I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Script

Even after thinking it over again and again, Wu Wan didn’t dare to call Zhong Yibin and question him. Flustered, he contacted Bai Cheng. After Bai Cheng listened to the entire scenario, he fell silent for a long time, “Wu Wan, if Zhou Zimeng got someone to kidnap and even rape Qian Qian, would you forgive Zhou Zimeng?”

“Impossible!” Wu Wan leapt up instantly. To him, nothing was more important than his sister. Anyone who wanted to touch Wu Qianqian was courting death.

“Then do you think that Er Bing will forgive Zhou Zimeng?”  Bai Cheng felt that committing such heartless acts was unimaginable. On top of that, he was embarrassed, feeling that he didn’t have the face to see Zhong Yibin.

Wu Wan was stunned. From Zhong Yibin’s perspective, Chu Qin was similarly a treasure that nobody was allowed to touch. Zhou Zimeng insisted on doing so, yet he still tried to persuade the two of them to reconcile… After thinking to this point, he involuntarily broke out in cold sweat.

“Being magnanimous at others’ expense, you really have some patience. Listen to my advice – quickly shut your mouth and apologize to Er Bing after some time has passed.” Bai Cheng sighed and eventually couldn’t resist advising him, so as to avoid another case of him rubbing Zhong Yibin the wrong way. If that were to happen again, their friendship would really end.

Wu Wan put down the phone and slowly buried his face in his hands,

“Cousin, is it possible!” Wei Yan had already waited half a day in the living room. Seeing Wu Wan not come out even after making a call, he couldn’t stop himself from rushing in to inquire.

“For the moment, you probably won’t be able to go to Shengshi. I’ll find someone else for you,” Wu Wan said listlessly. In the past, due to Zhong Yibin’s connections, he got to know a few directors, movie-makers and such. Arranging for him to play a small role shouldn’t pose a major difficulty.

After Zuo Bo went back, he grew increasingly angry the more he thought about it. Qiao Su was nothing more than a third-string actor, what reason did he have to be so unreasonable. If he didn’t teach him a lesson this time, it would be difficult to swindle someone onto his bed in the future.

“What activities does Qiao Su have?” Zuo Bo asked his assistant with a gloomy expression.

“Recently, he’s only been involved in publicity for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>. He’ll be recording for Friendly Confusion this week…” The assistant investigated Qiao Su’s schedule thoroughly.

Zuo Bo lit a cigarette. A pair of eyes filled with evil intent could faintly be seen a distance away from the smoke.

Qiao Su didn’t tarry after returning from the villa. He went to the office of his company’s director on the spot. It was about to reach 4 o’clock in the afternoon and people would get off work soon. Mocheng Entertainment’s director, Zhou Zhen was packing up his things and preparing to leave early when he saw Qiao Su appear suddenly, in a very unexpected manner.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Zhen noticed that Qiao Su’s complexion didn’t look too good and instantly asked after him. Mocheng Entertainment’s situation wasn’t very good during these years he was Director. It hadn’t succeeded in raising any newbies to fame and only relied on those veteran celebrities to look after them. Lately, Qiao Su had risen in popularity and it looked like it was on an upward trend. As long as this source of easy money remained with them, he would be in a good position during the general shareholders’ meeting at the end of the year.

Qiao Su’s eyes reddened. He stared at Zhou Zhen for a minute before hoarsely saying, “Director Zhou, I can’t stay in this company any longer. Thank you for all your care these past few years.” After saying these words, he turned around and left.

“Ai! Xiao Qiao!” Zhou Zhen hurriedly went over to grab onto him, “If you have something to say, say it nicely. How did it become not staying!”

Qiao Su watched him with red eyes, blinking those pretty eyes. A tear drop simultaneously slid down, “You still remember that I said I would rather not have resources than sell myself when I entered the company right…”

Zhou Zheng’s mind buzzed for a moment and he immediately understood what had happened. Qiao Su’s manager was someone who was short-sighted. Qiao Su rose in popularity lately and Zhou Zhen warned him to ensure that Qiao Su stayed with the company, no matter the means used. This was great, he actually used such despicable methods! This wasn’t keeping someone on, it was clearly chasing them away!

