I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 57

Chapter 57: High position

Yu Tang heard these words and was also disgusted by Zhong Yibin. He shot a glance at Zhong Yibin in disdain. These two people were almost thirty and were still so cringeworthy. He picked up a piece of fish meat for Song Xiao, “Let’s ride the merry-go-round after eating.”

Song Xiao choked. The merry-go-round was the first thing they rode when they went to an amusement park for the first time in high school. This guy…

Zhong Yibin didn’t know about the things they were cooking up and could care less for the gaze Yu Tang had when glancing at them. He picked up a piece of fish that had been grilled to a golden color for Chu Qin, “I remember that you like it on the crunchier side.”

When dipped into soy paste and spicy oil, the golden fish meat’s shining luster was alluring. Chu Qin accepted it with his mouth. The fragrant mala spices exploded on the tip of his tongue; it was extremely tasty.  He was originally already hungry so after eating this mouthful, he instantly grew ravenous and picked up a large piece of meat to pair with rice, eating in large mouths. After eating a few mouths, he suddenly froze, what did this guy remember again? He raised his head to look at Zhong Yibin and questioned him with his gaze.

“A little,” Zhong Yibin winked at him and urged him to eat. “Later let’s go ride the drifting wooden boat to aid in digestion. After that, we’ll go play Miracle another two times.” As he ate, he didn’t forget to plan out how to use the rest of the afternoon to play.

Miracle was a large rollercoaster. However, this rollercoaster was different from the rest. Riders weren’t seated but were secured by a safety bar and were suspended while leaning forward in the air. When the rollercoaster sped up, one would have the illusion of flight.

Chu Qin basked in the sun on the wooden boat as it slowly drifted along and almost fell asleep. When he was dragged by Zhong Yibin to the queue for the rollercoaster, he was still a little dazed. He buried his face into Zhong Yibin’s shoulders and continued to doze off.

Zhong Yibin was currently in high spirits as he queued. Feeling the weight on his back, he quickly turned around to look at Chu Qin. Seeing that he was merely sleepy, he reached out and drew him into his embrace to let him sleep more securely.

The queue was a single line and was also long, so the people in the distance wouldn’t notice what others were doing. Hence, very few people realized the two youngsters’ ambiguous actions. However, the few ladies behind them were stimulated to excitement.

“Oh my God, oh my God…” A few ladies exclaimed in a low voice as they whipped out their handphones to secretly snap shots.

Zhong Yibin didn’t care about them but wouldn’t let them capture Chu Qin’s face. Raising his hand, he covered Chu Qin’s face and buried his face into his own chest. Then, he took his handphone and scrolled through it expressionlessly.

The huge war on the internet continued. The enemy water army attempted to find material to return fire, but Chu Qin had always been someone who kept his hands clean. He didn’t have any unhealthy habits and was on good terms with the media. Even if they cracked their heads, they wouldn’t be able to think of any black spots other than his ambiguous relationship with Zhong Yibin. Therefore, they started to slander Zhong Yibin.

Zhong Yibin did his studies early and returned home when he was twenty after completing his undergraduate studies overseas. He then took over Shengshi Entertainment and Shengshi TV. At that time, Shengshi Entertainment’s business was not bad but Shengshi TV was a little lackluster. During the proliferation of paid television, the private television stations that had been established would not be able to broadcast to every province and struggled whilst at death’s door among the various large satellite television stations.

It was only after Zhong Yibin signed Chu Qin that Shengshi TV came under the gaze of the masses and were ruthlessly examined. At that time, the influential Chu Qin joined an unknown private television station. Everyone was very curious about what exactly the place was like and those who didn’t have the channel all fervently went online to search.

 Zhong Yibin himself was also someone of talent. The more they dug, the more anxious they became. This guy was the world champion for the Youth Business Simulation Competition during his time in America, was the second runner-up for an amateur golf tournament held in America and was even an equestrian master. If they dug deeper, he ranked second for the mathematics Olympiad in high school and was the champion in a national youth equestrian tournament… Even if they went deeper, his history during primary and middle school were no longer reliable. However, all these were sufficient to prove that he was not part of the second-generation group.

