I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Pie

Chu Qin rolled his eyes and ignored him. He withdrew his hands and sat in the front passenger seat, buckling his seat belt with an air of minding his own business.

Zhong Yibin’s words bore no fruit so with pursed lips, he turned around and sat in the driver’s seat. He closed the car door and turned to gaze at Chu Qin. “I’m serious.”

“Don’t be silly,” Chu Qin reached out a hand and pinched the cheeks of the person facing him. They were different from Yu Song the other two people; those two were outsiders to the entertainment circle and their careers wouldn’t be affected even if they went public. They were different – they were part of the entertainment industry through and through. Moreover, Zhong Yibin was his boss…

“Look at Yu Tang those guys. Revealing it bit by bit to let the public slowly accept it – isn’t that pretty good as well,” Zhong Yibin’s envy was at its peak. He had just sent a message to Yu Tang and that guy couldn’t be any prouder.

“We’re different from them,” Observing that Zhong Yibin truly wanted to go public, Chu Qin was somewhat unhappy. They already had a tacit understanding regarding this matter since many years ago. Since the country’s environment was currently as such, for the sake of their careers, there was no way they could go public. It was fine for others to make conjectures, suspect or even spread sex scandals as long as they didn’t admit to it. Everything would be alright then. Although post-amnesia Zhong Yibin had let go of many things and thus made him slightly happier, it would be wrong to not consider the reality of things at all.

Understanding the meaning of Chu Qin’s words, Zhong Yibin’s lips puckered up. He was not as strong as Yu Tang and couldn’t yet guarantee that the person in his heart wouldn’t suffer at all. Thinking to this point, Zhong Chick was somewhat listless and slowly started the car.

They didn’t speak while on the road and the atmosphere within the car was a little awkward. Chu Qin turned to look at Zhong Yibin’s face. His slightly pursed lips and listless, drooping head appeared somewhat pitiful. Chu Qin couldn’t help consoling him. “I too want others to know about our relationship. But now isn’t the right time, let’s wait for a few more years…”

It wouldn’t be too late to go public either when he attained a position so secure that coming out of the closet wouldn’t shake his status and tumultuous times didn’t equate to having no food on the table. Furthermore, they still needed to slowly explain it to both their parents.

When Zhong Yibin heard these words, his heart felt even more uncomfortable. Ultimately, it was him who was powerless. If he had worked hard during his first few years and became a big shot in the entertainment industry or was accustomed to power plays, Chu Qin would also not have so many misgivings.

Thus, the atmosphere continued to be poor.

After Chu Qin’s words of consolation, this person actually did not appreciate his kindness and even became somewhat jittery. The two people had arranged to have a meal today at a restaurant located at a bamboo forest in the outskirts. The place was more remote and when they were halfway there, a slight drizzle ensued. When they arrived at the bamboo forest, there weren’t many people due to the weather and the place was sparse. Right after the car rolled to a stop, Chu Qin couldn’t help starting to criticize Zhong Yibin.

“We already discussed this matter early on; haven’t you been doing very well these past few years? Yes, you don’t have your memories now, but you should be able to understand the situation! We’re no longer students and each of us have our respective careers. You might feel good from a moment of willfulness but what about me? I worked hard for eight years to build my career and it’ll all crumble in an instant. If there isn’t any food, are you going to raise me?” The more Chu Qin spoke, the angrier he got. The grievances accumulated from the past few years blew up in a matter of minutes.

Truthfully, he too was envious and jealous upon seeing Yu Tang going public. But one needed to see reality clearly; everyone’s situation was different and those who blindly followed the crowd were the foolish ones.

“Raise,” Zhong Yibin said in a small voice.

“Who wants your raising!” Chu Qin glared at him and pushed open the car door to get off. The autumn rain was slightly chilly – when it made contact with his face, he couldn’t help curling up while shivering for a moment.

Zhong Yibin followed him and got off the car, circling around to face him. His tone of voice was somewhat harsh. “If you don’t want me to raise you, then who do you want to raise you?”

“Zhong Yibin, what do you mean by that?” Chu Qin’s rage soared. “You’re making trouble without reason today, do you know that? You’re a grown man already but you’re still jealous of others. Why aren’t you jealous of other families’ women who can give birth to children? You give birth to one for me too then!”

Zhong Yibin’s lips pursed up. The droplets of rain landed on his head and wet his hair, making him seem a little pitiful.

Chu Qin looked at him and calmed down. In his heart, he felt somewhat apologetic. “I scolded you, why didn’t you get angry?”

Zhong Yibin raised his eyes. Within his pair of eyes was very clearly suppressed anger, and the hand dangling beside his body slowly clenched tightly.

Chu Qin fixed his gaze on him. This guy, he even wanted to use his fists? Just as he was thinking along these lines, Zhong Yibin suddenly raised his hand and a ‘peng’ sound was produced. Chu Qin shut his eyes on reflex.

“Rising Dragon of Lushan!” Zhong Yibin bellowed. The black umbrella with a straight handle in his hands simultaneously opened over Chu Qin’s head.

Chu Qin, “…”

The two people stood under the rain and gazed at each other silently. The black umbrella isolated them from the drizzle above their heads, carving out a small space of warmth. After three minutes had gone by, Chu Qin laughed with a ‘pff’ sound, leaping towards Zhong Yibin and burying his head into Zhong Yibin’s embrace. How was this guy so cute!

One of Zhong Yibin’s hands held the umbrella, while the other curled around Chu Qin. “Awed by Benzuo’s[1] dominance eh, let’s see if you still dare to be so unbridled the next time!”

Chu Qin laughed even harder, raising a hand to whack his shoulder.

