I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Sick

After playing at the amusement park for a whole day, Chu Qin almost couldn’t move on the way home. In contrast, the expression on Zhong Yibin’s face displayed his yearning to continue playing.

When the car was parked at the carpark, Zhong Yibin alighted and realized that Chu Qin had already fallen asleep. He reached out and undid his seat belt for him before carrying the person out, using a leg to push the car door close.

“Oh…” Chu Qin was in a daze. Feeling the familiar embrace, he hugged Zhong Yibin’s neck without even opening his eyes and found a comfortable spot to sleep.

Zhong Yibin lowered his head and pecked him on the face, carrying him to the lift.

Their clothes were wet from riding Advance Bravely into the Currents. The good thing was that the weather in early Autumn was still warm, and the worrier Chu Qin had specially placed a towel in his car when they left the house. Thus, the two people had not froze in the cold. However, it was still necessary to take a hot shower to ward off the cold air.

Zhong Yibin placed the person onto the bed and took off his own shirt. Next, he went to the bathroom to turn on the water. The tub full of hot water cleansed the bathroom till mist spread all over the place.

Chu Qin, who was asleep on the bed, suddenly felt suffocated and was shocked awake. He curled his body up in discomfort.

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Yibin came out and rushed over hurriedly upon seeing his pale face.

“It’s nothing, I suddenly couldn’t breathe while sleeping,” Chu Qin shook his head and got up, dragging Zhong Yibin off to bathe.

The tub was large enough for two grown men to sit inside. Chu Qin openly took off his clothes and entered the tub, sitting down slowly.

Just like that, his fair body was entirely revealed to Zhong Yibin. Zhong Yibin was so enraptured by the sight that his eyes became a little dazed. To him, a deadly allure resided in this beautiful figure. While they rode Advance Bravely into the Currents today, the water splashes wet Chu Qin’s top, revealing a better figure than that other year. This triggered a shameful reaction right on the spot.

“Come over and bathe,” Chu Qin raised his head to look at Zhong Yibin. Seeing Zhong Yibin staring at him while in a daze, he stared blankly for a while before realizing what was occurring. Immediately, his face reddened. How did he forget that this guy had amnesia and was easily excitable like a person who was in their honeymoon period.

Zhong Yibin made a sound of assent and took off his pants quickly, stepping into the tub.

Chu Qin was a little embarrassed and turned his back to him. He reached out to take the soap but was pulled over by a pair of large hands and firmly locked in a sturdy embrace.

“Stop fooling around,” Chu Qin struggled, somewhat uneasy.

“I’ll wash your hair for you,” Zhong Yibin happily grabbed the shampoo and the shower nozzle hanging on the wall, proceeding to meticulously wash Chu Qin’s hair.

Chu Qin wanted to refuse but was trapped in his embrace. Unable to move, he could only go along with Zhong Yibin. Chu Qin very rarely allowed him to do such things. It was already not bad that a young master born with a silver spoon was not asking others to serve him. All along, Chu Qin could never bear to let him do chores. However, ever since he lost his memories, Zhong Yibin had indeed been getting better and better at completing the chores.

“You don’t have to do these things…” Chu Qin leaned against Zhong Yibin’s body. He looked down at his fingers, which were creating ripples in the water.

“I want to wash it for you,” Zhong Yibin laughed mischievously. His hands kneaded Chu Qin’s head, forming lots of soap bubbles that were the spitting image of a large hat. The bubbles slid down from Chu Qin’s forehead, dripping onto his face.

Chu Qin wiped the bubbles off with his hand and smeared them on Zhong Yibin’s arm.

“What are you doing?” Zhong Yibin grabbed that naughty hand, “You dare smear bubbles on your husband?”

Chu Qin beamed and revealed all his teeth without the slightest bit of regret.

Zhong Yibin tsk-ed and suddenly reached out, brushing Chu Qin’s nose and smearing the bubbles onto his nose bridge. Chu Qin eyed those bubbles, turning cross-eyed. The comfortable time meant for washing his lover’s hair very quickly transformed into a bubble war.

Warmly wrapped in the blankets after taking a shower, Chu Qin yawned and fell asleep very quickly. Zhong Yibin cradled him while scrolling through Weibo. The post that he had made today had already been forwarded more than a hundred thousand times. The public fervently expressed that the matter seemed unexpected on the surface but made sense upon further thought. But, a certain someone’s hundred thousand yuan was not wasted, and those water armies were still relentlessly blackening Chu Qin.

[Yo[1], appearing so quickly to rid his lover of the blame, Chu Qin’s truly deserving of being the pampered concubine of Shengshi’s boss.]

[Revealing what one intended to hide. If one does not have a guilty conscience, why the need to explain?]

However, these statements were very swiftly buried by the genuine fans and Zhong Yibin’s hired water army. The public relations department invited a video-making company to edit Chu Qin’s classic scenes the past few years into a short video and posted it under a fan account.

“The champion is – Chu Qin!”

“Hello everyone, welcome to Friendly Confusion. I am Chu Qin. Today marks the first week of broadcast, I’m so nervous that I just finished two bento boxes’ worth of food…”

“When I did literature language problems in primary school, the host would accidentally slip and fall on stage to express that he toppled over in admiration for everyone’s enthusiasm. But this is completely false – ever since I got on stage, you guys haven’t made any noise other than laughing up your sleeves…”


Chu Qin’s words on stage always sounded sincere yet funny, giving people the feeling of authenticity. Zhong Yibin gazed at the silhouette in the video and replayed every scene in his mind. Countless scenes flashed past his eyes, causing a momentary dizziness.

Zhong Yibin put the tablet aside and leaned against the head of the bed with his eyes closed.

