I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Father

After they finished their meal and returned to their room, Zhong Yibin input the material given by the producer into the computer and dragged Chu Qin along to watch it. <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me> was indeed a very fun program. There were also more than enough humorous bits throughout the entire program.

The producer had invited actors, singers, football athletes and so on. All these different celebrity Fathers stepped up and brought along a child to participate in this short journey. The program’s main attraction was the child. The charmingly naïve young boys and girls had all sorts of thoughts running throughout their minds, but they also possessed the pure innocence unique to children.

“The number of people in the industry with children aren’t little. If we do this, inviting people will be a piece of cake,” Chu Qin plotted while watching.

Zhong Yibin nodded slightly and raised his eyes to look at Chu Qin. “I’ll give this program to you to produce, can you do it?”

Chu Qin stared blankly. “Give me?” He was a host. Although his current programs were all produced by him, he hadn’t shouldered the position of production director on his own before. However, after careful thought, he was very clear on the procedures and it didn’t seem like there would be many problems.

“En, give you,” Zhong Yibin said as he scooped Chu Qin into his embrace and pressed him down. He had already harbored this thought a period of time ago. Chu Qin had already worked for Shengshi for so long. His abilities had actually long exceeded many directors. It was just that he was the station’s pillar and many programs could not do without him, so many people had yet to realize these talents of his.

“Hey, giving work as soon as you want to, I’m not someone who relied on my body to get here,” Chu Qin pushed him rather insincerely.

“What choice is there. As long as I’m here, you’ll have to sell your body to climb up,” Zhong Yibin laughed mischievously and undid Chu Qin’s shirt.

The next day, a group of people went to the filming location for <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me>. Chu Qin’s entire body was sore, and he kept yawning after getting onto the car. As he listened to the incomprehensible rambling of the Korean in the front passenger seat, his head started drooping bit by bit.

“Sleep if you’re tired,” Zhong Yibin tugged him over and let him lean against his shoulder.

Having received Zhong Yibin’s familiar shoulder, Chu Qin dozed off, his head slipping down Zhong Yibin’s soft and smooth shirt. Zhong Yibin hauled the guy who was sleeping soundly into his embrace. That person within his arms then conscientiously sought out the most comfortable spot, fast asleep.

In front, Jin Head, who was happily chattering away, raised his head and saw this scene through the mirror. He was immediately tongue-tied.

Zhong Yibin raised his head and his gaze swept across him. He made a gesture to keep silent. Jin Head nodded and no longer let out any sound. Inwardly, he was deeply moved. This Mr Zhong was a good boss, even letting his employee sleep in his embrace. What kind of situation would it be if he fell asleep in the car and landed in the president’s arms… The YMD president’s face with two deep laugh lines appeared in front of his eyes, causing him to simultaneously let out a shiver.

The filming site was at a small village in Korea. When Zhong Yibin and the rest arrived, several children were carrying out their tasks.

“Uncle, do you know where the seafood market is?” A chubby boy walked over and politely asked the few people who had just alighted from the car.

Jin Head smiled merrily and stroked the chubby child’s head. “We’re tourists, we wouldn’t know.”

“Does Uncle not know how to look at directions while travelling?” The chubby child moved away from his hand and curled his lip at Jin Head, avoiding him in dislike.

“Hey, kid, why are you so fast at switching faces!” Jin Head was angered to laughter.

The little chubby child made a face and ran off. A crowd of photographers and recording people ran off after him, appearing rather pitiful. Only the few children who were carrying out their tasks followed the third camera from beginning to end.

After Chu Qin got off the car and was subject to the sea winds, he immediately became much more awake. He followed Zhong Yibin to tour the crew’s backstage area and greeted several actors who were resting.

“Oh, it’s China’s Mr Chu Qin. Nice to meet you,” A singer father warmly greeted Chu Qin. Korea’s entertainment industry was currently flourishing but its market was too small. Celebrities were essentially just higher-paid office workers. If one wanted to earn big bucks, they would need to go to China. This was something the Korean stars were all well aware of, hence they were extremely familiar with China’s popular hosts.

Chu Qin smiled and greeted everyone. Zhong Yibin was a little unhappy. He had brought his wife overseas, yet there were still so many admirers, it was truly annoying.

The producers obviously didn’t show them their core method of production. They would need to first buy the copyright before obtaining the genuine technical support. Zhong Yibin didn’t care much for this and dragged Chu Qin to stroll around the small village. In the afternoon, they consumed some of the unique Korean dishes with the crew.

“How is it?” After a day’s observation had ended, Zhong Yibin asked for Chu Qin’s opinion. Only a pair of sparkling eyes could be seen; he clearly thought very highly of this program.

“Director, I think this will definitely become very popular. Let’s get this,” The people from the industry department were incomparably excited. This program had the highest ratings in Korea and on top of that, after they watched them for a day, the humorous aspects were indeed plentiful.

Other people within the group also thought well of it. Only the finance people wavered a little. “Their asking price is too high. If we purchase it at this price, the earnings from the first season will essentially be given to the Koreans on this side.

“We can get more sponsors. Furthermore, the earnings during the first season for this sort of fresh thing won’t amount to much in the first place,” The people from the marketing department waved their fists, thinking that many advertisements could be planted in this program. The amount that could be made was hefty.

