that youngster go? Turns out he went to Korea with the boss to play!” When Chen Jiming passed by the restroom, he overheard several workers talking about Chu Qin. He couldn’t stop himself from halting his steps and asking about it.

“Go look at Chu Qin’s Weibo,” The gossiper told him and once again immersed himself in the world of his phone.

Chen Jiming hurriedly took out his handphone to check and saw the picture of Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin. He couldn’t help but sneer. This person really wasn’t afraid of death; others didn’t make trouble for him but he himself asked for trouble. He clicked open the comments at the bottom and waited to see Chu Qin make a joke of himself.

[Ah ah ah, Director Zhong is so cute. I can be entertained for a year by that face!]

[He can even pinch the boss’ face, truly a winner at life. Our Qin Qin is the best!]

[Good relations are good relations. These two are being so open, are the faces of certain nitpickers hurting?]

Chen Jiming’s eyes opened wide. Why were the public’s reactions like this? Zhao Bai also heaved a sigh of relief. His colleague smiled and comforted him. “Zhao-ge, you don’t have to worry. Qin-ge has his own sense of discretion and has never made a mistake. He’s actually more trouble-free than our family’s ancestor.”

Hearing his colleague’s envious tone of voice, Zhao Bai couldn’t help raising his brows in delight. Upon careful consideration, Chu Qin indeed hadn’t given him any trouble these few years. The best thing was that the reporters couldn’t outtalk Chu Qin and were rarely able to squeeze out good tidbits from him. His way of handling external affairs was also spotless.

“That’s true,” Zhao Bai took back his handphone. “Our family’s Chu Qin definitely won’t do anything wrong,” Finishing his words, he clasped his hands behind his back and walked off while humming a tune. A group of colleagues rolling their eyes were left behind.

Many times, the more one tried to cover things up and avoid arousing suspicion, the more suspicious others would conversely be. On the contrary, people would actually not think otherwise if one were open. Of course, there was also a group which appeared to be thinking of nonsense but whom had actually guessed the truth.

[Zhong Qin are giving out candy again! Much sweeter than the neighboring Mu Qiao!]

[That’s very true, there haven’t been any movements from Mu Qiao!]

[Director Zhong must take very good care of our family’s Qin Qin. There isn’t any meat to eat in Korea, remember to give him meat ♪ meat to eat!]

Zhong Yibin was lying on the bed in the hotel and scrolled down to this post. He raised an eyebrow slightly and replied to this statement. At the same time, he posted it on his Weibo.

Zhong Yibin V: Will definitely let him eat his fill (evil face)

The moment this post was sent out, the fans instantly erupted. There were no words, only a pile of ‘ah ah ah ah ah’ words were left.

“What are you looking at?” Chu Qin just finished his bath and walked over while drying his hair.

“Looking at your fans’ comments,” Zhong Yibin shook his upturned foot.

Chu Qin dried his hair and leaned against Zhong Yibin to look with him. “What did they say?”

“They asked me to feed you meat,” Zhong Yibin pointed at a comment and turned to gaze at him seriously.

“En?” Chu Qin blinked.

“The fans are so concerned about you, I can’t let them down…” Zhong Yibin said these words and flipped over, pressing Chu Qin down. “Boss will treat you to a large sausage, okay?

Chu Qin’s face instantly flushed red. This guy, he really knew how to make everything sound roguish.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing is mincemeat>

Er Bing: Do you know how ranks in our Biscuit[1] World are determined?

Qin Qin: Biscuits have ranks?

Er Bing: Of course. Plain biscuits are the lowest in rank, egg biscuits are a little higher and meat biscuits are nobility.

Qin Qin: Then what biscuit are you

Er Bing: I’m the emperor of biscuits, a great meat biscuit. There’s even an extra intestine and two eggs.

Qin Qin: →_→

[1] Reminder that the Bing in Er Bing stands for biscuit, which explains all the biscuit jokes here.

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  1. Because of Er Bing i never look at biscuit with straight face anymore..😢😢 my innocence mind that already miniscule become nanoscule..
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  2. “The greatest impression they had of Korea was the lack of things to eat” , i like most of this writer novels but there are always these borderline xenophobic remarks about other cultures. Is she for real? Not enough things to eat in Korea? The entire world beg to differ.


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