Zhou Zhen’s liver ached from the anger, “This bastard, I’ll call him here…”

“No need,” Qiao Su said in a low voice, “I don’t want to see him ever again. Anyway, the contract is about to expire, I…”

“Xiao Qiao!” Zhou Zhen immediately interrupted Qiao Su’s words of resigning and took a deep breath, “Rest assured, I will definitely settle this issue. There’s no rush to talk about the contract, come over tomorrow and we’ll discuss it then.”

After pacifying Qiao Su with much difficulty and sending him out, Zhou Zhen paced about in his office in a violent rage, “Give Li Liang that idiot a call and get him to come to office now!” Li Liang was Qiao Su’s current manager. He believed that he had accomplished a major feat, even smiling when receiving the call from Zhou Zhen’s secretary. Who would have thought that he would be hit in the face with a stack of data when he entered the Director’s office.

“Are you a pig brain! Doing something like that when Qiao Su is in the crucial period of changing contracts, are you afraid Qiao Su won’t know that our company is preparing to treat him harshly?” Zhou Zhen grabbed Li Liang’s shirt collar, feeling a burning age to smash him to a pulp.

The next day when Qiao Su arrived at the company, the secretary invited him to the Director’s office. Zhou Zhen was seated in the office with another man. That man had on a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and his smile was gentle yet cultured. He was this company’s gold medal manager.

<The Golden Age of the Great Jing> ‘s release was right around the corner and the drama’s publicity grew increasingly intense. Friendly Confusion also anxiously started to record this week.

The dedicated careerman Film Emperor Mu Chen arrived earlier as usual. He greeted Chu Qin, eyes involuntarily looking behind Chu Qin, “Qiao Su hasn’t come over?”

“En, he said it’s because of a traffic jam. But they’re fast, they should be here soon,” Chu Qin raised an eyebrow at him, “Chen-ge, why so set on Xiao Qiao?”

“Nonsense, that’s my wife,” Mu Chen raised his chin.

Chu Qin stared blankly for a moment before regaining his wits. Mu Chen was talking about the characters within the drama. As the actor playing the male empress, wasn’t Qiao Su the wife of Mu Chen, who was acting as the emperor? He smiled and pushed Mu Chen slightly, “You gave me a shock, I even thought you two were together!”

“Cough…” Mu Chen started coughing.

“Who’s together with whom?” Qiao Su’s gentle and pleasant silhouette arrived.

Chu Qin turned around and dragged Qiao Su over. He put his arms over Qiao Su’s shoulder and went close to his ears, yet his words were said at such a loud volume that everyone could hear them, “Chen-ge just told me that you’re his wife!”

Qiao Su’s breath caught in his throat[1] for a moment.

“Ah Chen[2],” The man following behind Qiao Su smiled faintly as he went up to greet him.

“Old Mo?” Mu Chen saw the man with the gold-rimmed glasses and was a little surprised, “Why are you here?” This person was Mocheng Entertainment’s gold medal manager. He heard that he recently wasn’t taking care of any newbies. Even the Heavenly King and Heavenly Empress had been transferred out from his hands as he prepared to switch employers, why would he suddenly appear beside Qiao Su. This person had some reputation within the circle – His name was Mo Zhuo and everyone called him Old Mo.

“I’ll be taking care of Qiao Su in the future,” Mo Zhuo smiled and pointed to Qiao Su beside him.

Mu Chen gazed at Qiao Su and then gazed at Old Mo, his brows furrowing slightly, “To get Xiao Qiao to stay on, Zhou Zhen really put in quite a bit of effort.” He even brought out his trump card, he was truly concentrating his efforts.

