I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Borrowing authority

“National station stopping its broadcast pie,” Zhong Yibin laughed mischievously as he happily told Chu Qin this piece of good news. This time, he would be able to earn quite a sizable sum.

The price of Shengshi’s advertisements constantly changed. Now that their status as re-broadcaster had changed to that of a primary broadcaster, the ratings slowly rose, and the advertisement fees would also certainly increase little by little. Moreover, the station’s follow-up activities would also bring Shengshi great benefits.

After he finished conveying the news regarding the station, Zhong Yibin once again asked where Chu Qin was. Hearing that he was visiting someone from the crew, he said that he would fetch him at noon to have a feast as a celebration.

Chu Qin naturally didn’t object to this and after telling Zhong Yibin to work hard, he ended the call. After that, he leisurely chatted with the director for a while more. On the other side, the word ‘cut’ was yelled out. Wenqing’s scene had ended.

“Chu Qin!” Wenqing heard that Chu Qin had come visiting, so she lifted up her skirts and ran over.

This particular scene was filmed while standing. Having received encouragement from <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>, the crew also strove to be rigorous and got the actresses to wear the official Manchu shoes[1]. Wenqing had previously filmed a palace drama and was very familiar with wearing this type of shoe. She could even lift up her skirts and run a little.

She may have dared to run, but the people who were watching her were scared witless. Chu Qin hurriedly reached out his hands towards her. As expected, just as she was about to reach Chu Qin, she tripped over a power cord on the ground and lurched forward with a shocked scream.

“Careful!” Chu Qin ran up to catch her, but someone was faster than him and caught Wenqing. That person was dressed in a gemstone blue tunic and a fake braided hairpiece was stuck to his bald head. This person was this drama’s second male lead and was not someone unfamiliar to Chu Qin – he was Mo Shaoyang, the person who had been on his program the other time.

“Thank you, Shaoyang,” Wenqing glanced at him gratefully.

“No need for thanks,” Mo Shaoyang smiled bashfully and turned to look at Chu Qin. “I just saw Qin-ge and wanted to come over to greet him.” Now that he mentioned it, he still needed to thank Chu Qin for being able to obtain this second male lead role. The last time when he was on Confusion, Chu Qin gave him an excellent opportunity to display his abilities, causing his popularity to skyrocket. Coupled with the popularity from the film’s recent screening, the crew of <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> sent him an invitation letter during their selection process.

“Mo Shaoyang! Come over!” The director held onto a loudspeaker as he shouted for Mo Shaoyang.

Mo Shaoyang made a loud sound of assent and apologetically waved to Chu Qin before running off in a flurry. Chu Qin watched him from a distance and saw the director’s angry outburst at Mo Shaoyang. That brat still laughed in a silly manner as he squatted beside the director to listen to his description of the scene, nodding to himself. A boy who was both sunny and eloquent would be very popular in a place like the entertainment industry.

‘You’re finally here, where’s the food you brought for me?” Wenqing dragged Chu Qin along and looked behind him.

Chu Qin passed her the huge bag of snacks in his hand, “Continue eating, eat till you become a fatty. Let’s see how you act as the empress.”

“The empress has good food and drink in the palace, of course she’ll be a little plump,” Wenqing said nonchalantly as she waved towards a young girl not too far away from them.

“Elder sister,” That young girl only appeared to be eleven or twelve years old. Her small face was pink and tender; very cute. She resembled Wenqing a little.

“This is Wenyu right?” Chu Qin hurriedly picked out a box of gelatin dessert from the bag in Wenqing’s hands for the young girl. She should be Wenqing’s blood-related sister called Wenyu. He had heard Wenqing mention her before in the past. This time, Wenqing brought along her younger sister when she filmed and coincidentally, she was allowed to act as the young version of Concubine Shu.

“Hello, Qin Qin gege[2],” Wenyu smiled as she received the gelatin dessert, greeting Chu Qin.

“Gifting my things to my sister, you’re really smooth,” Wenqing pouted. After that day when she listened to Chu Qin’s words of persuasion, she had already set her heart on breaking up with Li Ting. She had also informed her company of her decision. Her company had already prepared the script and had also contacted those from the media. All preparations had been made. Thus, her heart had also calmed down significantly.

Wenyu obediently sat beside the two of them as she held a small spoon to eat the gelatin dessert.

“Do you plan to let Wenyu walk this path in the future?” Chu Qin glanced at Wenyu’s pretty features. Regarding debut, the sooner the better. If Wenyu had innate skill, naturally it would be better the earlier she started.