“I think we should wait a little longer,” Chu Qin was silent for a long while before he slowly said these words.

“En?” Chu Qin’s words caused Zhong Yibin’s excited gaze to dim.

Everyone instantly fell silent. Recently, Director Zhong’s way of doing things had become increasingly firm and neither of them dared to recklessly raise their opinions. Chu Qin really didn’t know how to read the atmosphere; spoiling the mood in such a way.

“The program aligns too strictly to the local culture. There wouldn’t be this many humorous things after shifting the program back,” Chu Qin sighed. Korea’s social customs contained bits of the olden times when the men worked and the women did housework, hence Korean men basically didn’t do any housework. Letting these seniors who didn’t know how to distinguish between the five crops[1] take care of children would certainly produce many funny things.

However, it was different in China. Many men in China knew how to do household chores, so this sort of contrasting comparison would not be so intense.

Chu Qin’s words caused everyone to fall silent. The excitement fanned by the Korean producers immediately cooled down. Zhong Yibin smiled slightly. “Chu Qin said the right thing. Tomorrow, we will continue our study of other programs.”

The four listed programs each had their distinctive features. <Fifteen Days of Romance> involved the random pairing of male and female celebrities, who would pretend to be lovers and live in a villa for fifteen days; <Survival Challenge> involved having celebrities survive for a week on an island with very little supplies; <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me> was a program where fathers brought their child along for a short trip. These three each had their own pros and cons. Chu Qin looked them over again and again, but still preferred the program with low ratings, <Bun, Quickly Run>.

<Bun, Quickly Run> was about celebrities who paired up with their younger sibling to complete various tasks at a designated location. It could also be considered a travel-type program.

“Isn’t the national station about to open a second station. This can be considered our response,” Chu Qin blinked his eyes at Zhong Yibin.

Zhong Yibin was captivated by that charming and cute gaze. Without knowing what Chu Qin said, he nodded blankly.

“Alright then, I’ll go speak to them about that program,” The person from the planning department immediately headed off enthusiastically to search for the producer.

“Ah, but…” The people from the industry department looked at the dismal numbers and was rather worried. Before they could say anything, the people from the planning department had already raced off in a rush.

Those from the industry department exited the director’s room with miserable looks on their faces as they racked their brains for ways to promote this Korean program with lackluster ratings. The marketing department were also rather vexed. The numbers weren’t good, which meant that sponsors would also be difficult to reel in. On the other hand, the finance department was quite happy. Since this program’s ratings weren’t high, the copyright fee was cheap, and they had purchased it at one go instead of having installments, so tt was particularly nice; the accounts in the future would be a lot easier to tabulate.

“Chairman, the director decided to purchase <Bun, Quickly Run>,” The person from the industry department returned to his room, hid in the toilet and called Father Zhong. “This program doesn’t have high ratings, the few of us aren’t in favor of it…”

“Oh? Then why was it chosen?” Father Zhong looked through the email his younger son had just sent over, which listed the program’s pros and cons in an orderly manner, along with his decision. His eyes narrowed slightly.

In the past, he couldn’t be at ease when his hot-tempered younger son was involved, so he planted many of his loyal people at his son’s side. At the same time, he requested for Zhong Yibin to send him an email informing him whenever he made an important decision. At the start, Zhong Yibin still did as asked but later on, he gradually started to feel that it was troublesome and no longer reported to him. Thus, he could only learn more about Zhong Yibin’s actions from others’ mouths. When he heard that Zhong Yibin did wrong, he would immediately call and correct him.

A very long time ago, his younger son was outstanding. Every time he made an important decision, he would report to him in a clear and ordered manner. But at some point, for some unknown reason, their father-son relationship slowly started to deteriorate. His son was also no longer so outstanding…

“Because Chu Qin likes this program,” The person from the industry department said with some resentment. They had done overtime and churned out some industry statistics but Zhong Yibin didn’t even take a glance at it. Just based on Chu Qin’s words, his decision was changed.

Chu Qin… Father Zhong couldn’t help knitting his brows upon hearing this name.

“I will only trust Chu Qin. He won’t lie to me,”

“It’s rare for someone to trust the lover the most, and not the parents.”

Dave’s words suddenly resounded in his head. “Trust is a mutual relationship. Both parties must put in effort for trust to take root. This relationship is extremely tenuous. All previous efforts will collapse the minute there is a breach of agreement…”

In the past, he constantly felt that his son was a rebel. Now that he thought about it again, the one who first broke this agreement was him, the father. Father Zhong was silent for a while, before he abruptly stated. “In the future, you don’t have to report to me about issues regarding your director.”

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Reversing familial love with a word>

Father Bing: Er Bing. Next time, you can be the master, dad won’t interfere.

Er Bing: Okay. I’m preparing to get married, so I need to buy a mansion as the wedding room and a yacht as a gift.

Father Bing: My wedding wasn’t even that extravagant.

Er Bing: My dad has money, your dad doesn’t have money.

Father Bing: …… [Waving bye]

[1] Five crops: millet, soybean, sesame, barley, rice

Translator’s corner: I noticed that most translators have their translation notes beneath the navigation links instead of above. Would you all prefer that?

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