Old Mo laughed a little and didn’t say much, dragging Qiao Su to go greet others. The capability of the gold medal manager was indeed not comparable to that of a small manager like Li Liang who couldn’t raise his head. He knew the majority of the people in the television station and would occasionally drag Qiao Su to greet someone.

Qiao Su’s natural character was cold, and if the other party didn’t talk to him, he would rarely take the initiative to speak to them. It was to the extent that his contacts within the industry were very poor. On the other hand, Old Mo was smooth and slick, able to say a few words to anyone. It wasn’t long before he brought Qiao Su along to get to know everyone.

“You brat, finally starting to take care of newbies,” Teacher Liang saw Old Mo and was very happy, dragging him along as he spoke.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two people walking in the distance. He asked Chu Qin in a low voice, “Why did Qiao Su suddenly change managers? Does he know that Old Mo is about to leave Mocheng?”

The various large companies had long been aware of the news that the gold medal manager was leaving. Mu Chen himself was also one of the bosses of his company and naturally knew of this matter.

Chu Qin let out a sigh and in a low voice, spoke two sentences into Mu Chen’s ear.

Mu Chen’s forehead grew increasingly tense, even his fist gradually clenched tighter, “That bunch of scoundrels!”

When Zhong Yibin came over, he saw the scene of Chu Qin whispering into Mu Chen’s ear. The two people were very close to each other, almost as if they were plastered together. Discontent immediately arose in his heart and he walked over with large strides, drawing Chu Qin towards him. Only after the surrounding people glanced over one after another did Zhong Yibin realize that his movements had been a bit big and Chu Qin was already in his embrace. Facing Chu Qin’s puzzled gaze, he forced out something, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“… Didn’t we eat together?” The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched.

With a stiff face, Mu Chen slowly turned his back on them, his shoulders twitching a little. He let out a dry cough and went to find Qiao Su. Admittedly, a gold medal manager was nice, but this person was about to leave. It was clearly Zhou Zhen’s delaying tactics. He needed to remind Qiao Su to maintain vigilance and not to be duped.

Chu Qin pushed the annoying troublemaker Zhong Yibin away. The recording was about to start; he was still busy. He picked up the script and went to find the two leads. The two of them happened to be seated together so he started discussing the script with them.

This drama’s biggest topic was the male empress so this time, the scale of the program’s script was larger. The number of interactions between the two male leads were also greater. Chu Qin separated the two of them and explained a part of the script individually. He asked seriously, “Chen-ge, is this level alright for you?”

After all, Mu Chen had always taken the path of the graceful gentleman in the past. Asking him all of a sudden to be so open could lead to him crumbling.

“No problem,” Mu Chen looked through the arrangements, his smile so subtle it was indiscernible.

Chu Qin patted Mu Chen’s shoulder in gratification. He was worthy of being the Film Emperor who had traversed the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment scene; he knew how to be open. Chu Qin turned around and went over to speak to Qiao Su. Fearful that Qiao Su wouldn’t understand him, he even took special care to phrase it in a clearer manner, “We’ll let you crack some ambiguous jokes with Chen-ge on stage, is that alright?”

Qiao Su looked through the script and slowly nodded, “It’s fine.”

The author has something to say: It’s still me, the universally-unparalleled handsome manuscript deposit box~

Small theater:

Er Bing: I’m not happy, you don’t even ask me such things?

Qin Qin: … Er Bingbing, can you accept this level?

Er Bing: No

Qin Qin: Why?

Er Bing: Too pure, let’s play something more high-level

Qin Qin: ……

[1] The actual meaning in Chinese is closer to ‘his breathing came to a halt’ but that… can sound very wrong in English so I made some changes to the phrase.

[2] Putting an ‘Ah’ at the front of someone’s name usually connotes a certain level of closeness.

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  1. Er Bing, you jealous brat! Also, I’m glad someone finally smacked some sense into Wu Wan. Surprised it’s that Bai dude, though. Didn’t he like watching Chu Qin get into an awkward position? I’m shocked he’s got enough sense to clearly see the situation this time.

    Thanks for translating!

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