I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Program

Chu Qin felt that the two people agreeing so readily was rather unexpected. He passed the script to the two of them to take a good look and stood at the side to sneakily observe their reaction.

This drama’s plot was naturally rotten[1], hence Teacher Liang, who kept up with the times, made this the main focus when coming up with the plan. Usually, even if the program had no rot it still had to sell rot to increase the ratings. According to Teacher Liang, such a natural drama ‘needed to be sold vigorously and fiercely!’.

Qiao Su browsed through the acting scenes and interactive games that had been set up. The focus was completely on him and Mu Chen – even eating finger biscuits together, the princess carry, and faking a kiss[2] were all included. Qiao Su’s face unwittingly heated up in secret.

Mu Chen looked through the script solemnly, seemingly unable to tell if there were any profound principles within it. That is, if he didn’t discretely raise his eyes to look at Qiao Su’s flushed ears…

Chu Qin cradled his arm as he stood at a corner. His mouth pursed up in secret laughter when a furry head came over. “What are you looking at?” Zhong Yibin asked curiously.

“Why are you still here? There’s nothing going on at the company?” Chu Qin ruffled his fluffy head. The program crew no longer turned their heads when looking at them. Ever since Zhong Yibin lost his memories, he flung all his apprehensions to the back of his mind and openly paraded their relationship. The people at the television station also didn’t dare to speak about it rashly and could only silently turn a blind eye.

“Today’s work is inspecting the television station and assessing Host Chu Qin’s work attitude,” Zhong Yibin cooked up nonsense.

Chu Qin raised an eyebrow, “Oh, then do I need to make any preparations for the leader’s inspection?”

“Hmph, don’t think of trying to bribe the director. I’ll be conducting a fair evaluation,” Zhong Yibin diligently and cheerfully seated himself at the audience’s first row.

Chu Qin laughed and shook his head, turning to prepare to go on stage.

“The two of you are very unrestrained now,” Mu Chen placed the script at the side and stood with Chu Qin on the aerial platform, in preparation to enter the venue.

“Really?” Chu Qin smiled.

After a simple warming up of the audience, Chu Qin started introducing the guests, all of whom were cast members of <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. This drama depicted the period of time when Emperor Jingyuan and Emperor Hongyuan held power, the turbulent decades of the Great Yu Dynasty. Emperor Hongyuan was Emperor Jingyuan’s younger brother from the same parents. Since Emperor Jingyuan insisted on having a male empress, he named his own younger brother as heir to the throne and placed him by his side to nurture.

Therefore, other than Mu Chen and Qiao Su, the program this time also included the actors for Emperor Hongyuan, youthful Emperor Hongyuan, and Emperor Hongyuan’s childhood friends.

“This drama has been widely anticipated. When I was attending senior high school, I especially loved this book. At that time, I would hide under the covers at night and use the phone torch to secretly read,” Chu Qin introduced <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> at a measured pace, letting members of the audience who didn’t quite understand the book obtain a rough understanding of it, “The Great Yu Dynasty’s style is also particularly interesting. Certain aspects could be described as even more open than the modern age, right?”

“En, that’s right. For example, since the start of Emperor Jingyuan’s reign, commoners could also wed male partners. The management of taxes and politics were also very advanced…” Mu Chen continued Chu Qin’s topic of discussion, speaking frankly with assurance. When he received this drama, he read through the original text twice. The experts invited by Song Xiao also conveyed to them the history of the popularization of science. Now, speaking about it was a simple matter for him.

“Chen Chen –,” The film emperor’s calm and collected appearance set off a kind of unceasing, frantic enthusiasm off stage. Mu Chen gestured while speaking, his every movement infused with the majestic presence of the emperor in the drama. It was extremely enchanting.

Zhong Yibin’s mouth curled, feeling that the surrounding girls were way too noisy. They really had not seen the world; In what ways were Mu Chen that vulgar person cuter than his family’s Qin Qin. Just as he was thinking this, someone patted his shoulder, “Hey, handsome. We meet again!”

The girl behind him had on a face of happiness. She was that fan of Chu Qin he met the previous time during the program recording. Without saying anything further, she shoved an LED board at Zhong Yibin, “Quick, we need to pressure Mu Chen’s fans, otherwise they’ll be the ones in control of the venue.”

Zhong Yibin looked at the LED board in his hands with the words ‘Qin Qin’ printed on it, and then looked towards those incessantly excited fans of Mu Chen. He decisively held the LED board high up in the air.

Chu Qin glanced at Zhong Yibin off-stage who was diligently raising the board and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help twitching. He coughed dryly, “Alright, if we go on with this it’ll become a science education program. Look, the queen isn’t contented either,” His words drew everyone’s attention towards Qiao Su’s direction.

Qiao Su smiled helplessly, “When did I become queen?”

