I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Infant

Dave carefully studied Zhong Yibin’s illness and ran over to the hospital to thoroughly question the doctor-in-charge. He then realized that Zhong Yibin’s amnesia was pathological in nature and had nothing to do with the mind. It was that stick that wiped his memories, there was no possibility of regaining them.

Chu Qin watched Dave silently, “So after wasting so much of the Zhong family’s money, your conclusion is that it’s impossible to cure?”

“No no no,” Dave waved his hands, “Usually, all memories will disappear under such circumstances. But Mr Zhong still remembers you, this is an extremely unusual case. From a medical perspective, this is called…”

Dave blurted out a ton of medical terms in English. Chu Qin couldn’t understand him and looked towards the translator. The translator also had on a pained expression. He had never been a translator who specialized in medical terms. He could still handle translating normal dialog but even someone born and bred in the United States may not necessarily understand such profound and specialized terms, much less a half-baked student like him.

Hence, Dave was the only one immersed in his unceasing torrent of research. Chu Qin silently picked up his chopsticks and started eating. They had treated Dave to a buffet today; even if he didn’t eat, they couldn’t waste it.

From start to finish, Zhong Yibin never had the intention of paying attention to Dave, only eagerly bringing Chu Qin food. He placed the dishes Chu Qin liked in front of him while discretely placing those he didn’t at Dave’s end.

“Alright Dave, I don’t want to hear about how you researched the result. I only want to know what will help him regain his memories and whether it will do him any harm,” Chu Qin picked up the napkin, wiped the corner of his mouth and slowly drank a sip of water. Having reached the limit of his patience, he interrupted Dave.

“Oh, my dear, did you not listen to all that stuff I just said?” Dave looked at Chu Qin as if it was mind-boggling to him. He obviously spent half the day explaining about the way to recover. Since Zhong Yibin remembered Chu Qin, he definitely had backup files in some corner of his memory. As long as they retrieved the backup files, there was hope for him to regain his memories.

“What’s the way to retrieve them?” Chu Qin frowned. He heard that many psychologists liked to use hypnosis as a method of treatment. Chu Qin had always felt that such things were very dangerous. Moreover, Zhong Yibin’s sense of consciousness was very weak at the moment. His memory had been badly damaged, and he lacked a sense of security. If it was done badly, he could fall into insanity.

“No need for hypnosis, there’s no need to worry,” Dave listened to his misgivings and explained in a flurry, “It’s a very safe way of simulating the scenario.”

“Ah?” The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. Wasn’t this the standard method used in television dramas? Usually, whenever someone in a drama had amnesia, the person would be brought to areas he had went to before and others would act out what happened there to stimulate recovery of memories. This was simply too ridiculous, it wasn’t scientific at all alright?

“Art originates from life. Don’t you know that?” Dave waved his fist excitedly, “But the way the dramas portrayed it is inaccurate. There is a prerequisite to regaining memories, which is that the person guiding the patient must be someone he has absolute trust in. The person must then give him a strong mental push. Only this kind of treatment will have an effect.”

And currently, there was no one else other than Chu Qin whom Zhong Yibin trusted the most. Hearing that the guide was himself, Chu Qin secretly heaved a sigh of relief. This way, he need not fear that someone would impart any strange ideas or deliberately mislead him.

Dave passed a stack of information to Chu Qin for him to read at home. Chu Qin couldn’t comprehend the obscure medical information either and only roughly understood that he needed to bring Zhong Yibin to places he had been to before in order to attempt regaining his memories. During this process, he needed to maintain the immense trust Zhong Yibin had in him.

“Forget about it if you can’t understand. There’s no rush to get those memories back,” Zhong Yibin snatched the thick stack of information out of Chu Qin’s hands and forcibly hauled the person who was still awake in the middle of night onto the bed.

“How is it not urgent?” Chu Qin pushed against the chest pressed down on him and sighed, “Regardless of whether those memories are good or bad, they are all part of your life experiences. If you don’t have your memories, wouldn’t you have lost your past twenty or so years?”

“Then you can take me as a newly born infant,” Zhong Yibin said in a carefree manner. In any case, he still remembered the person he loved the most and had gotten to know his family anew. The rest was not important.

“How can there be such a large infant?” Chu Qin stretched out a finger and slowly slid it down the sturdy chest to his firm underbelly, before moving down to his slender legs.

Zhong Yibin grabbed the hand that had slid down to his waist and guided it downwards to stroke him, “Are you saying that this is large?”

The flesh underneath that was separated from his hand by soft cloth released a wave of heat and tried to press closer. A certain throbbing sensation could be felt. Chu Qin’s face quickly reddened, and he raised his hand, shooting him a glare, “Rogue…”

“I’m a tiny infant without any knowledge of rogues,” Zhong Yibin smiled happily as he shifted over and prodded Chu Qin’s chest, “Infant is hungry and wants to drink milk.”

“Pff… stop joking around, hahaha…” Chu Qin was tickled by him and couldn’t resist breaking out into laughter. That tiny bit of heaviness in his heart gradually vanished. Since Zhong Yibin didn’t care about it, then it was fine as long as they did their best to regain his memories. Naturally, it would be the best if he could recover but he wouldn’t force it if he couldn’t.

According to Dave, they had to go to places Zhong Yibin was familiar with in the past to recall his memories. Today after Chu Qin got off work, he planned to bring Zhong Yibin to the places they often went to in the past to have fun. To his surprise, he ran into someone at the entrance to the broadcasting studio.

“Chu Qin, may I have a cup of tea with you?” That person was a middle-aged man around forty-plus years of age. He had thick eyebrows, large eyes, and a tall and straight figure. Although he was getting on in years, it couldn’t cover up his handsome looks. This person was an experienced singer and possessed status among the singers. Other singers would be called celebrities, but he would be termed an artist.

“Teacher Luo,” Chu Qin looked over with a smile that was not a smile[1]. This person’s name was Luo Pei. He also had another identity, which was the husband of the Hua family’s young lady, Luo Yuan’s father.

The author has something to say: Cough cough, it was late when I reached home. Making up for today’s debt, covering face to escape……

[1] 似笑非笑: This phrase appeared once before in this novel and I didn’t put a footnote at that time because I… didn’t have much to say about it haha, it’s literally what it means. That being said, I understand some people may have difficulty imagining what it’s meant to look like and unfortunately, I don’t think one picture can completely capture what it means because it changes based on context. So think of it as a mysterious smile that means more than a simple emotion like happiness or sadness.

Translator’s corner: It’s a bit late to say this but I hope this translation has not harmed any cinnabuns (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

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