“See what she wants,” Wenqing rubbed her younger sister’s head. Such a young child ought to study well at school. But if she wanted to act, Wenqing would also not stand in her way.

After casually chatting for a while, Chu Qin found out that Wenqing had already made all the preparations for the break up and hence felt somewhat more at ease. He watched the pair of sisters walk in front of the camera once again.

<Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu> was the story of an empress during the Great Zhuo Dynasty. The story depicted her life when she was young till her older years. The story was told from the lens of struggles within the palace, depicting the ups and downs of this beautiful and outstanding female statesman.

The female protagonist’s name was Shen Yu and she was a literary official. Since young, she had known the son of a General’s family next door, called Xu Changqing. The two people had grown to eleven years old as childhood friends. Xu Changqing wanted to follow his father to war and during his teenage years, said that he would propose marriage after returning.

A female official in the Zhuo Dynasty needed to first pass the general selections. After that, only after her name plaque had been discarded[3] could she marry of her own volition. If she were chosen by nobility, she would need to remain in the palace.

“Xiao Yu, wait for me to come back. When I’m back, I’ll let Mother find a matchmaker to go to your house,” The actor playing little Xu Changqing leapt over the wall and grabbed onto little Shen Yu’s hand.

“Master said that men and women should not touch hands,” Little Shen Yu shook off his hand and sat at the side while pouting.

Chu Qin observed Wenyu’s acting and smiled slightly. This child was indeed a good seedling. After this drama started screening, he should let Wenqing bring her sister when she came to Confusion.

“Qin-ge, you’re here too!” A slightly familiar voice echoed behind him. Chu Qin frowned a little and turned around, seeing a man dressed in eunuch’s attire coming towards him with a face full of smiles.

This eunuch’s clothing wasn’t anything elaborate. From a glance, it was obvious that it was given to those playing small roles. Furthermore, it was only the outerwear – the angle at which the gown diverged revealed the jeans below. Several actors playing small roles saw this person walking over and discretely looked over repeatedly.

“Wei Yan?” Chu Qin’s memory for people had always been rather accurate. Especially if it was Wei Yan, this sort of deeply impressionable guy. He remembered the time when Wu Wan pleaded with Zhong Yibin to squeeze this cousin of his into the crew, but he also remembered that after that, Wu Wan had quarrelled with Zhong Yibin till things were no longer as pleasant. This matter had then been left unsettled, how then did this guy appear here.

“Qin-ge, your memory is really good,” The smile on Wei Yan’s face grew even wider and he wiggled his brows at a nearby girl who played a small role. Wu Wan may have found another opportunity for him but this drama of Shengshi’s reportedly had a large investment. It would definitely be popular. He didn’t want to give it up, so he thickened his skin and came over.

The good thing was that Zhong Yibin had indeed arranged for such a thing before, so the workers still had some impression of him. Anyway, it was just a small role and it wasn’t any major issue, so they accepted him. It was only after he set foot into the industry did Wei Yan deeply feel how high Chu Qin’s status was, and how many connections he had. Thinking back to the time when he faced him with such an attitude, he truly regretted it.

Chu Qin wasn’t too fond of Wei Yan, so he made a faint sound of agreement and turned around to chat with male lead one.

Seeing Wei Yan return with a face full of delight, a few actors who played small roles were somewhat envious. This person actually knew Chu Qin – his chances in the future would be plentiful then, unlike them, who even after mixing around in the circle for so many years, continued to remain small fry.

‘Wei Yan, when you blow up next time, don’t forget us brothers,” The few people who were more familiar with him came up to tease him. The gazes of the department flowers that Wei Yan had brought along also changed.

Wei Yan couldn’t help feeling somewhat elated. He waved a hand and expressed that ‘in the future, the benefits for his brothers would be plentiful’.

“Wei Yan, could you bring me to say a few words to Qin-ge?” The department flower moved to Wei Yan’s side and asked him in a low voice.

“Eh…” The smile on Wei Yan’s face turned stiff. He was not at all familiar with Chu Qin and they even had some past history. Their interaction today was nothing more than the fox exploiting the tiger’s might[4]. If he really did bring the department flower over to recommend her and Chu Qin didn’t show him any face, he would then be embarrassed. “Chu Qin’s schedule is very tight. If we speak to him now, he wouldn’t be happy either. The next time around when he’s around, remember to follow me closely.”