Although he had also been photographed entering a high-class entertainment club with a young girl, it was very quickly confirmed that she was also from a rich and powerful family. Even if he really was involved with other girls, it wouldn’t prove anything. After all, among the current rich second-generation community, this was not counted as a stain at all.

Zhong Yibin looked at the news on the internet and sneered. This was most assuredly the work of the Shengshi public relations department. Otherwise, who would only state his positive attributes and not touch on any of his faults. It was also the media who didn’t dare to offend him. After all, he was the boss of an entertainment company and not an artist; it was beyond them to spout nonsense.

Seeing that it was almost time, Zhong Yibin encircled Chu Qin with his arms. Propping up his phone with both hands, he made a post on Weibo.

Zhong Yibin V: That year, father wanted me to prove that I had the ability to take over Shengshi TV. If not for Chu Qin willingly coming over to help me, father would not hand over Shengshi TV and even Shengshi Entertainment to me. The truth is, I relied on Chu Qin to reach my position…

The accompanying picture was the one they had taken that year at Shengshi TV’s lobby. That year, Chu Qin was only nineteen and was young and tender. He was wearing a school uniform and his smile revealed two dimples. The twenty-one-year-old Zhong Yibin had a newly-signed contract in his hands and was smiling so broadly his face shone.

The picture was dug out by the public relations department the day before. Zhong Yibin stood before the screen and slowly caressed that youthful face. The him who had just taken over and was full of zest that year must have been excited yet nervous. A sense of youthful aspiration and liveliness could be felt even through the photo.

When this Weibo post was sent out, the netizens immediately went wild.

[My God, Director Zhong said he relied on Chu Qin to reach his position!]

[If my boss did this much for me, I would kneel every day and wipe his leather shoes ah ah ah!]

[Why do I feel so much love, doge face]

He hadn’t expected people’s reactions to be so amusing. Zhong Yibin hugged Chu Qin like a large bear covering a small bear and shifted forward, scrolling through Weibo at the same time. He hadn’t scrolled enough when it reached their turn.

Zhong Yibin instantly put down his phone and patted the person in his embrace. “It’s our turn.” Chu Qin hadn’t actually been asleep and was only depending on him to slack off. Hearing his words, Chu Qin straightened his body and raised his head. Suddenly recalling the few girls behind, Zhong Yibin swiftly turned him around to prevent the people behind from seeing Chu Qin’s face.

“Aiya, didn’t see his face. But he’s definitely a hottie,” The girls behind stomped their feet in regret. They passed their handphones and bags to the worker before getting onto the mounting platform.

“Stand in the green □□ region according to your sequence and come up one by one,” The worker directed everyone to stand properly.

“Feels like we’re pieces of grilled duck,” Chu Qin laughed. The sweet sound caused two of the girls to forget their nervousness and they hurriedly turn back to look at him. This glance was not important; their eyes instantly widened. Wasn’t that Chu Qin?

“Qin-ge, ah ah ah ah!” The moment these words left their mouths, the machine started moving and everyone was sent out in a flash, drowning the girls’ voices in a cacophony of screams.

The rollercoaster Miracle was very interesting. One would be suspended as it raced forward, creating an illusion of flight. As they raced ahead at breakneck speed, there was often this feeling of being a superhero flying through the sky.

Zhong Yibin excitedly raised an arm and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Ultraman, fly!”

The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. Feeling the gaze of the two girls beside them, he silently covered his face; too embarrassing. But later on, he no longer had any leeway to think about what was embarrassing or not embarrassing. The rollercoaster ascended to the highest point and immediately sank into a drop. Without the contact of a seat, they really appeared to be flying. Within a flash, their lowered heads were raised. They bounced and rolled around in the sky. Its beauty was indescribably reckless.

