I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Coincidental Meeting

By the time Monday arrived and Hua Jiaxing received the news, it was already too late.

The money from Big Fish that had yet to be processed by the national bank entered their accounts and the shares were completely transferred to Yu Tang. The completion of the follow-up procedures would be supervised by Big Fish; at the same time, the Land Administration Office also received Shengshi’s 5.18 billion payment for the land.

Yuhua worked fervently for a month yet didn’t benefit at all. They even forked out a large sum of money to acquire Old Waves’ shares. The Hua family were somewhat dazed and only realized on hindsight that they had been swindled by the two allied families.

The person-in-charge of the transfer procedures had already been dismissed by the Hua family. It was only a mistake at work and was a rather common oversight seen in the company, not a case of stealing trade secrets or embezzling public money. If it were not for the fact that it involved a project of great importance, he would have been let off with only a reprimand. The most Yuhua could do was dismiss the person.

“I heard that he’s already holding a post at one of the companies under Shengshi,” The secretary thickened his skin and reported to Hua Jiaxing. The implication of one of the people involved in the Big Fish project having gone to Shengshi needed no explanation.

“Damn it!” Hua Jiaxing slammed a palm against the table, his eyes red from anger. He had never thought that he would be swindled by two of the next generation who were even younger than him.

The huge loss incurred from this project caused dissatisfaction among the board of directors. A meeting was urgently convened, and Hua Jiaxing was asked for an explanation. The Hua family landed in a predicament and for the moment, was too busy to attend to Luo Yuan’s issue. A hearing was methodically arranged for the case. Father Zhou had spent a large amount to bail Zhou Zimeng out, but she would still need to be handcuffed and trialed when the court hearing started.

Wu Wan couldn’t resist going over to the Zhou family to visit her and attempted to call over Bai Cheng and Ji Yao.

“I’m overseas doing business and won’t be able to make it back,” Ji Yao coldly spat out one sentence and hung up.

Bai Chen happened to be on a yacht playing around with a small star he just got to know. He answered the phone with a jeer, “On the day Chu Qin was kidnapped, she got us fellows to go drinking and acted like there wasn’t anything going on. Now that I think about it, it’s really terrifying. If we provoked her that day, she could have ordered some people to rape us.”

Wu Wan choked up, unable to reply. However, they had grown up together since young. He just could not believe that Zhou Zimeng would do such a thing. Wu Qianqian couldn’t stop her brother and was very angry, “You go then. After you go, see if Yibin-ge still cares about you!”

“One must be conscientious and meticulous. I’ll get to the root of what happened, we can’t allow that gang to get away just like that,” Wu Wan still insisted on going to the Zhou’s house. He was the most active one out of all of them and always served as a peacemaker. Ever since young, they had been at loggerheads innumerable times and Wu Wan was always in the middle mediating.

Wu Qianqian hated iron for not becoming steel and stomped her feet, deciding to no longer care about him.

“Er Bing, come out, I have something to say to you,” Wu Wan stood in front of the gate to the Zhou family’s villa and hesitated slightly before giving Zhong Yibin a call to hear his thoughts.

“I’m outside the state, another day,” Zhong Yibin said indifferently and threw his phone to the side, turning the skewer in his hand.

“Remember to brush honey on the chicken wings!” Chu Qin lay on an inflatable mattress floating on the swimming pool as he talked to Zhong Yibin.

“Got it,” Zhong Yibin smiled and picked up the brush dipped in honey.

“Why do you like to worry so much?” Song Xiao clung to Chu Qin’s inflatable mattress and stuck his head out after swimming a round, shaking his head and asking with a smile.

Since Zhong Yibin’s cooperation with Yu Tang for the project involving the Hua family was done very satisfactorily, he wanted to have a celebratory feast. However, it wouldn’t do to publicize their shady methods so only the four of them could gather for a small party.

“He was probably a scribe in his last life,” Yu Tang suddenly emerged from the water and grabbed hold of Song Xiao.

“Are scribes worrywarts?” Song Xiao pursed his lips in faint laughter. In his opinion, scribes worried the least – they recorded anything that happened and there wasn’t any need for them to ask around painstakingly.

Yu Tang bit Song Xiao’s ear and said in a low voice, “The scribe who wrote <Registry of the Empress’ Daily Life>.”