The department flower stared at him and looked at Chu Qin, who was leisurely chatting on the other end with male lead one. Her lips curled. Acting like this, even pretending like he was close to the other party when the truth was that they were only on hi-bye terms.

The few small fry actors didn’t notice their conversation. Over the course of the next few days, they treated Wei Yan very politely. Within the crew, whether one’s status was high or low, and whether they had a backer or not, was all of extreme importance. Wei Yan having a backer like Chu Qin meant that his future would be limitless.

However, as time went on, Wei Yan’s treatment in the crew didn’t increase even a tiny bit. He still played random roles like guards, eunuchs, bystanders and corpses. Several actors playing small roles noticed that Wei Yan wasn’t being given any preferential treatment and their perception of him gradually changed.

“Looks like that youngster doesn’t have much connection to Chu Qin,” A small fry uncle drew out a cigarette and looked fiercely at Wei Yan on the other side, who enjoyed chatting very much.

“Acting like he’s some big shot, so what if he can say a few words to famous people. I can also chat with Wenqing for half a day,” Another small fry spat out. They had actually been tricked by a youngster acting as a pretentious price, how infuriating.

“Wei Yan was beaten up?” Chu Qin was drinking tea in Zhong Yibin’s office and was somewhat astonished when hearing this piece of news.

“That smelly mouth, there are too many people who see him as an eyesore,” Zhong Yibin hmph-ed coldly. This person really had thick skin. His family’s cousin didn’t dare to seek him out anymore, but he still swaggered over.

Chu Qin shook his head, dismissing with a laugh the news of Wei Yan. “What instructions does Boss Zhong have for me?”

“I heard that Chen Jiming snatched your position at the National Day party,” Zhong Yibin tapped a finger against the plan for the party that was resting on his desk.

“No, I threw it to him,” Chu Qin’s eyes narrowed. He could understand the station’s leader wanting to nurture a new host, but it was somewhat laughable to so eagerly want to replace him. He might as well let them flop around – when they suffered a setback, they would then know how to plead with him.

He gazed at the man with narrowed eyes in front of him – the waves of gleaming reflection in his beautiful eyes illuminated the tinge of craftiness in them, like a little fox that had secretly done bad things. Zhong Yibin stared till his heart felt itchy. He grabbed the hand Chu Qin had resting on the table and played with it. “As compensation, Director daren[5] will invite you on a trip to Korea, okay?”

The author has something to say:

Small theatre: <Hegemonic director fell in love with my Zhuo Dynasty>

Niohuru[6] · Qin Qin: I’ve seen second elder brother

Aisin Gioro[7] · Bing: Very good, you have already succeeded in attracting ben[8] Bing’s attention

Niohuru · Qin Qin: Even if you borrow imperial power to obtain my body, you will never obtain my heart

Aisin Gioro · Bing: It’s fine, I only want the body(?﹃?)

Niohuru · Qin Qin: →_→

[1] 花盆底鞋子: Literal translation is ‘flower bowl’ shoes but the term Manchu appears to be the proper term for it. Manchu shoes are a type of wooden platform shoes that were adapted by the Manchus in order to emulate the particular gait that bound feet necessitated (the Manchus did not bind their feet). They look like this:

Image result for manchu shoes

[2] Same concept as the ‘ge’ that is usually put behind people’s names. ‘Ge’ means older brother and can be used as a form of address for both blood-related and non-blood-related people. There pretty much isn’t any difference between ‘ge’ and ‘ge-ge’; they mean the same thing.

[3] 撂牌子: A phrase associated with the Qing dynasty’s selection process for admitting women into the palace. If a woman was chosen, she would be considered as having ‘left her plaque’. If she was not chosen, she would be considered as having her ‘plaque discarded’. Those who were initially chosen would still have to undergo a second round of selections, of which some will also have their ‘plaques discarded’.

[4] Using powerful connections to intimidate others.

[5] 大人: A title of respect towards superiors, commonly used in the ancient times.

[6] The Niohuru was a prominent Manchu clan during the Qing dynasty. The clan was well known then for producing a variety of consorts of all ranks for emperors, several of whom went on to become mothers to reigning emperors (taken from Wikipedia).

[7] Aisin Gioro was the imperial clan of Manchu emperors of the Qing Dynasty. The word Aisin means gold in the Manchu language and Gioro is the name of their ancestral home in present-day Yilan, Heilongjiang Province.

[8] The ‘ben’ here is meant to be a play on benzuo, so instead of zuo it’s Bing.

Translator’s corner: We’re halfway through!! Thank you for all the support so far 😀

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