“Ah—” Chu Qin, who had been sleeping soundly in his arms, suddenly trembled violently and cried out in a muted manner, simultaneously opening his eyes.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Zhong Yibin instantly opened his eyes and hugged the person to his chest, patting him on the back.

“I dreamed that I was on a rollercoaster and suddenly couldn’t breathe,” Chu Qin inhaled, raising his head to smile at him.

Zhong Yibin heaved a sigh of relief and patted him, allowing him to sleep while slumped over him. It was indeed a lot better sleeping while slumped. Chu Qin felt relatively more comfortable and rubbed his face against Zhong Yibin’s chest, shutting his eyes.

But this situation didn’t continue for more than half an hour. Once again, Chu Qin was shocked awake and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“What’s going on?” Zhong Yibin couldn’t be more worried. He hugged the person and touched his forehead to Chu Qin’s.

“Residual effects of the rollercoaster, it’s nothing,” Chu Qin’s voice was a little weak. He had long had this ailment. Once he rode a rollercoaster too many times, he would be shocked awake at night. He had ridden the rollercoaster a particularly large number of times today and had essentially not taken a break.

Zhong Yibin puckered his brows up roughly, “Why didn’t you say so!” If he had said that he had this issue early on, he wouldn’t have dragged him to ride so many times today.

“It’s nothing urgent,” Chu Qin patted his head. This was also not some huge problem; it was the body’s reaction after having been stimulated. Zhong Yibin usually drove a sports car and was perhaps no longer sensitive to the impact of such speed.

Although he said it wasn’t urgent, Chu Qin still ran a fever in the middle of the night.

Zhong Yibin felt immense regret. After carefully wiping his body down, he ran downstairs to the medicine store to purchase medicine. The boss of the medicine store was seated drowsily behind the counter; his medicine store was open twenty-four hours. There were people who worked night shifts but today, it happened to be the bald boss himself.

“Boss, boss!” Zhong Yibin anxiously rapped the counter.

The bald uncle opened his eyes and glanced at Zhong Yibin in a daze. He took out a pack of condoms from the cabinet and yawned, “Thirty.”

“I don’t want this!” The corner of Zhong Yibin’s mouth twitched, “I want to buy fever medicine.”

“Fever medicine?” The bald uncle’s eyes suddenly widened, and he looked at Zhong Yibin in an odd way. He slowly got up and went to get the medicine, muttering in a low voice, “How did they do it till there’s a fever…”

Zhong Yibin didn’t care about his mutterings  and left after receiving the fever medicine. After returning home, he fed Chu Qin the medicine, gave him a big glass of hot water to drink and hugged him while wrapped in blankets to sweat it out.

“If you’re hot, take another blanket,” Chu Qin pushed Zhong Yibin, who had started sweating even before him.

“Don’t move,” Zhong Yibin was somewhat angry. He tucked Chu Qin into a corner of the blankets and bound him tightly without letting him move. He himself couldn’t voice what exactly he was angry about – he was angry that Chu Qin didn’t tell him when he was uncomfortable, he was angry at himself for being so playful that Chu Qin fell sick…

The next day, Chu Qin wasn’t burning up any longer and struggled to go to work. Today was the day of the Lollipop recording. Mu Chen and Qiao Su had been invited, so he needed to reach earlier and go through the script again with the producer.

“Don’t go today, rest at home,” Zhong Yibin bundled Chu Qin, who had finished his breakfast, back onto the bed. Peeling off Chu Qin’s clothes, he shoved Chu Qin back under the covers once again.

“No!” Chu Qin pushed him aside. Today’s program was of high importance. It was hard to find a timeslot in Mu Chen’s schedule; he couldn’t not turn up just because of a small illness.

“Mu Chen had a sudden activity to attend to, he won’t be coming,” Zhong Yibin frowned and pressed him back onto the pillow.

“Ah?’ Chu Qin looked at Zhong Yibin doubtfully. “Is that true?” Mu Chen had always been punctual, he rarely delayed things at the last minute.

“En, you rest well, I will handle the rest. I’ll be back in the afternoon to have lunch with you,” Zhong Yibin kissed Chu Qin’s forehead. He turned around and left before giving Mu Chen a call, “Chu Qin fell sick and insists on recording the program. Tell him you have something on and need to change the timing.”

“…” On the other end, Mu Chen was stunned, “What happened, is it serious?”

“He caught a fever yesterday night and was still shivering in the morning,” Zhong Yibin said icily, “I will pay you the corresponding amount according to the agreement for wasting your time.”

Now that the conversation had reached this point, it would be unreasonable and arrogant to insist on going ahead with the program recording. Moreover, Mu Chen was still a friend of Chu Qin. “Director Zhong is too polite. There’s no need to pay any money, the timings were originally also meant to accommodate me. Let’s set it on the next day then.”

Chu Qin lay on the bed. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was something wrong. Zhong Yibin didn’t even receive any call in the morning, from where did he receive the news that Mu Chen’s activity was cancelled? He raised his hand in preparation to give the television station a call when his handphone rang. Coincidentally, it was Mu Chen who was calling him.

“Little Qin Qin, I’m so sorry. I have an urgent event to participate in today, is it alright if we change the program to the following day?” The film emperor’s tone of voice was sincerely apologetic.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <The medicine store’s boss is always very understanding>

Er Bing: Boss, I want the bottled one

Boss: Here, newly-arrived lubricant

Er Bing: Boss, I want the one in the box

Boss: Here, newly-arrived condoms

Er Bing: Boss, I want the one for watching small theaters

Boss: Here, newly-arrived cleaning powder

[1] Note that this is said in a tone of disdain, not the standard yo that we use to greet others.

Translator’s corner: I had my last final today, so release rate will be back to normal next week! Thank you for being patient ❤

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