The speed of this ride was not particularly fast and the level of fear it gave to riders was low. The emphasis was more on appreciating the joy of flight.

After it ended, Zhong Yibin was extremely excited and dragged Chu Qin off to ride it once again. Chu Qin, who had yet to ride his fill, gladly agreed. At that moment, a girl who was currently arranging her bag walked over quickly. “Are, are you Chu Qin?”

Chu Qin gazed at her and placed a slender finger against his lips, “Hush – keep it a secret!” Saying this, he winked at that girl and ran off quickly while dragging Zhong Yibin. In a flash, they vanished into the group of people.

“Did you see clearly?” Her companion who had went to help her get her bag smiled merrily as she raced over.

“I, I… Ah ah ah ah! Zhong Qin ah, ah ah ah ah!” The girl latched onto her best friend and shook her vigorously. Only after bouncing in place for half the day did the girl finally calm down and speak a few words into her best friend’s ears.

Her best friend stared blankly for a moment before, “Ah ah ah ah…” The two people held hands and started recklessly jumping on the spot.

They hadn’t taken any photos and only the two of them had witnessed it. Nobody would believe them even if they publicized it. But even then, the two girls had an excited feeling of harboring a large secret.

After three rounds of Miracle, Zhong Yibin again dragged Chu Qin off to ride Advance Bravely into the Currents. Along the way, they bumped into Yu Tang’s group of three again.

“What are you guys going to play?” Song Xiao stroked Yu Lin’s small head. The child didn’t seem very excited and was always pouting.

“Going to play Advance Bravely into the Currents,” Chu Qin smiled and replied.

“What fun is there in that,” Yu Tang glanced at the faraway ‘Advance bravely into the Currents’. It was a classic ride every amusement park would have; one would slide down from a high point and plunge into a pool of water. Big Fish’s version was even a grade higher. They used an inflatable boat and it was even without a rail line.

Zhong Yibin wiggled his eyebrows at Yu Tang and muttered a few words in a low voice into his ears.

His memories of the amusement park were fragmented, except for this ride. That year, Chu Qin wore a white shirt and rode this with him. A large wave of water splashed on Chu Qin and wet his clothes, causing the soaked shirt to stick to his skin, enabling him to make out the vague image of those two pink dots.

At that time, upon seeing this sight, the yet-to-be enlightened Director Zhong’s Adam’s apple secretly slid down; he wasn’t sure why he suddenly felt that his mouth and tongue were dry.


Yu Tang heard that this ride’s seating arrangement was such that he could hug the person in front and immediately grew happy after thinking of Song Xiao trembling in fear and burrowing into his embrace to hide. He dragged his younger brother over to queue. “Yu Lin wanted to play this since the beginning.” He made a face of reluctance as if trying it out for the sake of his younger brother.

Yu Lin looked at his family’s elder brother and couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Let’s go play Advance Bravely into the Currents

Yu Tang[1]: Ah, younger brother wants to play, so let’s play reluctantly then

Er Bing: Let’s go play the merry-go-round

Yu Tang: Ah, younger brother wants to play, so let’s play reluctantly then

Er Bing: Let’s go play the turbo drop

Yu Tang: Ah, younger brothers wants to play…

Yu Lin[2]: This item isn’t suitable for children

Yu Tang: Ah, younger brother can’t play, only I can fulfill his wish on behalf of him

Yu Lin: (¬_¬)

[1] 鱼塘: This is a homonym for Yu Tang the person and the meaning is actually fish pond haha

[2] 鱼鳞: Another homonym for Yu Lin the person, this time this means fish scales rofl

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  1. Thanks for the update. I continue to love these couples more and more. The undivided devotion of Zhong Yibin for Chu Qin is so enviable. And I loved Yu Tang and Song Xiao in Stop Bothering Me Emperor, and especially loved the adult reactions of the “young” Yu Lin, so it’s such a treat to have bonus time for them in this book.

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    Why are there so many of these types of people in entertainment genre novels.


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