The audience followed along with hoots of laughter. Mu Chen raised his chin and gave a demonic smile, “You are Zhen’s[3] empress, of course they have to call you queen.” These words were said with a cadence unique to the ancients. In fact, this was a classic line in the drama. It was just that saying it in such an atmosphere gave it a rather odd feeling of comedy and excitement.

Qiao Su smiled faintly. When Mu Chen’s gaze flit over, his heart suddenly thumped rapidly. He slowly cast his gaze downwards, concealing the momentary chaos within his eyes.

“Ya[4]–,” The audience off stage simultaneously became impassioned.

“Aiya, that’s it, we haven’t started the next segment!” Lin Xiaoxiao leapt out to stop them, putting on an appearance of ‘cannot bear to see this pair of male dogs[5]’.

After an introduction of the drama’s plot and an interactive game, the heavily anticipated ‘It’s dark, please shut your eyes’ began.

Chu Qin let the large screen show several scenes. There was the Empress’ grand wedding ceremony, the moving scene of the empress sacrificing himself in the name of love after Emperor Jingyuan’s early death, and the gentle countenance of Emperor Hongyuan when meeting his spoiled concubine…

Five scenes were shown in succession, a feast for the eyes. The people in front of the television were teased by these scenes, their hearts so itchy that it was hard to endure.

This week when the program aired, the drama would already have broadcasted two episodes. The audience would be aware of the actors’ respective roles and their excitement would be unflagging for the latter part of the plot.

“Let’s do it like this, we’ll draw lots. Play whatever you drawn, us hosts will fill in for the remaining roles, okay?” Chu Qin held several knotted boards for them to draw. The few of them pushed one another around before Mu Chen was pushed out to draw the lots.

The order had long been arranged – first draw the second board, which was the scene of Emperor Hongyuan meeting his spoiled concubine, then the fifth board would be drawn, which was an envisioning of the wedding between Emperor Jingyuan and his male empress. These would push the program to its climax.

The performance between Emperor Hongyuan and the spoiled concubine was very interesting but the scene most anticipated by everyone was still the interactions between Mu Chen and Qiao Su.

“Ai, this won’t do, I can’t act anymore. There isn’t a head eunuch,” Qiao Su had been teased till his face was red and attempted to stop it. This was because the head eunuch would be in the scene busying himself during the wedding.

“Isn’t it just a head eunuch, there is one! Zhu Dachang[6]!” Chu Qin waved over the host Zhu Chang, who had warmed up the audience and was squatting at a corner.

“Zha!” Zhu Chang instantly got into character and diligently ran over, smoothly putting on the Zhou Dynasty’s eunuch cap.

Qiao Su looked at that out-of-place dressing and couldn’t resist laughing, “This is the Great Yu, where did you come from?”

“Replying to Queen, this servant just resigned from the Great Zhou and accepted a job here through the back door,” Zhu Chang said seriously.

Mu Chen coughed lightly and dragged Qiao Su, who was still embroiled in a final struggle, over, “Stop arguing, be docile and enter the bridal room with Zhen.”

The author has something to say: I’m a chick acting as the manuscript deposit box~ wandering around outside means less upgrades, there is none who avoid me 2333[7]

Small theater:

Er Bing: This game is really interesting, I want to play too

Qin Qin: Play what

Er Bing: You act as the empress and I’ll act as the emperor

Qin Qin: Then?

Er Bing: Then you must call me husband!

Qin Qin: …… Oh

[1] 腐情节: Literal translation is ‘rotten plot’. From what I could deduce on google, this means that the plot is fluffy i.e. lots of mushy interactions that would make single dogs envious. Please correct me if this isn’t the correct interpretation! See Ethereal Rainbow Canvas’ comment below for a more in-depth explanation~

[2] 借位亲吻: Making use of the camera angle to make it seem like there was a kiss, when in fact there isn’t. No English term for this, or at least as far as I know. Do tell if there is~

[3] 朕: A way of saying ‘I’ that is associated with the Emperor

[4] Onomatopoeia for surprise or doubt. In this case, it’s surprise.

[5] 狗男男: See Poppy’s comment below for the explanation~

[6] The Zhu Dachang here actually translates to big pig intestines (the same joke was used in the earlier chapters).

[7] Slang for ‘laughing’

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12 thoughts on “I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 47

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    From what I understood, “rotten” qualifies all the BL. For example, rotten women would be fujoshis in Japanese (it’s the literal translation apparently, a play of kanjis & was maybe exported to China). So the scenario for the show here was peppered with rot, aka BL scenes, to up the ratings.

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  2. “En, that’s right. For example, since the start of Emperor Jingyuan’s reign, commoners could also wed male partners.”

    Eh? But what about women? Were there no commoner women? Were they also allowed to marry women? 🤔 Or were they still discriminated against?

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  3. 狗男男 is probably a parody off 狗男女 which is used to describe a couple engaged in an illicit love affair. In this case since the indicated couple is 2 males 男 instead of a male 男 and female 女, it became 狗男男.

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