I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Korea

The economy this year was in somewhat of a slump, yet the entertainment industry was expanding rapidly – the films’ box office constantly surpassed one another and the ratings for TV dramas also continuously broke records. According to the laws of economics, the entertainment industry would flourish when the economy was in its bleak period. This was also a prime time for Zhong Yibin to make money.

It was necessary to make a breakthrough in order to make a profit. Recently, a satellite TV station had introduced a reality show program. Though it was not particularly enjoyable to watch, the ratings were actually pretty good. Zhong Yibin saw this as a business opportunity.

Reality shows had long appeared in Korea and Japan. Korea’s reality shows showcased more lifestyle aspects while those in Japan leaned towards pranking. After considering the country’s degree of acceptance towards such shows, Japan’s more extreme shows didn’t seem very suitable. Zhong Yibin decided to go to Korea personally to take a look.

A company-paid trip; of course, Chu Qin was delighted. There wasn’t much he needed to do, and the time taken to travel to Korea and the northeast was around the same, hence he gladly agreed.

Lin Xiaoxiao heard that Chu Qin was going to Korea and gave him a long, long list of makeup for him to purchase for her. Chu Qin didn’t know much about makeup products and felt dizzy after seeing the list. “Won’t it be settled if you find a reseller to buy them for you. Asking me to bring so many things, what if I buy the wrong thing?”

“Resellers have a service charge,” Lin Xiaoxiao said seriously.

Chu Qin rolled his eyes. “I also want a service fee.”

Lin Xiaoxiao, “Aiya, fine. I’ll treat you to crayfish after you’re back.”

“Qin-ge is travelling?” Chen Jiming took the party’s script and went to seek out Chu Qin. Seeing him request for leave from Teacher Liang, his heart gave a short thump.

“En, the company arranged for me to go on a business trip for a few days,” Chu Qin smiled gently and turned to speak to Teacher Liang. “Then that’s settled. If there’s anything else, we can talk more about it after I’m back.”

“Alright,” Teacher Liang said helplessly. The big boss had already sent down his orders, it wasn’t like he could hold onto him and not let him go.

“Qin-ge, about the party, the station chief said that you would guide me a little,” Chen Jiming’s smile was forced. The station’s large-scale dinner parties had always been hosted by Chu Qin. The station chief had repeatedly told him to communicate well with Chu Qin so as not to leave out any details. This was because the national day party would be broadcasted live; there was no turning back if he made a mistake.

During this crucial period, Chu Qin was actually travelling!

“Ah, is that so. The station chief didn’t inform me of this,” Chu Qin frowned slightly and looked somewhat worriedly at Chen Jiming. “I still have to go to the company soon to make arrangements for the flight tomorrow morning…”

The implication was that he didn’t have the slightest bit of time left for Chen Jiming. Chen Jiming heard these words, but it wasn’t like he could block Chu Qin from leaving and pester him to death for an explanation. Hence, Chen Jiming revealed his cowardly side.

“It’s fine, isn’t Xiaoxiao still around? You can just go ask Xiaoxiao if you don’t know anything,” Chu Qin patted Chen Jiming’s shoulder consolingly and went off leisurely.

Gazing at Chu Qin’s back, Chen Jiming secretly grasped the program plan in his hands tightly. He had hosted large-scale dinner parties annually when he was in High School. It wasn’t actually anything particularly tough. It was just that the stage was slightly bigger, the process was slightly more complicated, and the script was slightly longer. Chu Qin wasn’t anything great, did he really think that others couldn’t accomplish anything without him? This dinner party would certainly let Chu Qin have a whole new level of respect for him.

Chu Qin wasn’t at all concerned about what this aspiring youngster was intending to do, he was currently busy with packing his luggage to Korea. This trip to Korea would last for approximately a week. Zhong Yibin that guy could not be counted on for something like packing luggage. Thus, Chu Qin needed to pack two people’s worth of luggage.

When Zhong Yibin arrived home, two luggage bags had already been neatly packed. To him, everything would be fine as long as they brought sufficient money. Everything else was inconsequential. He didn’t care about what Chu Qin packed either and dragged him off to discuss the plan for Korea.

This main purpose was to observe the recording of Korean reality shows. They would have to study several programs and purchase a suitable copyright. There were very few talents within the country capable of producing reality shows, it was already considered late to be nurturing such talent now. Competition within the market was extremely heavy and it was crucial for them to do things before other stations, and speedily occupy the market.

Shengshi had listed out several more popular programs in Korea such as <Survival Challenge>, <Fifteen Days of Romance>, <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me> and <Bun, Quickly Run>. These few programs were all under different producing companies and Zhong Yibin had prepared for them to look through these few.

The weather in Korea was slightly colder compared to the capital. After getting off the plane, Chu Qin couldn’t help sneezing.

“Cold?” Zhong Yibin used a hand to embrace him, letting him lean against himself.

“It’s fine, I’ll be okay after putting on outerwear,” Chu Qin took out a jacket from the luggage bag before fishing out another windbreaker for Zhong Yibin.

“I’m not cold,” Zhong Yibin said, though he still obediently put it on. They got on the car sent over by their business partner in Korea and traveled to the hotel they had booked.

This time, a group had accompanied Zhong Yibin over. There was the producer, marketing people and those from the industry department. There were also talents from the producing end, such as those in photography, sound recording and after-effects. After all, the professionals would be better able to find their way around the supposed inspection. On one hand, they could guard against any schemes from the Koreans and on the other hand, they could also learn a thing or two from the masters in Korea.

