I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Dave

Chu Qin looked at the picture on Weibo, so struck by its cuteness that he too wanted to roll about. Turning around, he gazed at Zhong Yibin, who was currently watching television with a serious face. He shifted over and gave him a kiss on the face with a loud ‘bo’ sound.

Zhong Yibin raised his eyes to look at him and pointed at the other side of his face.

Chu Qin laughed out loud with a ‘puchi’ sound and squeezed his mouth into the shape of a chick’s, “So solemn, who did you learn from.”

“From my pot…” Zhong Yibin said ambiguously. On the net, he was said to be a cold, stern director who drove the greater part of the public crazy. But that was obviously his own family’s brother. In order to verify this fascination with the unfeeling director, Zhong Yibin acted as his family’s big brother at the last minute.

“What are you doing acting as your brother for no reason, haha,” Chu Qin laughed uncontrollably, pushing Zhong chick onto the bed.

Zhong Yibin folded his hands behind his head and raised his chin at Chu Qin, “Sit up there and move yourself.”

This guy, he indulged in such play so often that he was addicted to it. Chu Qin raised a leg and got on his body, putting on Qin Qin’s pitiful expression, “Di, director… I don’t know how…”

Zhong Yibin reached out and gave his chest a pinch, “Little vixen, really don’t know what to do with you.”

“Oh…” Chu Qin was pinched at a sensitive spot and his waist softened, falling onto Zhong Yibin’s body.

Zhong Yibin patted his buttocks, “Don’t assume that acting weak will fool me, quickly get to work.”

The weak little vixen could only remove his clothes, as well as the director’s along the way, and press the director down on the bed to… beat his buttocks. “Mr Director, is it comfortable?”


The ratings for this week’s program had blown up as expected. The ratings for re-broadcasts had all exceeded that of the programs under several other stations for the same week. Teacher Liang looked at the ratings form and smiled so broadly that neither his eyes nor teeth could be seen.

This caused the ratings of the TV drama <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> to also reach a new peak. As the first public release of the story involving Emperor Jingyuan and his male empress, it already received attention on its own. It was just that the first two episodes that had just been broadcasted had yet to reach the moment when the two met. The audience had always been apprehensive about whether the drama would delete the portions regarding romance. After watching this week’s Friendly Confusion, they completely set aside their worries and redirected themselves towards keeping a lookout in front of the television with great zest.

Miraculously, the ratings of the episode released by Shengshi TV was not only not inferior to the national station’s, it even showed faint signs of exceeding them. This was despite Shengshi TV releasing the episode a night later than the national station.

Father Zhong looked at the statistics of the recent week and nodded slightly. They had bought the re-broadcast rights to this drama hence it was relatively inexpensive. Yet, it possessed the ability to surpass the first broadcast of the drama. It was extremely cost-effective. In addition, the issue of acquiring land had already come to a close; the Hua family had labored all day yet had not reaped anything. On the contrary, they even paid out a large sum of money. This made Father Zhong extremely happy. He had been at odds with the Hua family’s elder for his entire lifetime. His son beating the Hua family’s son made him even more excited than himself winning.

Father Zhong placed the statistics report down. He couldn’t resist giving Hua Zhongyuan a call and calmly flaunting his son’s accomplishments, rather insincerely comforting the other party. Father Hua was so incensed that his seven apertures[1] were spouting smoke. After ending the call, he called Hua Jiaxing into his office and gave him a fierce scolding.

Father Zhong was very happy that his youngest son had finally matured. But after thinking that this was the result of Chu Qin’s teachings, his heart still felt somewhat suffocated. Turning around, he gave Dave a call. This guy, he came to treat Zhong Yibin but after such a long period of time, he had only met Zhong Yibin twice and was already studying meticulously at a university’s library.

“Oh, Mr Zhong, I was just about to search for you. I’ve found a way to treat your son,” Dave said somewhat emotionally.

In fact, Dave was not a true psychologist, he was a scholar. Zhong Yibin was more like a specimen to research. And the favorite moment of every scientist was when their research managed to bear fruit.

Father Zhong furrowed his eyebrows a little. Why did he speak in a manner of having finally passed the game? However, they hadn’t used any external methods of treatment as of now. The surgeon had also said that unless the backup files in his brain were stimulated… Thus, they could only tentatively rely on Dave this unreliable guy to give it a try.

Chu Qin brought Zhong Yibin along to meet once again with Dave. This guy appeared to not have slept for several days, his hair was all messed up. The translator from that translation institute also followed along behind him, trembling in fear. Seeing Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin, he cowered for a moment.

“Hi, long time no see,” Dave went up to greet them.

“Hi, Crazy Dave, what good tools did you obtain again today?” Chu Qin smiled as he conversed with him in English.

“Oh, I brought some medicine to treat the nut wall,” Dave shook his head in elation. Seeing that they two people didn’t appear to understand, he let the translator beside him translate it another time.

The translator, “…” They can understand English, they just don’t know what you’re saying.

“Oh, my apologies. I was saying that I found the method to cure Mr Zhong,” Dave coughed dryly.

He had always felt that Zhong Yibin’s expressions were very similar to the nut wall in Plants vs Zombies, so he blurted out such words.

Zhong Yibin, “…”

The author has something to say:  Aish, I was sucked dry by Man Man this little vixen. I didn’t want to push up the numbers after seeing her sit on the bed. You guys can survive on this short piece, wait for me to push out another chapter after I go back at night.

Small theater: <Not good to explain>

Dave: I want to see their life as a couple

Translator: Dave wants to see how you interact with each other

Dave: I meant that I wanted to see their bed exercises, so I’ll need the translator to accompany me

Translator: Dave wishes for you two to give him a good beating

Qin Qin: →_→

[1] Seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and 1 mouth

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