Song Xiao’s ears quickly reddened after hearing his words and he elbowed Yu Tang. During the Great Yu Dynasty, the Empress’ condition after sleeping with the Emperor was recorded in the Registry of the Empress’ Daily Life. The time the Emperor entered Fengyi Palace, when they slept, the time at which the noise stopped and the Empress’ physical condition the next day all had to be recorded down in the book. <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had mentioned that the unusual issue of the ‘baby in the Empress’ womb not belonging to the Emperor’ wasn’t relevant since Emperor Jingyuan had wedded a male Empress. Hence, Emperor Jingyuan had waved his sleeves and disallowed the scribe from listening in outside the palace hall, letting him fabricate it.

At that time, the scribe in charge of this book really had plenty to worry about. After all, he had to ask the palace maid about the Empress’ condition and even display his imaginative skills to the fullest in order to write it in a manner that was closest to reality.

Zhong Yibin finished barbecuing two skewers of chicken wings. He delivered it to Chu Qin’s hands and climbed onto that inflatable mattress to snuggle up with him and eat.

“Hey, you only barbecued two skewers!” Yu Tang raised a leg and kicked at Zhong Yibin. This guy was also too selfish.

“I only serve my wife, you can barbecue it yourself if you want to eat,” Zhong Yibin raised an eyebrow at him and continued gnawing at the chicken wing.

The person at the shore dressed in a butler’s uniform smiled as he placed a large platter of grilled meat and vegetables at the side, “Young masters, the food is ready to be eaten.”

He was the butler Yu Tang brought along, surnamed Cao. It was said that he studied to be a doctor at a management university and did things to complete perfection, not leaving even a single wrong to be picked out.

The four people cheered and climbed back onto shore. The butler meticulously draped a bath towel over every person’s shoulders and waited for everyone to seat themselves around that large platter of every kind of fragrant barbecue before serving four glasses of iced coke. While they were eating, he got the workers to re-arrange the swimming pool that they had previous dirtied, ensuring that the masters would be able to enjoy a clean swimming pool after finishing their meal.

“Yu Xiaotang, where did you get such a butler from, he’s not bad,” Zhong Yibin glanced at Butler Cao repeatedly. He felt that after he and Chu Qin were married, they would also need such a butler. Although the Zhong family’s butler wasn’t bad, the difference between him and butler Cao was too large.

“I snatched him from my grandfather,” Yu Tang drank a mouthful of iced coke and replied very irresponsibly.

Song Xiao noticed Zhong Yibin’s seething face and pursed his lips in a gentle smile, “Butler Cao graduated from a European management university. You can go over and pick someone of Chinese descent during graduation season if you want one.”

Chu Qin laughed, “We’re only staying in a small apartment, there isn’t any need for a butler.”

“Who says we don’t need one. Once we’re married, we’ll switch to a large house,” Zhong Yibin said in complete seriousness and consulted Butler Cao on the arrangements for employment after graduation season.

Chu Qin’s face inadvertently reddened after hearing the word marriage. Raising his head to look at the two people opposite, he saw they didn’t seem surprised by it and thus relaxed.

This villa was located on a hill in the suburbs and belonged to the Zhong family. It was a distance away from the city but for one that came with a swimming pool, its price wasn’t particularly high. The wealthy people in the capital more or less all bought one in this area and would come over to play during the holidays. There was a white wooden fence outside the villa’s gate crawling with Japanese roses.

The sound of a sports car could be heard from outside. Chu Qin glanced out and coincidentally saw a black commercial car stopping outside the gate of the neighbouring villa. The car door opened, and two bodyguards and a young man alighted. That man was dressed in casual white attire, his build slender. Though sunlight illuminated his delicate face, it was unable to shroud him in its golden shine. Rather, the longer it shone the paler his face appeared.

“Qiao Su?” Chu Qin frowned slightly. Why would he appear here?

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing is an omnipotent biscuit>

Qin Qin: I’m hungry

Er Bing: Here, barbecued biscuit with chicken wings

Qin Qin: I’m thirsty

Er Bing: Here, barbecued biscuit with fruits

Qin Qin: I want to sleep

Er Bing: Here, barbecued biscuit with banana

Qin Qin: →_→

Er Bing: Not enough? Add on two eggs

Qin Qin: = =

Translator’s corner: Lowkey wishing for a butler so I can be even more of a slug than I already am

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