The way the rooms had been booked was two people to a room. The people on this side weren’t aware of their relationship and had arranged for Chu Qin and a photographer to stay in the same room. Zhong Yibin was staying in a suite and secretary Jin had been allocated as his roommate.

Seeing the room allocation, drops of sweat simultaneously broke out on secretary Jin’s forehead. What a joke, it wasn’t easy for the boss to make use of him again and now he committed a grave error of principle. He was truly doomed. Swallowing, secretary Jin gave the two suite cards without the slightest hesitation to Zhong Yibin and Chu Qin. He then put on a smile and followed the photographer to squeeze into a room.

In the room, Chu Qin started getting busy. He placed the toiletries in the bathroom, hung up two of Zhong Yibin’s suits that easily wrinkled, boiled a kettle of water and charged the two people’s phones.

“Stop running around, aren’t you tired?” Zhong Yibin hugged the busy fellow from behind and dragged him onto the bed to lie down.

“Oh, what time are the business partners coming, should we eat something first?” Chu Qin didn’t actually feel tired. He frequently flew around when recording programs and it wasn’t uncommon to immediately start work after getting off the plane.

“Hungry?” Zhong Yibin stroked Chu Qin’s flat underbelly. “I’m hungry too,” Saying this, he stretched a hand into Chu Qin’s clothes.

“Hey!” Chu Qin slapped his claw away.

The two people were messing around when secretary Jin called, saying that the business partners had arrived and would treat them to a meal. This time, the business partner who had arranged for their visit was a company located in Korea’s capital city. This company specialized in producing entertainment programs. The recently popular <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me> was one of theirs.

“I watched this program online before, it appears to be quite popular in Korea,” Chu Qin brought up this program to Zhong Yibin on their way to the restaurant.

“En, I heard that Ma Tong station is also asking around about this program. They’re planning to sell it off at a high price,” When on the topic of business, Zhong Yibin grew considerably more serious.

“There’s no rush now, we can discuss it again after observing,” Although Chu Qin also liked this program very much, they could not be impulsive.

The Korean business partners were two middle-aged uncles. Seeing the two of them arrive, they stood up and shook hands.

“I am the YMD company’s Head of Copyright Unit, Jin Dongsheng. This is our representative Piao,” One of the uncles smiled as he introduced themselves. The translator at the side instantly translated their Korean for them. Secretary Jin brought along the Chinese translator to sit at the side, in charge of translating their boss’ words.

“This is our Shengshi’s Director Mr Zhong and this is Shengshi’s Entertainment Director Mr Chu,” The translator was a straight-faced lady, who said the introductions they had agreed on prior to the meeting.

Chu Qin wasn’t aware that he had become the entertainment director and minded his own business as he scanned the menu. The variety of dishes in Korea was small. The main thing was that there was little meat, and the meat was very costly.

Jin Dongsheng passed some information on the program to them and started rambling about their company’s program. This <Daddy, Don’t Donkey Me> program was an interactive parent-child reality show. The father would bring the child to travel and they would essentially visit places that were remote and arduous. However, before setting out, the child would be tricked by stating that their trip this time would be to a luxurious scenic area. The child’s reactions were usually extremely interesting.

“If we buy this copyright, let’s participate too,” Zhong Yibin smiled and spoke to Chu Qin. They spoke in Chinese. Anyway, these people didn’t understand, so they were somewhat unrestrained.

“How are the two of us going to participate, it’s not like we have a son,” Chu Qin raised his eyes to stare at him.

“I’ll be your father,” Zhong Yibin turned to look at the two gentlemen opposite them and said with a serious face. “I’ll change your clothes for you, bathe you, you can call me father…”

Seeing the bewildered look on Jin Head’s face, cold sweat broke out all over secretary Jin’s forehead. He used all his effort to give the translator lady at the side a meaningful look, hinting for her not to spout nonsense. The translator lady said calmly, “Our Director said that Mr Jin’s introduction was very exciting and would like you to continue.”

On the other side, Jin Head thanked them. Secretary Jin could understand this phrase, so seeing that there wasn’t any issue, he couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. Luckily these Korean men couldn’t understand them, if not they would lose face overseas! Taking a sip of lemon water, he raised his eyes and glanced at the expression on the Korean translator’s face opposite him. With a ‘pfff’ sound, he spurted out his water.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Quick, call me father

Qin Qin: Is your skin itchy

Er Bing: Little guy, later when we return watch how I put you in order. I’ll definitely let you cry and shout father

Qin Qin: Stop saying nonsense, it’ll be bad if others overhear us

Er Bing: What are you scared off, those Koreans can’t understand us

Qin Qin: They still have a translator

Er Bing: It’s fine, their translator listens to Korean and speaks Chinese

Translator: ……

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  2. Assuming people don’t understand you just because you speak a different language is a very bad habit to have. I’m Asian and a polyglot. I’ve encountered countless instances where people assumed I didn’t speak their native language and I can’t say it’s nice. Luckily, most of them weren’t saying anything bad about me, although once an old lady kept complaining about my workplace in front of my face assuming I didn’t understand her

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    1. Definitely agree. I’ve read about too many real instances where someone assumed the other party didn’t understand them and the result was always very embarrassing and distasteful. Just goes to show that one is better off not assuming anything.


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    “I watched this program online before, it appears to be quite popular in Korea,” Chu Qin brought up this program to Chu Qin on their way to the restaurant.

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