An argument thus passed just like that. Zhong Yibin didn’t ever bring up the matter of going public again and only silently intensified his work efforts. Filming for the turbid palace drama had already started and there were no issues regarding the funding, actors or other areas. The ratings for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> were also rising rapidly.

“Director, good news, there’s good news!” The Head of the industry department raced over and spoke to Zhong Yibin in an immensely excited voice.

“En?” Zhong Yibin was looking through a new plan, so he inquired about it without even raising his head.

“The national station wants to drop <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. They’ll stop broadcasting it after tonight,” The Head smiled so widely that his eyes couldn’t be seen.

“Oh?” Zhong Yibin looked up and looked at the Head’s face of excitement. “What was their reason?”

“Heh, everybody’s aware of the national station’s situation. The wife of some old man must have written a letter denouncing them,” Some traces of sympathy could be heard in the Head’s tone of voice, but his face was brimming with the joy of profiting from others’ misfortune.

The national station didn’t have it easy either. As a television station that represented the nation, they had to listen to the voices of all citizens – anything they broadcasted would receive all of society’s inspection. The wife of some old man would often be unaccustomed to the broadcasted programs and would then write letters and make calls to the station to express their displeasure. Against reason, the station would still attach importance to such incidents.

In the past, just because the protagonist mouse in a cartoon was reported for wearing a hat which had the symbol of Japan’s military flag, that cartoon was instantly taken down from the national station. <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had just reached the point when Emperor Jingyuan expressed his true feelings to his male empress. Some of the more traditional-minded people couldn’t continue watching any further and claimed that it was immoral. The report flew to the station like snowflakes and the national station’s leader couldn’t handle the pressure, thus letting the program be taken down with a wave of his hand.

The national station broadcasted <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> first, while Shengshi re-broadcasted it. There was a difference of one episode between them. Now that the national station had let it go, Shengshi became the primary broadcaster. The ratings would also then steadily rise. Moreover, the right to re-broadcast wasn’t only cheaper by half the price than the right to be the primary broadcaster.

“Increase the intensity of promotion – let the public know that we will not stop broadcasting. Now is also the best time to improve,” Zhong Yibin said with a calm expression.

The Head of the industry department agreed repeatedly. He was clear on what to do so he needn’t say any more. Turning, he left the Director’s office. As he walked, he mulled over Zhong Yibin’s words, feeling that the Director had become more than a little impressive compared to the past. In the past, he would at least excitedly smile after having such good news, but now he was so calm, appearing more and more like the eldest master. Also, he no longer elaborated on the specifics – detailed instructions such as ‘tell the station to lengthen the video’ and ‘release the news on the internet’. On the contrary, he could perform even better with the freedom to do as he wished.

After the office door was closed, Zhong Yibin leapt up from his seat and waved a fist in the air. This project could also make a huge pile of money. Having a larger amount than the forecasted one would enable them to do other things. He couldn’t stop himself from giving Chu Qin a call.

Chu Qin was currently visiting someone at the site of <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu>. Since Wenqing’s scenes were currently being filmed and there could be no interruptions, he was chatting with the idle deputy director.

“Qin-ge, your phone is ringing,” Assistant Hou Chuan ran over and passed the handphone to him.

“Who is it?” Chu Qin frowned slightly. He had just reached a key point in his conversation with the director, so he wouldn’t receive the call if it wasn’t anything important.

“It’s the boss,” Hou Chuan thought for a while and replied with a stern face.

Chu Qin received the phone and apologetically hinted to the director. The director expressed that he didn’t mind. Anyway, their conversation was just casual chit-chat. The boss’ phone call was of exceeding importance, how could it not be picked up?

“Baby, a huge pie fell into my mouth!” On the other end, the excited voice of a certain boss could be heard.

Chu Qin glanced at the deputy director who was self-consciously standing a distance away with an appearance of not wanting to eavesdrop on his conversation with the boss and could only reply with the appropriate solemn and proper tone when speaking to the boss. “Is that so, what pie?”

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Must be serious and stern when speaking to the boss over the phone>

Boss Bing: I’m very disappointed in your performance

Employee Qin: Alright, boss

Boss Bing: So, I want to punish you

Employee Qin: Alright, boss

Boss Bing: Tonight 8pm at Half Mountain Hotel

Employee Qin: Alright, boss

Boss Bing: Come up and move yourself

Employee Qin: ……

[1] A way of referring to oneself in an authoritative manner, commonly said by Emperors.

Translator’s corner: So… it seems like I made another mistake regarding names ☹ This time, it’s the name of the palace drama. It was previously translated as <Biography of Virtuous Imperial Concubines in the Harem> when it should be <Biography of the Harem’s Concubine Shu>. So sorry for the mistake! (All previous chapters have been updated) Looks like I need more practice at deciphering names…

Hope you guys enjoyed the double chapters! I’ll be starting internship next week so there probably won’t be any double releases for a while.

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  1. Oh god. Please tell me the Chinese that they used for pie was 馅饼(Xiàn bǐng) because I refused to believe the author didn’t just make another attempt at punning his name.

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  2. Good luck on your internship as long as you don’t forget about your loyal fans and this amazing bl novel.

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  3. *sigh* kind of sad that Chu Qin was so against coming out.. hopefully their career will be stable enough to come out in the future🙂


  4. I’m glad they finally discussed whether or not to make their relationship public. Chu Qin’s career is really important to him and maintaining his image is essential to his future as an entertainer. If I were him I wouldn’t want to come out of the closet without a very, very detailed plan on how to handle public relations and minimize the risk to my career.

    Meanwhile Zhong Yibin has been engaging in a lot of PDA (acting jealous around fans, kissing him on stage, etc.) without really checking with Chu Qin first to see if that’s ok. I get that it’s meant to be romantic but it also increases the odds of Chu Qin getting outed before he’s ready.


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